Thursday, January 9th, 2014 at 9:50 am  |  21 responses

Vince Carter With Vintage Dunk on Tim Duncan (VIDEO)

Vinsanity turns back the clock.

What year is this again?! Vince Carter showed that he can still get up, re-acquainting himself with Tim Duncan on a beautiful driving dunk.

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  • Saleem Rainman


  • Dfrance

    VC a Hall Of Famer? I vote yes. No advanced stat nerd answers, just answer as a fan being asked on the street with no access to basketball reference.

  • Fan of the game

    Yes. Agreed.
    As spectacular as any baller when he was feeling it. Could score, shoot, rebound, pass, handle with the best of them, especially at the guard position. Post up, mid range, long range. Finishes at the rim are legendary. Clutch. Could even D up down low. Game recognizes game, and few had more than Vince in his day (especially first 3-4 seasons Toronto and first 3 seasons at Jersey).

  • Mike Gilbert

    FLASHBACK. Although they both looked like they were playing in slow motion

  • 360

    Best dunker of all time

  • Anthony

    VinSanity….Half-Man Half Amazing….yeah, put’em in the hall. For a few years his name was as prominent in the game as anyone elses. mAtter of fact I doubt you find one player in a 35 and > league across the US that will say otherwise. This was an ACC highlight. also props on the slight dig in calling this dunk “Vintage”…long live the “ol’heads”!

  • notoner

    Yes. He left his mark on the game (e.g. ’00 dunk contest), what he did to the fans in Toronto shouldn’t affect his credentials.

  • Tuomas Uotila

    Throw in an Olympic gold medal as well, that’s a legit merit for Hall consideration.

    Then again, Vin Baker also has one…

  • spit hot fiyah

    this is what it looked like over 10 years ago


  • Max

    Hell yeah!

  • Shooting Guard

    Lol i completely forgot about vin baker


    VC deserves it and that’s coming from someone in Toronto.

  • chump

    SLAM take note. This is what it mean to dunk ON someone. Not near someone. Page click hoes.

  • Dfrance

    With good reason. lol

  • playa

    This “flashes” reminds me how insanely good finisher/overall player he was back in a day.He just always had that “no fucks given” written all over him.The mix that makes you straight gangsta in playground& simultanously a has been in the nba.

  • Lloyd

    *Best in-game dunker of all time

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    He’s a had a bigger impact popularizing Bball in canada than steve nash. Quantitative data can tell the impact VC has had in popularizing the game. VC, Tmac Iverson would have been global icons if they had the social media, international recognitiion that guys like durant receive. Tmac has it some what due to Yao, but VC ppl forgotten what he could do. Iverson would have generated 300% more revenue in this era.

  • Ugh

    Yup. It’s amazing how slow Vince is and can still get up with no momentum.

  • Ugh

    True. His dunk contest dunks were really awful, weren’t they?

  • 604ricy

    My favorite player all time. Was hoping Vancouver to draft him.. then grizzlies might be still around… sigh
    Gona be depressing when he retires…

  • Lloyd

    Not at all what I meant. I mean in general there have been some really terrific/creative dunks in the contests over the years. VC definitely helped bring it back, but there have been guys after him that have done just as difficult/incredible dunks. On the other hand, his in-game dunking resume is a head above everyone else’s!