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DeMarcus Cousins Explodes on Ref and Gets Ejected (VIDEO)

DeMarcus Cousins was ejected from a game for the first time this season Tuesday night. Boogie lost it after picking up his fifth foul in a 129-103 loss to the visiting Rockets (the big fella was apologetic once he calmed down.) Per the Sac Bee:

t started in the first quarter, when James Harden pulled him down by his shoulder while fighting to get around Cousins and Harden wasn’t called for a foul. Cousins made a point to speak to the officials about that during a timeout.

Cousins spoke to the officials again at halftime before heading to the locker room. His yelling became too much with 8:21 to play in the third quarter, resulting in his first ejection of the season. That was the primary topic of discussion for the Kings after their 129-103 loss to the Houston Rockets on Tuesday night at Sleep Train Arena.

After being called for his fifth foul, Cousins tried to approach official Courtney Kirkland and had to be restrained twice by teammates and coaches. He quickly picked up two technical fouls and was ejected.

“No one in our organization has said he’s a finished product by any means,” Kings coach Michael Malone said. “He’s making the effort to try to get better. Obviously (Tuesday) he let his emotions get the best of him. We just have to try get back on track and try not to let it get to that point.”

“I know we needed him out there, and he knows it,” Kings forward Rudy Gay said. “I had a little conversation with him, and I’ve lost my cool while I’ve been here. It happens. It’s just a matter of how you’re going to make up for it.”

Cousins has a league-leading 15 technical fouls this season. His next technical foul will result in an automatic one-game suspension.

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  • Saleem Rainman

    the 1st tech he got was stupid, all he was doing was shaking his head. what? a player cant even show that much emotion anymore? It woulda never escalated without that stupid tech to begin with.

  • Adrian Alzamalo

    there was no faul to begin with
    whats happening to the nba?

  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    Still looking for the foul and its obvious the NBA wants DeMarcus out the league. Too bad he doesn’t realize it yet.

  • JJ Jones

    Yup the league doesnt like emotion or free will and demarcus embodies that

  • Lloyd

    Part of being a professional is accepting that you’re going to get some bad calls against you. When you develop a reputation like Boogie, it’s going to happen more often. Doing stuff like this doesn’t help your cause in the slightest.

  • bike

    Can’t see how he deserved the first T but…that buisness of him going after the ref twice and having to be restrained is very, very bad. I’m afraid sooner or later he’s going to do something that will get him suspended for a season or worse.

  • Jacob Jones

    If this guy could ever get it under control, he’d terrorize the league.. He’s easily the most skilled 5 in the NBA, offensively..

  • GP

    So because a referee called a horrendous foul on him (which happens to every player in the league almost every game), there’s some sort of a secret league wide mandate to have him out of the league? Cousins is as volatile as Rasheed (who the referees genuinely targeted) and Wallace enjoyed a pretty long and illustrious career.

    The referee was for sure too quick on the trigger with the tech, and may very well have a vendetta against Cousins, but I doubt its an “NBA” conspiracy in any way.

  • GP

    You must not have watched the 2006 Finals.

  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    i could be wrong but i see DMC getting techcs for shaking his head too often. I don’t believe these refs are that emotional.

  • GP

    Sounds oddly similar to what people said about Sheed….

  • BossMan

    I’ve seen much worse and he plays for the Kings and I never heard of this guy.

  • GP

    Actually, I’m with him on this one (at least until the first tech). He had a bad call go against him, and didn’t react too outlandishly, despite his frustration. He didn’t expressively complain, he just kind of shook his head (a natural reaction), and wasn’t even really interacting with the referee.

    He was hit with a T for no reason; the referee was clearly on a power trip.

  • CornBallBrotha

    What a thug

  • Greg Senter

    I have season tickets to the Kings and have always thought basketball was fixed. It is painful to see some of the officiating.

  • Rosalina Rabot

    Some of these refs put their blinders on with who and what team fouls are they f avoring that team don’t blame Cousins to off on refs sometimes they aren’t fair….sad for Cousins

  • ABOrense

    hes cuckoo

  • Dilly Dumbniggr

    typical negger.. where is his gun?? ask feldon for one of his

  • Nathan Shane Long

    DeMarcus Cousins:Biggest headache in the NBA

  • kingsfaninsac

    It’s really sad that Sacramento is so constantly disrespected by the NBA officials .. I route for them so I’m sure some will dismiss my observations but the the KINGS are constantly on the wrong side of calls .. In the games where the officials are “good” the Kings are ALWAYS competitive … but sadly those games are few and far between .. Imagine playing defense where you can’t touch the opposing player ( Impossible right ) That’s the way the kings are officiated .. So you have the ref make a ridiculous call Cousins shakes his head and is hit with a Technical ???? Just remember me and my comments when your watching the NBA this weekend and the “big name” stars show their frustration .. You wont see tech’s and you certainly wont see ejections

  • lamorpa

    So you’re saying you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the term “NBA officials”. Noted.

  • lamorpa

    Shouting and acting aggressively with referees means he is not playing the game of basketball. He is missing a fundamental skill, no different than playing offense or defense. As such he is not a player at all, and therefore not skilled at the game.

  • lamorpa

    Nonsense excuses.

  • Kingsfaninsac

    I assume your saying the NBA has an interest in the big market teams and big name players “succeeding” Yea your right but for some reason it’s worse with the Kings … I’m telling you Milwaukee can come to town … and get CALLS (Seriously) Is the 2002 series with the Lakers the root … I think so .. I mean you had an official who went to jail for fixing games who could only “shake his head at those calls” Perhaps the Ref’s are mad that the extra scrutiny has made it tougher for them to “get a lil extra” I don’t know BUT I hate it – Cousins acted a fool BUT ONLY AFTER the ref’s made a bad call and a bad Tech …. MORE ACCOUNTABILITY FROM THE REF’s is long over due

  • lamorpa

    I was just being snarky. Sorry. I’m not sure about the fairness of officiating, but I do know the game would be ruined if the ‘solution’ to the problem would be to allow ‘coercion’ from the players. An official has to be untouchable. The league should straighten out any bias from the top down (or else the game will be ruined in another way).

  • Kingsfaninsac

    Ok …. well can we agree to not “vilify” players who shake their head in disagreement with a call ? ( Meanwhile on another planet a drunk driving wife beater sits on an NBA bench as a coach )

  • Kingsfaninsac

    Oh yea .. Well what about the wife beater who picked the players for the NFL Pro Bowl ? I could go on .. My point Cousins is the “Bad” guy .. no speeding , drugging beating etc off court just looks of disbelief at NBA officiating

  • lamorpa

    He’s being called more strictly because of his history. That’s the kind of thing you can expect in every aspect of life (unless you have been ‘coddled’ all of it). I wasn’t surprised at all.

  • Caboose

    …..Al Melvin? Is that you?

  • Kingsfaninsac

    That doesn’t even sound right … I want the officials to call the game FAIRLY… and not hold grudges .. but here is my question and it goes back to my first post ….. WHY is the officiating against the Kings so BAD ? Not just Demarcus .

  • lamorpa

    Like everything else in life, if you consistently push the limits you are going to get less slack. That’s the way it works. You earn your slack. The calls are technically correct, just to the ‘letter of the law’. As far as the Kings in general, I don’t know if it’s bias or viewing bias.

  • Kingsfaninsac

    Trust me it’s Bias ( Ask Rudy Gay or any other King who played else where:) I do agree though that by pushing limits you get less slack … I guess what I know though and find a shame is that for Cousins in particular he came into the league “Marked” …..

  • spit hot fiyah

    vulcano cousins needs to catch on

  • lamorpa

    I agree bias is a terrible thing. The only thing worse is the slippery slope of toleration of complaints/threats in reaction to officiating. That would make the game impossible to play.

    I had to learn to leave my son’s own b-ball games if I got vocal with the officials (as a fan, not as a coach, when I coached I stayed shut up). As a fan, I somehow couldn’t help myself, but after a few complaints I would leave the game for while. They’ve got a job to do, and hopefully do it was well as they can. If they can’t, things need to be straightened out after the game, not during it.

  • http://bit.ly/1ekQBIB SirGrey

    Go to Hell, bruh.

  • Kingsfaninsac

    “So shaking ones head” will lead to the ruin of basketball ?

    That’s what Cousins was T’d up for …

    If only a ref didn’t go to jail for fixing games ..:)

    Can I assume you haven’t seen many Kings games?

    ( They only play nationally once or twice a year )

    May I ask your “team” ?

  • lamorpa

    I think he got the ‘benefit’ of what they expected to follow the head shake. As I said, for better or for worse, he has to earn his way back to non-strict treatment. ‘my’ team (you’ll laugh at me): Celtics

  • Kingsfaninsac

    Must be nice the Celtics get pretty calls as a general rule

  • lamorpa

    I knew you’d laugh at me. We don’t have stars this year that are good enough to not be called for traveling though. That’s reserved for a select few.

  • AlbertBarr

    Ummm…this was not a good moment for him this season but he HAS been terrorizing the league this year. You just haven’t been watching.

  • Kingsfaninsac

    You still have Rondo … That’s a great piece

  • lamorpa

    OK. Maybe he gets 2 and a half steps…

  • Dundler

    I want the NBA to look into this, rescind the foul and the tech and make an apology. They’ll do it for the outcome of a game, they should do it here too. There was no judgement in this, just a bad call. Refs should be accountable

  • Lloyd

    Yea I agree, but would any other player get a tech in that scenario if they reacted the same way? Boogie has created a rep for himself by doing stuff like this. He gets calls against him because he’s expected to do something stupid, then he does something stupid which consolidates his negative rep, making him more susceptible to getting T’d up. It’s a vicious cycle that only he can break by keeping his cool, even when the inrvitsble bogus calls against him come.

  • mike

    nobody likes anybody with that kind of attitude, all emotion i see from cousins is anger , and frustration

  • davidR

    straight up. f*ck these refs

  • JJ Jones

    He shook his.head and got a tech. Just because he has a reputation it doent mean that refs have the right to.bs certain players

  • Lan

    It’s this sort of inconsistencies that ruin games much like Football (Soccer). By the looks of it, it’s the ref who’s emotional.

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