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Oklahoma State Guard Marcus Smart Shoves Heckling Fan During Loss (VIDEO)


With just more than six seconds left in the game, Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart fouled Texas Tech forward Jaye Crockett on a dunk attempt, landing on the ground beyond the baseline. As Smart was helped up, he turned around and exchanged words with a self-proclaimed Texas Tech “No. 1 fan” before shoving the man. Smart was sent to the bench and assessed a technical foul, but he was not removed from the court. Texas Tech won the game, 65-61.

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  • spit hot fiyah

    be your name

  • LouisVuittonDon

    The dude called him a thug n**** he shoulda broke the dude’s f*’n jaw..worthless media always quick to label people as thugs without explaining both sides of the story smfh

  • shockexchange

    There is definitely a double-standard in how the media treats incidences involving African-American players. If this had been Kirk Gibson, Pete Rose or Larry Bird, it would have been an example of their “feistiness” and “competitive edge.” But since it’s Marcus Smart, he has anger management problems and may need counseling.

    That said, in the Shock Exchange’s opinion, Smart should still be suspended. No way should you put your hands on a fan unless it’s in self-defense.

  • TBRK

    man, this is bad. I feel it for Marcus, put a lot of pressure on himself this year to prove himself…I’m coming to realize that in life, the best vengeance is God’s. Sometimes you try to fight some battles yourself and it just backfires…no injustice under heaven goes unpunished

  • http://www.facebook.com/Foxx.PH Foxx ( Danmark Fax )

    Brain -> Mind -> Smart -> Bad Man.

  • jim

    is being called N*** reason enough to break someones jaw?

  • DeMacksBack

    I’m pretty sure that he said something really offensive to make Smart do that, but I still believe he shouldn’t have reacted that way. Also I’m not taking that dick of a fans side either, because of this..


  • The Seed

    To be honest, the word he was called hits other differently than some.
    Also people forget they were losing and when you are on the court, the
    competitive fire in you is at the highest point. I have played games, if
    someone of the opposite race would have stated that to me in the stands
    or on the court, I would have a problem with them and look to handle it
    as a college student. As a grown man now I would not act like that, he
    is a college student and what person expects to be called a niggard, when
    they are mad. He should not have shoved the man, but should the man be
    using slurs to players on the court. This guy will not get banned,
    because he is a white booster and he is a Texas Tech good old boy. Just
    watch the videos on the website below. Texas Tech did a mini feature on
    him. Also the black kid now will be demonized, because he loss his cool,
    by someone calling him a niggard, not knowing what that could have
    triggered from his child hood. I don’t like the push, but I would have
    as a college student mindset knocked him out. Thats the Truth, somebody
    needs to find where he works and put pressure on his job and Texas Tech
    University. He can be suspended from games, but I think he should be
    banned, but wheres Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition when you need




  • spit hot fiyah

    whatever he was called wrongly shouldn’t have made him push the man. scouts will looks at this as a problem and we will hear about this until we get sick about it until the draft. college fans in general seem way more obnoxious than nba fans, but this type of fan can show up at nba games and say the same types of things (and the chance of that probably just increased since fans will try to test him and get into his head) there for this could be a red flag for some nba teams

  • spit hot fiyah

    i don’t the ncaa will suspend him for this, it’s not like he received a free backpack or anything serious like that


    It’s really crazy how the media is spinning this story. They keep talking about Smart’s “frustration” and keep emphasizing how his team was losing and his “struggles”. One reporter on ESPN even went on to say that Smart has had an incident similar to this before, but failed to state the other “incident”. They are almost completely ignoring Orr’s racist comment to Smart that CAUSED the reaction and the FACT that Orr has a HISTORY of this type of behavior. The issue of players’ reactions and involvement with fans is NOT the only issue here. The much bigger issue is the right of free speech being used to blanket outright racism and discriminatory jeers and taunts by spectators. Orr even stated that he “let something come out of my mouth that shouldn’t have”. (He claimed that he didn’t use the N-word, but other sources says he did. Some say that he told Smart to “go back to Africa”.) I’m not justifying Smart’s RE-action (because he was acting upon a SHAMEFUL act of another individual), but I am merely stating that if Smart is to be punished in some way, so should Orr.


    Well, student bodies and organizations as well as school programs should take a stand and proper action to ensure that behavior taken by individuals such as Orr are punishable, whether it’s ejections from games and an outright band from the school property. Something drastic needs to happen to address athletes being subjected to racism by fans. I get where you’re coming from. Yes, Smart is going to have to deal with a lot of taunts from fans even in the NBA, but there should be NO room for racism at sporting events for rival teams. A line has to be drawn somewhere.

  • ATL dynamite

    This is gonna hurt Smart’s draft stock, but I’m glad that it happened. He’s got that mind of a maniac that I really liked, he got some Russell Westbrook in him. And to the hooping circuit itself, if that shove never happened, these bums could still hide their heads in the crowd and yell racist slurs at players, which should never be justified by ‘college fans use to behave like that, it’s a culture’. Now the incident has been put on a national scale of discussion, although it’s not like after this incident fans will change their behaviors in 180 degrees, but it’s good for these people to regain that guilty conscience through it.



  • shockexchange

    Orr should be banned from college games. The media keeps comparing Smart to NBA players, but Smart nor his teammates get paid to play for Oklahoma St. That fan’s behavior is not in the spirit of what the NCAA purports to be about.

  • KipSmithers

    BAD situation.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i agree with all of that. and it doesn’t stop at racism. like when those fans shouted “how’s your grandma” at that kid from nc state last year right after his grandmother had past away. that is not tolerable to me

  • jmm

    What right does that fat asshole have to call a complete stranger that? Racial slurs should never be tolerated and I think he was more than within his right to knock that idiots head off – dude is lucky he just got shoved.

  • Matisse

    You have been on fire lately.

  • Matisse

    I don’t think the shove was that bad. I`m getting nauseous now thinking about how sports writers are going to spin this.

  • danpowers

    im not black but i think so too. at least i would understand it, as there is no reason at all to call somebody that. especially not in the usa if the guy calling it out is white.

  • gary

    10 bucks that fan is a Republican lmao

  • keyon dooling

    this will NOT affect Marcus’ stock at all. No damn way. Dude’s a competitor and teams will understand come interviews pre-draft and draft time

  • keyon dooling

    50-something year old made a mistake, as did a 20 year old. Add into the fact that the older fella started it and has a history of doing this, and the media SHOULD be paying this guy all the attention, not Marcus. Unfortunate situation for Smart, who obviously shouldn’t have done such a thing but you can blame him – especially in the heat of the moment with his adrenaline through the roof

  • sim888

    damn….if that ‘fan’ Orr said anything of the sort, he deserved what he got, one might say he was even asking for it. I can _understand_ a 1 game suspension for Smart (not that i’d suspend him if i were in charge mind you) but Orr should be banned for life from any and all NCAA events – i’d look for any way to ban his wifey and anyone else in his company too, then publicly shame him and any person or company/business that tries to stand by him for good measure…

  • Kylan Holt

    That’s all the reason there is. He was being helped up and wasn’t even paying Orr any attention. Orr is the one that initiated the entire thing.

  • charlie

    Word. Wth happened to Seed? I guess he’s pretty bright on a lot of thing non-Kobe related.

  • robb

    What a piece of sh*t. And I’m talking about the fan.

  • guest

    Typical fat, loud, obnoxious fan. This is the type of person who harasses customer service people and then demands to see a manager when the worker finally gets fed up. F*ck that guy and his wife.

  • house

    No, its reason enough to rise above it and not dignify hate-speech with a response. Easier said that done I know but I would try and walk away. But then again you are playing a sport that you love and emotions will be running high, and it’s easy to lash out under such circumstances perhaps.

  • house

    No, its reason enough to rise above it and not dignify hate-speech with a response. Easier said that done I know but I would try and walk away. But then again you are playing a sport that you love and emotions will be running high, and it’s easy to lash out under such circumstances perhaps.

  • house

    No, its reason enough to rise above it and not dignify hate-speech with a response. Easier said that done I know but I would try and walk away. But then again you are playing a sport that you love and emotions will be running high, and it’s easy to lash out under such circumstances perhaps.

  • Dfrance

    The only silver lining in this is that maybe now TT or the NCAA will take a closer look at this Orr character and his inappropriate behavior and do something about him. Had Smart not reacted, he would have gotten away with what he said, and there would be no repercussions.

    Will Orr be punished, probably not, but that is my hope.

  • guest

    If he really said that word then he deserves worse than that.

  • pposse

    right and not to play devils advocate or condone the fans actions but if you read his lips he says “i didn’t say that”. I get the whole adrenaline pumping and sometimes its hard to contain yourself and your emotions, but people gotta understand that fans can be wired the same way. Marcus is younger, but if he doesn’t know by now, he probably has a good grip that no matter what he does he can’t change people. He’ll come to understand this, hopefully next time he can channel that rage on the court. Its a tough and unfortunate way to find out and overall just sucks.

  • sim888

    100% agree with you there. My opinion, when you say things like that (racial/non racial – any antagonising comments etc) you know full well what the repercussions may be based on who/where etc etc.

    Orr is obviously a coward/bully saying what he said in this situation – If Smart had of hit him, thats A-OK with me…for Smart and his future, i’m glad all he did was push him.

    Hopefully Orr gets hit where it hurts most, his back pocket and his everyday life, and who knows, maybe someone else will take care of the rest, don’t forget, karma is a b!tch.

  • sim888

    Let me start with this: I wouldn’t begrudge Marcus from hitting Orr (more than once!) …another approach, that would play out very interestingly on live television/media/the espns of the world etc etc, would be if he got up, turned around and started indicating to the closest camera guy, about who and what was just said, and keep protesting and saying what he’d just been called over, and over again – making it loud and clear that Orr is a racist…i’d be very interested to see that scenario play out live and afterwards.

  • jim

    I just hope positive things will happen as a result. Security and organizations paying more attention to what fans say and do. Two wrongs do not make a right, and i hope this makes it easier for other players to not experience this as much. I do not condone pushing by Smart, but at the same time, i side with him, because at the end of the day he is still just 19yr old student, not a professional athlete

  • Chubachuchi

    Niggard means stingy. I get what you’re saying here but that’s not really the substitution word for it.

  • guest


  • ATL dynamite

    Can never underestimate the power of the media though. But yeah, if I were a GM this shove would only make me like him even more.

  • Blaketh

    I’ve read these discussions for years, never really joined in, but felt compelled on this subject.

    To provide a bit of a comparison in a different context, last year here in Australia we had a very similar case. Effectively a young girl called an Aboriginal athlete a “f…ing Ape”, the difference between an old white man and a young girl is quite stark; but the debate in Australia was about education, and the way someone that young is able to already process thoughts that will lead to acts of racial hate.

    The video itself, shows the way a “pro” athlete should arguably handle this too some people , but given the context of Smart being a 19 year old athlete, and the perpetrator being a grown man it’s entirely understandable and easy to empathize with.I still think it’s important to highlight a reaction in a similar context. Also of note is that just last week, Adam Goodes the said athlete was awarded Australian of the year for his work fighting racism.


  • Teddy-the-Bear


  • Tim

    If you are so slow that you still haven’t figured out how words are moderated on the site, just stop posting here. This is literally the dumbest comment I’ve read on here in a while. We know what the word means. We also know that Disqus won’t post. Looks like you really don’t ‘get’ as much as you think you do.

  • Tim

    Someone being confrontational and calling you the worst, most degrading slur possible is reason enough for holier than thou @sswipes to pass on the opportunity to dictate so called appropriate actions. I love how guys are just expected to “rise above” people who experience no consequences for their actions. Next time, Orr will think twice about running his disgusting mouth. I highly doubt their will be any other consequences for his actions.

  • Anthony

    During Black History Month too!!…HELL YES!

  • Chubachuchi

    I can tell you’re literally one of the smartest commenters. Ever. Like literally.

    Let us substitute niggard with stingy in Seed’s comment (which is a great comment btw):
    -”what person expects to be called a ‘stingy’”

    - “Also the black kid now will be demonized, because he loss his cool, by someone calling him a ‘stingy’”

    They’re not very offensive right? Some people don’t know what it means, but that’s perfectly ok. Way to be offended by a non-issue. But wait I responded to it, gosh, this is literally the dumbest comment.

  • X

    You are dense. You aren’t teaching anyone any word definitions here. He used the word because it was spelled closest to the slur that would’ve kept his comment from being posted. I agree, you are slow. He didn’t use it for it’s definition. He used it for what it looks like. You missed such a simple point and I’ll personally refrain from ever reading another one of your useless comments.

  • sach

    Is there any evidence visual evidence that the man called him that? I mean you definetly don’t see or hear anything in the video. If he did infact call him that then I would have reacted the same way. But I don’t see or hear that being said.

  • Chubachuchi

    No sh*t that’s what he did. That’s what everybody does now when they wanna say the n-word. From my first comment I already said that I knew what he was doing. But you know some people actually use niggard in it’s correct definition in everyday talk (weird I know), and I never assume they mean nigg*r. That just irked me. I’m sorry I forgot most of the commenters are American, who obviously always keep in mind there are countries outside of America.