Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 at 2:50 pm  |  9 responses

The Story of Caron Butler (VIDEO)

Up close and personal.

From incarceration to turning his life around to being an NBA star, get to know Caron Butler in the video above. 

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  • spit hot fiyah

    that was dope

    i feel for him. he got a chance to finish of his career at home and started out the season strong. the bucks thought they were going to make a run at the playoffs. that fell apart and now he is semi-stuck on the bench as the team wants to develop it’s younger guys. bitter sweat

  • OrlandoWoolridge(RIP)

    one of my favorite players ever. i remember seeing him on leno (i think) a while back when he was talking about this stuff, and he was very emotional…just seems like a real dude to me.

  • Jazz

    “Either you slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot” – Notorious B.I.G.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i remember that. he is definitely not shy when it comes to crying on camera

  • TBRK

    never heard this story….wow. Its incredible what having a good heart can do….had that cop been the stereotypical jaded street crimes detective, he could’ve had dude tossed without even thinking- and by society’s standards he wouldn’t even be much to blame (Just imagine how many dudes go down in situations like this on the regular). Instead he saw the kid as a human being before a suspect….and now the Butler name is blessed for generations to come…crazy how this universe works
    We just gotta try to love people, and have some concern for human life. Its hard….the way society is set up is to zap your heart of every ounce of love it has, make you hateful/distrustful/envious of your neighbor, and generally lack concern for the souls of those around us. Half the time we forget how to even love ourselves on that level, much less people who we don’t know, and who look/talk/act different from us.

  • Gabizzle

    As a teacher in a Juvenile Detention Center in Brooklyn. I have shared many SLAM Caron Butler articles with the students. His story is often humbling and always inspiring.

  • fruizm

    Its because society has the time/space mentality. Once everyone starts living in the now you will be nothing but grateful.

  • TBRK

    not quite sure I understand what you mean by that, sounds deep tho lol. Drop some knowledge on me

  • fruizm

    About a year ago I decided to stop living in time. I dont know if today is Monday, Tuesday or Sunday. Im living in the now, because that is all we have. Your life is happening right NOW, not tomorrow, not in 10 minutes, but NOW. When you start seeing life this way, your ego disappears and so does your fear. What happens when your fear and ego disappear? Well, you start being grateful for just being alive and racial issues and stereotyping disappear as well because you are too busy living in the now, being grateful for what you have NOW. All the “problems” that you think you have are a product of your mind. You have no problems when you live in the now. Let me ask you something: are you missing anything right NOW? I mean, right NOW! Do you have evrything you need right NOW? You do. And once you acknowledge this, life will give you more and you will be grateful because rtight now you are living, and right now you have everything that you need. Live NOW. You might think, “well, I need $2000 to pay the rent for this month” so you start thinking and worrying about the future, when instead, you should focus on the fact that right NOW, you have EVERYTHING you need. When you recognize this, life will bless you with those $2000 you need to pay the rent. Stop worrying and start living NOW, it will change your life.