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Did Mushnick Really Write That?

The NY Post amazes again.

by Marcel Mutoni

I addressed this earlier over at Fanhouse, but I think it’s worth going over again here. If you read the New York Post with any regularity, you’re surely aware of their penchant for stirring up controversy and trying to grab the reader’s attention by any means necessary. Case in point: The 3 Bimbos of The Apocalypse. Well, they’ve gone ahead and done it again.

In a column where he spent a bit of time hating on soon-to-be traded Allen Iverson, sports writer Phil Mushnick added an eye-popping passage that I just can’t get over:

One more thing: I’m tired of people with one-way vision and selective memories telling us that a racist sports world persists, based on the latest head count of black head coaches. Maurice Cheeks, African-American, daily was undermined by the misdeeds – often criminal – of black players when he tried to coach the Trail Blazers. Now, Iverson has done it to him in Philly.

Cheeks, by now, might’ve been among the most revered coaches in the history of the NBA. The people who thus far have prevented any chance of that happening, while placing his coaching career in peril, aren’t white.


Is Mushnick serious? Am I overreacting here, or did that not only come off as completely nonsensical, but also shockingly ignorant and racist?

You guys can decide for yourselves in the comments.

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  • next

    completely irrelevant passage in the context of the topic at hand. clearly he’s displaying some inner feelings he’s been holding and thought this was a good opportunity to vent, and it’s very questionable.

  • Max Airington

    Shockingly ignorant, yes. Completely nonsensical, check. Racist, not really. If it were phrased differently, it would be a valid point that could contribute to a worthwhile discussion. But Mushnick comes off as though he is trying to absolve any other responsible parties of blame, white folks in particular. Instead of using this incident to draw attention to the idea that many people’s primary allegiance is to themselves,(ahem, Larry Brown?) he takes the low road and in a roundabout way says that black players don’t respect anyone, so why should a front office address the paucity of black head coaches?

  • http://ehrof.blogspot.com Ehrof

    People (especially blacks) need to quit playing the race card at any chance they THINK they might have been slighted.

    That said, that was a “wow” .. I think it’s more in the way he said it and terms he used, not so much the actual content, which might be a valid point in the “us vs. the world” approach that writes (especially Scoop Jackson) like to play (in EVERY article).

  • One Angry Knick Fan

    wait, are you telling me Mushnick isn’t black? You gotta be kidding me. . .

    If you record yourself reading the selected text above aloud, and then play it backwards, it’s a steady flow of “n” bombs.

    I foresee him going on Letterman, then Jesse Jackson’s radio show and so on and so forth a la Michael Richards.

    He’s not going to change any one’s opinion. We want The Answer!

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Yeah, that stuff was pretty bad. However, I loved his stuff about Mike Jarvis in the same column, declaring a “one-possession game” with seven minutes left. Basically Mushnick should stick to his strong suit—criticizing the idiots on TV and the radio. By writing drivel like he did about Cheeks, he’s making himself look just as bad as the people he usually (and correctly) takes to task.

  • One Angry Knick Fan

    though there’s no mention of bball, anybody read Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States?” To paraphrase a part of the book about the actual atrocities, treaties of lies, and genocide that really constitutes our great nation’s horrendous past, he states that even today, it’s still 1 percent of the nation that owns 40 percent of the nation’s wealth. Zinn also writes that racism is neither inherent nor instinctual, rather was a concoction of the wealthy minority in order to prevent slaves, poor whites, indentured servants, and Native Americans (i.e. the vast majority) from uniting and taking what is rightfully and deservedly theirs from the well-off’s stolen wealth and ill-acquired property.

    All I’m trying to say is that each time we propagate these kind of ideas and allow them to anger and divide us, we are debilitating ourselves, continuing to concede and empower those that are the real criminals, and doing exactly what those old masters intended.

    It’s time we stop taking steps backwards and move forward.

  • Boing Dynasty

    While this dude is mad racist, the biggest problem i have with him is the following quote:
    “Cheeks, by now, might’ve been among the most revered coaches in the history of the NBA.”
    I would like to visit that relm some day.

  • http://myk31.com Myk

    ‘head count’ LOL, what an idiot.

  • Kevin

    I think what he just said was ” It’s not the front office that screws over black people, black people screw over black people. The one’s that aren’t srew-ups, are going to be brought down if they are around other black people.” That’s about as rasict a comment as you can get.

  • illest

    Most white people are racist so I dont have a problem with that. At least he is blatant with it. Mushnick talks race in a lot of his problem. Of course its ignorant because so is racism. You cant take him seriously…the problem is he writes for a New York paper so many who read him do. The only problem I have with Mushnick and other people is how he uses black and African-American. Im tired of people, black and white, who use both. There is no difference. Its like black is bad so now we say African-American. I dont say Causasian American or Euro American.

  • http://www.perkisabeast.com/blog perkisabeast

    if mushnik was ice cream he’d be prailines and dick.

  • Gilbert0

    perk, nice waynes world reference, possibly one of the whiter movies ever made. watched it the other day and man it has aged badly.

    also, illest, most white people are racist? maybe you should change that to most people, period.

  • Melvin

    pretty much every white person is racist even though they think there not its a hidden problem that still exist

  • Gilbert0

    ok, sorry i didnt realise it was sweeping generalisations day.

  • illest

    Gilbert0…….you are right most people are. But can black people be racist? Yes and No. Yes because of things like color for example the light and dark skinned argument. No because of power.

  • illest

    Mushnick wishes he were black. On a side note the Knicks are the worst team in sports history. An embarrasment to basketball and New York. Ehrof….There is also nothing wrong with playing the race card because it is needed at times. Scoop’s writing style is very annoying with his hiphop references and things like that. There is no need.

  • One Angry Knick Fan

    worst team in Sports History? Has it already been 87 years? There’s no curse here, just mismanagement. Atrocious mismanagement.

  • Kurt

    Hey – black people playing the race card! Surprise!

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    This is not one of Mushnick’s finer moments. I like him better when he’s making fun of the voice of the Yankees, John Sterling.

  • Herfdawg

    Everyone is racist. Whether they choose to let it affect them (like writing an article for the Post with underlying racism), or not is what defines who a person is. I think more and more people are learning to let it go. Also, what is the BS about Mo Cheeks being one fo the greatest ever. This guy definitly doesn’t deserve his job.

  • Robert

    You are a f’ing moron, Mutoni. You didn’t even bother to explain WHY the comment was racist (it’s not at all), just hurled the smear out there. And why not? Smear first, retract later. It’s certainly a nonsensical remark, but how does pointing out that black players undermine their black coach qualify him as a racist?

  • Charles

    There’s certainly racism in sports, but I think Mushnick is right that Allen Iverson and perhaps other players have undermined Maurice Cheeks. It so happens that they’re black, for the most part (but so are the players in the entire NBA). In reading “Deadspin” regularly, it really is amazing how many athletes double as criminals.

    I think Front Offices still have a ways to go before minorities are represented well. Less so in basketball, but more so in football and baseball.

  • Jason

    I have always despised Mushnick and I think he is racist in the way Peter King is. That being that they are old white guys who just don’t get the kids (and primarily the black ones). King is always using some half assed disclaimer about how he thinks something is wrong with “so and so” athlete and it’s not because he is an out of touch old white guy. In this case, Mushnick I think is just being his usual soap boxy, out of touch, moralizing assface. I mean, c’mon, I don’t even follow the NBA super closely, and I like Mo Cheeks, but I can’t think of how you could make the argument that he would be “revered” if not for his players. Don’t…um…ALL…NBA coaches coach some black kids with issues and attitude? Shut up Mushnick.

  • bradley

    The Post, as a paper, should be arrested. As for Mo’… he’s a lifetime assistant, and his players tend to treat him like one. They brought him into Portland to please Sheed. Same deal with Iverson. It’s like a PR hire, but the public is the players. He’s hired to tame the so-called knuckleheads. Twice now it’s flopped. Rasheed left on his watch, now Iverson. So who’s the knucklehead? Mushnick is.

  • allenp

    Check out Kurt’s comment about black people playing the race card in the comments section of a post about a white dude playing the race card. It’s funny how black people are always to blame when a certain card comes out of the deck. Dumbass.

  • Max Airington

    Kurt is probably one of those people who bitch about OJ but have no idea who Amadou Diallo or Abner Louima is.

  • Huh?

    Knicks are the worst team in sports history? You do realize that we’ve won a few championships, right? Been to the finals somewhat recently? I think a very strong argument can be made for them not even being the worst team in the NBA right now. Either the sixers, grizz or bobcats have that honor.

    Hey Melvin, thanks for clearing it all up for me when you said: “all whites are racist.” So if I say, “all blacks are trouble”, then either i’m either a) proving your point or b) just as ignorant as you? I’m gonna go with B. Just cause Mushnick is a jackass doesnt mean every whitey is…

  • achilles_Q006

    damn, i dont even know who those last two guys are, but i definitely looked it up because knowledge is power and reading is fundamental…

  • achilles_Q006

    ok, never mind yes i do. but my point was that if more black people read and learn then maybe the race card wouldn’t even be an issue

  • Petey

    This might be the single stupidest comment thread I’ve ever read on the internet. Ever. The Howard Zinn comment is breathtaking. I’ve been to porn sites with more coherent observations.

  • Kurt

    Okay, Reading Comprehension 101 for all the genius race baiters on this site:

    “One more thing: I’m tired of people with one-way vision and selective memories telling us that a racist sports world persists, based on the latest head count of black head coaches.”

    The “race card” (hello, AllenP?) being played is this: owners/GMs/college presidents are racist because there are only such-and-such amount of black head coaches. Who plays that card? Umm, black people! Mushnick is opposing this position, not playing the “card” himself. This is his opinion. Got it?

    “Maurice Cheeks, African-American, daily was undermined by the misdeeds – often criminal – of black players when he tried to coach the Trail Blazers. Now, Iverson has done it to him in Philly.”

    I guess you could call these opinions instead of facts, but I ask to challenge their validity.

    “Cheeks, by now, might’ve been among the most revered coaches in the history of the NBA.”

    An opinion also, one which makes zero sense to me.

    “The people who thus far have prevented any chance of that happening, while placing his coaching career in peril, aren’t white.”

    Read: Zach Randolph, Ruben Patterson, AI, etc. Another opinion, but it’s true nonetheless.

    And Max, I’m sure you were one of the people jumping for joy in the streets when OJ got off. Fight the power!!!

  • Max Airington

    I dont like the Juice anymore than the Goldman family, but what I truly detest is the narrow minded rationales of those who try to act as though he is the end all be all of race relations in the 20th century. “You take the good, you take the bad, you take em both and there you have The Facts of Life.” Sing it Mrs Garrett!

  • chronically_ill

    Kurt,the issue of black people complaining about them being underepresented in the coaching ranks should not be considered playing the “race card.” consider the fact that 80% of the NFL is black, yet there’s only a couple of black coaches (Tony Dungy, Herm Edwards and a couple of others i cant name off the top of my head). why is that? sure, playing and coaching are two different things, but you would think that at least some of these players, who have amassed years of knowledge and technique to play their sport at the highest level have the merit to be coaches. And yet, there are many more cases of black coaches being passed over for jobs than white coaches, and it seems that black coaches only get token interviews without any serious consideration. When the numbers are so skewed in favor of whites, as in the case of coaching, I think it is appropriate for underepresented groups to raise a big stink about it, to examine the situation and then find out why that is the case. That, my friend, is not “playing the race card”

  • Wizfan

    Etasn will be upset

  • chronically_ill

    I wonder why so many black athletes get in trouble with the law. I never open up the papers to see “Luke Walton Gets Arrested For Assault at Nightclub”. Well, i guess a white athlete who got into trouble recently is J.J. Redick, who got arrested for a DUI. And most black athletes are probably good people, such as Grant Hill and David Robinson.

    But for some reason, I see alot more black athletes get arrested than white athletes. I’m talking about athletes like Sheed, Zach Randolph, Ruben Patterson, the Cincinati Bengals, and recently, Stephen Jackson. Why is that? Is it that whole gangsta rap culture that promotes violence and misogyny that encourages them to act the way they do? Is it because they grew up in poverty and they were shaped by their environment? Maybe it’s the media’s fault for overrepresenting black athletes who get into trouble, while turning a blind eye towards white athletes who get into trouble. As I recall, JJ Redick’s arrest did not get that much attention in the media, even though he was one of the highest profile athletes in the nation. Maybe it’s the police for overzeaolously arresting black athletes for doing the slightest wrong.

    I dont know what the problem is. But I think we should really discuss what the problem is, because I know that seeing all these black athletes being arrested causes white people to think negatively of black people as a whole.


    I m surrpirsed MushDick hasnt shaved his head so he can fit in with the rest of the white suppremaist who hate black people, jews, and the muslims. We are all gods children but i guess he aint sattisfied

  • illest

    Been a Knicks fan forever. With this high payroll this team is the worst. Since the inception of the NBA in ’46 the Knicks have won 2 rings. Should be more. And Ive seen Mushnick in the city with a black women. He loves black people. Peter King is a joke.


    I am guessing you meant Billy King is a joke