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Player of the D.A.Y.

Him again.

By Sam Rubenstein

We are nearing the end of the Player of the D.A.Y. trophy and the race for Player of the Y.E.A.R.. Once again, Kobe stole the show with a 50 point game. It looks like he’s run away with the Player of the Y.E.A.R., which is the kind of award that plays into what he has had to do this season, which is carry a flawed team to victory by himself. When the MVP vote comes around, people may decide to use that definition, or they will come up with their own like best player on the best team. We’ll find out soon enough.

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  • drop81

    kobe 4 mvp

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    If Kobe keeps following Jordan’s career arc this way, he’ll be hitting a shot to win the NCAA title soon.

  • http://myspace.com/bodiebarnett jbn74sb

    MVP – No. Player of the Decade – Yes.

  • C

    Kobe definately deserves MVP in my opinion. I thought MVP is the most valued player on a team. He is by far the most valuable player, on his team, as well as the league. How could you not consider a player who is the closest thing to the best ever (MJ). He

  • ihatekobebryant

    If Kobe gets the MVP it will only add to his overinflated ego, and allow him to justify all those (thousands?) of shots. Lebron and Gilbert get criticized for their shot selection in cruch time, while Kobe fires up fadeaway threes with two guys on him and hears nothing but MVP chants. If we use this logic to determine MVP, then where are all of Iverson’s trophys? Didn’t he play the scorer’s role if Philly for a decade or so? If either Dirk or Nash dosen’t get the MVP trophy, something is sereiously wrong with how team success vs. individual acheievement is valued in the NBA today. (what’s the Laker’s record again?)

  • http://slamonline.com T feezy

    Kobe is gay

  • http://dailyballin.blogspot.com/ Jonathan

    If Kobe hadn’t stepped his game up, Lakers would not even be headed to the playoffs.
    Ten 50 points or more games=Kobe 4 MV

  • akimana

    Love dude, but you cant be MVP on .500 team with Phil Jax as coach. Especially since they’ve had like two 7 game losing streaks and what not

  • Blue

    With all of the injuries they’ve dealt with and Kwame (Err Jordan) Brown as the the starting center, he should get a Medal of Honor or something…

  • Zee

    Join the movement, join the mutha f’n movement.

  • Corey Isaacs

    Kobe is MVP this year. The Lakers would not be as near as good if it weren’t Kobe. Steve Nash has Amare Stadumare and Shawn Marion. Norwitzki has Josh Howard and Jason Terry AND Jerry Stackhouse. Remember, it’s the most VALUBLE player not the BEST player.

  • slamrules!!!!

    kobe bryant should win the mvp because of his play during this season..he was the distributor for the team when they were relatively healthy and winning they had a great record for the talent on that roster they were beating the western powerhouses…when the injuries came (and they sure came a lot) he had to pick up his scoring and showed us hes the most lethal weapon in the league..hes doing the most with the least…he shoudlve won last year and he should this year too…quit hating and recognize him for the once in a lifetime talent he is…

  • slamrules!!!!

    this lakers roster is one of the weakest ive seen in my ten years following the NBA…they all suck except for kb24, odom and walton..

  • http://mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Max Airington

    David Stern should trade Kobe to a different team every year so we can settle this once and for all…

  • jay n

    MVP? No, but i think people should really pay attention because we may never see another like Kobe on the court.I miss Jordan and Magic and Bird,but most people took them for granted during their time too and now you only have memories.Enjoy the now.

  • Eric

    Give the Player of the day to JRich! 32 pts, 12 rbs, 7 assists, 3 stls in 3 quarters of play? He deserves one, Kobe’s got plenty…

  • Iversonbrotha

    Kobe does deserve MVP. People can say all they want, but everybody has a grudge against Kobe. Maybe it’s because his trial a couple of years ago, or perhaps it is his recent incidents; slapping dudes when he comes down from a jumper. People need to think about him as a basketball player. If you ask me, his game now is close to Jordan, but his life off the court isn’t like Jordan’s, so it makes everything a totally different story. I remember a few years back, Scoop did that article on Kobe. He said something like, “What did Kobe ever do to you?”
    Though at this point I’m not liking him to well cuz he left, I gotta admit, he’s got a point. Maybe all you haters should listen to him.

  • Piedie


  • Piedie


  • galo

    Eric’s got a point. Kobe got his share. also, for god’s sake, give him the MVP.

  • Nelson James

    Iverson did win an MVP. 2001? Remember? Sixers went to the finals? You must have a short memory.

  • Michael

    I’m tired of people comparing Kobe to Iverson and Arenas. Yes he chucks like they do, but at least he shoots a respectable percentage 46.5% from the field while Arenas is Shooting 41.5 and Iverson is shooting 44.4 which is actually pretty godd for him considering he once shot 39.5 for an entire season.

  • Simon

    Blue is right give a medal of honor! You my boy Blue!

  • http://www.myspace.com/russellkeewatin Chief

    I think he is impressive. a genuniely good game ona shitty weekend of basketball games. I don’t knwo about all this MVP talk is about.

  • Mike

    I bet VC gets it tommorow! Another triple double and only a half game back of the wiz, which means one of the greatest playoff series ever may soon take place…

  • Drolfe

    Russ, that was good.

  • Drolfe

    If Luke and Lamar didn’t go down for all those games, if Kwame had ever bothered to learn how to play basketball and if Smush could run a team, Kobe would be the MVP this year. If the Lakers were say, 52 and 30, Kobe would be in with a huge chance. The Lakers stink and Kobe has no chance.

  • Decs

    Drolfe, what the hell man? Pretty sure you could say that about most teams with a star and they’d have a good chance of winning MVP.

  • fabio

    kobe is a great player, probably the most dangerous in the NBA but MVP no. by these standards lebron should have won already but didn’t but would have deserved. you can’t give the title to a team that wins just over 40. minus kobe they would not be the worst team. look what happened to san antonio the season robinson was out (hehe, they got duncan the year later). kobe is in his prime and next year might be his mvp year. they will go out in the first round.
    2 more things: i am sure that if there was a fantasy draft today 50% of the GMs would pick duncan and 45% would pick shaq with 5% taking any other player.
    second: MJ, MJ, MJ…

  • c1

    lets give him the “Best Jordan Playalike Trophy”!

  • c1


  • Zubby

    Kobe for MVP!!! Consider what he has done this year from scoring to lifting his team at the end. The rest of the lakers said they get there momentium watching what kobe does.

  • 1hush D

    I don’t blame Kobe as much as I blame Phil for not fully utilizing Odom. Don’t get me wrong, I am a laker hata so I am happy for this. I smile when I see Kobe lay 50 on the Clippers and they lose the game. Likewise when he drops 50 on the suns in the playoffs and they lose. You see, the neat thing about basketball is that even if someone can jack up 35 shots a game and command double teams, unless you get the whole team involved, you are likely to lose. One player does not a team make. And don’t tell me Odom is no good or still injured. That is some BS! I am certainly glad the Suns are playing the Lakers in the first round and not the Nuggets, a team that is playing team basketball……………………….MVP, Dirk or Nash? Hmmmm????????????????

  • http://yahoo.com Mike

    It’s becoming a joke.Kobe is by far the most valuable player in the league. If Kobe had two or three all stars on his team they would be 70 and 12 with 10 assits per game.The Mav’s and the Suns are stil playoff teams wthout the other two candidates.To me Kobe is a lot better then Jordan at 28 also.Pick one other player in the world you would rather have the ball in their hand with 10 seconds left down by one.Did’nt think so.MVP and best player ever.The fact that he did not win last year is a joke also.If Kobe does not play in the Olympics in 2008..we will lose

  • fabio

    kobe best player ever…ROFL!!!!

  • Bigi


  • http://slamonline.com jordan23

    quit comparing kobe with Jordan its stupid, so just be quiet Mike

  • fabio

    that’s the point. just because he might merit MVP this year he’s nowhere close to MJ. by that logic nash would be 2 steps closer already. forget that. curious if you’d hear ANY player or coach in the L say that kobe’s better. phil says mike would score 40ppg today. and please: go back and what some early 90ies ball, see how physical jordan had to get in games against the knicks for example. look how great players had a hard time averaging 25ppg, and today…arenas.