Thursday, May 8th, 2008 at 3:00 pm  |  28 responses

Worthy of Your Attention

by Marcel Mutoni

Cavs @ Celtics, Game 2: LeBron says he’s not beating himself up over the cringe-worthy Game One performance, because in his mind, he can’t possibly play any worse. And he’s right; that was an aberration as Jake wrote following the series opener.

While James is expected to have a much stronger outing, so should Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, who were both absolutely miserable in Game One. If they make their shots, there’s no reason to believe this series isn’t shifting to Cleveland with the C’s up 2-0.

Hornets @ Spurs, Game 3: Is this really happening? Are the defending champs on the ropes, thanks to a team led by a 23-year old wunderkind? Believe it.

Almost incredibly, San Antonio will be playing for the Playoff lives tonight. Lose Game Three, and it’s pretty much a wrap.

Logic dictates that Duncan and co. should win in front of their home crowd tonight, and I think they will, but keep in mind that this Hornets team hasn’t made any sense whatsoever from Day One.

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  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    why doesn’t the hornets make sense? even back last year i thought they had the pieces to be a good team (they were just killed by injury): a defensive center who patrols the lane and grab boards, a decent offensive forward, a really good shooter, and a more than capable point guard to maximize the talent on the team. that’s a great blue print for a sucessful team. the only thing that i couldn’t have predicted was how great chris paul is.

  • WhaHuh

    nba.com are already proclaiming CP as the best PG ever. Mixing business and entertainment is bad. Should be good matches though

  • Jim Mora

    spurs will have to make their shots if they want to give timmy some space. I think they should also attack the rim more often. By the way, is the opposition Paul-Bowen turning cult? Paul might be one of the best pg ever, he might also be one of the best players in the league in terms of flopping and punching guys in the balls.

  • mike

    Let’s see who of LeBron, Garnett, and Chris Paul has a statement game after getting “robbed” of their MVP award. Kobe had 34 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists and the win.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Manu needs to go off for 30+.

  • celtics=champs

    CP3 is awesome: He has the ability to take control of games and really control the tempo of the game.

  • WhaHuh

    Manu needs to turn up

  • G Diesel

    I said since the beginning of the playoffs that the Spurs were done. Phoenix should’ve have beaten them, but decided to choke instead. I can’t believe Steve Nash didn’t get criticized, especially after Game 5.


    Mutoni, how come SLAM keeps avoiding the Malone story? Is that not worthy of our attention? Or did you cover it already and I missed it?

  • G Diesel

    At this point, the Lakers should fear the Hornets in the WCF.

  • WhaHuh

    FLUX already covered i think

  • Bubba Chuck


  • tealish

    albie: “more than capable point guard”

  • tealish

    vying for understatement of the year?

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    tealish: that was my thought in the beginning of LAST SEASON, after the hornets signed Peja and Chandler got traded there.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    then again, i have a habit of over-evaluating talents/teams, example this year was the bobcats. so i’d like to use this opportunity to say the bobcats will make it to the playoff next year.

  • B. Long

    @G Diesel: The Lakers are not worried about the Hornets because they’re the only team that has enough team speed and length 1-5 to make CP3 look human. Just watch the game that decided who one the western conf. and you’ll understand. Oh Yeah, they got this Kobe guy who I hear is playing pretty good too.

  • Marcel Mutoni

    @ flux: we covered it. and i’m still having nightmares about it.

  • B. Long

    I meant won. sorry.

  • B. Long

    Lebanon James is gonna make up for game one tonite with some Eastern Conf. Finals 2007 ish. Bet on it.


    LOL Thanks, Mutoni. Btw, the SLAM search engine is umm… not that great!?

  • tealish

    B. Long, I hope you didn’t your house on it. But Game 3, Bron will DEFINITELY, at the very least, exceed his reg season average in every meaningful statistical category. No way he sucks 3 straight.

  • RedRum

    chris paul is one of the best players I have ever seen. ever. he can be better than Isiah (as bad as he is as a coach and GM he was an amazing player)

  • B. Long

    I admit that I under estimated the Celtics at home. I guess we’ll see if there road record against Atlanta was a fluke or not this weekend. Damn Lebron just looked frustrated all night long.

  • http://www.nba.com hursty

    LeBron is shooting 8-42 from the floor!!!! btw. Ray Jesus Silk hadnt scored for 7 quarters before tonight.

  • http://www.ta.com Kiyan


  • Young Chris #3

    Difference between the Cavs and ATL is that the Hawks were reckless, ala last years Warriors, ready to run and gun on their home floor and tire the old(er) Celtic legs. The Cavs won’t run because the Cavs can’t run. They are a one man fast break and I’m not sure if any team can beat the Celtics, homecourt advantage or not, in a half-court game.

  • LionO

    Chris Paul id madness. Amean that fella is just comitting murder, assaulting opponents with a brazen disregard.