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Jamaal Tinsley Traded to Denver

by Marcel Mutoni

Unofficially, the Jamaal Tinsley Era in Indiana ended months ago. Officially, he was still on the roster, but everyone knew he was persona non grata in the locker room. Hell, the team even removed his nameplate from his stall, and basically told him not to show up for work anymore. This is no longer an issue for Larry Bird and company.

Jamaal Tinsley was shipped off to Denver in exchange for Chucky Atkins and Stephen Hunter.

From the Viper over at the NY Post:

Locked-out Pacers point Jamaal Tinsley was traded to the Nuggets for Chuckie Atkins and Stephen Hunter.

Denver assumes his $21M, 3-year debt. Atkins is due $3.24M and $3.48M while Hunter is guaranteed $3.86M and $3.69M. Less than half of their total salary remaining is guaranteed.

I love that in his story, Vescey goes out of his way to point out that Tinsley didn’t initiate any of the three “violent encounters” he was involved in the last few years.

It should be noted that Atkins recently underwent knee surgery, and isn’t expected back on the court for another month or so. He could have gotten his leg amputated and the Pacers would have probably still pulled the trigger on this deal.

*** Update here ***

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  • Majic

    goota love denver

  • rav

    the gasoline is being poured over the house of cards…

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy


  • Boing Dynasty

    I dont care how thin the air is in Denver, Jamaal still cant jump.

  • Ken

    Tinsley, AI, Melo and JR Smith on the same team. Safe to say that Denver now has the most street cred of any team in the league. I’m predicting they will be superfun to watch, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they fail to make the playoffs.

  • starbury&stevey

    @ken….plus k-mart!!

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ Tariq al Haydar

    Can Travis Henry play for the Nugs?

  • http://www.twofistedpress.com Pve84

    Regardless of his history, Tinsley has got to bring more to the table than any previous point in Denver…and yes, street cred is always an added bonus.

  • Funkdoc

    @ken…plus Kleiza!
    or wait…

  • http://AllAbout-Penis-Enlargement.com Jukai

    @Ken… plus the birdman! Brrrrrrrrr!

  • Shu

    This took way too long to happen. I think AI will get traded cuz they’ll be under 500 for most of the season. Comeoooooon Pistons

  • Slick Nick Da Ruler

    Iverson becomes expendable immediately

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Wow, running and gunning in Denver. Scores will be 130-125 most nights. Bring back Doug Moe!

  • James aka The Artist Formerly Known as Krayzie Bone

    And they traded Camby for financial reasons. This is really stupid

  • Ron

    Jamaal would be a good fit for Denver, for the fact that he won’t be expected nor need to take any shot there.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    Gulliest team in the L.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Cub Buenning

    Tariq, the ownership wouldn’t let THenry anywhere near the Nuggets Dance team.

    If Tinsley has anything left, this is another downlow positive move. Like Marcel mentioned, Chucky is chillin and has been, they BADLY needed a PG, and it just means that Birdman could get major mins. (Who(m)else do they have in their frontcourt?)
    TAD, I think the Nugs actually might slow things down this year. A thin bench, an actual post center in Nene, and Karl’s demand for getting “quality” shots and not giving up transition points.

  • http://www.another48minutes.blogspot.com Gerard Himself

    James aka: “this is really stupid” is sums up the off-season ’08 in Denver. Well put.

  • http://www.another48minutes.blogspot.com Gerard Himself

    oh, and “street cred” doesn’t mean sh!t.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    Tariq wins. I just spit starbucks all over my new computer. Dammit!

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    The Denver Bengals.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Cub Buenning

    No NBA team (in total #s and percentages) comes close to the criminal debauchery that goes on in the NFL.
    Travis Henry is one of many…..
    SKO guys!
    Maybe u need a “sister” site for football called THO

  • http://theghostofroyhobbs.blogspot.com Mo Charlo

    Cub, total debauchery of NFL and NBA athletes percentage-wise is less than the general population of America. Sooo…..

  • Jess

    figures…wow…Is someone working on getting AI the hell outta there?

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    I like that idea Cub!!

  • http://www.mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Myles Brown

    Actually TAD, runnin and gunnin has taken on an entirely new meaning….

  • http://indianz.com R3Z

    I am so glad the Blazers are over, that whole buy a ring mentality. The idea of buying production outta street creditials, thugs and felons is crazy. I heard the AND 1 tour is hiring, forget the fundementals Refs ain’t calling it.
    The Nuggets are not making the playoffs, and the team they replaced there is gonna make it back. RIP City baby PLAYOFFS ’09!!!!

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    What about the name Pacman’s Posse?

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Myles: that would be gunning and running actually.

  • adams

    They’ll be fun to watch for everybody who hates the Nuggets.

  • http://www.ravingblacklunatic.blogspot.com Allenp

    Yo, I love this trade. Just wanted to get that out there. Althought Denver will still be incredible horrible on defense, this moves Anthony Carter to a backup role where he belongs. It moves Iverson to the two, where he flourishes, and allows Denver to compete a little better. It’s not a great trade, but it’s an improvement.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Jamaal Tinsley had better book some time at a tattoo studio, pronto.

  • http://www.mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Myles Brown

    Now that you mention it, I’m thinking of moving to Denver and opening a gun range/tattoo shop/beauty salon. Cant fail.

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    Co-sign Allenp.

  • http://www.mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Myles Brown

    Cub, you’re welcome to get in on this with me.

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    Btw, when is Deshawn getting shipped to Denver?

  • http://www.freewebs.com/betcats BETCATS

    good deal for the nugs

  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    Not trying to get esoteric on ya’ll but Denver needs a vision, a direction. What’s their identity? There’s no clead alpha dog. Roles aren’t properly established (eg. Camby bringing it up last year and KMart shooting deep jumpers)

  • dfrance

    So which player in the nugs is gonna be the first to get their face tatted up, ala Lil Weezy. I got my money on JR Smith.

  • James aka The Artist Formerly Known as Krayzie Bone

    Well Gerard, It just seems that the assessment need not get more in depth than that. I can’t fathom what the strategy could be. It’s not like they’re talent clashed. If they wanted to trade an asset for something useful, I thik Kleiza for someone who can play some D would have been move one. I realize he’s pretty good, but I’ve seen too many great white hopes in this league not pan out, or get overestimated. You have carmelo, you have maybe 4 more years of Iverson as a top tier guy. You need a couple more Najera’s on that squad. Instead, they trade their mistake eraser in Camby, and then get a guy who is known for finding the thugged out parts of INDIANAPOLIS! If you put him in a city with an actual rough neighbourhood, he might go out like scarface. Not only that, but Iverson controls the ball, and actually isn’t that bad a passer (maybe shoots too much). What’s the upside here? I guess the idea that they’re trying to trade Iverson explains this move, but in 2 years you’ve traded andre Miller for Percy Miller (except actually dangerous). Stupid stupid stupid. And I loved the nuggets last year, even if they were too flawed to win. Maybe they should think of it as a business and say “hmmm we have two guys who move jerseys and the public will pay to see, regardless. Why don’t we taylor the team around them right now. But I I digress.

  • http://www.youtube.com/teamairyork blackice87

    jamaal who?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Cub Buenning

    Myles, those already exist on seemingly every corner…..
    Minus the gun, part.
    People in Denver like tats, for sure.

  • http://www.ravingblacklunatic.blogspot.com Allenp

    They should have traded Kleiza for Artest when they had the chance.

  • K.I.N.G.

    that’s cool and all but, DENVER…. PLEASE trade A.I. asap!!!

  • andrew

    Colorado has a sweet punk/HC scene. This will be the most gangsta team in the lig.. But this begs the question, is gangsta officially retro now? Should they move into the post-ironic gansta mode and forget their gang connections and go hardcore, ala Ice T and Body Count? Bill Stevenson (Black Flag/Descendents) runs a record label and studio outta Fort Collins, he could totally put together a melodic hardcore band with the Nugs starting five…

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Funny how this is no longer a valid trade as both sides deny there was a deal.

  • Ryan.T.

    Tinsley, A.I., Melo, Kenyon, J.r. Smith…. All guys with an attitude, can you name a more rugged group of guys on a team? I think they’ll be even more entertaining to watch this year.

  • James aka The Artist Formerly Known as Krayzie Bone

    I’m confused now. Did this not happen Eboy?

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    It’s reported that it DID NOT, James. Read it on the Follower.

  • James aka The Artist Formerly Known as Krayzie Bone

    Thanks. Why go with a scoop when you could be wrong. It’s not like the era of newspapers only, where being first really meant something. That said, i hope denver really considers something else which actually makes sense.

  • http://thecolddraft.blogspot.com ML

    The Nuggets will be the most exciting team in the Association – all while giving up 130 ppg.

    The strippers of Denver must be loving this acquisition.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com DP

    So J.R. will start ahead of tinsley and tutor him?

  • B Deezy

    get the game to do the player intros and it’ll be a thug party…this is gon’ be sumthin’

  • Bubba Chuck

    yawn i just dont care ne more

  • http://slamonline.com whitechocolate

    man stephen hunter is in every trade

  • T WANA

    ol dude AI, melo, JR, and tinsley! good googaly moogaly there offense is bomb, but what about there D. jamaal tinsley is a great passer but he sucks on D. the nuggz are probably the 4th worst team for defense, but I’m not hat’n on Denver,… I’m hat’n on their D.

  • Charger Tom

    Now i seriously wish they had Artest…

  • Petey G

    James aka racist retard- What the HELL do you mean great white hopes? Man, that’s the same crap that has all these double standards in society. How about I say we haven’t seen “great black hopes” pan out in the financial industry?

    The words you speak reflect who you are-

    and I’m a white baller- Kleiza’s terrible play and god awful decision making skills aside. Don’t play the race game.

    Tupac- “I see no changes. All I see is racist faces.
    Misplaced hate makes disgrace for races we under.”

  • http://www.lkz.ch/basket Darksaber

    Is his Rolls Phantom moving to mile high with him?

  • Quail

    08-09 west…..

    1. Lakers
    2. Hornets
    3. Rockets
    4. Clippers
    5. Nuggets
    6. Suns
    7. Spurs
    8. Warriors

  • James aka The Artist Formerly Known as Krayzie Bone

    Well Petey G, there is a notion in sports going back to the days of joe louis that sporting in America required a great white hope in order to dethrone the black champion. There are tonnes of sociological factors that explain why in the U.S., people of African American ancestry (as opposed to recent African immigrants) are over represented in athletics, and tend to dominate in the major sporting leagues (though it should be mentioned that in major league baseball, the demographic has changed and now the group most over represented is Latin americans irrespective of race). I can’t go into all the reasons here partially because I would have to do a bit of reading to give a comprehensive figure, but suffice it to say, there is no debate that black players are overrepresented in the league when compared to the general population.

    Now my use of the term great white hopes is in relation to a several players in my lifetime who have attemped to fill that role of the superstar athlete of the caucasion persuasion who manages to equal or best his mostly black opponents. The ultimate example in our era was Larry Bird, who was truly a gifted player, perhaps the most skilled player in my lifetime (though not the best or most talented, as he had very little natural athletic ability). If you do a little research into the issue, during the celtics dynasty of the 1980′s, tonnes of racial tension surrounded the team (through no fault of the players or the organization itself). A good source of information on this matter is an authour by the name of David Zirin, who occasionally writes for this site. Look up his books on Amazon, or check out some articles of his online.

    So there is a perception in white sports culture of something akin to an inferiority complex. It can happen for other reasons too (if they guy is from your state, city or neighbourhood you can cheer too hard for him) but what it does is psychologically cause you to identify with a player strongly and over estimate his talent. In referencing the great white hope, i was thinking specifically of players who were highly touted, but underperformed based on expectations, and not always because of a lack of ability (injuries). So recent examples would include Keith Van Horne, Wally Sczerbiak, Tom Gugliotta, Shawn Bradley and even my personal favourite player in the NBA, Arvydas Sabonis (who particuarly exemplifies a player who’s ability to shine was harmed by injuries).

    Now my personal use of the term was not so much a projection on Kleiza for failing to live up to the hype, and that failure being tied to his racial background, but to appeal to the sense of humour of the regular posters on this board. I felt it would make them laugh because it made me laught. I don’t think too many read the thread beyond this point, and I would be surprised if anyone sees this posting now. Suffice it to say, I didn’t expect anyone to be upset by it. Since I’m as white as Kleiza is, it didn’t phase me. Now in response to some of your charges I will say the following. This is unrelated to any perceived double standards in society, but I bet you can’t even move past that cliche towards a specific complaint. You personally seem to be suffering from an inferiority complex because you exploded in anger on a basketball forum about a perceived slight in my comment, rather than asking in a more congenial term, ‘what do you mean by that?’ or ‘I was offended by that, explain yourself’. You reached for an infantile slam against me, and projected a terrible quality on my character that I am insulted by. Do some reading, and learn to act like an adult before addressing me again.

  • ckthamafiarider

    Jesus H Christ James aka Krazy Bone! u totally roasted that guy! u shoulda been o.j.s attorney during his robbery trial. That was brutally masterful!!