Friday, October 31st, 2008 at 12:30 pm  |  25 responses

Stephen Jackson’s 48-minute Workout Plan

It’s tough, but Jax isn’t sweating it: “I did it last year. It ain’t nothing new,” Jackson said about playing all night. “It was just tough because it was the first game. It’s tougher to get through. I’ve got to get probably about 10 or 15 games under my belt playing this way. Get back into game shape.”

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  • Ken

    He needs to be able to go for 48 minutes, because until Monta comes back he IS the warriors.

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    I love this dude’s work ethic. He may have done some stupid stuff, but this right here is straight up SACRIFICE

  • matt the jazz fan

    holy: sacrifice? what playing the game you love for 48 minutes (versus say 39 or 42) is a sacrifice? at 10M dollars a year? Puh-leaze… (unless you were being ironic) (in which case i agree) (with the irony)

  • awesomepossum

    what u smokin matt?

  • vmcb

    Sacrifice? He’s playing basketball..

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    Obviously none of you have played a 48 minute game before. Well neither have I. But playing a whole game is a hell of a lot harder than you think. You don’t even know how tired you are by the end of the game. Sure it’s basketball, but it’s physically exhausting. And yes he is making a lot of money for it, but as far as helping out the team, he’s sacrificing.

  • Boing Dynasty

    Steven jackson dosnt exactly play the most exhausting brand of basketball. Jus saying…

  • http://another48minutes.blogspot.com Gerard Himself

    who’s Steven Jackson? Is he in the NBA?

  • adams

    Hey Holy, the way you’re sucking off Stephen Jackson here: now THAT’s sacrifice.

  • http://4point0show.com WeS

    I still wish they’d play a point guard.

  • Michael

    12 minute quarters with breaks in between and timeouts throughout. that is sacrifice on a grand scale. thank god that we have saints like stephen jackson walking amongst us mortals

  • riggs

    id rather work at a job i hate for 8 hours every week than suffer that much /sarcasm

  • riggs

    8 hours a day every week*

  • http://www.lifehoopsthoughts.blogspot.com the baconator

    Um, are y’all joking about it not being a sacrifice? I play somewhere in the low-20′s out of 32 minutes, and I’m tired as hell. Playing 48 minutes as full speed, which is what the Warriors do, has gotta be ridiculously exhausting. I remember last year when TMac did it, and he had to have an IV of electrolytes after the game to recover

  • Michael

    yo bacon, no one is disputing the fact it would be tiring, just not sure if its a straight up SACRIFICE

  • http://www.rubensborges.wordpress.com Rubens


  • Jalepino Sausage

    Michaels word is Bond !!

  • http://twentythreenine.blogspot.com Russ Bengtson

    Uh, a) he’s a professional athlete, and b) they lost.

  • http://joebasketball.blogspot.com Joe

    Sacrafice might be going a bit far, but 48 minutes in the best league in the world, in the warriors system, then defending Chris Paul isn’t exactly easy.

  • KA

    jax is a super per per trooper per per

  • http://www.friendster.com/sesa Sesa

    It’s great that he wanted to make that step but I don’t think that’s a good recipe to win 82 games in NBA

  • N.Pawelczyk

    playing a 48 min. game?…wow…you ppl must be rlly f’ing lazy…if he truly loved the game he’d wanna play 24/7.

  • horsey

    as a guy asked to play at the guard spot for all 40 minutes of basically all my college games, i can kind of sympathize here. any given day i’ll stilll play ball for hours at a time, i just pay for it the next day. pick up games are not near as intense as real games, D-1 is not the NBA, 40 minutes is not 48 minutes. the mental drain has to be taken into account too, carrying a team for every minute of every game is more exhausting than any of us know, especially on a stage as big as he’s on. i’m not Jax, i’m not lazy, but it still sucked on a monumental scale.

  • horsey

    o. getting paid big money doesn’t make you feel any less sore the next day. i guess i would have thought that was obvious…

  • Dave

    Wilt Chamberlain played 48.5mpg one year – he sat down for 8 minutes in the whole season and played every minute of several overtime games.
    And don’t tell me the old style was less exhausting – they didn’t have so much as a Gatorade and they averaged many more shots and possessions a game. Not to mention what Wilt went through in physical play and double/triple teams and fouls.
    Get some perspective.