Monday, November 24th, 2008 at 11:00 am  |  26 responses

Steve Nash on, Yes, 2010

“It’s fun for fans and media,” said Nash, who said he wants to play two more seasons after his Suns contract expires in 2010. “As players, it’s the most idiotic thing in the world to think about two years from now.”

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  • http://www.ball3r.com diego


  • http://slamonline.com Holly MacKenzie

    Thank you, Steve. Doc Rivers said more of the same yesterday. To paraphrase, “Coaches could care less about 2010. They are worried about the guys they’ve got on their rosters now.” This 2010 talk is making me crazy as well.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/betcats BETCATS

    I can live in a world with Steve Nash playing from a powerchair, Nash4ever! Peace out Eddie Jordan!

  • http://www.another48minutes.blogspot.com Gerard Himself

    one day, Nash should be the commissioner. That is all.

  • Thebigticket05

    True that i’ll wait until something actually happens, instead of just talking about possibilties. I mean its interesting to predict what will happen but lets not spend all the 08-09 seaon talking about the 2010 season.

  • Keith

    What’s happening in 2010?

  • Keith

    I like Steve’s use of the phrase ‘the most idiotic thing in the world’. I think people should use that more often.

  • http://www.where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    Steve Nash doesn’t care about 2010 because by then he won’t be relevant. But I do agree with his point.

  • NBK

    If the Suns keep running their offense through shaq like they have been Steve Nash will be irrelovent by the all star break.

  • Son of Shawn

    He said “AS PLAYERS, it’s the most idiotic…”, not “as Knicks or OK City or (Insert awful team name here) GM, it´s the most…”

    And Carlesimo doesn´t care about 2010, no more.

  • http://slamonline.com Josh D

    Whoa, 2010 free agency is going to be big, LeBron,D-Wade,Bosh,Joe Johnson,Dirk,and Steve Nash all in one year

  • http://blambot.com Spaceship Jay

    Hmph. B. Long is right.

  • http://www.jerkmydillsnik.com Hass777

    i dont know which is more anticipated 2010? or 2012?…..my vote is 2010

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    B. Long, Nash will still be able to score 14 and drop 7 dimes a game. I don’t call that irrelevant. And he’ll still be one of the best passers and court readers in the game. He’ll be relevant.

  • ciolkstar

    Nash will not be relevant in 2010. Unless he somehow gets to play for D’Antoni’s Knicks too.
    @Moose: Nash will barely average 14 and 7 THIS year.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    ciolkstar, I hear ya. I’m just saying he’s gonna keep it up. Maybe not that much, I acknowledge that. But if irrelevant means an average point guard with above average vision, then I’ll give it to you.

  • http://www.where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    If Nash is avg. 14 pts. a game in 2010, he’ll be doing it for a lottery team.

  • The Ghost of Wilt Chamberlain

    The media and fans will be stunned when not a single player changes team.

  • MeloMan13

    word Ghost of Chamberlain
    that wud sho those stupid media ppl

  • Todd Spehr

    Anyone else think Nash isn’t being used properly under Porter?

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    Sign me up, Todd.

  • jb21

    I agree YET there’s nothing wrong w/ teams looking towards the future and preparing for the top free agent class in NBA history. People murder teams for shortsightedness and do the same for looking to far into the future.

  • Anton

    Winter Olympics 2010!

  • Veeral

    I hear ya Todd, like i appreciate porters new defence philosophy, but cant they run-n-gun and slow it down to half court defense at the same time? the reason steve’s stats are going down (which should be considered irrelevant looking at his age, i mean seriously, for a guy whos what 33? 34? playing in the NBA at such a high level is an accomplishment in itself. But thats beyond the point)is because they just play way slower than they did last year. I honestly believe that they should just start taking more threes, less touches to shaq, and more to nash, amare, and diaw. Kinda like a hybrid of the porter-d’antoni philosophies

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    They’ll get out and run more after the allstar break I assure you….Alando and Leandro will want to go go…
    I PERSONALLY CAN’T WAIT FOR THE DRAFT IN 2030. Just to see if the salary cap will be a whooping 4350 trillion dollars and contracts will be in light years..(and Seattle still wont have an NBA team again, but Mars will…??)/

  • jaywhy

    Nash is still in great shape… i can see him playing till 42 or maybe even longer…