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Kevin McHale: Front Offices Listening to Bloggers Too Much

by Marcel Mutoni

Even though it’s almost 2009, and practically everyone has a blog these days, bloggers – those filthy creatures that reside in their parents’ basements – continue to take the blame for many of the world’s ills.

According to Kevin McHale, the new (old?) coach in Minnesota, front office personnel around the NBA spend as much time watching the games as they do checking out their RSS feeds.

Apparently, those dastardly bloggers are influencing decisions at the League level, and it might be their fault that so many coaches have lost their jobs this season.

From the Pioneer Press:

“I think you’re going to see more and more shorter term stuff in our league,” he said. “Just because the access now, there’s so much media availability and everything else.”

“There’s just so many bloggers; everybody’s got an opinion. There’s all kinds of stuff going on. Sometimes that starts forming the opinion of people in front offices, too, and owner. It’s been kind of a crazy year so far.”

“Will you stop doing all of that damn typing? I can’t hear myself think!” McHale, I can only presume, thought to himself shortly thereafter.

I so wish this were true; I have a laundry list of ideas to pass on to GM’s and team owners around the League. Suggestion #1: Make ‘Sheed the commish.

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  • mike

    Now we know he doesn’t buy his sweaters online

  • Plasticman

    Well they’re better off listening to bloggers than to whatever the hell McHale is listening too

  • http://allday-fadeaway.blogspot.com Nbk

    Maybe the Twolves should let bloggers run their organization because Kevin McHale has royally f***ed them up

  • http://www.ravingblacklunatic.blogspot.com Allenp

    Yeah, we should just let people make decisions based on cronyism. It’s worked for Minnesota. Screw bringing in diverse opinions.

  • http://allday-fadeaway.blogspot.com Nbk

    That really would be interesting if a team chose the most respected bloggers (i know this will never happen) and let them make player decisions based on a collective opinion. I

  • http://thesportsdiaryonline.blogspot.com Roy

    maybe McHale is just getting paranoid or something…

  • http://10assistspergame.blogspot.com Rey-Rey

    Yeah, those bloggers! Couldn’t they do anything better with their time?! Like… play video games or something?!

  • http://www.mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Myles Brown


  • http://www.mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Myles Brown

    But if I actually am being listened to…can I borrow some money?

  • http://where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    I’m pretty sure bloggers had nothing to do with trading away Brandon Roy and O.J. Mayo.

  • http://allday-fadeaway.blogspot.com Nbk

    Thats why bloggers should run the wolves

  • underdog

    What about Memphis signs Darius Miles? Plus, Juwan Howard has found himself in the starting five of the Bobcats.

  • thesubwayconnection

    Steph went crazy after his time in Minny. Safe to say Kevin influenced that, too, right?

  • http://twentythreenine.blogspot.com Russ Bengtson

    Obviously T-Wolves bloggers should start recommending the exact opposite of what they hope really happens.

    Also, I’d fully support installing Britt Robson as president/GM/coach/backup point guard.

  • neaorin

    Kevin, when you’ve spent that long a time putting together a team that hasn’t won anything and is currently so bad they have to give KEVIN OLLIE 14 minutes a night… I’d refrain from berating other people’s opinions. I know you won’t read this, but still.

  • http://www.bbl.org.uk Josh D

    Suggestion #2 Make Stephon Marbury 4 assitant comish!!

  • http://ad25.wordpress.com AD25

    Here’s an idea.. you could build trampolines into the floor at the Target Center.. it would be slamtastic!… you’d probably even get more people in the seats than you are now!

  • http://www.weaksiderejection.blogspot.com Sami A

    lol at Mike, in regards to McHale’s sweaters.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    Well, when the bloggers are smarter than the front office . . . ;)

  • Homie

    Every time I see Kevin McHale I think of that Cheers episode where he gets fixated over the number of screws (nails?) in the old Garden floor and it totally throws his game off. Good stuff. Oh yeah, that and he’s a lousy GM.

  • http://slamonline.com Tzvi T

    If bloggers were listened to Mchale would be out of a job.
    If bloggers existed and were listened to in the 1980′s, Mchale and Bird’s careers would have been extended 3-5 years, as every fool knew that K.C Jones was overplaying his stars, and shortening their careers.

  • http://twentythreenine.blogspot.com Russ Bengtson

    How did the Wolves ever find a way to suck before blogs?

  • http://twentythreenine.blogspot.com Russ Bengtson

    Also worth noting that Kevin Ollie played TWENTY-SIX minutes tonight, and Rashad McCants and Kevin Love combined to shoot 0-12 from the floor.

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  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    Love for Mayo was crazy then and even crazier now. Love will be an okay player and it’s not like he called the trade so I don’t even want to diss him. BUT that’s one of the worst trades. Ever.

  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    Trades like Nowitzki for Tractor Traylor look worse but it’s not like Dirk was a sure thing back then. He was an unknown and unproven Euro. Mayo has been on the radar since kindergaten basically. No excuse.

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  • http://www.insidehoops.com Jeff of InsideHoops

    I listen to whatever bobby says on his geocities homepage blog

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