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5 on 1

They certainly earned their stripes.

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“It takes five.”

Before the Brotherhood, came these five cats. Five hoopers who achieved various levels of success with three stripes on their feet. But could they all say they truly understood the importance of a team, five players, working together on the court? Did they all understand that “It takes five” meant more than just a slogan and a photo shoot? Did they realize what they were (attempting) to stand for?

The truth is, to find a true team of players who work together like peanut butter and jelly, like bananas and Frosted Flakes, like spaghetti and meatballs, only happens when the leader understands and buys into the team concept. Tim Duncan, for sure, knew what it meant. The Big Fundamental had three rings when this image was published in KICKS 9 in 2006. He’d go on to win another that season. Chauncey Billups had a ring and was part of quite possibly the League’s most well-rounded teams. Kevin Garnett had an MVP trophy, but tasted nothing more than just a lick of Playoff success (maybe Kevin McHale should have stayed on the sidelines for another season, eh?). He knew it took five and understood his situation needed to change.

Tracy McGrady, well, he kept telling himself that he knew what it meant. And Gilbert Arenas, known for his solo heroics, went to the NCAA National Championship as a 19-year-old at Arizona, as a backup to Jason Gardner. Over two seasons later, McGrady and Arenas are part of underachieving teams (grossly so, in Washington’s case), and both are out of the star conversation all-together. Garnett, Duncan and Billups, however, will likely all finish top-10 in 2009 MVP voting. It’s safe to say at least three of the five knew what it means to ‘take five.’

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  • SCHW

    Come on man…!!! I would take this 5 any time of the year… If it isnt because of the injuries this starting five with just some guys to fill in a couple of minutes and you have your NBA champions…

    Or maybe we copuld just substitute Arenas and T-Mac for Lebron and for my interest Jesus… If this isnt an mvp squad then who is… just a wish………………………………damn…………………..

  • Blinguo

    Who wrote this piece? Why even give a negative piece on players in a photo shoot post up? Put that name up so we can chastise you too, baby. Big piece of that not being team players this year, injuries a key point neglected. T-Mac’s still being a team player when he’s on the court no doubt, couldn’t jump or pivot and still notched a triple double earlier this year. Arenas made comments about “would you want to play for this team right now?” which is both true but acceptable criticism per this piece. Also to “take five” means to take a break. “It takes 5″ is a completely different phrase.

  • Jackie Moon

    It really only takes three …

  • Sari

    wow hatin on tmac and gil cuz they injured…

  • Gumdrop

    No, on Gil because he’s selfish, and on TMac because he only brings it when he feels like it.

  • Sari

    ya kno im kinda injured too now… does that make me selfish?

  • Mike

    Yeah, we better tone down the negative comments. We wouldn’t want to hurt these millionaire’s feelings.

  • Jose

    gilbert is kinda selfish.or wa untill he was hurt and had to become a full playmaker. t-mac tho .i think injuries hld him back .he does pass the ball (more than arenas anyway)but yea.

  • http://slamonline.com Tzvi T

    Great Pic, and great ads by Adidas. “It takes Five” was my high school coaches moto.

  • $tev3

    Right on target Sari

  • Gambit

    How come when the magazines comes out,inside they have creative photo of players for our tear-out posters,but on the site they give us throwbacks from seasons ago?

  • Tommy Vercetti

    I agree with Gambit, they need to post some current wallpapers, not only throwbacks.