Tuesday, March 17th, 2009 at 9:30 am  |  14 responses

A Cool Thousand for Popovich

Milestone time for the Spurs’ coach: “Few coaches in the NBA are as allergic to personal praise as the Spurs’ Gregg Popovich. So it should come as no surprise that he didn’t even know Monday’s game against the Thunder marked a milestone in his coaching career. The game was Popovich’s 1,000th as a head coach, making him the 24th in NBA history to join that club. He is one of only seven to accomplish the feat with one team. Asked before the game if he attached any significance to the achievement, Popovich was momentarily confused by the question. ‘I didn’t know,’ he said. ‘So no, I guess I don’t.’ Upon further contemplation, however, Popovich did attach some meaning to the night. ‘It means having a good owner, a good GM and good players equals longevity in the NBA,’ Popovich said.”

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  • Yann Blavec’s wife’s husband

    He must have 700 or 800 victories in those 1,000 games.

  • Deuce21

    676-324. Not bad…..

  • Jackie Moon

    Humble guy.

  • http://www.ojhoops.blogspot.com the baconator

    Has anyone else reached a quieter 1000 games than Pops? I like how dude just goes out and does his thing, night in and night out. Very humble man

  • Josh D

    Best coach in the league!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.kicksonfire.com Anton

    Whoa, he slept on his own achievement

  • Tuomas

    the baconator, what you said is precisely what I most appreciate about Pop. Doing baaad things in silence (well, relative anyway) is gangsta.

  • Tuomas

    Speaking of longevity, thanks again for the RIP Bill Davidson story you didn’t run. It was especially classy considering there was much bigger stuff going on. You know, like Shawn Marion b*itchin’ for the umpteenth million time and Joakim Noah playing less than three weeks ago.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    He’s like a modern day samuri. a basketball samuri sensae`.

  • Tuomas

    “Pop’s 1,000th Victory”. Oops.

  • ka

    stay classy pops!

  • I am the walrus

    I thought Mike Woodson was the best coach in the league, wait a minute…

  • http://www.basketballjerseyworld.com NBA-JERSEY-KING

    Jerry Sloan is the best coach in the league…. that hasnt won a Championship….

  • franko

    I love the POP stile! but what about Phill jackson? he is good…