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Final Answer

Life is short. Play hard.

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It was Soul on Ice 2.0, without the picked-out hair and the throwback jersey. And, of course, without the Sixers uniform. The stage was set-up almost perfectly–10 years after possibly SLAM’s most famous cover, Allen Iverson was traded for the second time in his career to a team that had been to the Eastern Conference Finals the previous six seasons. His durability always made people wonder if he could play forever. He probably wondered the same thing himself. But then he saw it.

As much as Allen wanted his latest cover to mirror that of 10 years ago, there was only one small problem: age. He knew opponents couldn’t slow him down, but he never thought about what time could possibly do. His hair was thinner and had a permanent part up the middle. So he told his stylist to quickly braid it into design (and later to shave it all off). For a person whose hair was such a large part of who he was, this wasn’t just a thing. Cutting his braids marked an end of an era in his career, and he’s since been very… un-Iverson like. His bad back keeps him away from the team. Before shutting it down for the regular season, he was playing less than 20 mpg. He was talking about retirement–an end. Not only has Iverson lost a step since gracing the cover of Ish 32, but so had much of that previously dominant Piston core.

Age is all around him, playing tormentor. Why not go to Philly next year and feel young again?

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  • Mike

    he should go back to philly
    relive them glory days
    or maybe phx? hear they’ll be shopping for a pg in the near future especially if toronto has anything to say about it

  • http://wherethenbareallyhappens.blogspot.com Collin

    going to detroit ruined him

  • http://trulyhoops.blogspot.com Collin

    going to detroit ruined him, he needs the ball in his hands the whole game in order to be effective


    1st..BETcats would be a perfect fit for him, LB and him back together maybe they could make another run at the finals

  • 123uknowme

    haha !! the finals with the BETcats are u kidding????

  • vonkers

    Right Collin…Detroit made him beat his wife and fake an injury…the guy is a me first player and he can’t take playing in a team setting. If he would have bought in Detroit could have done alot better.

  • http://www.twitter.com/TheDiesel Anton

    I never got the having a permanent part in your hair ala Starbury.

  • http://www.basketballjerseyworld.com NBA-JERSEY-KING

    put him on the Spurs…. backcourt of AI/Parker with Manu 6th man… nice!

  • Will

    Hes going to Boston to back up Jesus Shuttelworth and Rondo, they’ll easily win the Finals if they get AI

  • Mike

    NBA Jersey king is a tard, AI would do the exact same thing in san antonio as he would in detroit

  • NYCityREP

    @ Will: Boston is so done and I don’t realize why people don’t realize it. They sold their future when they made those trades. Paul Pierce will be 31 in October, Garnett will be 33 in May & Ray Allen is going to 34 this July.

    Iverson is my favorite player of all time. It killed me to see him come off the bench. Kobe is 31 and I highly doubt you’ll see him coming off the bench for LA in the next 2 years no matter who they have on that team. I’ve come to terms that Iverson may retire, I just won’t be much of an NBA fan after it happens.

    Teams I think Iverson can play for next season: Philly, Charlotte, Atlanta & New York. He is not coming off the bench for anyone, I don’t understand why fans & analysts think that he’ll have a change of heart if he doesn’t get crazy offers in the offseason. The simple fact is that he wasn’t bluffing, he really would rather retire than come off the bench for even a team like Boston or LA and I’m 100% with him.

    For those of you who say he’s selfish and you can’t win with him:
    -He would have a championship if he ran into any other team in the Finals except LA. Barkeley, Stockton, Malone, G. Payton & Reggie Miller all lost to Jordan; well Iverson, Chris Webber & Jason Kidd lost to Kobe + Shaq.

  • http://sfdjilf.com Jukai

    NYCityREP: Actually, besides the 2007 Cavaliers, I can’t think of a WEAKER team in the NBA Finals than the 2000 Phili squad… anyone else? Maybe grandpa Allenp can rememebr one farther back than I can.

  • http://vnsny.org Spaceship Jay

    It’s over, regardless of what jersey he put’s on next. (Turns away, holds back tears.)

  • Blinguo

    You had an inkling something wasn’t right at the jump when they (Stern bot) wouldn’t let AI get the #3, due to switching jersey’s on another player mid season(more like early season) and thus affects his “jersey sales,” when the player in question sells jerseys like 1000x more than the other guy. Oh and 1st time coach, not molding a system to their big star acquisition is also pretty big, but that was a given on what went wrong/why.

  • $tev3

    NY has money sign him up

  • ab_40

    he had the skills to fit in the detroit team but well not the attitude. kinda crazy when you think about it not being able to adjust your attitued towards well you know… winning?

    and I think the clips will sign him and sell the baron davis and allen iverson duo as the marbury francis duo of a few years back… we all know how that turned out.

  • http://www.broy7.com/roy/index nate the great

    what ab_40 says sounds possible.
    but what happens to eric gordan?
    he is the future of the clips.

  • big bad boss

    new wallpapers please..

  • Superman Osman

    It’s the playoffs. Shouldn’t somebody playing be a Wallpaper?

  • ish

    funny how no one seemed to see the resentment of AI comin to the pissed-ons. rip didnt want him there and the coach was ridin with the guys he knew. its funny how everyone says this guy cant play team ball. u do the math: he cut back on everything and still lead the team in scoring, assists and steals? hmmm, shows u who the real problem on the team really was. he wasnt given the opportunity to be AI. he could still lead the league in scoring and steals, but everyone keeps tryin to change this man’s game. kobe and lebron are allowed to do pretty much the same thing that AI has been doin for years and its cool with everyone go figure.

  • Joraud

    He should go to Cleveland that way he could either be an undersized 2 or just run point and let mo come off the bench.