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Jason Kidd in NY?

Jason would have to take a sizeable paycut: “The Knicks, who also acquired the veteran big man Darko Milicic in a draft-night trade, are not done shopping. They will try to re-sign their two restricted free agents, Lee and Nate Robinson, when the negotiating period opens Wednesday. They will also continue their search for a top-flight point guard, with Jason Kidd a primary target. Kidd, who previously played for the Nets, is said to have an interest in returning to the area. However, the Knicks will have only their midlevel exception, about $5.5 million, to spend. They are also unlikely to offer Kidd more than a one-year contract, because they do not want to jeopardize their salary-cap space in 2010.”

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  • nicko

    doesn’t whoopie goldberg coach the knicks? i wonder how j-kidd will handle that

  • http://slamonline.com B. Long

    I mean… it’s not like they could’ve DRAFTED any point guards. Right?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jichael Mackson


  • http://www.sportweek.fr LexaB

    They search a top-flight point guard??? Really??? doesn’t the name BRANDON JENNINGS ring any bell in the Knicks’s ears???

  • http://www.twitter.com/mansonovic Mansonovic

    Wow…a lot of people on the jock of a guy who averaged 8 and 2 in Europe.

  • http://slamonline.com s.e.a.n

    ^ wasn’t it something ludacris like 5 and 2?

  • #6marjon

    you’d think at his point in his career he’d want to go somewhere that can win a championship he can’t turn no franchise around

  • http://www.sportweek.fr LexaB

    If you only judge Brandon’s european experience by his stats, you clearly know nothnig about european b-ball. Especially in Italy. Now I have seen him play live this year. In games and in practice. And let me tell you : if i had to choose between giving J-Kidd 5.5 millions and drafting Jennings, right know in June 2009, I’d always go with the Brandon pick. That’s not called being “on the jock of someone”. That’s called good sense.

  • PrimoE

    Although Jennings does show potential, most of his problems, and the reason why I’m happy he is far, far away from us – resides between his ears. This kid would be another ‘me first’ Cancer-bury type player. Did you see/hear abou this comments on the Knicks? And his rant on Ricky Rubio, I mean .. who does that .. really. Supposedly he went to Europe to get better and mature, well apparently he FAILED miserably at both. His stats got worse (lack of playing – how surprising) and we know where his head is. I say no thank you. God Speed Jordan Hill! I’d take Toney Douglas over BJ anytime.

  • http://dsfkl.com Jukai

    PrimoE: I would take Jennings over Jordan “I’ll be good in seven years” Hill in a split second.

  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    I thought Kidd was about winning at this point. Odd. / Jennings also learned how to play defense, be physical and pass the ball. Why are people so concerned with his stats in Euro ball? They don’t play young guys over there unless you’re on a very lousy team. Kids get drafted on potential with no stats every year. None of the heralded ncaa pg’s could stay in front of him at the workouts.

  • http://www.sportweek.fr LexaB

    Great point on the “me first” kind of player. Brandon is not mature, far from that, but given his potentiel I would take the chance. He can be a bust. But he can become THAT good. And seriously, if you have to get a point guard and choose between Brandon “I can be great” Jennings and Jason “I was so great but maybe never will again” Kidd, you can’t tell me you would take J-Kidd, thats nonsense.
    BTW, co-sign Jukai. Jennings over Jordan in a split second. I mean if you have to pick a stuill-not-ready prospect, why would you not choose the one with the most potential and a flashy game that can make the Garden go crazy???

  • http://www.sportweek.fr LexaB

    Oh and just a point for all the guys that judge Jennings or Rubio on their european stats without having seen them play live. Do you know the numbers Tony Parker got in his first professionnal team in Paris??? 3,9 ppg. 1,7 apg. Yeah yeah the guy that was the PG in the Spurs’ last three titles. The guy that was the 2007 NBA Finals’ MVP. The guy that can easily score 20+-ppg in any team today. So yes. You can have a bad first year in Europe when you’re 18 and still become one of the best PG in the NBA.

  • http://lastknickstanding.blogspot.com Bryan

    f jason kidd.

  • PrimoE

    The same argument could be applied to someone like J.Hill .. I mean his potential says Amare Stoudamire – do we all of the sudden NOT NEED THAT? It is a lot easier to find suitable PG’s than it is to find bigs who can shoot/pass/block and run the floor. You have to be happy about J.Hill for the knicks right now. We already experienced the ME type of player PG with Stephon ‘I’m the best PG in the NBA’ Methbury. Enough is Enough. I never said I wanted J.Kidd. I probably would’ve taken Curry/Flynn over Jennings if they were all available. Finally, I feel bad for Jennings .. he’ll get his fist DNP’s registered very soon in the season as a result of Skiles breaking his Jaw. I can’t wait for those two to get acquainted better … Good luck BJ.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    I’d rather see Rubio land in NY via some trade with Minny.

  • PrimoE

    I wouldn’t take Jennings over J.Hill. His game is better suited for AND1. I’d even take Nick Calathes over him. Give me a prospect who has his head on right like J.Flynn and who is ready to be a pro and not feel like he’s owed something because he can cross you up. If all you have to go by is potential .. and they all have it – then what’s left is how they carry themselves. We all know who’d be last in that category. Nuff said.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mansonovic Mansonovic

    You know what, my beef isn’t even necessarily with Jennings (although I still think he’s overrated). It’s that people just seem really quick to dismiss the contribution Kidd could make. He may be rocking the barely-triple-doubles more often these days, but he’s still a future Hall of Famer, who had a pretty good end to the season with the Mavs. And, bearing in mind the kind of basketball market New York is (you know, rabid, demanding, blah blah blah…), D’Antoni would be well advised to turn things around NOW. And you do that with Kidd, not Jennings.

  • niQ

    i don’t think it would make sense to send j.kidd to the knicks. kidd needs to find a team that is one person away from a championship.

  • Float_world

    How about sign and trade, Rondo for J Kidd? I think Ainge would be interested in that deal. It seems as though there is already a rift brewing in Boston anyway.

  • http://www.sonicbids.com/shaemorin doyouwantmore

    You just like Brandon Jennings because he’s cool. Admit it.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    WHY? Why the heck would the Knicks want Jason Kidd NOW? Has Donnie Walsh ever HEARD of BRANDON FREAKIN JENNINGS? How hard was it to NOT draft Jordan Hill and pick up Brandon Jennings. We already have Chris Wilcox, David Lee, Jared Jeffries, and now Darko. What the f*ck is wrong with Donnie’s logic? D’Antoni needs to shut his mouth when it comes to draft time, because he really isn’t helping Donnie make the best decisions, at ALL.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Knicks need to make a run at Rajon Rondo and/or Monta Ellis. NOW.

  • K

    Haha for real Teddy. And nice work LexaB. I can’t trust D’Antoni pulling the GM strings. First, he gets the Knicks to sign Duhon, because Coach K tell hims “he never gets tired”. Then in the middle of the season, Duhon . . . gets tired and stinks up the joint. He picks Gallinari because he’s the son of his former teammate. He tells us Anthony Roberson can shoot lights out, but then we find out that he can’t during the actual games. He’ll have to excuse us if a few fans are skeptical of the Jordan Hill hype, but I will gladly eat my words if Hill turns out an all-star.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    @ K: True that. I’m not sold yet on Jordan Hill either, but I’m really happy about the Toney Douglas pick. At first I hadn’t even really heard of him, but the dude can flat out ball. He plays on both ends of the court, hustles, and brings out intensity and toughness; AND he’s an insanely gifted scorer. If he develops the right way, I see him being an All-Star, no problem. He looks like he has a little bit of John Starks in him.
    Knicks fans might want to check out this video:

  • Josh D

    He isn’t worth more than 5.5mil anyway

  • http://www.laumol.nl/weblog Laumol

    Please, get JKidd a spot on the Lakers’ roster!

  • TADOne


  • Airswade

    The Knicks will never win another championship, J Kidd or not

  • Spetsnaz

    I like how Darko, who is 24 year old, is considered a “verteran”. There where 5 dudes drafted last week who are the same age!

  • chintao

    Just when you think that the Knicks can’t become any less likable….

  • Dagga

    do you guys really believe ther are more than two elite point guards in this draft jennings is not one the knicks made the right pick/s

  • chintao

    My problem is not so much with the pick. My problem is with Kidd.