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Lessons from the LeBron Dunk Footage

by Marcel Mutoni

Though it ultimately (and predictably) disappointed, the confiscated footage which surfaced yesterday taught us a few things…

1) eBaum Nation > TMZ: When it comes to video quality, eBaum had TMZ beat on the story by a very wide margin. Both sites paid a princely sum for the highly saught after video – the bidding war was reportedly, and in some ways understandably insane – but eBaum was the clear winner. Of course, not as many people read their site (plus they don’t have a TV show), so TMZ isn’t exactly losing sleep over the defeat.

2) LeBron’s camp next year is going to be an absolute circus. You know some of the kids are going to be trying to become the next Jordan Crawford, and amateur videographers will be out in full force (if they can somehow sneak cameras into the building.) Also, will the guy who got his tape famously snatched in the first place ever get it back, let alone a credential for next year’s camp?

3) Hype is always bigger (and better) than reality. The unveiling was predictably underwhelming. Such is life. Never get your hopes up too high, folks, you’ll only set yourself up for disappointment.

4) Nike and LeBron screwed this one up royally. It’s clear to anyone who watches the video that James had nothing to worry about. He obviously wasn’t playing his hardest, and got caught on a nice play from a talented college player. No big deal. Had he just ignored the entire thing, the dunk might have enjoyed relative fame, but only in the darkest corners of YouTube.

(Even the folks who bought the tape couldn’t understand the big deal about all of this. Fail, LBJ. Epic Fail.)

5) Not really a lesson – at least not yet, anyway – but what happens to Jordan Crawford now? Does Nike toss him into an ad next season lampooning the whole thing? It certainly couldn’t hurt them (or his career).

6) This, too, shall pass: Very soon, a reporter will get a hold of him and inevitably ask James about all of this, LeBron will reply with some vague statement, and the story will die. Happens all the time. Mega superstar athletes sometimes do and say crazy things when amateur video tape is rolling. Speaking of which, does anyone recall this?

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  • luke


  • jay

    I just wonder how much LeBron had to do with any of this. How much was it Nike? Not that it makes much of a difference. Soon this will be water under the bridge and he will assume his throne again. My guess is 29/8/9 next season and a trip to the finals…

  • Chumps

    Lamest video ever. Why would ANYONE worry about that?

  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty aka Free Lester Hudson

    The weird thing about the term “epic fail” is that its never used to describe anything thats actually epic.

  • k.o.

    couldn’t agree more

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    Blessed be the King that cometh in the name of the Lord: peace in heaven, and glory in the highest. – Luke 19:38

  • http://slamonline.com/online/category/blogs/fear/ Freedom Fries

    Thank you Marcel – exactly

  • Knock Knock

    way to try to play the video down by saying lebron wasn’t trying. The dunk= not so nice. Funniest part is Lebron tryin to go at the “kid” right afterwards but gets stripped. I guess the refs forgot to give lebron the foul shot?

  • kwame

    this video was sooo wack…there should have been no hype surrounding it.

  • http://Slamonline.com Spaceship Jay

    Ultimate Meh.

  • boy sanchez

    The funny part is that we are still talking about it. Guys, come on! It’s just a dunk on Lebron! Do you think it won’t happen again?

  • Zeke

    Any chance that Nike took the less than exciting video on purpose to stir up all the controversy and draw all of this attention? If so, it obviously worked cause we’re talking about their camp weeks later.

  • http://www.dontclick.blogspot.com/ Jimbo

    This was it?!

    Can’t believe i wasted my time on this,….

  • http://www.dontclick.blogspot.com/ Jimbo

    with all the hate on LeBron: it’s been stated that Nike does not allow camera crews to be filming, so that’s why they took the tapes. Shouldn’t that have been the end of the story, instead of endless bashing of LeBron or Nike? Rules are rules, so what am I missing here? It’s a joke that this whole thing got so much attention.

  • http://wordonthestreetsmag.com Rodney K

    All I can say is, “Danny Green, you can’t miss your defensive assignments” Lebron needs to be mad at him more than anything for getting beat by a college kid. Cant be doing that in the league

  • http://www.another48minutes.blogspot.com Gerard Himself

    Damn, that wasn’t Jimbo who posted: “with all the hate on LeBron: it’s been….” – it was me.

  • http://www.mynameinblue.blogspot.com Hisham

    Jimbo Kainama?

  • Ant

    that is something…

  • Ant
  • http://www.twitter.com/Th3_R3al_Chris Young Chris MP3


  • JerseyBoy

    I want Jordan Crawford on my streetball team in Harlem.

  • Geoff

    Know what? LBJ coulda given the kid a pound after the game, been a man about it, and it would’ve been all good.

    If anyone made a big deal out of that, he could’ve been like “Good for him! Kid did well…I’m glad this camp gave him the opportunity.”

  • Diggidy

    The best get caught slippin from time to time. Lebron is still Da Man. Even Jordan Crawford knows that. Lets just see what J. Crawford does this season. I hope he averages 20 and 10 but if he doesn’t will it really surprise anyone?

  • RedRum

    LBJ has a problem with his ego… I propose Southpark does a West/Fishticks-like episode on LBJ to sort him out a bit

  • http://www.slamonline.co.uk Alex

    LeBron is not ‘Da Man’ and will never be ‘Da Man’. He is ‘LeChump’, ‘LeDouche’, ‘LeDiva’, nor will he ever be King, self-appointed titles are rarely accurate. He is and forever will be the Queen, no one can take jack from his game, but he needs to learn to hold himself, on and off court, with aplomb and decorum. LBJ deserves most of the bashing he gets, although some of its jealousy derived from his immense game, a fair portion of it is warranted on a personality that belongs in a shallow puddle that dries up in the briefest of sunlight. You can be a demi-god at what you do in life, whether its business, cooking, sport and so on but innately we are all human and our character is what truly defines us. Not the other way around. Hence the hate on LeBron, which doesn’t even need justification unless your wearing LBJ tinted shades, in which case its pointless as you already have what psychologists call ‘confirmation bias’.

  • http://www.slamonline.co.uk Alex

    haha redrum. fishsticks was priceless. possibly one of the funniest moments of the year. think i may go listen to the song on youtube, cheers!

  • Bruno, RJ

    just one more stupid thing from the guy…
    history just repeating.
    shirts, statements, hype, tattoos, FTs… alll absolutely dumb.

  • RedRum

    and all that from a guy that has played in the Finals once and got swept… How should be Duncan acting??

  • kash

    Anyone think LBJ and Jordan might just be friends, using this whole media circus to give Jordan some shine??… Didn’t he also have Sideshow’s back when he re-signed after a contract dispute so he wouldn’t get booed? Sorry, I just hate to believe anyone who has soo much talent and potential could be sooo, just… wrong

  • RedRum


    what does athletic talent and potential has to do with personality?? LBJ is a diva, he lately has got into the “King” persona and acts like a fool. I say again, a Fishticks-like episode will sort him out. I think he is just being surrounded by people that kiss his arse.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com DP

    Jordan crawford will not even be heard of when college ball starts back around and marcel you are right, hype NEVER is lives up to the reality. except in some cases…like LeBron when he first came into the L. play wit it.

  • Josh D

    I bet Jordan Crawford will end up getting to the league for purely this dunk

  • kash

    @ RedRum: I hope you read the last line I wrote: “Sorry, I just hate to believe anyone who has soo much talent and potential could be sooo, just… wrong”. Indicating that HE MAY BE A COMPLETE TOOL, but I just don’t want to believe it… sigh… can’t a guy have heroes anymore?? LOL

  • donovan

    I don’t care what anyone says — that is a filthy dunk. Just imagine seeing it live. Look at his reaction and the dudes he’s running with.

  • Yesse

    LeBron and Nike are just taking this thing too far.First they dont release the tape, now the tape gets out.Im surprised why youtube isnt stopping the uploaders.They also removed a spoof of the dunk on youtube.

  • http://www.broy7.com nate the great

    yeah even if lebron ‘wasnt’ trying his hardest, he was still trying. he did attempt to block the dunk.
    and crawford did slam it down.
    so i agree with donovan that if i was their live, i would have jizzed my pants.
    and i agree with all the leBrick hating going on here, cause i hate lebron.
    and idc if people call me nate the hate as they have before with all my lebron hating going on.
    i just hate lebron.

  • RedRum

    I don’t hate anyone. He is a great player.As a player, the way he plays, I like him more than kobe. LBJ is like MJ after he realised he needs to make players around him better, Kobe is still in mid-80s MJ mode… Still… LBJ is a muppet…

  • E.

    Ok so Jordan Crawford can go back to being a nobody now. All you Lebron haters are just jealous of his game and prestige. People talk trash about him leaving his teammates to answer questions in the conference finals? What about his whole team going cold while he was having one of the best playoff series for any player EVER. It didn’t help that Mike Brown was outcoached.

  • E.

    Haaaaa. Nate the Great likes jizzing his pants watching grown sweaty men.

  • Maurice

    Lol i cant believe this was all the hype Lebron. I lost repect for him when he took the tape. And this just adds to the pity

  • http://slamonline.com Jacob J

    I always knew LeBron is the biggest pussy in the league, for worrying about his rep being ruined.He shows bad sportsmanship and cant win because all he is is a huge ball hog. I thought DWade shouldve won the MVP.

  • http://slamonline.com Walt Williams

    Tyreke Evans is a mini Lebron.

  • http://sportzin.com Joey E.

    you see this story on yahoo about him smoking pot?
    dude just blames everybody. i dont care that he smoked pot in HS, everyone does, but dang lebron. be a man. quit blaming


  • Zach

    I wish everyone would jus chill about this. He got dunked on… so what? it happens. its apart of the game. LBJ is the most overrated player in the NBA. He didn’t deserve the MVP. D Wade did. LBJ is no king. maybe Queen.

  • Orlando Green

    Honestly, who cares!

  • flex

    lebron is a mark ass buster

  • Flash

    hype is always bigger and better than reality… just like lebron james

  • chintao

    LeBlows Jane got dunked on. It is wrong to minimize it. Crawford went to the rack and LBJ went up for the block. That is called getting dunked on. If I were Crawford, I would make a poster out of that. In fact, it’s should be “Dunk of the Month”.

  • hillbilly

    Great observations by everyone. Boing Dynasty’s comment about the overuse/misuse of ‘epic fail’ is spot-on. I hate that particular phrase almost as much as ‘at the end of the day’. Regarding Alex’s 7/23 @ 12:31pm comment: Amen, brother…amen. Until LeBron learns how to keep that huge ego in check, the hate will just keep on comin’.

  • maze mayhim

    You can’t een tell who’s who on the footage smh If it wasn’t for the caption(s) telling you it was LeBron and Jordan then nobody would’ve known who it was unless you were @ the actual game. Hell, I coulda sat down witchu, popped the tape in and said, “okay, there I go with the ball. I just shook Jay-Z and now I’m goin down the paint, bout to stuff it in LeBron’s face.” S#!t is ridiculous.

  • http://june7thdonald@netzero.com donlaker

    lets get real the puppet made bron bron look foolish and made kobe into a cookie monster..
    hope shaq can help bron and mo because,he couldnt help nash, amare,richardson.grant hill to anything
    bron i cant wait for you to get to the big apple
    and wreck shop at the m s g

  • matt604

    UPDATE: Nike will return confiscated tapes… Apparently they took them because they frown upon taping pickup games


  • BostonBaller

    I only had to read a few comments to get the jist of this: Haters bashing Bron and Lovers making excuses. lol. This whole “incident” does not take away from James’ awesome talent but let’s not discredit a nice dunk (and yes it looks like he tried to block it) It’s just one play out of a billion made on a daily basis.

  • BostonBaller

    Will Crawford become another grandson living downstairs from James and Kobe?

  • g

    Hey Lebron, have you seen Kobe’s 4 championship rings?

  • bill breedley

    6) The tape fiasco taught us that Lebron is a bigger douche than we had thought. The myth of Lebron has been shattered. He will be lucky to go down in history as the next Charles Barkley. It’s a disgrace to MJ’s memory to call someone dunked on by a kid the “chosen one”

  • JS Marketing

    Wish people would stop comparing Lebron to Kobe and Jordan. He isn’t even there league. Difference between good players and great players is great player win championships. Jordan 6 Rings, Kobe 4 Rings, Lebron 0 Rings. Lebron isn’t even in the elite club yet.

  • bill breedley

    you are a wise person JS. lebron should be lucky to even be compared to the likes of Barkley, mailman and ewing types of players who excelled in the late 80s to 90s but never really figured out how to win one. i see him as a penny, vince or tmac type of player. will have a good 4-6 great years tops but whose greatest achievement will be coming in at no.1 on ESPN’s nightly plays of the day.