Monday, July 13th, 2009 at 12:07 pm  |  16 responses

Raptors Prepare Offer for Jarrett Jack

Every player wants to start, but Toronto is trying to lure Jarrett Jack from his starting role with the Pacers by offering the basic incentives—mo’ money and mo’ years: “Jarrett Jack, a five-year NBA restricted free agent from the Indiana Pacers, who played with Bosh at Georgia Tech, will get a four-year offer sheet from the Raptors, according to team and league sources. Financial details of the pact – which the Pacers have seven days to match from the time Jack officially signs it – were not immediately available. [...] It’s not out of the realm of possibility to think the offer is for more than $16 million in total, according to league sources.”

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  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    If Jarret decides to play back up then that would be a MAJOR upgrade from Roko Ukic. I’m sorry to all the roko fans but everytime I see him play I die a little inside.

  • ave. joe

    i agree…roko is crap

  • Anony Mous

    I haven’t seen anyone miss as many layups as Roko did last year.

  • Anony Mous

    Except for the bigs…

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  • Breeze

    that will be good for toronto but i thought they was going for a point forward thing with turk

  • http://www.raptors.com mr.goode

    i smell a raptors trade…or even a potential buyout for marcus banks….considerin we have jose/roko/douby/and banks….then adding jack completely overloads the pg spot

  • http://www.raptors.com mr.goode

    they might as well just get klieza or pavlovic if phx waives him…but jack can share some time at the 2 spot

  • IndyB

    well mr. goode… when roko/douby and banks cannot play it isnt much of a logjam…More of a 2 man pg rotation and an IR full of nonperforming pgs.

  • vmcb

    The Raptors have been making a lot of good moves this summer, even if they may be over paying for Jack. If Delfino and Rasho sign, the Raptors will have a very solid team.

  • Jess

    Roko SHOULD be a 3rd PG – and he should have been one last season too-but with the Jose injury and all-round TERRIBLE season,Roko got exposed. Oh and there is nothing I would love more than a Marcu Banks trade lol..but I dont see anyone taking on his contract…but if anyone can make it happen-its Colangelo..I cant wait to see the Raps next season.

  • JoeMaMa

    Jack is also there to keep Bosh happy. They’re good friends and having Jack feeding Bosh will no doubt bring some more fun to the table, along with a few more wins.
    Is anyone else thinking the Raps could potenitally have two 20pt/game guys (Bosh/Barg) and a 15 guy (Hedo) too? Or is my Raptor fan showing?

  • Balherette

    I agree wit JoeMama, the Raptors finally have more double digit scoreres.This team is improved already can’t forget my boi DeRozan;he will surprise some.
    Brian Colangelo is doin his job makin this team better, people need to stop hatin on him. At least he ain’t Rob Babcok or Mark Cuban resorting to goin at mothers(sry Dallas fans can’t 4 get the J-Kidd trade either).

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    WHY? If he’s good with playing sixth man, then fine. But seriously, the Raptors just got passed the Jose/TJ situation. Jarret had the EXACT SAME situation in Indiana. Now Toronto wants Jarret? LOL that’s just kind of funny to me. But I’ve seen Jack singlehandedly win ball games for the Pacers, and he brings a good combination of scoring and passing to the team.

  • JoeMaMa

    Teddy, the big difference to me is that Jack isn’t as much the scoring PG as TJ was with us; he’s more of a pass first guy. I know TJ can pass, but it seemed as though he was more about buckets as time went on. (that said, I loved TJ) Also, we now know that Jose breaks down a bit every season and we’ll need another top PG. But I think the biggest thing is Bosh now has a close friend on the squad.

  • jesse

    I hope Jarrett Jack is cute!