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Some Ready to Hand Lakers 2010 Title in July

by Marcel Mutoni

To the joy and relief of the vast majority of Laker fans, including yours truly, Lamar Odom rejoined the band yesterday, more or less officially kicking off the title defense for next season. Logic and history indicate that it will be a long, arduous, and possibly even disastrous journey for the Lakers, but not everyone thinks so.

According to some folks, this re-signing all but guarantees gaudy championship jewelry next June. Take this OC Register story for instance:

Ron Artest or Shannon Brown might have to run down the pass and save the playoff game and give Kobe Bryant a chance to grand-marshal his own parade again. But the Lakers, according to Thursday’s reports, know that Lamar Odom and his telescoping tentacles and his fastball jumper and his locker room sweet tooth and his general lovin’-life vibes will return to El Segundo. Along with another Lawrence F. O’Brien trophy. Yeah, it’s about that simple.

Without Odom, the Lakers were still going to win the Western Conference and make the NBA Finals for a third consecutive season. Then they would be crash-test dummies for Eastern powers who have buffed up…With him, and with no cataclysmic injuries, this budding junta cracks down on its opposition. NBA champions tend to repeat themselves, especially when they’re as young as are the Lakers.

The arrogance in the above is almost as stunning as it is insane.

Any number of things could go wrong for the Lakers in their quest to repeat: Injuries, complacency, locker room turmoil, Ron Artest doing something Artest-esque at the most inopportune time, etc. And what, are all of the other championship contenders in the League who’ve reloaded this summer simply going to lay down?

In life, there are no guarantees (least of all, when sports are involved.) So, let’s not get too excited with the L.A. title talk just yet.

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  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    I’m confused as to why Marcel is trying to act like he’s not the exact same type of overzealous fan. Strange.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    F*ck yourself, LA.

  • Clockwork

    I will be laughing when Richard Jefferson crams one down Pau’s throat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sesa-Opas/738856357 Sesa

    Hey, you can’t blame the California-based journalism there. They’re just trying to feed their respective families. They are trying to SELL stories. Write what people wanted to read

  • http://ian.lesmond@jebergasse.com ianny b

    way to go l.A we going for the repeat.Screw y’all haters

  • http://djsklfl.com Jukai

    SUNS 2008 F*CK YOU LA!!!

  • Michael

    i tend to agree with the article, it would be something of an upset if LA didnt at least make the finals

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    It’s cloudy and raining smugness.

  • heartlandG

    Its a done deal!

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    Yeah, this next season is gonna be tough to say the least. As a Laker fan, the moves that scare me the most are the ones the Spurs and the Magic made. I think people are underestimating how much better Vince Carter is going to make the Magic.

  • http://lastknickstanding.blogspot.com Bryan

    Co sign b long. I’m as confident as anyone that the lakers can repeat but its not a foregone conclusion.

  • http://twitter.com/NotebookNick thesubwayconnection

    I’d have legitimate fears about the Spurs come late May if I were a Lakers fan.

  • http://lastknickstanding.blogspot.com Bryan

    Co sign especially about vince carter on the magic, its the first time he’s been properly cast option 2 on a team in his whole career and I think he’s going to flourish.

  • riggs


  • vic21

    What happened the last time the lakers where this hyped? 04 finals anyone?

  • Felix


  • Felix

    some kobe on duncan violence for everyone

  • Remo Williams

    vic21… this time the pistons wont be in the finals though ;)

  • ab_40

    I know a lot of lakers are chilin this summer. I see 55 wins and I have no idea where they’ll land in the playoffs.

    but I’ll be honest the top 5 players on the LA team are very versitale and tough to beat players. but they’re all a year older but gasol and bynum are gonna want more touches. ron is gonna throw up crazy shots and beat the living hell out of vujacic and walton in practice. Have Brown and Mbenga’s options been picked up?

  • http://yahoo.com Logues

    celtics in 2010

  • Boston4lyfe


  • http://slam Kobe>Lebron

    This upcoming season is going to be very interesting. It seems as if the stars are alligning for a celtics/lakers match up in the Finals… However i think the spurs and cavs might have something to say about that… Lakers repeat in 2010 (barring an artest distraction or any season ending injuries..)

  • chingy

    Spur’s 4 headed monsters of parker, duncan, ginobili (!), and RJ > Laker’s 4 headed monsters of kobe, pau, lamar, artest?

  • chingy

    and Zen > Pops?

  • http://slamonline.com Jacob J

    Celtics are going to beat the living shit out of Kobe Bryant and the Lakers to win the title! Looks like KG will keep his promise.

  • http://slam Kobe>Lebron

    I beleive the lakers have an all around better team… The spurs have a great Quartet, but thats about it friend..

  • Orlando Green

    Kobe, Artest, Odom, Gasol, Bynum will destroy parker, duncan, ginobili, Jefferson +1

  • chingy

    kobe>lebron: there’s roger mason jr! and don’t forget the red rocket! haha..I’m just playing

  • http://slam Kobe>Lebron

    Good call! I aint sleepin on the kid haha

  • http://slam Kobe>Lebron

    Actually just looked at the spurs roster… Deeper than i thought… Well see what happens.

  • http://slam Kobe>Lebron

    I actually just looked at the spurs roster.. They’re deeper than i thought.. Well see what happens…

  • whooo!

    Kobe>Lebron, Spurs are the deepest they’ve been in recent memory. Dyess and Blair are gonna be major additions to their frontcourt for rebounding and muscle, Mason & Finley are around to hit the big 3s, George Hill is looking very nice in his development not just as defender, but now as pg. Spurs never have chemistry issues, so now the only questionmarks are what their other youngn’s bring them – Mahinmi, Haislip, Hairston. i also have a feeling if Bowen gets released, he comes back to San An and rests the entire year, simply to play against Kobe.

  • E.

    I’m from Orange County and their writers BLoW! This guy thinks its going to be that easy. Everyone knows its even harder to repeat.

  • chingy

    It’ll be a good battle with lake show, ageless spurs, and the thuggets

  • http://slam Kobe>Lebron

    Whooo!, I whole heartedly agree with you, however the spurs are notorious for injuries. But than again it never really seems to slow them down.. Im excited to see them sqaure off with the lakes..

  • Felix

    Remember when Kobe wore number eight? he used to do stuff like this…

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com DP

    I’ve kind of learned from past experiences(Bos whooping LA last year) that you can’t just give it to a team just because they look good on paper. Do I think LA will be in next years finals? Hell yeah but SA will put up a hell of a fight as long as Duncan has something left in the tank. I still have to see how ron meshes with the rest of the squad before I can really say they will not be tested. Celtics and Lebronland won’t be pushovers either. I can’t wait for this season. play wit it.

  • http://slam Kobe>Lebron

    DP i feel ya… Anything can happen in am 82 game season (injuries, trades, distractions, etc..). But if u asked today who the favorite is, it has to be LA… Will it Happen? well see… Will it be Easy?… no way!!!!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Ron Artest is a great teammate. The Lakers have a great shot at winning. The Spurs, Celtics, and Magic look scary too. Cleveland is getting pounded in the second round. The Rockets are making the playoffs.
    Anyways, remember that year when almost everyone said Dallas was going to win it all? Yeah, about that…

  • http://myspace.com/mavus15 Mavus

    You L.A. haters sound like Jay-Z haters.. “DON’T THROW ROCKS AT THE THROWN..” LMAO!!! You can see losing in your future.. it’s sad how you guys are acting, HERE’S A TOWEL, WIPE AWAY YOUR TEARS!! Matter of fact, WIPE AWAY YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP DREAMS!! Such LAMES.. it’s a shame..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sesa-Opas/738856357 Sesa

    I agree Spurs have a deep squad but it will meant nothing if Duncan, Ginobili and Parker is not 100%

  • BostonBaller

    In the West, The Lakers look pretty good after the Artest deal (He will be fine)The Spurs have made serious upgrades (is Parker really hurt?)The Nuggets are a year older and a bit more mature. In the East, The Cavs have greatly improved w/ the stroke of a pen by inking Shaq (Don’t sleep on him folks, he looks in shape and HUNGRY), The Magic increased their Kingdom w/ Vince and since he isn’t option #1 until crunch time he will indeed be free to go nuts. I saved my Favorite for last, The Celtics are NOT dead and am surprised no one really mentioned them or the pick up of Wallace..Signing him is as significant as any other signing that went down this off season. We now have 6 players who could legitimately start on many teams in the NBA.

  • Bish1321

    People! Spurs have improved over the summer but they don’t stand a chance vs the Lakers. Be realistic here. I can understand why some Spurs fans are in denial (with them winning four chips in the past), but their reign is over. Lakers dominated them last year and LA is only going to be better. Personally, I see the Nuggets giving LA a greater challenge. But, LA will go to the finals for the third straight year (no one said it’ll be easy!) and will face the Celtics once again, this time beating them! The Celtics will be the Lakers greateset challenge! Also, look for LA to improve last season’s record (66-70 wins). All of this, of course, is barring no significant injuries. Sorry, but that’s just how it is and how it will be! You can try to argue it all you want but you will see in the end. Lakers all day people and get used to it haters!!!!!!!

  • Holidaty

    yeah right, with Boston healthy and adding Rasheed plus you got Shaq in Cleveland how you gonna give it to LA? They couldn’t handle Boston the first time, and they got better if Garnett was there last year Kobe might still be stuck at three chips!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Myles Brown

    Meh. Any other other team and their fanbasse would feel the similar under these circumstances.

  • http://facebook.com/jasennielsen jbn74sb

    We’re the champs. We can say whatever the f-ck we want, and the rest of you can suck it and swallow it.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Myles Brown


  • bulldog

    Looks likes a repeat in Lakerdom
    Boston,Cleveland,Orlando and Spurs
    Kiss Kobe’s Ring- Be my friend, Godfather?

  • http://Egotastic.com Michael

    The Spurs thing is really getting anoyying. Every year it’s the same thing. The so-called “smart basketball” fans all talk about the Spurs being the team to beat and every time the Lakers kick their ass. It’s the most under apreciated owning of all time.

  • J-YO

    It would be an upset if the Lakers dont win the title, same cant be said for the spurs, cavs, magic, nuggets etc… F*ck all the Lakers haters around the world, its our time again and a big f*ck you for the haters that keep saying Kobe sucks at their home games. Thats the most ignorant sh*t I have ever heard!!

  • chingy

    I can see the cavs getting either ousted in the 2nd round but can also see them winning the whole thing

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    The Cavs aren’t winning anything but the second round at most.

  • whooo!

    Michael, i think in part it’s cuz the Spurs won 2 rings while the Lakers were sucking it up these past several years… ’03 and ’04 were great battles with those teams, and then the Lakers traded Shaq and were getting whooped by the Suns. the Spurs then went on to whoop the Suns…

  • whooo!

    oh, and can someone at slam PLEASE, PLEASE post this story! basically, it details Ron Artest catching the LAST bus to game 7 of the Lakers series… in his underwear… http://realgm.com/src_wiretap_archives/60824/20090727/artest_made_a_habit_of_walking_around_in_underwear/

  • J-YO

    Micheal cant agree with you anymore. If you compare the spurs starting 5 with our starting 5, its a hands down beat down on paper(more on the actual court) with the exception being timmy and even then his whatever you want to call it over Pau is not by much. Timmy cant be stopped by Pau but same can be said for Pau against duncan.

  • J-YO

    Holidaty- Its called Bynum and Ariza weren’t there in 08 otherwise KG might be stuck at 0 chips and Kobe would be at 5 right now playa.

  • dirtystreethookerz

    if i were a spurs fan i would worry that duncan is past that ol’ point-of-no-return. dudes bones have a ton of miles. same goes for kg. that guys bones are now weaker than melba toast. so sad.

  • http://nba.com Daniel Hicks

    Im going to eat now.

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    can the season start today?

  • LA Huey

    I think Artest is a downgrade from Ariza and there isn’t that much of a gap between the Lakers and the Nuggets. And I would put the Spurs in the mix but, as much as I like them, I don’t believe they will be healthy when it counts.

  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/42594-Hoops4life- Overtime

    Champions tend to repeat themselves? Not since 2002 they don’t

  • Josh D

    This is complete trash they wouldn’t win the West without Lamar now LA will have a good chance of winning the west but the Spurs will give them a good challenge for it and by the way,Michael every year after the Spurs win a ring people say they’re the team 2 beat, but every year when they ain’t coming of a title, then people say they’re over the hill, however this year is different, thats why you better believe the Spurs r gonna go far, also TDs decline isn’t gonna b 2 big since so little of his game isn’t based around Athleticism, sure his numbers will drop a bit next year but thats mainly down to having so many scorers on the team, the Spurs have great D and their offense has about 8 or 9 8ppg+ guys

  • Sarah

    Nah, they’re not repeating.

  • http://facebook.com/jasennielsen jbn74sb

    The Spurs: Who guards Artest? Who guards Kobe? Aside from Duncan, who guards Gasol, Bynum, Odom?

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Tony Parker will dance circles around Derrick Fisher, or any other LA point guard for that matter. Duncan is still better than Gasol. LA has the advantage with Kobe and Artest though. Kobe won’t be able to shut Ginobli down by himself, but he’ll have some back-up now. Artest can guard Jefferson pretty thoroughly I’m sure.

  • http://facebook.com/jasennielsen jbn74sb

    Stanley Roberts will dance circles around Fisher, but the Spurs have zero chance of matching up with us anywhere else. Duncan can guard any of the bigs, but not all of them. Boston is the one team that has the size to deal with us. That’s it.

  • http://www.sportsoutsider.wordpress.com jumpman3224

    espn reporting that jason williams’ exclusive negotiating rights go to the knicks, he will be a free agent if a deal isn’t reached by thursday…your namesake is back eboy.

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    bodie hasnt heard of mcdyess, mason jr, and probably quality theo

  • http://slamonline Negetivekreep

    The Spurs will be tough, (if sigh) but Mamba (beats robot in the WCF again) and wins another ring put him ahead of TIM on the all time list.

  • http://facebook.com/jasennielsen jbn74sb

    McDyess is 108, Ratliff is 112, and Mason sucks donkey balls.

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    Theo Ratliff hasn’t produced in the NBA since Iverson was still relevant.

  • SG

    I don’t understand how Artest will ruin LA. Has anyone ever seen Ariza try to dribble to the hoop, he looks so clumsy with the damn ball. Ariza has become highly overrated…he is just a damn good hustle player and Artest can be that and a reliable option on offense…he shot a high % in the regular season from 3pt. Im pretty sure he will be open a lot this year. Also, everyone complained how La lacked toughness and they needed Artest…I think the laker haters are saying this to make themselves feel good about the upcoming season.

  • http://facebook.com/jasennielsen jbn74sb

    What did he ever produce?

  • http://Egotastic.com Michael

    Tony Parker has been running circles around fisher for years. It hasn’t mattered before and it won’t matter now. Kobe owns the Spurs more than any other team in the league and that was with bowen at his peak. Who the hell is going to gaurd him now? Ginobli has always had problems against Kobe, now add Artest to the mix and he may just stay injured to avoid the emberassment.

  • http://facebook.com/jasennielsen jbn74sb

    Kwame Brown has nearly identical career numbers to Ratliff. What a joke.

  • dirtystreethookerz

    spurs are more hyped than any other team this offseason, setting up fans for a major disappointment. this was a team that took a big step back from the previous year and have done little to fix their problems– namely an ageing cornerstone. if i’m a gm i take a few other guys before duncan for the pf. no doubt he’s top 20 all-time, but last season was a red flag that the body isn’t cashing the brains checks. another reason to be scared spurs fan- your d was terrible last year and you know it. namely, with duncans age, you’ve lost your only shotblocker. playing slow-it-down may have kept the stats presentable, but i dont see how rj or dice is fixing anything on that end. spurs are eternally likeable and do things the right way, yadda yadda so they’re the popular sports fan and writer pick right now, but check the vegas odds and you’ll see where they really sit in the western conference arms race.

  • badnewzb8ller

    did that guy just say kobe cant check ginobli?! wow! artest has never been known as a bad teammate. get that through your hater heads. its really damn annoying how boston fan,clev fan, magic fan and even spur fan hate on the ron ron signing when the fact is you would been drueling , foaming, and yelling championship if you scooped him up. so STFU already !

  • Eddieo

    The Lakers will stomp San Antonio just like every year. The Celtics – with a healthy team – lost to a healthy Laker team both times last year, same as with the Cavs. And RaTeed Wallace chucking up 3 pointers from 30 feet isn’t going to help the one and done Celdicks.

    Have some more Kool-Aid.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    @ badnewzb8ller: No, Kobe can’t “stop” Ginobli by himself. I don’t care how good Kobe is on offense, he isn’t going to stop Ginobli 1-on-1. BUT, the Lakers have really good team defense now, adding Ron Artest and having two durable big men down low. You guys act like Kobe is Shane Battier on defense. He’s not.
    Oh yeah, and Bynum is like the Lakers version of Greg Oden in terms of cheap fouling.

  • Repeat4sho

    I smell a repeat, must be hard for all you haters to accept that fact that the Lakers are gonna win again next season! Kobe, Gasol, Odom, Bynum, Artest…need I say more! No,I think not!!!

  • badnewzb8ller

    sure kobe’s D has tailed off a bit but i am quite sure he can check manu. dudes been in the league going on 14 years thats retirement age. but like you said they have that team D now. yea oden and bynum are similar in that reguard b ut thats it. BYNUM> ODEN by along shot.

  • http://www.nba.com Pardeep

    I am ready to hand it to them in 2010,2011 and maybe even 2012.

  • Pancho

    I cant believe y’all are saying that LA is going to win the title again for sure. They have a chance of course, but all the other contenders that just got A LOT better are gonna be on the way. Artest is better than Ariza but he can also be a liability and you know that.
    And repeating is hard as hell you know that too.
    La got Artest, lost Ariza and barely got Odomo candy-o back. But Cleveland, San Antonio, Orlando and Boston just got A LOT better this summer and now look just as good, if not better, than the Lakers on paper.

  • Pancho

    Lets start with Cleveland,
    First of all they got Shaq now, who is still one of the best big men in the league. He fits great in the Cavs system because he is also a great passer. He can stop any big man 1 on 1 and he is bigger than anybody else.
    They got Anthony Parker. He is a solid defender, great shooter (and clutch) 6’6 (they needed that at the SG position). I mean he makes them so much better.
    Jamario Moon is a good player, extremely athletic. he can shoot, he can finish above the rim like few others can. Remember the last guy who was a good dunker playing alongside LeBron? wow, that was ricky davis loooong time ago. Lebron is going to find Jamario cutting to the basket all day, specially with all eyes turned to LeBron and Shaq, 2 guys that demand a lot of attention.

    And of course LeBron, man… I mean who can be sleeping on him? ‘member how much better was he last season than the year before? what makes you think its going to be any different this season? Is anybody hungrier than him after last season? after all the hate this summer? He loves that shh.
    Look for him to win 2nd MVP and to be even more unstoppable.
    I can see the Cavs beating LA in 7 games. Specially with LeBron and Shaq ultra motivated to play against Kobe.

  • Pancho

    Boston was supposed to be in the Conference Finals last year against Cleveland. KG is the best PF today, way better than Pau. Without him is like having the Lakers playing without Kobe. Now they not only have him back and hungry but they added Rasheed Wallace!!
    He is one of the best post defenders in the league, he can shoot the three and the fadeaway, and when he smells a title he is on full gear.
    Add that to Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen coming from huge postseason performances. I mean Rondo surprised everybody, how good is this kid going to be? he was dropping triple doubles, talk about stepping up.
    Marquis Daniels is going to help them, even though he might not be a factor.
    But hell, a healthy Celtics squad last year could’ve beat the Lakers… so this year I can definitely see that happening.

  • Pancho

    And my favorite argument against LA repeating is the Spurs. Manu is going to be fresh after having his first summer off in the past decade, so he will be ready for his contract year. Tony is getting better and better. Timmy is still dominant. Richard jefferson is the best SF theyve had since Sean Elliot and he is happy to come back to relevance again. McDyess is old, but solid and a big body. DeJuan Blair is energetic and a good rebounder. Ratliff is a big man who can block shots and grab some boards… and give 6 hard fouls.
    And Roger Mason, George Hill, Matt Bonner, Michael Finley… Tons of three pointers!!! Way better 3pt shooting team than LA.
    I mean they are very deep and dangerous.
    I would say this is the best squad they’ve had in the Duncan Era, ever!
    I am not surprised people sleep on them though, they did the same every year they won the title.
    So, they’re pretty good. Very good. Good enough to win a title. Thats a title caliber squad in the same conference to get in the way of LA.

    The system seems to have eaten my Orlando post, but my point is that LA is looking great, but so are other teams. if LA wins this year, they will have to go thru some very very tough teams, that could beat em on any given night.

    Im not saying La is not going to win… But to say that some are ready to give the title to LA already is bullshhhh cause this year we have 5 legitimate contenders.

  • L

    It’s gonna be a hell of a battle but if they don’t get complacent, they should beat the spurs in 6 in the conference finals and whoever they face in 6 in the finals..L

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ Tariq

    The NBA is the easiest league to predict. I handed the Lakers the 2009 title back in October 2008. I even blogged about how it was predestined or some sh*t. Now I’m not so sure about NEXT year’s edition, but this isn’t the NFL, where a team like the Ravens can go from 5-11 to the AFC championship game. We basically have 3-4 contenders, and all of them are in the East except the Lakers and Spurs. And the Spurs are formidable, but they aren’t the 2007 Spurs or the 2003 Spurs. So I don’t understand what’s so terrible about the article. The article mentioned “AND WITH NO CATACLYSMIC INJURIES…” as a condition for any repeat. That being said, I am deathly afraid of the Boston Celtics.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ Tariq

    Oh, and Shia and Brad:
    I have to disagree with you guys about Vince. I HATE that move for Orlando.

  • http://ballislife.com Moose

    Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids. This is stupid to be calling it in July.

  • intal


    “LEBRONZE SUCKS BABY! cant get some gold men

  • Zach

    It is too early to predict who is going to win it all. too many trades and factors have changed. LA will not win. It will either be the Celtics, Magic, or Spurs. LA will fall apart.

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    ^Has anyone ever contridicted themselves this badly in the same comment before? “It is too early to predict who is going to win it all.” (2seconds later) “LA will not win”. I guess it’s not to early to predict who is NOT going to win it all. LMAO.

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the Balla

    hahaha @ Brad. Very true. And to call 3 other teams to take it. Cavs have a great shot, pending injuries. Lakers have a great shot, pending injuries. Spurs have great shot, pending injuries. Magic have a great shot, pending injuries. Celtics have a great shot, pending injuries. Plus Portland, people are sleeping on them. Denver. It will be a great season, I cannot wait. I am a HUGE laker fan as everyone on this site knows, but to call it now and say Lakers will win it quite hard. But I must say, Bron will get just as many wins this season as last but .. less rebounds and probly less points, but same ammount of assists. Look for Wade to go for MVP. Bron will do what Kobe does and sit back, ready for the playoffs.

  • http://slamonline.com John D

    I hope KG reads the OC Register.

  • jesse rojo

    Lakers to good they repeaten.
    p.s. lebron gots nothin on kobe

  • jesse rojo

    1. Fisher Jordan Shannon
    2. Kobe Sasha
    3. Ron Luke Morrison
    4. Pau Lamar Powell
    5. Bynum DJ
    nothin wrong there

  • http://slamonline.com J Dizzle

    Haha yea Zach, how can you say it’s too early, then rule someone out completely? LOL. Hater alert.

  • http://slamonline negetivekreep

    Yes The Spurs have a deep squad going into next season, but there’s NO WAY this is the best team in the (Tim era) #1 Tims getting older, #2 Dont forget what Bruce Bowen meant to this team, and the defensive monster they were when he & Tim were in their prime, #3 Robert Horry, the most clutch playoff “role player” ever. I’ll take both them guys + a younger timmy/Gino/Parker everyday of the week, over this team. Now will they give the Lakers all they can handle? Psssst! Give “Pop” a deep squad, and They’ll give anyone and everyone all they can handle. That being said, Not even the best coaching can compensate for lack of Talent. And no team, other than Boston, can match up with LA’s BIGS period. Add The best player in the NBA to the Mix….no wonder people are ready to hand them the title again, LA just built another Dynasty. Hate it or love it, you all know it.

  • BostonBaller

    I can’t wait for the season to start!! I’m watching WNBA right now…I love reading how everyone is a “hater” if they don’t agree with what is written. Sounds like the youngbloods out in the world claiming evering one is “hating on them” when in reality no one knows them or cares enough about them to hate them. lol.

    When will mt C’s sign G. Davis? M. Daniels will be a good fit and hope Pruitt doesn’t explode and have a coming out party playing for a conference rival.

  • tecneek

    i’m not gonna sit here and say they’re gonna win a championship….the title contenders all made moves that made them better celtics got sheed and garnette back from injury…cleveland got shaq ……big z parker and moon off the bench
    magic got carter barnes bass and nother big man shooter ryan anderson……..lakers got back odom….spurs got RJ….and ginobli back….nuggets aint made a big splash but got back birdzilla lost dantay but got afflalo

  • anti-crust

    Hey clockwork….if Jefferson slamming one down on Gasol is going to give you the jollies…you’re easily satisfied. Name me one player who hasn’t been slammed on. The league is filled with quality players with quality games and personalities, Richard Jefferson happens to be one. Look at his friendships with his college teammates …..a Laker, Luke Walton (who isn’t the most intimidating player in the league but has happened to have played in 3 championships already), Jefferson and Arenas….Arenas is a fun guy…..if Richard Jefferson happens to get the opportunity to slam one down on Gasol so be it. Gasol is probably one of the most underrated players in the league. His height and length, his court vision, his ability to mesh with a team that he has been with for only 1 and 1/2 years. His international play. Look at the NBA game as a ballet, where the players go through their steps not as swans but as probably the most highly tuned athletes in the world. It’s not a shoot-em-up video game….it’s an act of beauty to see the best go at it, over 100 times a year for some players. Appreciate the game for the quality of the people, their play, the business aspects it takes to assemble a team. I’ll tell you this. Jefferson moving to the Spurs, I believe did make me stop and think, is this a threat to the Lakers, a team I have followed since the 60′s. Look at Popovich’s “trade committee” comment when the Lakers got Gasol. Pop is a class act, PJ is a class act who walks to the beat of a different drummer. Let the best team win, and let that be decided by good play and good reffing on the court. We are lucky that we are fans of 2 of the top teams in the league. Enjoy while you can, because some teams fall from the elite for long periods (see Boston Celtics)…so don’t think of the game as RJ posterizing Gasol, Spurs are the greatest…think of it as “Did you see the game, man, those are two great teams out there, I hope my Spurs can get past the Lakers this year!!!” Good luck and 2 months and a week or so and we’ll be starting up again. Peace, brother!!!

  • Pancho

    cosign tecneek… thats the point, ALL the other championships contenders are even better.
    I am sure this is the most excited Ive been for a season to start.
    Tarzan said coulple days ago… can the season start today? I could not express how I feel better than that…
    I wish I could take a two month nap.

  • ripriprip

    Come on, they essentially have the same roster as last season (Ariza more or less = Artest), while powerhouses like Boston, Orlando, and San Antonio have all improved. Every key player on the Lakers is 30 or older: Artest is 30, Kobe, Pau, and Odom will be 31.

  • http://sportzin.com Joey E.

    ^kobe will be 31, artest will be 30, odom will be 30, pau just turned 29 early july

  • Drew

    It aint g’teed that the lakers are gonna repeat, but they won 65 game last season and got better with the artest/ariza swap. The Celts bench is still pretty weak outside of Sheed, the Cavs moves are “bandaids over an axe wound”, and we need to wait and see how Orlando gels together. Gettin LO back in LA clearly makes them the heavy favorite when if they really want they could run Kobe, Artest, Odom, Gasol and Bynum at you at the end of the game….

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    That’s pretty crazy, Drew, I agree. But until Andrew Bynum cuts down on his cheap fouls, he ain’t playing at the ends of games. Also, the real reason to even HAVE Fisher (besides leadership) are his crunchtime plays.

  • rikson

    Thank god – RonRon and Kobe play together! I cant take anymore of that premature “fighting”…

  • rikson


  • rikson


  • lennon4ever

    i see the Lakers getting to the finals and losing to the Celtics again…
    Go Celtics!! woot!

  • JamesL

    Ok Fellow NBA fans let me start by making onething PERFECTLY CLEAR, I AM AND ALWAYS WILL BE A DIEHARD LAKER! I have been a Laker fan since Elgin Baylor was on the team. But I am also a fan of the game and was a player til I was injured, now with that being said: the Lakers resigining Odom was the garuntee that With No Major Injuries they will make it to the Finals. People say Ron Artest is Volatile but forget that He and Odom are BEST FRIENDS, He is a hell of a defensive Player and can take people off the dribble or hit the 3. Lakers getting Artest was a Steal just like getting Pau. It makes them stronger and tougher. to say that Bynum is an Oden is an insult Bynum got hurt last year cause Kobe fell on his leg Prior to his injury Last year Look at Bynums numbers. If he can play the whole season those tacky fouls won’t happen. Its hard to be in a groove, then miss ALOT of time and try and get you game back in the Playoffs when refs call games more closely. the Spurs Have a deep OLD team, We all know that Ginobli will get hurt, the Rockets Have No yao lost artest, Mcgrady will get hurt. Dallas still has no D,Suns Have no team,Nuggets still have no D and Crymelo Anthony is the most Over Rated player in the league. The Celtics Let Davis Go,Let Powe Go,picked up Sheed the most Volatile Player in the league and Has a worse Temper than Artest could ever think of having. If ANY teammate on the celtics pisses him off in practice he won’t show up for the game,Garnets age is finally catching up with him thats why he got hurt last year and missed the playoffs. The Magic without Turkolou won’t have that clutch scoring at the end of games anymore,they also let Lee leave Barnes is no Lee, Vince is no where near what he once was he also has knee problems.
    Howard still has only Dunks to his offense. The Cavs have Old Shaq he intimidates NO ONE like he did when he was in LA 2 guards and point guards go at Shaq now, also you know he will miss games its in his contract to miss 17 to 19 games a season. His presence will SLOW the Cavs WAY down just as it did with the Suns. The team that will give the Lake Show a run is going to be Portland, and stop sleeping on The Bulls, The Lakers will make the Finals, but its hard to call the East. But whomever it may be the Lakers will repeat.

  • Justin

    I remember a lot of this same talk that Artest is getting when Rodman joined the Bulls. He’d bring them down, he’d be too much of a distraction etc. etc. How’d that work out for them anyway?

  • http://drexlerwasabeast.com nbk

    laker fans make me sick

  • George B

    laker haters make themselves sick

  • Reggie Bias

    This is speaking with 617 hate but LA aint goin back to back – wouldnt of got this yar if The Ticket didnt go down– Simple and Plain Timmy got Parker and Paerker got a new toy in RJ and I doubt the Lakers get past the Spurs and IF and thats a big IF they do make it out Rash,KG, And Perk gonna expose that soft Interior — GREEN 18 in 2010

  • http://slamonline.com MiguelKG5

    Lets face it Spurs are old and Tim Duncan is old. HAHA tim duncan carries the team haha funny. No disrespect to timmy but hes old and the lakers they dont have trevor anymore. trevor saved their a*ses in the finals. the most complete team out there is boston with new cast.

  • http://slam nyjoe

    I don’t know about Boston being the most complete after losing some great bench help that carried them in the playoffs with KG injured. As far as the Spurs, as much as I hate to say it there’s probably not a team in the West that would want to play them in a 7 game series. That being said, Trevor did save the Lakers, and that is going to be a huge loss for them this season.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    *taking a page out of idiocy a handful of comments above*
    It’s way too early to say that the Spurs are going to win it all…
    …I’m just going to hedge my bets and say I don’t like the Knicks chances, yet again…

  • Yesse

    Can’t really say that.Cavs got Diesel, Boston got Sheed, Spurs got RJ and Magic got VC.Lakers are probably the championship favorite again, but i wouldnt really bet on that.

  • http://www.NBHHCM.org Dunkadelic Kobe24

    The Lakers are the defending champs, they just added a former defensive player of the year, a # 2 or 3 option on offense. This team has a proven system, a 10-time championship coach and all I hear is about teams who made moves before the Lakers got Ron Artest and that they are the underdog. They have a similar setup as the 1996-98 Bulls, or 2000-02 Lakers. The Lakers organization is about championships and i pretty surethey will win 1-2 more with this team. This is the best 4-man unit since the Lakers and Celtics of the 1980′s.

  • http://erica@boldazmedia.com erica dacosta

    we will take the title again for all u laker haters lakers celtics or we see the cavs thats just my pred if lebron get his but off his back.

  • http://erica@boldazmedia.com erica dacosta

    lennon u are draming again jukai u need to wake up.

  • Big Kobe Fan

    go Los Angele’s they will win the 2010 champion ship and many more in the next few years.if ron can behave himself, kobe stays in LA,pau keeps up his form and lamar keeps doing what he is doing off the bench the lakers will make a long run in the 5/6 years in the NBA. Who needs ariza.