Monday, September 21st, 2009 at 9:30 am  |  31 responses

Antoine Walker: Looking for a Gig

Walker says that a bunch of teams may be interested in his services: “Just bumped into Antoine Walker at the MGM, says he is talking to four teams and plans on being in a camp on a non-guaranteed deal next week.”

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  • Ken

    I’d be looking for a job too if I had that much gambling debt.

  • BackInBlack

    Antoine is back… but he isn’t gonna b that useful. He is old, But he got a chip

  • Bear


  • E

    he always sucked tho

  • larsylad

    May not be over-productive anymore but he’s a vet. At a reasonable deal moneywise, only prob could be his personality if i remember correctly..?

  • underdog

    I thought they banned him from Nevada.

  • J.C.


  • http://slamonline.com YKnot

    @larsylad Personality, and diet problems!!

  • Gerard Himself

    “always” E? No man. Earlier this decade going deep into the Playoffs alongside Pierce, battling the Nets, Walker played pretty good. Not saying he was a great player, but to say he “always sucked” must mean you have a short memory.

  • Hambone

    that “chip” is on his shimmying shoulders

  • RickyRude

    I hope he goes to Boston. I’m sure he’s still got some fuel in his tank.

  • Robbie

    guarantee he wont play a single play this year

  • http://www.yahoo.com logues

    ive never seen anyone shoot so many threes and miss them but continue to shoot them

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    If Antoine were any good, I’d say I’d love to see him in Boston again, but he’s way over the hill at this point.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    @logues, you might be surprised to know that Walker is #15 on the all-time made three pointers list. Granted he has the worst percentage in the top 20, but he’s still up there.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Mark Jackson’s shimmy > Antoine Walker’s shimmy

  • http://www.twitter.com/Th3_R3al_Chris Young Chris MP3

    33 Years old? I think he’s a ways away from “over the hill”

  • heartlandG

    They goin have a weight clause in his contract like Sean May

  • http://www.in-n-outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    Is a Celtics Reuinion out of the question?

  • http://www.anwilson.blogspot.com rainman10

    Is Dancing with the Stars is next option?

  • duncan21

    I just wanna see him jack up 3′s and shimmy up on defence. that would be awsome!!!

  • TADOne

    Krispy Kreme is hiring.

  • TK

    Although Walker may be old, he can still provide help, maybe not with points, but with leadership only an old pro can give, and he’s still got a shot I bet you, well I we’ll see.

  • Nick the Quick

    They musta ran out of cake in Chicago or sumn. Dude could barely jump a quarter even when he played for Miami in their championship year. He’s a bigger, slower, chubbier Eddie House with less accuracy and lesser conscience!

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    You watch them sign him up in Texas somewhere.

  • http://www.in-n-outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    @TK Man I would’nt want him as a leader to my young players. Especially when it comes to spending money, isn’t he near broke?

  • An

    the chip he won, he lost that at the poker table too with the rest of his chips

  • Dru Ha

    Never was good? Are you on drugs. In his prime he was a handful for any 4 in the league, got 2 games away from the nba finals with Pierce, then was the 3rd leading finals scorer on a team that WON the title.

    He was amazing in game 6 of the finals with the heat.

    How old are you clowns?

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Co-sign Dru Ha. Dude used to average 24, 10 and 5 per. That’s almost T-Wolves KG numbers.

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    ‘toine looking for a gig.. Hmm since there already is one Ronald McDonald, he should turn to Burger King they’ve needed a goofy mascot for a long time..

  • Haimster

    Dru Ha is wrong on one fact. Antoine was SECOND on his team in scoring during the 2006 NBA finals. That was only three years ago. He deserves a chance.