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What’s My Name?

Trevor Ariza needs one.

TakTrevor Arizaing advantage of a great postseason, Trevor Ariza left the Lakers for Houston, where he won’t have Kobe to play with but should get a lot more shots. Either way, dude’s profile is on the rise, and it’s time he got a nickname to match his stature. Laker fans made a quick attempt at this during the season, but nothing stuck, and he’s just not the concern of Laker fans anymore.  So, trusted readers, let’s get on it. If you’ve got a nickname idea for Trevor, enter our latest nickname contest.

Whoever has the best nickname will win a dope prize from the SLAM vault and get their name in Trash Talk next month.

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  • Andy


  • Ken

    I always just liked “the RZA” like in Wu-Tang.

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    The RZA.

  • http://slamonline.com YKnot

    Trevor “crowd pleaza” Ariza. Is Kobe stopper still available?


    I agree his nickname should be RZA

  • Andy

    What about Razir (ray-zur)

  • Mas


  • Mas

    Terror ariza

  • http://Realsportstalk.net Realsportstalk.net

    Air T

  • duncan21

    Ha, the RZA woyld be dope but I think he’d have to earn it 1st dont you guys think that, hasnt really proven anything yet

  • Andy

    Does brandon roy have a nickname by the way?

  • andrew

    How about Trevor “T & A” Ariza

  • http://www.slamonline.com Klav

    I agree with RZA, hella funny. Since H-Town got Battier and Ariza, should we just call them the “Houston Kobe Stoppers”? SIKE. Although, I could settle for Traitor Trevor.

  • mcfly

    the postermaker……

    the gamechanger…

  • http://www.associatedcontent.com/sandydover S. Dot

    Me and my brother realized not too long ago that Trevor Ariza is of mixed heritage (I believe African-American and Puerto Rican).

    Instead of just calling him “Ariza.” and wasting the time in finding a “proper” nickname, how about milking that wonderful last name and just call him “Ariiiiiizaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” with a Latin accent.


  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    RZA’s good. what about The RZArection (you know, of Houston)

  • Tha TC

    Trevor “The Razor” Ariza

  • http://www.facebook.com mat smith


  • ave. joe

    The Trevoriza…he goes about TREVORIZING EVERYTHING

  • http://www.derek.li Drek

    Mr. A to Z.

  • Miroslav


  • RV

    trevor “razor” ariza….for the way cuts through passing lanes…

  • Miroslav


  • http://www.another48minutes.blogspot.com Gerard Himself


  • Taranvir

    The Energizer
    The Tremor
    The Thief

  • http://mloftin73@gmail.com ol’skool

    The rza is hot. That’s a wrap give the man his prize

  • la huey

    Ariza Ramon. Seriously, “Ariza” is a cool enough and distinguishing name. Does he really need a nickname?

  • Taranvir


  • Taranvir


  • Taranvir

    Trevor “AIR”iza

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevinwilson16 Kevin Wilson

    The Steal. Both for what he did to Denver, and for how he usually ends up being the steal in a trade (from Orlando, and from L.A. in what was essentially a Ron Artest trade).

  • http://www.twitter.com/NotebookNick thesubwayconnection

    Stickman. Or Plasticman 3000.

  • Phil B

    Does he?

  • RV


  • http://www.sonicbids.com/shaemorin doyouwantmore


  • Jordan Britton

    T-Rex. The man’s a beast and a slasher.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    “Treasure” Ariza.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    The RZA.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Razor Ariza
    “The Razor”

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Ice T

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    or “Heat”
    (because he’s a thief on defense, Heat being the movie).

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Reeses Pieces.

  • Dash


  • FreddyG.

    1.I was thinking “Bonanza”, which was an old western show, and I think Trevor is a straight shooter.
    2.I also like “Trevolution” since his game is about to evolve into something else in Houston.
    3.And lastly I was also thinking Trevor “The Eraser”, since he can erase a big “lead” very quickly

  • ray


  • dekko

    “Does brandon roy have a nickname by the way?”

    The announcers call him “The natural”

  • Dash

    Goose it is.

  • giogolo



    robo cop = )

  • fiendish_comedian

    “1-Pound”…a slim dude, but one that can make you pay

  • fiendish_comedian

    “1 – POUND”…he’s a slim dude, but he WILL hurt you if you take him lightly

  • Jer Boi


    cuz he throws it down like weezy..

  • Donna


  • deuce21

    Trevor Elevator

  • itai

    the REAZON!

  • http://images.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://slamonline.com/online/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/kobe_bryant_top_50.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.slamonline.com/online/category/nba/slamonline-top-50/& James the Balla


  • J-Ro


  • J-Ro

    He siad he was gonna play for the Dominican national team so maybe a name for that…

  • Mack

    The Steal by Kevin Wilson is nice, RZA is nice too, the winner is gonna be one of those I would guess

  • http://massmovementtv.blogspot.com Chris G.

    Arizhole… jk!

    “Slash” – watch him closely and you’ll know why.

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven deuce


  • dgotti


  • Peter

    the local broadcasters for the Lakers used to call him Cobra because of how fast he would strike and what not.

  • http://thetruthsports.com thetruthsports.com

    Mini McGrady
    Ariza to the Future
    but I love Three-Za….

  • http://nationofmillions.ca ciolkstar

    RZA is the best one I’ve seen here…

    And the DR’s national team is ridiculously cool.
    Al Horford
    Charlie V
    Fancisco Garcia
    and now, Ariza?
    Pretty freakin’ awesome if you ask me, they won’t win gold or anything but they could definitely do damage.

  • DD

    Trevor “Buzz Kill” Ariza

  • knights9

    Air Iza (easer)
    High Riza (like high riser but riza)

  • byron

    6th sense
    ADWTH-a dunk waiting to happen

  • kobe


  • jim bo


  • PArsons


  • http://kb24.com Bigi


  • nobs6669

    - t-riz
    - franky (he looks like frankenstein)
    - arizanator

  • http://slamonline.com maclovenotwar

    Zeke, in memory of Isiah’s last decent move (uh, drafting him… not trading him for Stevie Franchise)

  • http://slamonline.com maclovenotwar

    or Ziggy Stardust

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre


  • Thegfunk

    The RZArector

  • Jin Bae

    Trevor “Arize” (on any occasion) Ariza

  • Renato Renato

    Mr. aRGINGa

    Becaus ehe was crucial for the lakers last year’s serie against the nuggets , and he’ll have only one ring for a loong time to go :)

  • http://www.alwaysbball.blogspot.com einstein

    A Rizer.

  • jdstorm


    cause he’s on shane”iceman’ battiers wing
    he’s a showman
    he’s from LA

    or Trevor “Wanted” Ariza cause he’s just a lesser version of the Matrix

  • karan

    The RZA is great – but let’s not give him a nickname yet
    unlike what SLAM believes, i think that too many mediocre players are being handed cool nicknames.

  • J_5heng

    Flo Riza cause he got the flow when he shoots them 3′s during the playoffs.

  • nobs6669

    t-riz – to rhyme with t-mac
    franky – he looks like frankenstein
    arizanator – sounds cool but he haven’t dominated d nba yet

  • http://www.twitter.com/mansonovic Mansonovic

    I’d call him The Mattress, because he’s forever being slept on.

  • Rich

    Like the Mattress, but the RZA is the best.

  • daniel

    Trevor Febrez-a because his game is fresh.

  • http://slamonline.com anjoe intal


  • ENDS

    The Razor has already been determined

  • eyehatedirk

    Trevor Arizaboveya (arise above ya).

  • Daniel Dragicevich

    The Shining

  • nobs6669

    - t-riz (to compliment t-mac)
    - franky (he looks like frankenstein)
    - arizanator (if hecould dominate the nba)

  • http://sportzin.com Joey E.


  • Yesse

    RZA just sounds too good.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Stick Man
    Iron Man
    Rocket Man
    Rubber Band
    Sticky Fingers
    The Big Heist

  • http://www.slamonline.com Klav

    I’m actually kinda warming up to 6th Sense and Hollywood. He does have a 6th sense when it comes to defense, and dude also born and raised in LA, so both make sense.

  • Ester

    RZA or t-vriza

  • mac


  • Diego Giraldo


  • mel

    How are u gonna name him RZA? That’s straight up jackin someone elses name. lame

  • josh


  • swayzee

    The Glove


    Easy – The Riza!!

  • Danilo Rajovic


  • reezy


  • boogster

    ARIZIMUS like Maximus in the gladiator

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Ice pick

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Air RZA

  • Teddy-the-Bear


  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Trevor “Rhythm” Ariza

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Trevor “Rise” Ariza.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    “Ringer” Ariza.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    The Reason

  • itai

    nobody likes the reazon?

  • rob stewart

    The Rocketeer (like the movie)

  • grivs21

    TREVRYWHERE: cuz that fools everywhere on the court

  • sheedfan

    How about Cheapshot? Seeing as how he took out Rudy Fernandez last season. Oh and B Roy’s nickname is The Natural.

  • http://www.oprah.com doyouwantmore

    Terrible Raisin

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    The Reazon.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    is a good nickname.

  • Teddy-the-Bear


  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Sticky Fingaz

  • http://nbadraftscouts.com Tyler Whitcomb

    T Buttons!

  • Scott Robinson

    G-4 cus he is always flying

  • http://www.redsarmy.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    “Trevolution” should win-it’s not even close. Props to anjoe for thinking of that 1st. My 2nd choice would be “TakeTheMoneyNRun” lol

  • Jeter

    HellRiza – raises hell on D
    The Fuel – teams know they need him and his intangibles to win. And now that he’s with the Rockets, it just fits more
    Ice – cool under pressure. And sometimes he moves like the Iceman Gervin
    Gumby – he looks like him!

  • Andre Pruitt

    Baby Pippen

  • Joe

    Trevor the Riser

  • FreddyG.

    hey kobewearsapurplethong, i actually posted trevolution first, its post 42 i did it yesterday at 8pm, you should be giving me props

  • http://saintmark5171@yahoo.com M.Bloxton


  • Nathan

    When he was with L.A. two nicknames sudjested were “Ninja” and “Stealth” because o his sneaky and slient nature

  • floridafinest008@aim.com

    the trevolution

  • floridafinest008@aim.com

    Never mind some one already said trevolution

    Trevor the “bed wetter”

    nah jk heres my real one Trevor “never been better Ariza”

  • floridafinest008@aim.com

    Treva “trophy go getta” Ariza

  • floridafinest008@aim.com


  • skywalker

    kaiser of westchester

  • floridafinest008@aim.com

    Treva Kobe “I don’t need ya” Ariza

    Trevor “The Net Shredder” Ariza

  • kevin

    Man on the Moon

    He kinda looks like Cudi. HAHAHA

  • Hangtime Hec

    The Thief in The night. I know its long, but those steal he got in the colorado game were crucial.

  • hillbilly

    Re: “Whoever has the best nickname will win a dope prize…”

    My nickname is “Swole”…’cause I’m rollin’ with more meat than a Schwann’s truck on the first of the month.

    Now, pay up.

  • JMac

    The Razor
    coz he can cut through offenses with ease

  • Balherett3


  • JWW

    The Earthquake

  • Harry6

    Trevor The Beezneeza

  • Harry6

    Trevor “Endevour” Ariza

  • Eric D.

    Traitor Ariza

  • James

    Mr. Underrated

  • Rayg

    trevor “sharp razor” ariza

  • J_5heng

    Flo Riza cos’ he got the flow shooting those 3-pts in the playoffs (plus he’s born in Miami, Florida).

  • Xx95xX

    “TA the Terminator” i ame up with this name so please pople no one take it.


    Eploding Rocket

  • jdn41

    Ariza green tea cause hes got great value lol

  • http://67CrawfordRDClarinda,Australia,Melbourne,Victoria Mat

    Ariza Pleaser

  • Nolan

    Trezin (treason)

  • Marcus Lee

    trevor riza!

  • http://joshtrump31@aol.com Gabe Trump

    A-rise, T-RiZ, Rattle SNAKE, HIgh riza, air riza ,A-rezon (reason)

  • Sam C.

    Mini Mac the reaper or the rizin

  • http://www.PRMediaConsultants.com Paul Richards

    What’s Trevor Ariza’s proper nickname? After last year’s playoffs, it’s quite simple: The Lakers simply wouldn’t have won without “Mr. Steal.”

  • Gio

    Terror Riser

  • humous

    Dr. Tre

  • Teddy-the-Bear


  • balizo

    trevor”the havoc wrecker”ariza

  • http://arlingtonbasketball3@gnail.com Jaewoo Chung


  • http://www.b2lforums.com/forums/index.php vaLTmac51


  • andrew

    trevor AIRiza simple but yet so clean

  • Tone

    the relentless rocket because of that D

  • Tone

    the relentless rocket because of that “D”

  • balizo


  • James Hoberman

    He’s Arizin

  • Anthony Pascua

    Trevor “THE REAZON” Ariza! If you want defense, an on the ball defender, put the REAZON on the court. Ariza is the REAZON Houston picked him up, because he is young, athletic, and his defense. Coaches are going to ask, “Why are we turning the ball over so much”? Because Ariza is the REAZON!!

  • Thomas Douglas

    It should be Trevor Areason because he gave the lakers a reason to win it this year. He made a lot of big plays down the stretch.

  • NyKnicks

    “Ariza the Visa”

    Visa like the credit card because he is straight money.

  • http://none David Marquez

    Got a few Trevor “Rising” Ariza Trevor “L.A. Star” Ariza Trevor “Nightmare” Ariza get it we had the dream now a nightmare Trevor “The Reason” Ariza the reason we gonna be watchin the rockets no Yao or Mac.
    We gonna hold it down Houston Rockets be aware RED NATION

  • http://none David Marquez

    Trever “All Dat” Ariza

  • Lyndsy Smith

    Trevor Arizing High

  • http://www.hoopconnection.com Mike Brown

    TreZon (combo of the names and fits with his defense like treason)

  • jasmine motton

    smooth criminal

  • James Motton

    Trevor Ariza the “smooth criminal”

  • Michael

    I think his nickname should be Public Enemy No. 1

  • Christopher Irvin

    “Silent Assassin”…when Trevor plays hes not somebody your always watching, hes not cocky, and hes not a talker, but he comes through with clutch steals, big dunks, and as we saw in the playoffs the abiltity to take over a game.

  • Christopher Irvin

    The Rizen (Reason)…AI’s might be the answer…but trevors the rizen.

  • Christopher Irvin

    The Rizen (Reason)…AI might be the answer…but trevors the rizen.

  • Gil

    The Treasure. Valued, yet left unprotected, stolen time and time again.

  • Victor

    trevor astealza

  • Gil

    My bad, Teddy-the-Bear had it first… Nice one, player !

  • http://1243S.SpauldingAve.LosAngeles,CA90019 Chris

    Trevor “the Terroriza” Ariza
    Trevor “Tea Bags” Ariza
    Trevor “Cali-Grown” Ariza

  • Justin

    The Stealth

  • Michael

    A-Rize , because he can jump

  • Isaiah

    Graviza (gravity)

    The Teacher’s Assistant (T.A.)

  • Isaiah

    T-Rex, The Tyrannosauros Ariza

  • Emeka

    Now that he’s rocking red he should be known as Trevor Ariza the “Tasmanian Devil” or just “Taz.”

  • Nare

    Trevor ‘Robin Rain’ or ‘R n R’ Ariza. Why??? Steals from the rich and brings the rain… what more can I say.

  • http://yahoo.com Tyshaun Parker

    ariza(arise a) dunk

    ariz a dunk

  • Tyler Whitcomb


    That’s the winner!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    lol thanks Gil.

  • http://www.slamonline.com charles

    the texas ranger//

  • Tanner Ray

    Ariza- bove

  • Dennis B

    RIZA (Rise-Ah)
    2nd Nature
    Unsung Hero
    Texas Sentinel
    Stock Riser
    NASA (New And Still Able)
    The massacre
    The Stock Market
    Free Flow
    Rocket Fuel

  • http://Slamonline.com Robert Mccullough

    Flight T-A

  • David

    trevor da razor ariza

    trevor razor sharp ariza

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    The Mitt.

  • N.Y. knicks

    Ariza the freeza

    freeza because he’s got ice in his veins

  • N.Y. knicks

    “ariza the freeza” not 2 freezas lol


    (arazer) cause when he steals the ball coaches erase that play from thier playbook

  • Quentiin Jensen

    T-Time from Like Mike

  • mvp420

    so ive been thinking..real hard too..
    i’ve come to a few solutions on how to find trevor the best name ever..are u readdy?
    trevor “cosmic bombastic” ariza..
    cosmic meaning=Infinitely or inconceivably extended
    and bombastic meaning “high-sounding; inflated”..
    or else…
    trevor ‘Htown ressurecta’ Ariza..!! peace

  • JuicePig15

    this is what i always call him “Whatever Trevor” because he is calm and always delivers the goods

  • http://www.nba.com T.DOT

    T rex

  • http://www.nba.com T.DOT


  • http://www.nba.com T.DOT

    T diddy

  • http://www.nba.com T.DOT

    hitman #1

  • black pinoy

    okey thats stupid

  • Dwayne Cecil

    the rocket man

  • pacemaker

    He is super fast.

  • me


  • http://warriors2301@gmail.com Jonathan Spint

    TiVo. He does the same thing night in and night out and we are all still amazed by it.

  • http://tino.chapa@cityofhouston.net Tino Chapa

    Treyz 4 DAYZ

  • http://slamonline.com/contests Anthony L. Foreman

    Trevor “NEVER say NEVER” Ariza…. This guy has been through alot; He even had a brother to pass away, through it all he NEVER gave up… He’s accomplished something that most NBA players only dream of; an “NBA title”…He’s a great inspiration…”NEVER say NEVER”….

  • Dan Andreas

    Post-Ariza (Posterizer)

  • Dan Andreas

    … Post-Ariza (Posterizer)

  • http://slamonline.com/cotest Alvin O. de Vera

    Trevor “WOW-er” Ariza

  • http://slamonline.com/cotest Alvin O. de Vera

    Trevor “Major-Pain” Ariza…His heartbreaking defensive stop, d’ threes made, d’abilty to slash to the hoop really made a “major pain” to all of the opposing team…..expect it again this season go Trevor Ariza……

  • http://slamonline.com/cotest Alvin O. de Vera

    Trevor “D’threat” Ariza… Expect d’ unexpected from Trevor Ariza, imagine him doing his thing unexpectedly and then he’ll deliver, it won’t give any other opposing team this “peace-of-mind”!!!!

  • http://slamonline.com/cotest Alvin O. de Vera

    Trevor “ZOOM” Ariza… his quickness from defending, stealing the ball, making shots really fits him and besides his with his new team the “rockets” definitely trevor will “take-off” and “ZOOM” away !!! Got it ?!

  • Nigel

    The Hardwood Safety

    Saftey as in football

  • Steve “Rockets” Rubin

    Trevor’s nickname should be:


  • Samuel


  • J.caballero

    Trevor “the rizer” ariza

  • J.caballero

    Clevor Trevor

  • http://What'smyname? A. Cruz

    “The razor’s edge”.
    5 fingers of theft !
    El Puma
    The silencer
    4 seconds or less
    Eagle eye
    The night crusader
    The Wallcrawler
    The Equalizer
    The Lazer
    up and away !
    Hollow man
    son of fury
    Mach 5
    The Shadow
    The Transporter
    The Osprey
    The compton cat
    Ninjacat 3

  • http://What'smyname? A. Cruz

    UCLA is my favorite college team.
    I live in NYC.
    Like Doug Christie, the Knicks let Trevor go to soon.
    Players Like this do all the little things that help you win.
    Happy things worked out for him.
    Nice to see I’m not the only one who saw his value.

  • a.manaa

    trevor game wining steal ariza

  • Prez


  • http://pccmmallen@live.com Curtis case

    Trevor the breeza Ariza

    for his swift ability to breeze past the big guys
    and shoot over the little ones

  • T. Klein

    “stretch” for the way he uses his length to stretch the d

  • Jeremy Nyce

    the Sonic Kid

  • http://slamonline.com/cotest Alvin O. de Vera

    Trevor “xprz” Ariza…..XPRZ(express)Trevor Ariza’s contribution to the team from defense, scoring, going straight to the hoop really proves his just one of those players who can deliver fast like an “express” delivery…..

  • M. Towers


  • M. Towers


  • Maarten!

    Trevor Highrizer Ariza

  • http://Tfulham@mail.niagara.edu Tim Fulham

    Triza… cuz dudes got long limbs

  • David

    Trevor “The Reason” Ariza

  • http://thomasjlewis33@yahoo.com Jamaal

    Yo just keep it simple yet smooth:
    Trevor Ariza aka “THAT GUY”
    U know like man who just stole the ball
    oh no please not “THAT GUY” or
    who keeps hittin all them 3`s its “THAT GUY” agian!

  • dexter

    he’s fast.. has good awareness..smart

    how about “the STEALer”

    perfect name

  • zeb

    arize the pleasa. pleasa as in pleaser

  • zeb

    ariza the pleasa. pleasa as in pleaser

  • zeb

    ariza the pleasa. pleasa as in pleaser

  • Ive

    ‘Goblin’ because he looks like one…

  • Jonathan Barber

    I say his nickname should be Terror-Riza because he is a defensive Terrorizer

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Thanks everyone for participating. Look for the winner in SLAM 133, on sale around October 19.