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Delonte West Heads East, Leaves Cavs

For the second time this fall and third time in the last year, Delonte West, as tweeted by Brian Windhorst, has left the Cavs to take care of “personal business.” Arrested three weeks ago on gun charges, an unexcused West missed the first four practice of training camp before returning to the team. Now, merely a few days after rejoining LeBron, Shaq and Co., Delonte has taken off again. West publicly acknowledged last summer that he was fighting an ongoing battle with mental illness. His current absence, the exact length of which is still unknown, leaves the Cavs dangerously thin in the backcourt.

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  • http://www.in-n-outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    Get well soon Delonte! Your team needs you.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Blinguo

    ^ ditto with Godspeed added. And the Warriors backcourt is more dangerously thin. Monta and Curry need that Musclewatch™

  • http://morethanpractice.wordpress.com ja lawrence

    Man o man. I hope he gets better. Mental illness is no joke. I wonder why he was off his meds.

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  • http:///realcavsfans.com Anton


  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Get well soon, Delonte!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Did anybody else get a crack at the story below, about Mike Miller getting reprimanded by his teammates for wearing the LeBron Nikes? Ahahaha that was a hilarious story; I especially like Miller’s explanation. And LeBron’s reaction is priceless, him essentially “agreeing” that Mike is an unathletic white guy who needs to have his shoe.

  • http:///realcavsfans.com Anton

    ^I just found out why the Wizards are jealous with LeBron: http://www.mazeandberries.com/i//Aerial_pic_mu_2009_for_web2.jpg

  • Tong Po

    yo delonte is my cousin and hes just chilling at KFC in compton right now – its all good!

  • Kris

    Hopefully Delonte takes care of his “personal business” and gets back on the court soon. The Cavaliers need all hands on deck if they want to win a championship and Delonte is an important part of that.

  • Laker Heart

    F–K basketball, this man needs to handle some heavy stuff right now. Take care Delonte. Take care of you, come back when you’re ready.

  • http://slamonline acethat

    wake up mr.west

  • Justin

    I think some of you are missing the boat here. He needs to get better for himself and not because “the Cavs need him”.

  • Sebbo

    I’ve seen first hand what mental illness does to people, in particular bi-polar, and I for one wish Delonte all the best!!! I think this is about more than basketball and rather about Delonte the person. The biggest thing is he’s gonna need alot of support and no matter how much s**t happens and ‘irrational’ decisions he makes, everyone has gotta support him in this struggle!

  • Danny W UK

    A huge part for me is Delonte admitting he has a Mental Illness, and in doing so, lifting some of the stigma related to Mental Illness. I look forward to seeing him lace them up sometime soon. I hope the Cavs Organisation are giving him all the help he needs.

  • maio

    Brother Redbush?

  • NUPE

    I’m glad he’s getting help and the team is supporting him. I hope he makes it back to the team and contributes like he did last year, but it’s more important for him to just take care of himself as a man first. Then worry about playing as a secondary thing.

  • ClydeSays

    He should just concern himself with getting his LIFE together and forget about ball for the time being.

    If being bi-polar, off meds & getting caught speeding with 3 loaded, unlicensed guns, isn’t a cry for help, I don’t know what is.

  • http://june7thdonald@netzero.net donlaker

    good luck d west, b ball is second 2 mental health..
    i guess (el mirachi ) was some real shiznett

  • lou

    I guess its true what they say about albino people being crazy. Cavs need to get some size at the guard spots anyway. Thats how Orlando beat em last year. Get well Delonte

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