Friday, October 23rd, 2009 at 10:00 am  |  54 responses

DeShawn Stevenson: ‘I’m the Most Hated’

No argument here, DeShawn: “Stevenson is an aggressive player with an edge sharpened during a hard-knock life in Fresno, Calif., and he makes no apologies for that. He won’t hesitate to get under someone’s skin, if he feels it gives him an advantage. His ritual of running his hand across his face after making a big shot will also annoy some fans and players. ‘I think I’m the most hated player in the league,’ he said. ‘In fact, I know I am. Sometimes I do things that are kind of crazy,’ he admits, ‘but that’s my thing.”‘

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  • Ken

    If he’s the most hated, it’s only because Bruce Bowen retired.

  • http://4Aitkenroad,Hamilton,ScotlandML37YA Hambone


  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Oh, I don’t know DeShawn…..#1 and #2 on the SLAM Top 50 may have something to say about that.

  • Young C

    He’s the most hated because he’s probably the biggest douche in the league also. And in a league full of rich, pampered, narcissistic professional athletes, thats saying something.

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Bruce Bowen might have been. But I feel like on SLAM, there are a lot of people who hate either Kobe or Lebron.

  • tavoris

    who’s gonna care now that he’s 6th in the Wizards guards rotation?

  • James aka…

    Deshawn should go change the water it Bucknasty’s momma’s dish. Hate hate hate hate hate….

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/nba/overdribbling/index276.html chiqo

    the “you can’t see me” thing will be a welcome sight, if only because it will temporarily keep us from seeing his facial tattoos. yes, i know if will only be for a fraction of a second. yes, it will still be worth it.

  • http://myspace.com/brandnewis Bryan

    Does this guy matter enough to hate? I mean honestly.

  • http://slamonline.com YKnot

    Randy Foye will be your most hated when he takes your minutes!

  • CSP8

    The sad part is that nobody even knows this guy until LeBron comes to town.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    I don’t like him but he hardly matters enough in the league for me to hate him.

  • Epsilon Nupe

    CSP8 is exactly right, he only gets shine when ever Lebron has to torch him on the court

  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    Yeah, you’re not on people’s radar. They don’t hate, they just don’t care. Since when does growing up in a tough neighborhood distinguishes you from other inner-city black NBA players?

  • Sparker

    maybe they should have an award. the alonzo mourning memorial? the reggie miller? the bruce b? the kobe? spike lee could cough up the cash. thing is (as noted), to be really annoying, ya have to be good and/preferably on a winning team

  • Sparker

    the old pistons could have won it as a team

  • http://www.teflinprague.com SAB

    the guy’s an idiot, but not hated. “most hated” – LeBron, easily. haha, that’s gotta hurt DeShawn – losing to LeBron, AGAIN…

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ


  • http://none The Philosopher

    If I shot 34 percent from the field every year I would think people hate me all the time too.

  • Justin

    There will (hopefully) be a time in this guy’s life when he matures (that’s a stretch, I know) and thinks “damn, I am an asshole. Where I come from has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with me being a douche everyday. Maybe I should start acting like I have some sense.” He will hopefully grow up one day, stop sexing minors and worshiping superstars and all.

  • Justin

    Then again, if I had a full ride to Kansas and turned it down to be a bum in the league I guess I would be a little bitter too. Maybe he just hates his own personality. What if YOU woke up and were DeShawn Stevenson??? I would promptly drop the “De” from my name, Shawn Stevenson. Little more respectable right there, probably play better for sure. Then I would shave my “I just do what everyone else does” mo-hawk and promise myself I will not sleep with anymore minors. That would make me like myself a little better right there. Oh, then I would go buy a fresh pair of LeBrons.

  • Ken

    @Justin: there’d still be nothing you can do about the huge tat on your back with your last name though.

  • Justin

    @Ken: well that is something that has a purpose, you know, just in case I forgot what my last name was I could always look…oh, wait, no I forgot, my last name is on my back! Damn, well I would just ask a nice person close by me if they could look at my back and tell me what that big word across my shoulders said.

  • http://realcavsfans.com Anton

    Check it, you know how I be
    Last week DeShawn couldn’t do it without me
    You know how I be
    Last week DeShawn couldn’t do it without me

    I call myself Bron but I’m not as good as DeShawn?
    I call myself Bron cause I live next to Stevenson
    Excuse me, Stevie live next to me, so in the hood dog I feel like B.I.G.

    Cause if Stevie was still here, he would be right there,
    In a court room pleading his r@pe case somewhere chillin’
    Sitting on allegations plenty
    I average more points in one game than his twenty

    For real dog, now that’s B-I-G,
    Ain’t nobody in the league do it bigger than me
    That’s like Sczerbiak having more hops than me
    That’s like a homeless Wiz fan having more figures than me
    That’s like Kobe Bryant having more integrity than me
    That’s like crabs having more dribble than me
    That’s like you saying you can get more triple doubles than me
    That’s like Butler saying to himself he got more wins than me

    Now stop, think about that, it ain’t about that,
    It’s about B-I-G aka Big Bron
    And that’s the difference between 1st seed and last place
    Stevie, n!&&a, tell me how my ass taste
    Okay, everybody – Stevie – tell me how my ass taste

  • LA Huey

    @Justin, what would you do about that stupid tattoo of Abe on your neck?

  • a_whiteman

    Have fun WATCHING your team play this year deshawn

  • matt

    im sorry but when did the entire league become all 58 residents of cleveland, ohio

  • ab_40

    check nbadraft.net and look for his profile haha they tried to campare this guy to michael jordan for his size and explosiveness… man were they wrong…@Anton don’t quit your dayjob

  • kite

    he wishes…he just wants to be first in something, DeShawn nobody cares about you enough to hate.

  • Justin

    @LA Huey:
    Wow, good question man. I guess I would just leave that as a reminder of how stupid I could actually be and hopefully that would help deter me from being my old dumb self. You know just be shaving or something and then say, “DAMN, I used to be an idiot, I better stay on top of things and try to keep acting like a half-way responsible adult or I just might mess around and get a tattoo of Abe on my neck. Wait…did I really get that tattooed on my NECK?!?!? Voluntarily? Man I am dumb! Why am I so dumb? Oh well…honey, where is my LeBron jersey?”

  • ciroqobama

    I always thought he was a douche… Then I met him one time and realized he’s a wayyy bigger douche than I couldve ever imagined.

  • Simmy Sosa

    We don’t hate you. We just don’t understand ur swag when you were the worst starting shooting guard in the L last year.

  • Dagomar

    Nope, you’re the biggest joke in the league. 90% talk and 10% game.

  • zaza pachulia

    am i the only person in the world that actually likes him?

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/nba/overdribbling/index276.html chiqo

    yeah, probably. you and soulja boy. not good company.

  • Kent Kanada

    what’s that Deshawn, you can’t feel your face?
    Well you won’t feel your ass after im done kickin it

  • Ronald

    ab_40: Nbadraft.net is a useless website anyway.

    I kinda dig DeShawns antics. He does shoot an awful percentage though.

  • mat

    good, your a scumbag stevenson

  • T Money

    I think DeShawn hates himself.

  • T Money

    And Carlos Boozer would like a word with you…

  • Shem

    DeShawns also a 4th string shooting guard

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    Maybe most hated by % of haters out of people who know him. But no, on a total haters count he doesn’t crack the top 100. Sorry, DeShawn.

  • Larsylad

    I don’t hate DeShawn. And I don’t think he’d say this unless he’d gone toe-to-toe with Bron during that Playoff run. DeShawn – find yourself another claim to fame.

  • feelinit

    i think they took down all the old profiles but i used to laugh every time i would go back and see that nbadraft.net had him compared to micheal jordan when he was coming out of high school

  • South-African-hoodsnake

    A classic example of ‘like father , like son’. Prick

  • wiz

    @south-african-hoodsnake thats kinda far man……………………
    the funny thing is that deshawn is only hated because the whole lebron issue and everyone rides brons piece…..I garentee if another player that didnt have a bron rivalry did the cant feel my face it would be a hit like the double fist to forhead used to be…deshawn just has this swag about him, the whole wizards team actaully does except maybe that new white guy lol sorry davis but until the next deshawn bashing post comes out(which i know there will be when the wizards beat the cavs) ill be at dime…..cant feel my face

  • http://amazing_jt@hotmail.com Timmy Dee

    DeShawn is hated because he’s a scrub that is way cocky. JR Smith reacts the same way when he’s hot or he hits a big shot, but JR doesnt have nearly as many haters because he makes shots that matter, and he plays on a good team. And JR’s teammates seem to have his back when he gets like that, and I don’t see that with the Wiz

  • Randy Brown

    You can’t be hated if nobody cares about you

  • South-African-hoodsnake

    Deshawn isnt ‘hated on’ because of the LeBron thing he is KNOWN because of the ‘Bron thing. Im a bigger fan of Kobe than i am of LeBron but thats the point sir. Its like Soulja Boy being know for the dance and Hov being know for – well you get the point dont ya?

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    He needs to help his team beat the Cavaliers more consistently then he can be called”most hated”.

  • South-African-hoodsnake

    Deshawn aint being ‘hated on’ because of the LeBron thing he is KNOWN because of the ‘Bron thing. Its like Soulja Boy being know for the dance and Hov being know for – well you get the point dont ya?

  • CSP8

    @wiz- Nobody “hates” him because of the Lebron issue, we only “know” him because of that. Many people hate him because he didn’t back his words up, he was supposed to shut down Lebron and show everybody that he’s over-rated, but we didnt see that at all.

  • South-African-hoodsnake

    Its like Soulja Boy being known for the dance and Hov being known for – well you get the point

  • NUPE

    At least he owns up to doing stupid things. He now just needs a reality check that so many fans even care enough about him to hate him.