Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 at 9:30 am  |  31 responses

Gilbert Speaks (Barely) After Fine

The League slapped Agent Zero with a $25,000 fine for the silent treatment he’s been giving the media, so he finally opened his mouth last night, and said very little: “Q: What in particular is (Flip) bringing that’s different? Arenas: (Six second pause) ‘What was the question again?’ Q: What are your impressions of Flip? What has he brought to this team so far? Arenas: ‘It’s too early to tell. Maybe next month, I’ll have a better answer for you’ Q: Do you have anything to say about the fine today? Arenas: ‘Nope.’ Q: No comment? Arenas: ‘Nope’ The end.”

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  • NUPE

    Part of me thinks why get fined for not doing an interview? Then I rationalize when you agree to play for the league you have to abide by the rules. So, he needs to do the f-ing interviews. Now if he wants to be an ass about it and lower his endorsement deals, that’s on him. A lot of dudes would love to be in his position so do your damn job (which includes the interviews) and stop being an ass.

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    Gilbert,Gilbert c’mon just say a few words, nothing spectacular and be done with it!

  • LeoneL

    Whose fault is this again?

  • slamfan4life

    Man this SUCKS!!!!! What happened to the loud, IM DA GREATEST Gil?

  • JDH21

    He is just the hibachi grill no worries he is still going to cook people this year.

  • My Crossover Killed a Man

    You know this is Kobe’s fault. If Kobe hadnt allowed Gilbert to have some pretty decent games against him a couple years ago he wouldnt have such a sense of entitlement, and feel the need to ice the media out!

  • kappa

    I don’t care. I love me some Gilbert.

  • http://www.another48minutes.com Gerard Himself

    on Yahoo I also read that he responded with: both teams played hard. No kidding.

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    I think fining him $25 000 is too much. I mean, that’s a LOT of money right there just for not talking.

  • Babygab

    My opinion is that Gil is being real focused right now. Trying to make his come back as successful as possible. Reporters are just distracting him, asking the same questions again and again. Ladies and gents I think that agent 0 is back more focused then ever !

  • Fat Lever

    Um, some of you guys are the same people who criticize him for talking too much, then criticize him again for talking too little. It’s a lose-lose situation for him. I’m glad he’s not talking, it seems like he’s going to let his play speak volumes for him, which could only mean one thing. A monster year.

  • burnt_chicken@hotmail.com

    they know he doesn’t want to talk, so they throng him in even larger crowds, baiting him, hoping for the Hibachi to catch fire. it’s gross.

  • burnt_chicken

    baiting him! first question: Flip. Second question: Flip. Third question: The Fine. (I’m surprised the fourth question, you know, the one about the knee didn’t come out…)

  • burnt_chicken@hotmail.com

    here’s a thought: why not give the man some love?
    and: if he doesn’t want to talk, and if it’s your job to talk to him, why not ask him about the best thing about being back. OR ask him what it feels like to run with the team again. To RUN the team again……but no, apparently we want to know about Flip and the fine.

  • riggs

    damned if he does damned if he doesnt.

  • http://thesportsdiaryonline.blogspot.com Roy

    Maybe Gil’s already a changed man…

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    The best way for the league to make money is to stay relevant in the media. So, the league makes players do interviews. It makes perfect sense.

  • Orlando Woolridge

    F@ck that “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” crap. They ask him to do a few interviews and the dude still isn’t grown up enough to realize that this is a small price to pay for the millions of dollars he receives. I can’t believe people still buy into this act. Grow up, man.

  • Chazz Michael Michaels

    i hate gilbert arenas. he thinks he is the top dog of everything. he thinks he runs the show and he can treat people like shizz

  • http://www.another48minutes.com Gerard Himself

    To be honest: I couldn’t care less about what Arenas does on, or off the court. Whether he talks or not, he got 24 last night on and hit 9 of his 11 shots. As an NBA fan I like watching him play, so whatever happens; it’s nice to see him back out there again.

  • ClydeSays

    I’m kinda digging Gil V2. He’s just as funny. Just a different kind of funny…

  • Don

    i think he is going to start talking again as soon as he erupts for 45, 50 and a 65 point game. I’m waiting gilbert.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    That’s ridiculous. Why should he be forced to speak to the media? When he was constantly updating his well-written, interesting and actually fun blog, people blamed him for spending too much time NOT working on his game. Now people are on his case because he speaks too little to the media? Get that out of here. Its his freedom to choose to speak to the media or not. I’m not saying avoiding the press is a good move, or even one that benefits him, at all. But I don’t see anywhere in his contract (his insanely huge contract) that says he MUST speak to the media a certain amount or else he won’t get paid.
    I’d rather see him on the court doing what he does best, instead of catering to the NBA’s mass media so we can get a few fake quotes. I don’t care how much his contract is, $25,000 is a lot of money to fine somebody for not talking to the press, when its his choice. Good or bad, its his freedom to choose whether or not he wants to speak to the press. LeBron James ducks the media after a PLAYOFF series and he gets a pat on the back and a shirt that says “Check My Stats.” Not that this has anything to do with LeBron James.

  • Shem

    Completely agree with Teddy, i remember everyone was giving him bullshit for writting blogs and not working on his game and now hes getting shit for doing the opposite? What do you want from this guy??

  • Double J

    hahah all that hate coming from a man coined as “chazz michael michaels” how about paying some attention to your character before accusing a player of such acts

  • The Wize

    Both teams played hard.

  • Jacob (from Australia)

    Lol at Gerard himself… “I couldn’t care less about what Arenas does on, or off the court.” And then explains what he did ON the court the night before and why he likes watching him play. So that means you do care about what he does on the court right?

  • Sopas

    Focus, that’s what he’s on.

    Gil just wants to get back at playing great bball.

  • NUPE

    I’m glad he’s healthy again and focused on playing, but no excuse for not taking the 5-10 for interviews. He spends more time than that on his blog – and blogging not part of his responsibility as an NBA player.

  • Bombaclatt

    maybe he’s just having a bad time in his personal life, give the guy a break everyone has a funk here or there. Maybe a family member dies or he broke up with his long term girlfriend or some other S*** like that.

  • you already know.

    Gilbert aka Agent0! he is just focusin on this comin season i dont blame him at all, media stay askin stupid ass question for real. let the game do the talkin Gil.