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Welcome to the VC Experience, SVG

by Marcel Mutoni

As we’re all too aware of by now, Vince Carter can’t be bothered with the little things on the basketball court sometimes. You know, minor details such as attacking the cup on a consistent basis, paying attention on defense for long stretches of the game.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure his new coach got the memo before VC landed back in Florida. We’re only a couple of days into training camp, and Stan Van Gundy is already throwing his new star under the bus about playing poor defense (during practice). Oh boy.

FanHouse caught up with a frustrated SVG following Orlando’s training session yesterday:

“He (Carter) did not play well defensively today. He didn’t do a good job out there. He’s capable of doing a lot better, and that’s what I want to see,” Van Gundy said. “As a matter of fact, we’ll talk to him about that and show him some (film) clips tomorrow.”

Van Gundy was particularly upset when Carter fell asleep on one defensive possession, allowing J.J. Redick to catch and score on a back-door play.

The good thing for Stan and the organization, is that Vince took the criticism in stride (publicly, anyway), and promises to not let his misdeed happen again.

I’m not a betting man, but I’d put just about anything on the line that this will not be the last time Stan goes to the media to complain about Half-Man’s on-court intensity.

It’s going to be a long year, SVG. Might want to think about picking your spots judiciously.

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  • Dutch Rob


  • Dutch Rob

    Vince will always be Vince
    let’s hope he keeps his promises

  • riggs

    dont u mean welcome to the SVG experience, VC?

  • http://Www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    Panic Stan already started venting when the TV schedules were announced. What makes us think this wouldn’t go on for the rest of the season? It is his modus operandi after all.

  • texaspete16

    shocking. absolutley shocking.

  • http://www.clutchfans.com/ Blue

    Stan shouldn’t be too hard on Vince for blowing a defensive play…I mean…he WAS guarding one of the best shooters ever in the game of basketball…

  • Hol

    What a dumb coach! Venting his critizism in public, and so soon in the season. Isn’t training camp supposed to be about getting your team in shape and correcting flaws?

  • T Money

    Half man, half effort on D.

  • T Money

    For once I agree with SVG. You have to set the tone early and keep your players focussed on the end goal.

  • SEALion

    not giving full effort on D and relying on the jumper differs Vince from damn-near every other NBA player in what way? Just saying. Go to a regular season college bball game and an NBA game in back-to-back nights if you can, guaranteed you’ll be bored as hell during the pro game. Not even close fellas

  • ave. joe

    @T Money…just Hal-man. Nothing more. lol

  • http://theghostofroyhobbs.blogspot.com Mo Charlo

    I’d freak out, too, if somebody on my team let JJ Reddick score.

  • Nupe

    I agree that SVG should have called VC out on this, but NOT to the media. VC seems to have taken the comments is stride and hopefully he’ll respond by improving his D (not saying he will). But calling a guy out to the media on the second day of practice – that just ain’t right.

  • http://www.myspace.com/weezyleezy337 Gametime Weezy

    vc will be iight…so he got caught sleepin. hes not kobe. maybe this will light a fire under his butt. he’s still a perfect fit for this team cuz he’s a vet. still not sold as svg as a coach tho i mean he stays in the headlines 2 much

  • NJ4Life

    wow. 5 years of rebuilding his rep in NJ and SVG’s already demolished vince’s post-toronto image. Don’t do it publicly. Isn’t this the same guy that picked sam mitchell up (by the throat?) and slammed him down on a trainer’s table?

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    I get the feeling SVG misses Hedo..

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Lol T money. more like Half-man, Half-a$$ed.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    He let JJ score on anything other than a jump shot? Man, I’d be p*ssed off too!

  • http://slamonline.com YKnot

    @ave.joe Hal-Man cause he don’t give a f about defense.

  • http://www.another48minutes.com Gerard Himself

    and as always: let the VC hate begin. Sure, an outspoken coach says something in public about one of his players, and now we’re saying “it will be a long year”, “shocking”, “half effort”, etc. Here we go again. The guy played great in New Jersey, sure, he’s not a good defensive player. But if Gentry would say something about Nash, would he receive all those bullsh*t comments? Some of you are either just talking sh*t because you think it’s fun, and you haven’t seen VC play in years. There are sooo many players in the L who suck at defense….

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I don’t like when coaches complain to the media.
    Imagine the response if Vince complained that Stan drew up a crappy out of bounds play and mismanaged the team’s timeouts.

  • riggs

    @YKnot: whomp whomp whomp

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Cheryl

    He will. And all will be well. All will be well.

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/nba/overdribbling/index276.html chiqo

    he’ll be hurt soon and it won’t matter what kind of d he’s playing.

  • Fat Lever

    You know, typically a coach that has won a championship has the resume to get away with being an abrasive personality when it comes to coaching. SVG has not won one, and to me, I think the players realize this and will tune him out due to this fact at some point. Right or wrong, I think it is what it is.

  • TADOne

    And so it begins………

  • Tony

    For Vince, this would be a new experience after spending with Nets under Coach Frank. In NJ, LFrank would jump in front of a bus before complaining about a player in public. He always defend them. We are told that he gets to them but not in public.
    VC never will be a great defender but he is a very good player. I don’t think it is wise to call the guy on the media just after second day practice.

  • drewz

    half man-half what he used to be

  • ENDS

    Mo Charlo and wayno beat me to it


  • la huey

    @SEALion. I went to Allen Fieldhouse for a game last year and I’ll admit it was amazing experience. And I’ve also been to several games at Key Arena. However, I’d still take an NBA game over watching amateur’s play. I’m not going to confuse the level of play with the excitement a drunk college-aged crowd generates.

  • RS)(

    I bet the rest of the new players stayed up part of the night wondering how they could stand out on defense.

  • RS)(

    You suck Van Grumpy, for scaring all those new players into playing defense.

  • ClydeSays

    Is this news to anyone who’s seen Vince play over the last 5 years? I think he might have played D at one point in his career, but I can’t remember exactly when.

    Doling that fact out to the Press though? That’s a low class move, Stan. I don’t like the SVG/Jax/Karl school of coaching through the media. 9 times out of 10 this can be addressed in private. No need to call your guy out in the Press.

  • jdn41

    hate to say it but told you so

  • RS)(

    I agree Van Grumpy shouldn’t call them out in the media. Look at Phil Jackson he used to call out Shaq and Kobe in the press and it didn’t work for him, or maybe it did work for him but it usually doesn’t work. Maybe Mike Brown should call Shaq out in the media, he would have to get his lips surgically removed from Lebron’s arse first though.

  • black pinoy

    if one player doesnt commit himself on defense thats gonna ruin the whole defense of the entire team .. he doesnt have to be good in defense.. he just needs to show a little commitment .. even if you suck at defending you still should be able to manage to not let the other guy (specially red-dick) score on a backdoor play..

  • luv2ball

    I think people get upset at Vince because he plays half-a$$ and is still one of the best players in the L. He has the physical tools to be the best ever, he is one of the best athletes to play in the L; plus he is a good shooter. So people get upset because they want so much more out of him. HE is one of my favorite players but I feel the same way. My college coach used to say “Hard work always beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” And I think that quote sums up Vince

  • http://tedted@hotmail.com theKing

    this is a good move by Ron Jeremy. Vince is too laid back and does not have any internal drive. He needs a coach that will push and drive him. Vince only played with passion when good ole Butch Carter was his coach. Butch didn’t coddle VC and was able to get the most out of VC. Worst thing that happen to (W)ince Carter was Lenny Wilkens taking over and treating Wince like a star.

  • vic21

    OMG OMG OMG Panic attack panic attack, oh no Stan STAAAAN whatcha gonna dooooooo????????

  • Jeff At Valley Ranch

    I predicted when they signed Vince that he would detract from the team rather than enhance it. Losing Turk was HUGE and getting Vince on the team may have been just as bad. One thing Vince has absolutely proven beyond doubt in his NBA career is that he’s not a winner. He’ll make a highlight reel player from time to time but he doesn’t give consistent effort on either end of the floor and has always been an individual more than a team guy.

    This is just the first week of training camp and already the problems are coming up. Just wait until the last half of the season when Vince has completely lost interest and his team and coaches have become fed up with it… to be continued.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I bet he misses Hedo Turkoglu right about now…

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Stan may be terrible at making substitutions, but as a playmaking Coach he’s terrific and he knows his stuff.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Vince then took a page out from Lamar Odom’s book and publicly replied, “If I were a Magic, which I am, I wouldn’t worry about none of that–what did he call it, defense?”

  • ktokyo

    Half-man, Half-intensity.

  • http:///realcavsfans.com Anton

    It’s amazin, I’m the reason
    Why my team will fail in the post season
    Practice exhausting, barely breathin
    How did JJ score on me? Maybe he cheatin
    No matter what you’ll never get me out of this place
    I play bad D on purpose to see the look on SVG’s face
    It’s amazin

  • Max

    really SLAM? really? you write an article about this? Its this kind of crap that really just makes me lose respect for some of the writers here.

  • http://fashionsensei.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/jackie-moon.jpg Jackie Moon

    Take time with a wounded hand

    ’cause it likes to heal

    Take time with a wounded hand

    ’cause I like to steal

    Take time with a wounded hand

    ’cause it likes to heal, I like to steal

    I’m half the man I used to be

  • Eddie LOmax

    SVG..”I’m about to have a panic attack, I need 4 xanax and 2 Miller Light’s.”
    I think he’s internally bitter coz P-Riles snuck up and jacked his only chance at a ring with my HEAT, before LBJ turns MJ and everyone else in the league who’s not his team mate turns to Stockton, Malone etc coz once this “kid” gets on a role, shoots 80% from the line and irons out that jumper. ITS F-N OVA!

  • Eddie LOmax

    Stan Van Jeremy

  • Brad

    Wow, what a stupid post! Marcel Mutoni, congratulations, you are a doofus. How can anyone possibly get this more wrong? Exactly backwards. Riggs is right on the money: welcome to the SVG experience VC.
    @ Teddy-the-bear, yeah, I’m sure SVG misses Turk’s defensive intensity lol! Have you ever watch Hedo play before? Guess not. Oh and kudos to the morons who thought up lame half-man, half something else jokes. Great stuff there.

  • T Money

    Thanks Brad

  • T Money

    And for the record, I don’t hate VC. He’s still one of my favourite players. Can’t really blame him for being lax on D after playing on some horrendous Nets teams that werent going anywhere. But he must realise that he’s on a contender now. Maybe we need to show him some footage of Ray Allen blowing by Sasha Fierce in the Finals a couple of years back…

  • http://larbo929@yahoo.com Rashard Lewis

    When asked about Carter’s performance on defense, Van Gundy said, “He’s capable of being very good defensively, and he wasn’t at that level today.”

    But Van Gundy also emphasized that mistakes occur early on in training camp.

    What a misleading BS article.

  • Knucklehead

    Misses Hedo ? Did that guy even play defense ?

  • mike

    Van Gundy must be dumb, why would you take such a complaint to the media, are you trying to strain the relationship between you and your new star player. If you didn’t like something he did, take it up with him, but don’t go broadcasting it to the whole world. Carter is an average defensive player, not bad, but not spectacular. We brought him here mostly for his offense, but he’s not a defensive liability.

  • RS)(

    Mike, VC will have to get used to it. Part of being on a great team your going to be constantly criticized. I think SVG has the respect of the players, so I wouldn’t worry about it.