Monday, November 23rd, 2009 at 5:27 pm  |  308 responses

Sure Shot

They say a picture’s worth 1,000 words. But you only need a couple to win.

Ray Allen & Gerald WallaceFinally, the season, and all its attendant artwork, is here. Soaring dunks. Rugged rejections. And…this. We’re not sure how Ray and Crash ended up in this position, but they do seem at peace about it. How would you caption this picture?

Whoever writes the funniest caption will win a dope prize from our vault and see their name in Trash Talk next issue.

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  • http://palehour.com Pale


  • Parker Patton

    The wake of Glen Davis…..

  • Cheny

    Is that Nate Robinson or the mouse from Space Jam?

    Lame I know. Just had to give it a shot

  • http://www.btylermargison.com B. Tyler Margison

    Allen: “1001… 1002… What are you at, Gerald?”
    Wallace: “13… 14… 15…”

  • Givard

    clearly G-force told allen he was stronger than allen and allen challenged him to a push-ups competition which allen seems to be winning… in the background u can also see KG sittin cheering for allen and totally unaware that he is about to be jumped by some random rather aggressive G-force fan… seconds later it results in a brawl where allen ends up winning it all and mocking G-force for being “inexperienced” at doing push-ups… then we will see “secret” footage of KG yelling at allen in the locker-room “YOU DO MORE PUSH-UPS” allen will answer “I CAN’T KEVIN I JUST DID 600 AGAINST G-FORCE” KG responds in a sea of spit “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!” rips his shirt apart and becomes the incredible hulk

  • Ozrock

    Ray “who needs cheerleaders??”

    Wallace “pfft not us its the time out disco worm challenge, electric bugaloo babeee”

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    KG: Guys, stop checking out girls..

  • Matt Fastow

    The sleeve really does make you do more push-ups.

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Ozrock, I know this is completely irrelevant but I just had to say it. First of all, the worm is a breakdancing move, not disco. 2nd, it’s spelled electric boogaloo, and that is not breakdancing, its popping, from the funk era. That is all.

  • DJ

    KG: Do you see that girl in the front row!

    Ray: Yeah! Try seeing her from this angle!

    Gerald: WOW! none of you see her the way I do.

  • Joe King

    Allen:Is your shooting sleeve feeling heavy?

  • J-RO

    KG: Iverson is looking for a team?
    G-Wall: everyone, hide!

  • J-RO

    Allen: I lost my mouthpiece…can u help me look?
    G-Wall- are u sure its not in your shorts like last time?

  • J-RO

    Allen: I lost my jump shot, can u help me find it?
    G-Wall- some guys have all the luck, I never had one.

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    Gerald: “Rondo’s got his head down again.”
    KG: “Go get him, Ray.”

  • k


  • http://ccongel23@yahoo.com colby

    KG: Alright first one back with my chili dog gets defensive player of the year..On your mark..get set..GO!

  • aamir syed

    g.wallace “oh snap, did scalabrine just take his jersey off?”
    r. allen “oh my goodness, he’s so bi…”
    k garnett “beautiful. voluptuous. damn, i want me some brian.”

  • MtotheS

    KG: Dallas Twenty Ten baby!

    Jesus Shuttlesworth: I can’t believe I agreed to do this Dunk contest knowing Lebron was going to be in it…

    G-Force: Tell me about it, I’m thinking about knocking myself out so I don’t have to get humiliated!

    Jesus Shuttlesworth: So you just slam your head like this?

    G-Force: Works every time!

  • Ball For Life

    NBA- where fitness happens

  • Ball For Life

    Battle of the Worm. Garnett is shocked as we are

  • Ball For Life

    NBA- Where the “Worm” happens

  • matt

    i believe i can fly

  • Rich

    steven jackson finnally snapped and pulled out the gun lol, kevin garnett is giving the signaling rasheed to jump him from behind

  • d.j.

    G-Wall – ” OK so let me this str8 Rondo is gonna jump over both of us go trough the legs and than what ?!”
    Allen – “i dont know what he is gonna do i just hope he doesnt step on me again, i mean u seen what happened to KG a few mins ago ?”
    KG – “ya his big as* head is really messing his center of balance today, i hope im back before the playoffs”

  • knights9

    Ray to Crash: The only way they can afford us is if they cut the half time show.

    Crash: Damn!

    KG: Oh yeah….hey Ray check out my coffee grinder!

  • Rugulose

    It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys!

    Alternatively, NBA, where glory holes happen!

  • d.j.

    Allen – ” I think they r black ”
    G Wall – ” She isn’t wearing any dude ”
    KG – ” Stop that u fools thats my wife ”
    Ball boy in the black Adidas sweats in the back – ” I need to hurry up and get a good look at this too “

  • http://slamonline.com dennis lao

    wallace went don on all fours to look. so did allen. kg is about to do it also. so is the ballboy in adidas. the crowd is enjoying it especially the lady behind the ballboy. so what was it? jennifer lopez just falls down while performing at the AMA

  • Max

    Ray: Gerald, man I thought you said Jack was cool now after the trade? Damn.
    KG: I ain’t never seen a man go off like that.
    G-Force: Nellie told LB to cut his minutes. Bad idea.

  • cecil

    Gerald, you need to stop this contact lens business and get laser surgery already.

  • cecil

    The unfortunate result everytime “Get Low” blares during a play break.

  • Rnz

    Allen : “Whoa earthquake”
    Wallace : “A big one too”
    KG: “Its not an earthquake, Rosie O’donnel just fell down”

  • futurematic

    Gerald: From down here, you can totally see up Cheryl Miller’s skirt.
    KG: Hells yeah, boy.

  • http://www.sixers.com 360vue

    They’re clearly bracing themselves for all 290lbs of Big Baby to step out on the court. Anyone not in a seated position is in for a rough ride, that ballboy’s got the right idea too…

  • Nj4Life

    Both: “So this is how Nate Robinson sees the floor…”

  • king kv23

    ray: is that my mom ?
    gerald: no thats kg’s mom.
    kg: no thats my dad.

  • vancityhoophead

    Ray Ray: huh?
    Crash: eh?
    KG: Anything is possibbbbbbllllllleeeeee!!

  • JoNaBo

    KG:What are you guys doing?
    GW:Mike traveled with us for this game.
    RA:If you’re employed by Jordan in any way it’s written in your contract that you have to greet him with a bow.

  • Geo

    Ray:”First to 50″

  • magic bird

    g-force: there is an earthquake! it is already 2012!
    allen: no you fool, just kg’s sit ups.
    g-force: i understand mr senior citizen.

  • J

    g-force looks like eddie murphy

  • ENDS

    Im soooo Glad the Celts decided to add Cheerleaders!

  • ENDS

    KG- Damn! Nimble Cheerleaders at that!

  • chintao

    Three wise men contemplate hair-pie.

  • jericho artuz

    KG: ray2 gwill follow me…
    Ray and Gwill: can we do some push-ups instead? lbj is too big for us……….

  • MC Pats

    Crash: I’ll race you to the block and back!
    Jesus: Don’t you know how old I am?
    KG: Wait, aint I older than you, cos I been in the league longer?

  • Danny P

    Ray Allen: Funny how this is everybody’s reaction when Delonte West walks into the room…

  • zabba

    Praying to the refs to change a call.

  • zabba

    This is what happens when you’ve got really hot, half-naked cheerleaders on the court.

  • zabba

    Kevin Garnett thought it was a silly method to hide their boners, and besides, the crowd would eventually find out when they discover two holes drilled onto the court.

  • zabba

    How an NBA player would drill looking for oil.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Rayray – “Cleveland only got their floor raised 1 foot; subbing in aint so fun anymore”
    Wallace – ” Yeah, but just wait till Boykins shows up?!”


    Ray: Dang! what kind of underwear you think she’s wearing?
    Gerald: I’m not so sure, but it’s something I’ve never seen before…
    KG: What underwear?

  • Sam Z

    GForce: Ray u sure this is the best place to hide from stephen jackson?
    Ray: With ur injury record this is the last place jax would look for u…

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    Ray Allen:Why did you tell everyone to get down, Gerald?

    Gerald:Stephen Jackson said he was gonna come out shooting tonight!

    Ray Allen:So? we play great d..

    KG:Naw Ray, he ain’t talking bout baskets.

  • james connaughton

    106…..107….108…109….THATS WHAT WE WILL BEAT YOU BY TONIGHT

  • james connaughton

    106…..107….108…109….THATS WHAT WE WILL BEAT YOU BY TONIGHT

  • Ken

    KG: Wait, I thought “downward dog” was after we did “sideplank”?

  • 6marjons

    G – I’m tired of losin, let’s take a seat
    Ray – And we’re winnin so easy me and Kev will join

  • 6marjons

    Wow big baby can dunk these days! He’s got Hops since he lost weight.

  • http://www.slamonline.com JROSALAN

    Ray: We got that loose ball…
    Gerald: Please God, stop ‘em Steph.
    Kev: If Big Baby don’t make this, someone’s gon’ cry.

  • marc

    allen: this is how you do the downward facing dog.
    Gerald: like this right?
    KG: Yall are both doing it wrong. its like this. you can get hurt that way!!!

  • DOTcom

    Ray: I think Mike hid the good shoes over there
    Gerald: Definitely We looked everywhere else

  • Pic

    Ray: Everybody back on your feet now. False alarm, it was just KG waking up from an exciting dream.

  • robert stewart

    KG “Pilates is a lot tougher than I thought”

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    Hey ladies, that’s a thousand push ups. Mmmm, we can barely move our left arms ’cause we did so many.

  • JayChau

    Garnett proves that frontrow seats aren’t always the most entertaining.

  • John Rebelo

    who ever said nba players where the hardest working athletes in sports?

  • http://www.twitter.com/Th3_R3al_Chris Th3_R3al_Chris

    Palebwins imo, lol

  • http://www.twitter.com/Th3_R3al_Chris Th3_R3al_Chris

    Pale wins, imo…

  • http://4Aitkenroad,Hamilton,ScotlandML37YA Hambone

    do the humpty hump

  • Sid L

    RAY-RAY: “ANOTHER bat!!! Whers’s Ginobili when you need him?!”
    KG: “Ima get this one!”
    GW: “Don’t do it!!! You know Ginobili’s been having dreams about batz attacking him!! But they saying that he injured”

  • MountainGoat

    VOICE AT THE OTHER END OF THE FLOOR: “Its ok – Joey Crawford found his contact lens!”

  • http://4Aitkenroad,Hamilton,ScotlandML37YA Hambone

    im going to look rajon right in the eye and tell him to pass the ball more

  • Babygab

    steven jackson finnally snapped and pulled out the gun lol, kevin garnett is giving the signaling rasheed to jump him from behind
    Man you are hilarious. You should win this lol =)

  • http://4Aitkenroad,Hamilton,ScotlandML37YA Hambone

    Ray–”man we`ell never get in the olympic squad”

    KG– “f,Dat im a try out for the para-olympics, bro”

  • http://4Aitkenroad,Hamilton,ScotlandML37YA Hambone

    G.Force–”ohh shhheeeeet its delonte,hit the deck”

  • http://www.nbashoes101.blogspot.com Johan

    Gerald Wallace: Come on Ray, let’s do a pushup contest
    (Ray Allen tries to take the pushup but failes miserably)
    Ray Allen: Atleast I don’t shoot under 40% on my field goals!

  • Ryan.T.

    Sidenote first: In the 2004 Playoffs (I think), Francicso Elson accused KG of being gay after intentionally hitting him in the balls….
    -Ray: Let’s hurry up & finish this push up contest
    -Wallace: I know, I can feel KG trying to peek up my shorts
    -KG: “Where Amazing Happens”

  • Ryan.T.

    I shoulda said the proper term, homosexual… Please don’t ban me

  • Double J

    KG: Jesus you always trying to get a head start when it comes to running suicides

  • Justin Blackburn

    Allen: First one to a hundred pushups represents the East in the championship.
    G-Force: Is this a joke?
    Garnett: What makes you say that?
    G-Force: Everyone in the stands laughing!

  • MVP420

    Ray- Am i doing it right?
    Wallave- This is how you do the worm!
    K.G- i got bad knees, i cant do the worm

  • tmw

    everybody down! robert parish did finally walk through that door!

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    G-Force: “What do we do now?”
    Ray Allen: “If you stay low and don’t make eye contact, eventually he’ll go away.”

  • Golden

    KG: “I want that purple stuff…”

  • humous

    Man, that Boykins is fast!

  • WILL baumgarten

    Hey Ray! Why Are You So Damn Skinny?!

  • colin n

    Ray and crash: mr. Jordan were sorry if we ever did anything to disabay u pleae let us play this one game
    KG: o dang its mj himself

  • Kyle

    (Push up contest..)

    Allen: Come on man , your not doing it properly!

    Wallace:Im trying , im trying! stop yelling at me *starts to teer up*

    Garnett: Are you serious?? Im guarding this guy…

  • Piotr Chmielwski

    KG: Guys can you get down I want to that hot girl in the front row.
    G-Wall: Yes master
    Ray:First one to get her is the best Celtics player!!!!!

  • http://slamonline.com Ron Paper

    (Allen) she aint got no panties on (Wallace) i know dog (Garnett) y’all betta stop lookin at my woman

  • thebigticket05

    Gerald Wallace: I think he said to do 10?
    Ray Allen: No, you gotta do 20, I gotta do 10.

  • Paul Wells

    I know why KG tripped me! Why’d he trip YOU too?

  • Paul Wells

    Ray, does this seem like a pretty big audience for a yoga class?

  • Tak Peralta

    Hey Wallace! I said no girl push ups!

  • Tak Peralta

    Yo Wallace! How many times do I have to tell you, no girl push ups!


    Ray: it is oprah winfrey!
    gerald: where? i lust for her!
    KG: get your team circumsized first!

  • http://alecheilimo@hotmail.com Alec Heilimo

    Ray Ray: Paul Pierce hasn’t got that high since Kansas. GW: Get out of the way Tyson. KG: Ray is just so fit.

  • Kyle Impero

    RA & GW: “100, 101, 102…”

    KG: “Oh man, I thought we were supposed to be doing crab walks.”


    Ray: it is oprah winfrey!

    Gerald: where? i lust for her!

    KG: get your team circumsized first!

    Gerald: hey is is her panty that looks like 50 cent!

  • Renz S7

    Gerald wallacE: Yo whats wrong with Big Baby???
    Ray Allen: I duno, i dont know him to stop pushing people out of his way.
    KG: You are dead after the game DAVIS!

  • Renz Sy

    Gerald: Yo whats wrong with Big baby

    Allen: I dont know.. i told him to stop pushing people out of his way..

    KG: You are dead after the game, DAVIS!

  • Ian Erickson

    Ray: Let’s do some extra cardio.
    G. Wallace: I’m too tired. With being on this team I have to work too damn hard.
    KG: Ray 1, Gerald 0.

  • Jimmy

    “I see you got the sleeve like me, but you wanna play like Jesus, you gotta work like Jesus!”
    “But it’s midway through the third Ray!”
    “Oh, I’m sorry, has Spike asked you to be in his movie? Let’s go! 20! Next play, I’ll show you how to hit a three off the curl.”

  • NuggetsFan

    Gerald: Damn, is that KG’s wife?
    Ray: Yeah, she always goes commando. A beautiful sight.
    KG: I’m about to bully these…

  • Patrick Vuljaj

    Crash- If I do more push ups then you, your team gives us 5 of their wins.
    Ray- And if I do more?
    Crash- Ill show you how to grow hair like mine.
    Ray- DEAL!
    KG- Hey, Can you show me?!?

  • Gardi Royce

    Allen: Dang ref just cuz you got reinstated doesn’t mean you can make us do up downs!!

  • Gardi Royce

    Allen: Now Wallace just calmly do the up ward facing dog. This will help you get through your time in Charlotte.

    Garnet: Yeah this yoga was the only thing that got me through Minnesota.

  • Austin

    Ray- “Well I’m not seeing anything. You’re sure you saw the ball roll under the scorers table?”

  • Mikey V

    “We better play to our potential before we have to give coach 50 more”

  • retep_one

    KG: at least they aint crying like big baby.

  • Joni Sip

    KG: Ray that turkey dinner was too much for me. I’ve just gotta sit for a sec.
    Allen: KG your right i am never going to eat something you cook, ever again.
    Crash: Allen your right! i will never eat at KG’s house again. No matter what hes cookin!

  • Joni Sip

    Ref: what the heck are you guys doin down there?
    KG and Allen: did you not clearly see crash pushed us down, and you didnt call a foul. Then he decided to join us so it looked like we fell by ourselfs.
    Crash:Ha, you guys are just babies cause i just jammed it over you two and you wanted to ref to call a charge. Well too bad!!



  • http://all33sports.blogspot.com 3Wade4MVP

    Crash: Oh God! We are losing soo bad that Coach Brown is coming in to play in his retro jersey!
    KG: Woah!!! That thing is way too tight!

  • German Reignman

    “Ready …. Set …… Go”

  • Devon the Dude

    Ray: 102…..103….104…105… that’s what we will beat you by tonight sunshine!
    G Wall: Damn Mr Shuttlesworth, Imma get MJ out that suit and sub for me than..
    KG: Oooooh who lives in a pineapple under the sea..Well crab crawl for the second half.

  • Mickey Moe

    Hey Ray, do you think the time out coach called is that important???

  • Mickey Moe

    Jordan looks upset that its more adidas being worn on the court then jordans

  • Mickey Moe

    KG: Jordan make you guys do pushups whenever we get a break?

  • andrew

    man we need to learn to do push ups

  • andrew

    kg: what are you guys doing
    wallace: i am doing the worm
    ray:come on join the dance-off

  • KB

    Ray “C’mon Crash, you can do it.”
    Crash “H@ll with this nonsense, we don’t do yoga in Alabama!”

  • Kobi Weinberg

    KG- How many more push ups we got?
    Ray- I don’t know, but I’m exausted!
    Wallace- Look who’s talking, I got 75 more!

  • http://28hensloweplaceMelba,ACTAustraliapostcode=2615 pronin@homemail.com

    KG – Ray, who are you inviting to lie down in my house!? Don’t make me get up!
    Ray – He’s seen us…. RUN!
    Wallace – But were not done watching celtics thrash the bobcats on the bigscreen!

  • http://28hensloweplaceMelba,ACTAustraliapostcode=2615 Anthony

    KG – Ray, who are you inviting to lie down in my house!? Don’t make me get up!
    Ray – He’s seen us…. RUN!
    Wallace – But were not done watching celtics thrash the bobcats on the bigscreen!!

  • jsmoove

    NBA-Where checkin’ out the cheerleaders happens

  • Michael K

    Crash: Since we can’t beat you in a game, I am sure I can beat you in a push-up contest!
    KG: 72 for Shuttlesworth & 65 for Crash!

  • Trout

    Ray: Alright Gerald the first rule of winning championships is always stay in shape. Let’s start now seeing as were up by 40 and there’s only 5 minutes left in the game.
    G-Force: Alright coach!
    KG: Damn I sure am glad i did mine before the game.

  • Nick

    KG: Oh crap! is that Michael Jordan in the front row over there?
    WALLACE: Ray, you better get down here with me. MJ doesn’t like when we dont show our respect.
    RAY: yeah, yeah, im with ya. ever since lebron is changing his number to 6, michael got the idea that he should just have all numbers in the 20′s cleared out for him.

  • Alexm

    Hi Mrs. Parker

  • Emil Yue

    Ray: 1!…2!…3!…

    Wallace: I’m doing more!

    KG: Lets see those push ups!

  • http://www.myspace.com/tendernuts noel

    gw:wat do you mean we got stephen jackson!!!!!!!!! ray:i still cant belive i was traded for gary payton and d-mason……

  • http://www.myspace.com/tendernuts noel

    gw:beyonce really did have the greatest video of all time….OF ALL TIME!ray:i agree kg: i thought taylor swifts video was pretty damn good even though it does take 5!

  • Max L

    Ray: Damn man, I understand getting fined as a penalty, but pushups?!
    GWallace: Yep, David Stern’s gone crazy. Atleast he let KG go with a couple of situps.
    Ray: Good thing Artest isn’t here…

  • jshawaii

    KG: Aww hell nah. A push contest without me?

  • Henry Berger

    “Hey Ray,Do you belive in love at first sight?”

  • Henry Berger

    “Hey Ray,Do you belive in love at first sight?”

  • Henry Berger

    “Hey Ray,Do you belive in love at first sight?”

  • Jordan

    Allen: Yo Gerald the bat that manu caught at the spurs game is haunting us!
    Gerald: Why us!
    Allen: We took over and they cant beat us no more.
    Gerald: Well you guys are winning so you catch the bat!

  • Jon Duckett

    Ray: “Your goin down G. I can do 2000 pushups.” Gerald: “I already beat KG, and I’m NOT losing to someone with one eyebrow.”

  • azad

    Jesus and Crash sign up for their first Yoga class at the Garden
    “wait…did he say Down dog? or Up dog?”

  • Eddie Rivera

    Ray- “I can’t beleive Michael just dropped us to do push ups in front of the crowd”

    Crash- “I didn’t joint Jordan brand for this”

    KG- “Hey there’s room for more in ADIDAS”

  • Eddie Rivera

    The push up competition for the last spot in the All Star Game!

    Ray: “How many is that?”

    Crash: “Bro! Let me get my first All Star Game!

    KG: “Ray, he really wants it, he just beat me”

  • http://www.associatedcontent.com/user/482871/cj_king.html CJK

    KG: Is that Penelope Cruz?!?
    Ray Ray: Nah Kev, it’s Eva… you know, Tony’s wife?
    KG: Well..why is she in Boston?
    GForce: Yeah Ray, why is she wearing my jersey? Oh..

  • Krisshawn Lester

    so how are the sonics doing since u left?
    KG: Drop and give me 20

  • Shawn

    KG: Push-ups already guys, I’m still finishing my sit-ups

  • Mike

    Ray Allen: Nice foul you got on me Gerald.
    Gerald: Nah, man all ball, I’m gonna make this contest as close as possible.
    KG: Being down by 35 does not make it close.

  • Dan S.

    When Larry Brown screams at you to do push-ups, you do push-ups

  • Dan S.

    Ray: Kobe doin’ work? You gotta be kidding me….I do push-ups, and all I get is not being an allstar.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Gerald “see i told you DJ was gonna be taller then us if we laid down.”

  • http://www.jameyburke.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    SugarRay: “damn-were those gunshots?”
    GWallace: “is that Jose Calderon?”
    Ticket: “SECURRITY!”

  • habeebeereseecup

    Ray: C’mon G, up!
    G: I can’t man, this floor is all slippery with sweat.
    KG: My bad…

  • Samuel Kalnitz

    Allen: Ew this floor is so gross!
    Wallace: Trust me, I’ve seen worse.
    Garnett: Oh gross! Rasheed just puked over there!
    Wallace to Allen: Never mind.

  • David Jacobowitz

    Simon Says walk on your hands!

  • Rio

    Hey, i bet u i can do more push-ups than you before Rondo brings the ball upcourt… Ready, Set……

  • Mickey Moe

    NBA: were jaw dropping happens

  • Mickey Moe

    Rondo’s arms is the same length of of Tyson Chandlers????

  • Mickey Moe

    KG:That was dumb for you 2 agreein to let Jordan jump over you guys for a dunk to support the new mikes.

  • matthew

    red light green light go to the end kevin

  • Sherman

    RayRay: “Crash, you okay?”
    Wallace: “Yeah.”
    KG: “Those damn pyrotechnics!”
    RayRay: “Oh, that’s what that was!”
    Crash: “Yeah, now they’ll make fun of us on the news like Obama when he almost hit the deck during a 21-gun salute in London.”

  • Deondrick Jackson

    NBA Twister

    Right hand- Three point line
    Left leg- Free throw line

  • http://www.christian.com/funches21 W. Funches 21

    Ray: Hey Crash, if you do 20 of these 3 times a day, within 5 years… you too will develop a JUMP SHOT!!!!

  • Jason Parker

    Who invited O.J. to the arena tonight?!

  • http://aol.com Martin Fenn

    Ray: “I’ll race you to the O’Brian trophy.”
    Gerald: “Okay.”

    10 seconds later

    Ray: “Yo Gerald where you at.”
    Gerald:”I’m still back here man.”

  • http://myspace.com/punkissopasse Meghan Murphy

    Ray: Dang, you think that girl just saw us all fall down at the same time?
    Crash: Does it matter? We can see up her skirt!

  • Michael Nunez

    KG: “Yo whoever finds my earrings first gets to keep em”

  • Marvin Gutierrez

    Jerry Buss (with a gun): everybody down, I’m not leaving without the 2008 Finals trophy.

  • Kyle

    Wallace: Ray, does it feel like your whole team is on your back?
    Allen: No, I could do this all day!
    Wallace: Damn, I want traded!

  • Justin Sell

    KG: Ready… set… GO!!!

  • Amit Toor

    Ray: ugh, I can’t do anymore
    Gerald: I’m about to give up
    KG: guys I gave up an hour ago!

  • http://aol.com Martin Fenn

    Ray: Yo Gerald, look at Glen Davis’ gut, it’s huge!
    Gerald: Yea, that’s almost as funny as Larry Brown coaching in the NBA… STILL!

  • http://slamonline.com Jack

    Wallace; “Hey Ray,i bet i can beat you 300 push ups faster than you can.”
    Allen; ” Crash, I can outshoot you, outhustle you and do more pushups than you, Wanna try me?”
    Wallace ” You’re scared”

  • kevin moore

    Ref: “OK!, Ray, Gerald and Kevin! now!, right arm on Green!!” Gerald Wallace: “ohh come on!! why is it all ways Green!!?”

  • kevin moore

    GW: “yo ray ray, is that KG’s wife!?”
    Ray Allen: “yea! man, she’s got a nice booty huh!”
    KG: “…I HEARD THAT!!”

  • BandA

    Ray: “On your mark, get set…”

    GW: “Man, you cheatin’!”

  • brandon

    GW: I’m just gonna relax and let my team handle the rest.
    Ray: Your down by 30…..
    GW: No, I just got traded to the Celtics.
    KG: HAHAHA, you wish….

  • Joshua Leone

    Everyones thinking Larry Birds back from the dead duck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Gardner

    KG: Come on Ray, no more girl push-ups.

  • Chris Taylor

    Allen: “On your mark, get set…”
    Wallace: “Wait..the winner goes to the Lakers and the loser to the Nets right?”

  • Chris Taylor

    KG: “On your mark, get set..”
    Allen: “Wait…the winner goes to the Lakers and the loser to the Nets right?”
    Wallace: “Hey, I play for the Bobcats. It’s a win-win.”

  • Omar Forero

    Gerald Wallace: “Man thats not a push-up, thats a girl push-up! I’ll show you how to do a push-up.”

  • Omar Forero

    KG: “Yo look at that fine honey in the front row”
    G-Wall: “Oh man shawty is a ten”
    Ray Ray: “I bet she finds eyebrows with band-aids hot”

  • Colton W.

    GW- Man, how many pushups does doc make you guys do? I’m tired man.
    RA- He makes us do a pushup for every pound big baby davis is overweight…….So I can do these all night long

  • Omar Forero

    G-Wall: “was that an earthquake?!?”
    Ray Ray: “No. Glen Davis just dove for a loose ball”

  • Danny Felder

    Gerald: C’mon Ray, stop doing the girl push-ups!

    Ray: At least I’m trying, Kevin is back there sitting this out!

  • Andres Vargas

    Ray: MAN! Looks like Bavetta’s been training since he almost beat Barley in that race.

  • Andres Vargas




  • Gee Morgan

    Ray to Gerald: “Okay, Gee, last time. This is how low you go to the proper muscle definition doing my all new Celtic Pride 20x total body conditioning program.

  • http://www.hw-event-hosting.de Holger Werner

    He Ray, i´ll promise to leave you wide Open the whole night if you´ll do my Push-Up´s too !

  • http://4721w.153rdst.LawndaleCA90260 Craig Copley

    Yo! Do you think our coaches see us hiding from playing any D, and camping out in 3 point country?

  • http://4721w.153rdst.LawndaleCA90260 Craig Copley

    RA-”I live in 3 point country! But what are you doin here G?”
    GW-”This is how I play defense”!

  • http://www.mixmakers.net Remy Brown

    Gerald Wallace: Do yall do this every time Rondo shoots free-throws?

  • http://Wilonekillah85@yahoo.com William Parada

    Ray: Hey Gerald you need to catch up with your push ups if you ever plan to win a chip like me.
    Gerald: Tell Your Airness to get me out of charlotte So I can get in a Celtic uniform.
    Ray:I’ll talk to Mike,Mr Wallace.
    Gerald:Never mind look at K.G. seems he already gave up I hear Orlando n L.A. have great weather and fine women all year long.

  • Martin Poirier

    Allen: I can do more push ups than you Gerald.

    Wallace: Yeah, but you’re doing girl push ups.

    KG: I got next!

  • jake G

    allen: oh no, i think KG found out I’m wearing kobe’s shoes instead of his! run!!!

  • john

    Being somewhat of a religious man, Crash no longer has to wonder what Jesus would do.

  • Ali Saadat

    Ray: “C’mon kid, this is how you prevent groin injuries”.

    KG: Oh my!

  • http://SlamOnline Azem.Kelmendi

    hey ray-ray, lets show charles barkley how to do real push-ups.

  • Zohaib Imam

    KG: Let me see 20 (pushups)

  • http://fcclaboy@yahoo.com Landon Doiel

    everyone down big baby hit a winning shot!..ray”why didn’t that kid listen

  • Antonio Girling

    (In the voice of a dramatic TV comecial)
    Every year the allstar game adds a new side game to its list. this year get ready for……. NO LEGS BASKETBALL.

  • http://aol.com Martin Fenn

    Is that Barkley working on his golf swing…AGAIN????

  • Charlie G

    “Is 2012 over yet?”

  • Tommy Rothman

    Ray Allen: Man, they said when Kendrick Perkins farted you should hit the floor, but I had no idea.
    Gerald Wallace: Man…
    KG: Seems like Big Baby Perkins needs his diaper his diaper changed.

  • Jasvinder Dha

    KG: Lamar & Khloe? U Serious?

  • Jonathen Morgan

    Hit the deck! Scalabrine just bent over to tie his shoe and he had chili before the game!

  • http://Slam.online Isaac waggoner

    Common coach Ive done 50 ,with a sleeve

  • http://Slam.online Isaac waggoner

    Common coach we’ve done 50 with our sleeve’s on.

  • Subu Upadhyay

    KG: Damn, guys check out that sugar on the third row.

    Ray Allen: Id leave my wife for that any day.

    Wallace: Well i ain’t married. Ill be meeting up with her after the game.

  • Connor Kaminke

    Allen: Ok Gerald, first one to 50 push-ups gets my championship ring! KG: Say what?! You better be kidding!

  • Subu Upadhyay


  • Joe

    Crash:”Dam that was like an earthquake. Why did you guys let Big Baby do the halftime show?”
    Ray:”I don’t know, but that’s one strong trampoline.”

  • Emily Nomura

    Ray:”Whoa! Is that Beyonce?!”
    Crash:”Where? I can’t see ’cause Rajon’s stupid but is in the way!!!”

  • Brendan Vugteveen

    KG, “Get down and give me fifty!!”

    Ray, “Look whose back…”

  • Danh

    So Ray you’re telling me if I perfect this cobra pose I’ll play as long as you? I thought yoga was just to meet hot, flexible women!

  • http://june7thdonald@netzero.net donlaker

    RAY: REF, IM SORRY, kg and i were just kidding
    gerarld: me too , i didnt mean to trigger your army flashback…. sir

  • http://june7thdonald@netzero.net donlaker

    gerald: hey this nba breakdance class isnt that bad..
    ray: looking like a hobo
    kg: two buffalo gals go round the outside…..

  • http://june7thdonald@netzero.net donlaker

    ray : ref i will trade the technical for 10…
    wallace: me too ref, 10 pushups no problem

  • http://june7thdonald@netzero.net donlaker

    david stern:were going for a kinda artsy nba cares ad
    this month guys .i really like that b boy yoga move… kg

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Gerald- Hit the deck!!! Coach told Stephen Jax to shoot like he did in Indy!

  • Juan

    Wallace: Hey Ray, is it cool to get up?
    Ray: Nah man, I think Artest is still in the building.

  • lynchpin33

    Gerald – I told you that when Michael Jordan made it to courtside he would have on an ugly pair of jeans again.

    Ray – Wow, I heard about it before and this man sponsors me.

    K.G.- Wow, I am glad that nike did not want to outfit the (O.B.F.) and I left them!!!

  • fernando323

    Damnit! another bat! quick call Manu.

  • http://www.thewatchlounge.com Tom

    Ray: I don’t care if push ups on your knees are girly, I can still do more than you!

    Wallace: You’re on!

  • Loïc

    Geez, Rondo’s flying low today!

  • Theres

    Damnit! Gravity’s even stronger in TD than it was in old Boston Garden!

  • gustavo v

    KG: What are you two doing?
    Ray: Micheal said whoever does the most push ups gets to debut the Air Jordan 2011.

  • Zach

    Gerald Wallace: Welcome to the club my friend
    Ray Allen: So this is what it’s like at the bottom.

  • jordan

    Ray: Gerald I am doing the worm!
    Gerald: Say man! How’d you do that!?!
    Kevin: No gentlemen! It’s all about the crabwalk!

  • Adam Grubb

    Gerald: “First one to do as many push ups as career three pointers wins!”
    Ray: “Damn… this could take awhile…”

  • T-air

    Push Up Contest

    Ray: come on man let me win, Walker (ray allen son) is watching
    Gerald: You mean the one with the disease
    KG: It runs in the family

  • Pcorn24

    “Okay, after this we go into downward dog”

  • Efehi

    Gerald: Am I doin them right?
    Allen: Na G, that’s the way Chuck does them…You gotta go all the way up like this

  • Efehi

    Gerald: Am I doin them right?
    Ray Ray: Na G, that’s the way Chuck does them…You gotta go all the way up like this

  • Derrick Bynum

    Dang our coach is strict he even makes the other team do push ups for missed lay-ups

  • Derrick Bynum

    The Kid:What they traded A.I. back 2 Philly
    Crash: Can they trade u back 2 ur rookie team
    Allen: Not me my team moved 2 Oklahoma

  • http://Slam Jacob Brumit

    The fat guy stole the last doughnut on the tray, I was saving that for later.
    Hey dude take that back to the home locker room and put it in locker 20 and i will give you a free autograph.



  • Kareem

    Ray Allen says,

    “Y’all can’t do more pushups than me. I’M JESUS!”

  • Ryan Faille

    Allen – See Crash, this is what we are gonna do. We are gonna go to Cleveland and the whole team is gonna do the Worm while the cavs are taking pictures.

    Wallace – Like This?

    Allen – Exactly!

    KG – Yo Ray! Man stop telling everyone our dance moves, now we have to change it up again!

  • Jocris Bugayong

    Ray: 1. . . .ahhhhhh..
    Gerald: 0. . . . .waaaaaaah!
    KG: Whacha guys talkin about? Rings or Push-ups? No matter what it is, RayRay we need more! let’s go!

  • Mickey

    Ray Allen: Get down! Be quiet!!! Perkins is shooting freethrows.

  • Raymond Chung

    GW: Hey Ray, i think my push-ups were better

    RA: i thought we were looking at that girl over there.. haha

  • jtr

    Ray and Gerald
    “Mr.Jordan, how many pushups still to get us some real signature shoes?”

    “Glad I’m on adidas, and can just chill when Rondos doing his layups”

  • Dexter

    3….2….1….. BUZZERRRR (halftime)

    Instructor: alright guys..it’s YOGA time!!!!
    KG : Ahhh…sh**…..
    Instructor: everybody, follow me…..
    Instructor: stretch….face up…..wait..wait.!!
    Instructor: Hey DOC is that your kangaroo runnin around d court? Can you tell him to get out because he is interrupting my class…THANK YOU…… OKAY CLASS…….to d left..now to d right….

  • Henry Dean

    KG: “Hey, you guys said you wouldn’t start the push up contest without me!”

  • Lee Dormer

    My god Ray, you were right… that chick in the front aint wearin any panties!!

  • http://slam shawn williams

    and mike said . . .

  • http://slam shawn williams

    low-pose defense!

  • Aris Flores

    RA: “You think they are really adding that worm race to All Star Weekend?”
    GW: “I hope so. I wanna be a champion in something in the league.”

  • http://june7thdonald@netzero.net donlaker

    ray: yoga can help between timeouts
    gerald: really, i’ll try anything to get better.

  • http://june7thdonald@netzero.net donlaker

    nba announcer :and the winner in the nba yoga breakdance competion is kevin garnett,,
    Ray: what….
    gerald:yea ray you said ths double thing would work

  • http://june7thdonald@netzero.net donlaker

    nba yoga class:
    ray:kg fell asleep again.
    gerald: again….

  • http://myspace.com/icue08 Brandon Sommers


  • Tyler Howser

    KG: “What did you just say to me, punk?” :o

  • rhyen

    “The Worm” is back in the NBA

  • james o.

    “Man! these mid-game conditioning drills are killin’ me!

  • Joe Fitz

    Ray: Gerald what’s the rent like down here?

  • http://slam todd tinkham

    Dang, Ray Ray I’m still doin’ these sit ups and you and Gerald, oh wait you already on the push-ups.

  • Alex M from NJ

    First person to do the worm across the floor wins. Loser buys drinks. KG, you are disqualified!

  • Loïc

    GWallace: Ray, don’t you think these new rules about showing respect to the refs are a bit exaggerated?

  • Trent Barwick

    Allen: I hate when Kevin makes us do push-ups mid game!
    Wallace: Yeah? At least your on his team…

  • Aman W

    Ray: 5…6…7…8 and breathe. This yoga is really working. I feel like im 25 again.

    Wallace: Ya forreal man, but your boys making me a little uncomfortable.

    Ray: You get used to it…

    KG: Daaayumn! Shortaai (T- Pain voice)!

  • Flipped-Out Slappity Monkey Steve

    Wallace: Just like the Bobcats and our playoff hopes, I’m beat.
    Allen: And just like in the standings KG’s way ahead and is already on his second set of sit ups…

  • rodman5179

    Simon says “Lay on the floor”.
    Simon says “Get up”.
    “lay on the floor”.
    Ha, you lose G-Force, Simon did’nt say.

  • rodman5179

    KG “What are they doin’….. are they looking at my….Heyyy!
    Wallace “I can see her…
    Ray-Ray “Nooo wayyy….Give us a look!

  • http://myspace.com/thebuslovemaker Tim Winston Jr

    “You see Gerald, girl push-ups during dead balls have been the secret to my silky jumper.”

  • Roger Guan

    Ray- Do you know how to do push-ups?
    Gerald- Nah, hey,maybe we can go to the gym sometime!

  • http://AOL Karrim

    Ray- Yo this game is so easy im doing push-ups.
    K.G- I know right im doing sit ups

  • AM

    Ray Ray- Yo Gerald you know no matter how many push-ups you do ya’ll are never making the playoffs with Boris Diaw as a starter right?

    GW- Playoffs? Playoffs? I just want the All-Star game Ray Ray.

    KG- Anything is Posssibbbllllleeeee!!

  • TheMagician10

    NBA – Where parque floors happen.

  • Patrick Jackson

    Ray – “Your coach makes you do these in practice too???”

  • Emilio

    Look! the Jordan 2010!, but I think JB will give us a model to be released until after Wade!

  • Nick

    When Larry Brown yells, everyone listens.

  • Keith


  • Darius Ng

    KG: Yo, you guys love Sir Charles kinda push up on TNT???

  • Alex from NJ

    First one to do the worm across the entire court wins! Loser buys drinks…Oh no KG….You are already disqualified!!!

  • Aris Flores

    GW: “Are you suer doing the worm will help my shooting?”
    RAY: “Of course it will. I know you’ve seen my shot.”
    KG: “Damn. I can’t believe Ray got him to do it. There goes $50!”

  • Nathan Acosta

    R.A.- “I’m telling you Crash yoga is how you get that 3 point percentage up son!”

    G.W.- “So that how you’ve shut every team in the league down? Damn!”

  • Sean OB

    Ray: And this one is called upward dog
    Wallace: You sure this worked for the lakers?

  • http://twitter.com/jinkwell Jennifer Kye

    That’s right, Crash. Just ease into the cobra pose.

  • Wink

    “I hate when K.C and the Sunshine bands song, “Get Down Tonight” comes on”

  • Wink

    Allen: “Might as well take a break while ‘Shed argues his point again”

  • Ahsan maqsood

    Ray: hey Gerald try this new move in bed with the mrs. I call it the HARDwood.

  • Asif S.

    “Wait…you mean girl push-ups don’t count?!”

  • http://slam curtis case

    give me 20 push ups

  • V R

    Ray: wow these push ups are really hard to do

    Gerald: tell me about it

  • lindmj06

    Gerald: “So all we have to do to get MVP is wear our arm sleeves while doin’ push ups?”
    Ray Ray: “Yeah…thats what Lebron said.”

  • Sat

    Man these girl push-ups are harder than i thought!

  • jonny

    the nba. where half time naps happen

  • Luigi

    gerald: what you divin on the floor for? look at the score… ray: oh youre right.. i dont have to work that hard. no need for another game-winner tonight.

  • Luigi

    GW: hey, what does that say the floor? RAY: oh it says playoffs.. for when we play in april… GW: oh… never seen it before…

  • Luigi

    KG: did they break through our full court press yet? RAY: naww rajon sure is playin that D… GW: maybe i should stop cherry picking and help ‘em out back there…

  • Luigi

    DOC: ray! kevin! quit bein lousy and get back on D! that aint the kinda attitude we wanna have later in the playoffs.. LARRY-B: gerald that means you too! GW: but why? i mean, it aint like we goin to the playoffs anyway.. KG & RAY: not with that attitude..

  • Dennis B

    Allen: If none of us win the playoffs this year we could always start swimming
    Gerald: I know I’ve already started, London 2012 here i Come

  • Jordon J

    Sugar Ray: I hope Jordan Brand doesn’t go down like we do.

    G-Force: Too late

  • tom

    Fan in white collared shirt, to friend: David Stern’s policy of making players do push-ups for technical fouls really seems to be working.

  • Michael

    ray : 120, 121, 122
    gerald: 115,116,117
    kg : they got some nice ass

  • http://bmoore_34@yahoo.com Brandon Moore

    Hay Gerald, is Kevins hand on your butt?
    I don’t wanna talk about it Ray.

  • http://bmoore_34@yahoo.com Brandon Moore

    Hay Gerald, is Kevins hand on your butt?
    I don’t wanna talk about it Ray.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ErrolMcKay Errol McKay

    R. Allen: ugh man, how does Dwight(Howard) do so much push ups?! G. Wallace: I heard he does sets of 50!

  • http://slamonline.com rommel bequillo

    Fans; nice butt jesus
    G-force; you hear that ray?
    Ray; dont mention it
    KG; hahaha

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Thanks, everyone, for participating. Look for the winner in SLAM 135, on newsstands in early January.