Monday, December 28th, 2009 at 10:00 am  |  20 responses

Will the NBA Fine Nate Robinson?

Due to his agent’s very public trade request, Nate Robinson’s wallet may soon get a bit lighter: “The NBA is considering fining Nate Robinson for his agent asking the Knicks to trade the veteran guard. A Knicks source told the Daily News that the league has investigated comments made by Aaron Goodwin in which he criticized Mike D’Antoni for benching Robinson. ‘I can’t allow Nate to rot on Mike’s bench and not do anything about it. I can’t allow this to happen to his career,’ Goodwin said Dec. 19. ‘It’s clear that Mike D’Antoni doesn’t want to play him.’ Goodwin went on to say that D’Antoni’s decision is personal and not basketball-related. Robinson said the following day that he wanted to remain a Knick. Although it is unlikely, the league will fine Robinson if it decides he did instruct Goodwin to publicly demand a trade.”

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  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    Stern and Donny Walsh must be tighter than we think. SMH @ this bull sh!t.

  • Statik

    So a player can be fined for what his agent says? Tho we know Nate wants the same thing, he’s still trying to stick with the team and this happens…Free NATE!

  • d.j.

    ya this is retarded, these guys wont be able to say s*it pretty soon… is it in their contract that they cant speak freely or something, did they agree to that, couldn’t they retaliate against stern and file a lawsuit or something for a freedom of speech i wish Sheed would do this now that would be news…

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Why not fine D’Antoni for trying to screw over Nate Robinson’s playing career like he did to Steph? This is bullsh!t.

  • LA Huey

    Teddy, Mike D is the reason no team in the entire league wants Steph? I doubt Mike’s got much clout beyond PHX and NYK. Steph being a past-this-prime, basket case probably had more to do with his career than Mike D.

  • Ses

    first Starbury now Nate, its not easy being a Knick Guard!! lol

  • http://dsjfhklf.com Jukai

    Yeah, I really hope the players league moves against this. I think this is a little too much.

  • oddball

    I never heard of teams not playing people they don’t like but it seems to be happening way too much and this is the worst offense. Nate seriously can’t help these knicks? Really??

  • str8 from samoa

    nate needs to step it up if he still wanna be a knick. he should be leading this team.

  • http://www.cracked.com litetitan

    [reply to comment above]: nate has been leading the knicks, str8! all the way to the lottery draft every year!! haha.

  • http://none The Philosopher

    Nate must have really burned a very important bridge. And I love D’Antoni for taking a stand against these crying babies.

  • http://none The Philosopher

    I tell you the truth, these guys don’t respect the game. Duncan, Garnett, Nash, etc. respect the game.

  • knickerbonkers

    they hit nate for 25 grand! thats just gong a lil too far man 25 grand

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    That’s pretty harsh. I mean, you don’t want to play a guy, and can’t let him request a trade? Why not just let him walk like T-mac?

  • LA Huey

    @NiQ, the league doesn’t want public trade demands because they think fans percieve it as players being whiny…But that is harsh fine. I hope Nate taking that out of Goodwin’s next commission.

  • clyde

    25 grand? thats a crazy fine

  • tavoris

    BETCATS summed it up. Mike D has displayed all his slimeball-ness in NY. Where was this ‘ish in Phoenix? Where are the honest coaches who play it str8?

  • tavoris

    If the league can fine a guy for this, can’t they be fair and force the Knicks to do something about Mike D’s REFUSAL to play arguably the most talented & athletic (and easily he most entertaining)player on the team? I’m jus sayin…this is the THIRD time the Knicks have done this with a Thomas-obtained player in less than 12 months.

  • Mikey

    Wow Mike D gets me pissed off. He is handicapped mentally or something to be benching Nate with no explanation

  • Yesse

    This is starting to look like an outrage.First of all Nate hasnt done anything bad.It was Mike’s idea to bench him and isnt is really suppose to be understood, that any player doesnt want to stand there for too many games if he is healthy?I don’t remember anybody else getting fined for a trade request before so what would be the problem for him?Just buy him out, Knicks.He is starting to look more like Marbury everyday and, Knicks it isnt too expensive to buy out Nate compared to Marbury.