Monday, January 11th, 2010 at 12:55 pm  |  24 responses

Jayson Williams is Headed to Jail

The inevitable is now a reality: “Former NBA star Jayson Williams pleaded guilty Monday to fatally shooting his limo driver with a shotgun. Williams’ plea closes the book on a case that took eight years to resolve and brought only a measure of justice that the family of Costas (Gus) Christofi had been seeking. The former New Jersey Nets star faces 18 months in jail in return for pleading guilty to aggravated assault in connection with the 2002 shooting. Williams, 41, was facing retrial for a more serious charge – reckless manslaughter – for accidentally killing the 55-year-old driver at his mansion.”

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  • http://slamonline.com NUPE

    Sad story finally came to a conclusion. As I remember the reports he thought the gun wasn’t loaded – but obviously it was. I’m not sure I agree that 18 months ‘fits the crime’ but hopefully now that it’s over the family of the driver can move on and others will be reminded of the dangers of guns and gun play.

  • K Sidhu

    It is a sad story, but sadly in the US (or any gov’t) the law system is run by your access to $$$
    due to his NBA career he has some $$$ saved up to pay off crown attorneys, judges, etc. Ive seen this happen to many times in Toronto’s justice system.
    Gilbert Arenas will also face just a slap on the wrist for his incident

  • http://www.boogiewillaims.com Boing Dynasty


  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Another reason why you shouldn’t “play” with guns.

  • Yesse

    Why is the Nba so much full of drama now?Ofcourse Jayson hasnt played in the league for a long time, but Nba is turning into a gang area if this keep’s on going.

  • tavoris

    @Yesse-the NBA still has a long way to go to catch up with the NFL in the the “rap sheet” sweepstakes.

  • Hussman25

    ???? Shouldn’t he have done this 8 YEARS AGO! Would have saved him alot of time, money and embarassment!

  • tavoris

    @Hussman-they weren’t offerin him an assault plea back then. He woulda been lookin at 10 or so years

  • max

    so he kills a guy and only gets 18 months for that… wtf?

  • clyde

    18 months is a long time. especially for someone used to having money.

  • RedRum

    I wonder what would happen if it was the other way around? Say… Gus shot JW? would he get life or not?

  • http://slamonline.com dmonz

    To Gil,

    Learn from history..learn from my mistakes

    J. Williams

  • nastierthanu

    If u never met this cat it would be easy to run him into the ground but I played pick up wit this cat on more than 20 occasions. He’s not a terrible man. He has a drug and alcohol problem. He cost a man his life and that will forever stain his soul. I wish him the best because if he happens to address his issues he has the type of personality and story that can open up the eyes of young wanna be thugs wherever he is. Sometimes u have to turn your mess into a message. On the court side he was impossible for a cat to cover. He could shoot the college 3 easy, which in pick up is 2, and put the ball on the deck well. He would just grab defensive boards go full court and flush with 2 hands. This was after the knee injury. I don’t know how many nba all stars u all have played against but it was impressive.

  • http://dsjfhklf.com Jukai

    nastierthanu: Let’s compromise: he’s a really nice murderer. There?

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    what max said!!!!!!!!!!

  • max

    @nastierthanu did you play against him when he was drunk?

  • Justin

    18 months is nothing, especially when you consider he could be paroled in 6 months with good behaviour

  • http://www.behindtheback.webeden.co.uk Sam Raphael Chadwick

    I dont see why people compare Gil to this gil’s gun was unloaded and he gets all this punishment, kids pull guns on peple on the street every day and alot of times pull the trigger and alot of the time get away with it. people pull gns on people in a non pblic view and nothing happens just cos hes an ba player it gets all this attention maybe you should pay more attention to te kids on the streets who are pulling out guns

  • vtrobot

    2nd what Jukai said. 18 months is a lot shorter than being dead for the rest of your life.

  • http://www.luketynan.blogspot.com litetitan

    yeah this is a bad outcome…18 months? If he wasn’t a former NBA player/celeb he would probaqbly be in there for 25+ years…?
    The ‘law’ system is certainly not the ‘justice’ system…

  • ClydeSays

    I wish the Cribs episode w/ Jayson was still up on YouTube. He’s stomping around his gigantic New Jersey estate, wielding a shotgun.

  • Orlando Green

    WTFF!! fcukers kills someone and gets 18 months…he should get like 15 years…WOW… unbelievable!!!

  • tavoris

    @litetitan-he hasn’t gotten any breaks…the NJ Justice Department screwed up the prosecution worse than LA screwed up OJ’s

  • nastierthanu

    @jukai yes he’s a nice murderer. @max I never played against him while he was drunk but rest assured if he had been drunk he still wouldve banged on most everyone on this site. Tavoris u are correct Steven Lember was the prosecutor and he completely dropped the ball. He has since been released from his position. He was a d!ick and it was a pleasure to see him blow the biggest case of his life. Justice doesn’t take place in this world it happens in the next.