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Changes Coming to the Dunk Contest?

If the execs at TNT (who were bored by the event as much as you were this year) have their way, that’s exactly what’s going to happen: Turner Broadcasting System Inc.’s David Levy is planning to meet with NBA officials to talk about potential changes to All-Star Saturday’s dunk contest, which has faced media and viewer complaints in recent years for lacking star power and excitement. Despite that criticism, the showcase in Dallas held earlier this month scored a 3.1 U.S. rating and almost 5.5 million viewers for TNT, making it the second-most-watched night in the event’s history. Any changes to the event ultimately will have to be made by the NBA, but TNT has carried the event for 25 years, and Levy’s opinion is certain to carry weight in league circles. While Levy would not be upset to have LeBron James compete against Kobe Bryant in future dunk contests, he does not believe that the event necessarily needs that kind of star power to thrive. Levy, Atlanta-based Turner Broadcasting’s president of sales, distribution and sports, is more interested in having the players who agree to participate put more effort into it. In some cases this year, it appeared that dunkers were trying to make up dunks on the fly. ‘I think it had to do with preparedness. We’ll talk about that,’ he said. ‘I want to figure out how we can change or grow the event and keep it relevant.”’

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  • Kulchakris

    My first 1st!

  • I’m not famous

    At what point does this become plagiarism? Because wholesale passages are lifted from that article, aren’t there some type of journalistic ethics that come into play? You do get paid to put this stuff online[I know its not much], but you couldn’t rephrase it in your own words?

    Where’s the integrity?

  • yungbolito

    There should be more prizes n money for the winner..there should also be more guys dunkin, say like 6.
    guys should def prepare more too, just like guys(write) prepare for “freestyle” battles now

    should def get fans involved,i dont know like give suggestions for certain dunks. i like how you can vote live,but somehow get em involved….

  • jumpman3224

    People (mostly Shaq and reporters) like to talk about a Kobe, LBJ, VC dunk contest. Kobe is past his dunking prime and will never do another one. Last year, he even said so. Saying that he wouldn’t unless it was 30 and over contest.

  • cramzy

    just take the dunk contest out back and shoot it. It’s the humane thing to do.

  • spit hot fiyah

    EXPAND THE FIELD!!!!!!!!!! At least 6 guys, or 8 like back in the day, then it doesn’t matter if guys like gerald wallace and dontletshannondunk.com don’t show up except for in the flesh.

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/features/overdribbling chiqo

    it’s not plagiarism when you quote the source. in internet times, that’s providing a link to where it came from. mutoni puts a spin on his, these news stories are often just a section of the article verbatim. makes for more traffic because you’re reading news from their site instead of another one. /education

  • CLIB

    Have each team submit one player at the begining of every year eligible for the dunk contest. Let the fans vote to see who dunks. Then coaches and GMs can vote for the actual game so we do not get another TMAC/AI situation.

  • http://www.behindtheb.blogspot.com Sam Raphael Chadwick

    They should get people like the team flight brothers and the air up their to come in and dunk as well as players like Nate and Demar Derozan etc

  • riggs

    offer a damn incentive for winning the damn thing.

  • MikeC.

    Let the winner of the Sprite Amateur Dunk Contest compete against the NBA guys. Or bring in Shawn Bradley and Frederic Weis to stand near the basket. That’ll get guys like Kobe and Vince salivating. You think Nate jumping over Dwight was cool? Wait’ll you see Vince leapfrog Weis and put his arm in the rim? Or bring back JR Rider. If he can still do the East Bay Funk Through the Legs Dunk, crown him lifetime champ and shut down the contest forever.

  • Dray

    they should:
    a. hould try outs at specific dates leading up 2 the all star weekend
    b. use HORSE-rules for the dunks.

  • spit hot fiyah

    or c. not listen to you

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    and bring in the non-pros like air up there or witch name hes sporting..i saw him do a 720 that would make an all-star sat.night audience explode..Nate Rob is done, hes great but it was too mutch of him, Shannon was sh1t and G-dub didnt even try. BRING GUYS WHO GIVE A FU(K AND CAN DUNK, if they´re not pros fu(k it and let us enjoy da show!

  • LA Huey

    Like most have said, I would not have a problem watching amateurs duel.

  • The Philosopher

    Let the mascots battle in the dunk contest.

  • mtglyes

    Bring in the best dunkers, whether that be NBA or not. Like look at team flight brothers on youtube, unreal dunks that have never been done before.

  • Mark

    AND1 Vs NBA game and dunk contest. everyone would watch that, seeing lebron being crossed. would be good. get James White in! free throw line windmill dunk!! get guys who dunk in contests all the time.

  • J-Ro

    Iguodala anyone?

  • Steve

    i dont think they will ever let amateurs like and1 and team flight brothers or anything like that compete ( even though they are better ). How would it look if some no -names came and embarassed our NBA guys? i dont know how that would help the nba by showcasing other basketball players , showing that the NBA is not the best

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com Dutch Rich

    @I’m not famous. Nobody even signed this piece so who’re you gonna charge.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com/madlib Michael NZ

    A field of just four is stupid. Gotta make it 6. Eight might be too many, but I think six is ideal and realistic. Didn’t feel like these guys (yes you Crash) put much effort into it at all. Somehow there needs to be more incentive for A) the top guys to enter; B) actually really wanting to win… whether that’s NBA guys against amateurs or increased prize money I don’t know.

  • http://www.youtube.com/teamflightbrothers Team Flight Brothers

    … Let us dunk?

    or at least let us help put the contest together…. I know 100% Terrence Williams wanted to be in the contest, He would have blown the competition away, I’ll do it for free… Rather have the guys who we know can do innovative dunks, Nick Young did a behind the back 360 dunks 4 years ago in College…and has tried to get in for 3 years.. We know this, The NBA just honestly doesn’t care about the dunk contest in my opinion, Assign Dunk Coaches, I have 15 of them lol.

    Just getting a bit discouraging that we’ve yet to see a 360 between the legs dunk in the NBA Dunk Contest…Yet I see it 5-6 Time a week from guys in an open gym…

    You know what call me, I’ll work for free.. I’m just tired of getting hyped for all-star weekend and it being a MAJOR let down.

    Charles Millan
    Team Flight Brothers

  • barnabusb

    Bring in the amateurs and let the NBA guys have the night off so they can actually enjoy the event. Some no-name guy will make a name for himself, the crowd will be happy because the dunks will kick ass, and everybody wins.

  • http://theurbangriot.com/ NUPE

    I like Drays idea of horse like rules for dunks. Maybe in addition to ‘freestyle’ dunks each player has to either be judged on a standard dunk or be asked to pick a dunk out of hat etc. It would be ideal to have the ‘big names’ in, but that not likely to happen.

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    Weren’t they going to let Hook Mitchell participate in the dunk contest in 2000, but he was too high or something? (In response to those saying the NBA would never allow amateurs to participate)

    And the HORSE rules idea is terrible. That’s the same concept as the time they had the wheel to spin, only with worse potential.

    There just needs to be a bigger incentive for the players, I guess. Nothing else really seems to make sense.

  • rainman10

    Or Hook Mitchell was still in prison in 2000.

  • guts


  • Sparty

    @ NUPE: Pick a dunk out of a hat? They tried that – remember that stupid wheel of past dunks? It was retarded. Epic fail.

    The best things they can do are a) expand the field to 6 and; b) have a sponsor cough up a serious cash incentive to the winner like $500,000 for the winner and $500,000 to a charity of their choice.

  • http://slamonline.com Krishan

    I just watched a vintage nba dunk contest with a field of 12, with dr. j and nique, and quite frankly it was awesome. The dunks save for nique’s weren’t really up to par with today’s, but watching dunk after dunk with layup-line frequency was quite entertaining. So if you can’t really control quality, just change the quantity, I’m sure there’s going to be at least one that puts people of their seats and makes it a memorable event. And no, 6 participants is still too low. I’d go for 8-10.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    best dunk contest in recent memory was when Vince won it after sticking his arm into the hoop and hanging by his elbow.. Harold Minor and Jr Rider were also great.

  • Joe King

    iigy josh smith james white and lebron…?

  • http://www.youtube.com/teamflightbrothers Team Flight Brothers

    1. Make A Vote in Ballot
    (Mandatory unless Injured)
    2. Give the Winner 50k for winning and donate 100 to their charity of choice.
    3. Since the NBA will not allow “amateur” dunkers in the contest, Assign each contestant a “dunk specialist”.
    4. Larger Field…. They lowered it from 8 to 6 to 4… C’mon…just put 6 or 8 in it.

    I have about 50 of these…

  • http://hoopistani.blogspot.com The Hoopistani

    finally someone up there has decided to act on this. 2010 dunk contest = worst ever.

  • Buschfire

    seriously broaden the field, 6 or 8 players would be way better, 3 rounds, 2 dunks around, 2 minutes per dunk… don’t bring back the wheel, but idunno somthing creative needs to be thrown in to get these players pumped up. & an incentive to win too might help….

  • Ses

    If the League let Team Flight Brothers or And1 come in for the Dunk competition, it would make the NBA players that participate be more ready for a battle = good show! All star weekend is an NBA event so would they want a non NBA player to come in and steal the show, Hell Nah! It would be the best Vs. The best, and thats what people want to see!

  • Ses

    and they need to get rid of that stupid american Idol voting, that was the dumbest idea to date! You cant have people that never dunked or even played a game of basketball voting, its just not a good look!

  • Th3_R3al_Chris

    Six participants, three rounds, two dunks per round.

  • BostonBaller

    TNT should not complain….with the time restrictions, more commercials = more $$$ mentality and the over hyping they should just sit back and count their $$$. The contest does need to expand the field and it does need more commitment like it did back in the 80′s. Oh yeah, and no more Nate Robinson please. I hate when they compare him to Spudd Webb, there is no comparison other than the lack of height.