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Knicks/Bulls Battling to Land T-Mac

With the clock ticking, it’s down to a two-team race for McGrady (and his massive, expiring deal): “The Bulls and Knicks’ competition stretched beyond the Bulls’ 118-85 blowout victory Tuesday night, achieved without the services of Joakim Noah. The teams also are in battle for Tracy McGrady’s expiring $22 million contract. League sources said the Bulls have offered Brad Miller, Tyrus Thomas and either Kirk Hinrich or John Salmons to the Rockets for McGrady, who has been granted a leave and is training in Chicago. The Rockets have shown little interest in either Hinrich or Salmons and thus, sources said, the Bulls have tried to recruit a third team to get involved. It’s also possible the Bulls have made another unknown offer with a player replacing Hinrich or Salmons to the Rockets. Some league sources believe the Bulls’ offer is emerging as the front-runner as the 2 p.m. Thursday trade deadline looms.”

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  • http://myspace.com/rsaenz24 RoG23

    Did anyone seriously think the knicks would make a good move this season?

  • http://www.youtube.com/ L

    When do they ever?

  • Coach Walt

    Not sure how I feel about this…T-Mac needs ball primarily in his hands to score,and we have Rose. On the other hand, T-Mac has something to prove, and could fit in well if willing to buy in to what we are trying to do…

  • jumpman3224

    If the Knicks land TMAC and can use the cap space to actually afford two players in this summer’s vaunted free agent class who do you guys think would actually go to NY. I’m saying best case scenario they bring in bosh and nash.

  • boy sanchez

    I don’t care where he lands. All I want to see is T-Mac playing like back in the day.

  • slamfan4life

    Bulls should get him cuz hes an allstart that can give you 25 ppg oh wait……………..


  • http://gmail dirty frank

    boy sanchez – the only way he’s gonna play like back in the day is if he lands in a time machine.
    I hope he can find a second carear as a solid role player.

  • boy sanchez

    @ dirty frank….: Unfortunately I’ll have to agree with you… But I would really like to see some highlights with Tracy again, even as a point guard’s second option. He deserves better than this…

  • rav

    unless if houston takes back some bad deals (see hinrich, curry, jefferies) i fail to see why either team would do this

  • http://eric.erpelo@gmail.com airs

    WHOOOO, dont even care if hes a scrub. the fact that tmac could be on the bulls makes me happy

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    would be nice to see him playing again…. Now if we could just find a job for Barbie girl Marbury..

  • topo

    who is the crappier owner don walsh?, or don sterling?

  • Reflex

    Pardon my ignorance but why are the Rockets trying to trade Tracy’s ‘$22m’ expiring. From where I’m sitting it’d make more sense to see the season out with him in order to take advantage of the postseason free agent bonanza, no?

  • Farman

    Tracy landing in New York could be the best fit for him. Isn’t it a ball players dream to play in the system? Run and gun! Play here in NY for 2 months and show the rest of the league that you can still play. I don’t see why he can’t score 20 a game.

  • sticky

    would a trade happen already!gosh!

  • http://slamonline.com ronronronronronronron

    Just trade Tmac.. there not using him anyways.. any deal that will let his million$$ contract go would be great.. But the Rockets need a 2 guard or a backup SF… Hinrich can be a pretty good combo guard but the Bulls aren’t offering much and they can’t get anyone from NY that doesn’t suck.. looks like they have no choice.

  • Candice

    John Salmons not playing against the Knicks today, was told by management to stay at hotel.

  • Kendrick is God

    the rockets expect alot for a guy they shunned from their team simply because he got injured! why pay him 23 mil if you don’t play the guy and why expect a good player in return if you don’t play him! GMs are retarded sometimes

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    If the Rockets can get Al Harrington they’d automatically be better. Just don’t give up anyone else besides McGrady…

  • mikeyv

    would love ta see tmac come to chi. hopefully we can keep kirk tho. would love more tho to see a trade go down wit sanantonio and land RMJr

  • Jack

    I can see that third team being Denver… Chi-town sends Joey Graham, Renaldo Balkman and Malik Allen to Houston (expiring contracts), they send T-Mac to Chi-town, and Tyrus Thomas ends up in Denver.

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  • Jon

    Just saw T-Mac at the Mariott hotel in Chicago! Does that mean anything?