Friday, February 26th, 2010 at 10:00 am  |  14 responses

Paul Pierce to Remain Out for a While

According to the Celtics’ coach, don’t expect Pierce to suit up anytime soon: “Doc Rivers, taking a more cautious approach with Paul Pierce and his sprained right thumb, said tonight that the Celtics captain will miss ‘the next couple of games for sure,’ including tonight’s game against Cleveland. Marquis Daniels, heavily sniffling and draining fluids before the game due to a bad case of the flu, started in Pierce’s place and drew the unenviable assignment of guarding LeBron James. ‘Marquis is going to give us what he has. I didn’t want to tell him we need a warm body, because his body is warm. You never know. Sometimes those guys (who are sick) play great, so you don’t know what they are going to give you. (Paul’s hand) We just want to make sure it gets right. If it gets hit again then it will go on down the road, so we want him to play at the Paul level that we know.”‘

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  • letsmotor

    as a celtics fan, i think this is good news. i know pierce is the kinda guy who will want to play even when he’s somewhat injured, but there’s no need to be a hero now when the c’s need him at 100% for the post season.

  • vtrobot

    good. as important as good team chemistry and rhythm is, i think health is the most important factor for these guys. i don’t know if they’ll be able to get a good balance of it all by april, but here’s hoping for some monster playoffs. cavs/hawks/c’s/magic should be ready to kill each other. some good east coast rivalries right now.

  • tom

    does he need the wheelchair? :)

  • Rob

    have fun on your wheelchair…p*ssy!!!

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    Pierce was air-lifted by helicopter on a stretcher to the game last night.

  • BostonBaller

    hahaha good jokes folks but how many of you would take him on your team if you could get him. that’s one of the criteria I use when people say someone is not good or a wuss. So many fans think Shaq is washed up but if he were on their team they’d appreciate him. Same o same o with uneducated fans. It’s these same “fans” who claim LBJ or Kobe is overrated b/c they like the other player..sad, just sad.

  • letsmotor

    such a smart statement, bostonballer.

  • Th3_R3al_Chris

    BostonBaller, The Celtics ARE my team and I’m kind of tired of Paul Pierce’s antics. He wins MVP of the Finals and declares himself the best player in the game only to not back that claim up in the least bit last season, then wins the three-point contest and claims to be among the best shooters of ALL-TIME?!? Paul Pierce’s ego is enormous. His best years were in 2002 and 2008. Unforunately, those two years were when he had deep playoff runs so it seems as if he only plays to his potential when he feels he has a chance of winning big, and he was not even half the player he was in ’08 as ’02. ’02 Paul Pierce was The Truth. Paul Pierce of the Big 3? He’s a myth. I know it’s popular in Boston to say that he is the team leader and the heart and soul and all that, but Pierce has never been the team leader. When Antoine Walker was here, Paul Pierce himself, even though he was the team’s best player at the time, would admit that ‘Toine was the leader of those Celtics teams. Post-Antoine Celtics teams were leader-less, which is why there were a couple of years where we missed the playoffs, and of course Pierce isn’t to blame for the God-awful 2007 season that came after the Ricky Davis-era ended in Boston. Kevin Garnett is the heart and soul of the Big-3 contending Celtics and Ray Allen is more than likely the locker room leader. Pierce needs to come back and find himself in order for the team to win this year, but unfortunately his conditioning is awful and he is kind of lazy.

  • Th3_R3al_Chris

    But you’re right about one thing, BostonBaller. I would love to have Shaq on the Celtics. If we’re playing fantasy trades, I’d also love to trade Rondo and Tony Allen for Chris Paul. That would cut the team’s turnovers in half (at least), while giving us a dominant player who also makes his teammates better, as opposed to a talented Point Guard who has an ego that is not backed up by his jumpshot and who makes far too many bad passes.

  • they call me Q

    Wow Th3_R3al_Chris clearly know nothing of celtic basketball. Paul Pierce is clearly the heart and sole of this team, just look at in crunch time who the celtics are going to go to PAUL PIERCE because he’s been there go to guy when it matters since day 1. Also P-double has been the SINGLE reason the celtics were EVER relevant in the past decade before we got the big three, and of course KG and Ray were crucial to us getting to the finals, but who got MVP… P-double.I can’t be mad at paul for saying he was the best player on the planet after he won MVP it’s a dramatic overstatement, but when you win MVP for the best team in the best league in the world you have the right to feel that way at that time, and if your in the NBA and your EGO isn’t HUGE somethings wrong. You have to believe your the best no questions asked to compete with the best on a nightly basis. Anybody who thinks pierce is a wuss or whatever you wanna call him is trippin the man has given his heart and sole for this team since he’s got here. He’s one of the top 5 players of all time on one of the most storied franchises EVER. There is no dispute that paul pierce is the truth and one of the greatest to ever do it!

  • Sammy da Bull

    Totally 100% agree with Th3_R3al_Chris.

    I liked PP when he was humble during the AW years. Ahh, those years….

    He is Lazy & his conditioning sucks.

    No way top 10, let alone 5, of Celtics All-Time. And not even Top 50 all time Shooters!

    Get Real all….only won championship cos of KG.

  • celticshomie

    He’s defineitly top 5 all-time for the celtics, without him, the c’s would’ve never been to the playoffs this decade, or to the finals, he’s the reason KG and Ray are even playing for the team, he’s one of the best crunch time players in the league and might overexaggrate things sometime, but how many players doesn’t?

  • Th3_R3al_Chris

    LOL at “Top 5 Celtics of all-time.” Bill Russell, Tommy Heinsohn, Bob Cousy, John Havlicek, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Dennis Johnson, Dave Cowens, JoJo White, Don Nelson, Sam Jones, K.C. Jones. All of those names listed were part of Celtics dynasties, and especially in regards to the team that won eight straight championships, there was no “one-man team.” Bill Russell often gets credit for his defensive prowess, but he was never a big time scorer with Tom Heinsohn and Sam Jones often picking up the main scoring load.

  • letsmotor

    i’d say pierce is probably a top ten celtic. definitely not top 5–we’re talking about the best franchise ever here. he can get a little carried away with the statements about being the best player ever, but the important thing is that he doesn’t play with an ego. since ray and kg came in, you never heard him complaining about not getting as many touches. and you know what? paul was a 2008 nba champion and finals mvp, and he went up against kobe and lebron on the way there. i’m not saying that makes him the best player in the world, but it absolutely made him an elite player and was entitled to be in the conversation of the league’s best player.