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Where Will Josh Howard End Up?

The once-blissful marriage between Josh and Dallas has soured, perhaps to the point of no return: “The disconnect is vast enough that while the organization issues what it hopes are comforting denials of substantive trade talks, DallasBasketball.com has learned that the J-Ho camp believes he will be traded before the Feb. 18 deadline – some Josh confidantes even convinced they’ve pinned down Howard’s future team as either being the Raptors or the Heat. From the Mavs, more denials: ‘That comes completely out of left field,’ says one team source. From an NBA exec: ‘A lot of teams want Josh Howard. It’s just a matter of what Dallas wants for him.’ From Josh: Well, he’s allowing his on-court performance to do his talking for him. And therefore: Silence. And of course, you know what they say: Just because Josh might be paranoid doesn’t mean other teams aren’t out to get him … ‘get him’ in trade, that is. The problem with these specific rumors resounding from those close to Josh isn’t that his name isn’t being discussed. Teams are exploring his availability … and frankly, those talks are occurring just as Dallas’ frustrations with him are accumulating. No, the problem with what Josh/Josh’s people believe is that when we tinker with matches in Toronto and Miami, we come up largely empty. In Toronto? DallasBasketball.com has been told very specifically that the Mavs (and other teams) believe Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo when he says they have every intention of retaining Chris Bosh through next summer, and then attempting to re-sign the free agent at that time. It’s worth noting that all involved are very, very aware of the sign-and-trade possibilities that exist there … but again, that’s well into the future. So forget Dallas native Bosh.”

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  • http://twitter.com/manueii ManueII

    hopefully the Kings that way they have a legit SG that can play SF & Three point shooter

  • so fresh n so clean

    they say that the rumoured deal is Calderon and Belinelli for Howard…which I like because it rids us of Jose’s contract, but they need to make a move for a legit backup PG (sorry Marcus Banks)…maybe try to move reggie evans for a solid backup or something…

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    hmm. Would not give up Bosh for Howard, but Calderon and Belinelli? That might work if Dallas adds in one of their points.

  • http://www.slamonline.com King_James

    Calderon and Belinelli for Howard and JJ. I think the raps should hold on to Evans. He is going to be good for them once he gets healthy. I think Marcus Banks will be fine, Also i think this would benefit Turk as well because if this trade goes through he will be able to handle the ball more and then we will see what he is really capable of

  • max

    why would dallas trade howard for calderon (when they have kidd and barea) and belinelli. Imo, that trade wouldn’t make sense at all. Toronto and Miami don’t have players at howards level (guys that, when healthy, can make the difference in a play-off series) which they would actually trade.

  • Taisen

    what about Howard for BeEasy Beasley ? aren’t the Heat trying to move him ?

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    @Taisen. Since when? Last I recall he was an untouchable..

  • dario

    Totally agree with max ! Plus dallas probably could use another Big in the playoffs … and if they dont find the right trade, they can also use howard and damp in a sign a trade (if I remember that correctly)

  • Kent Kanada

    Attempting to get ahold of Howard in lard part seems to make Bosh happy in Toronto. Calderon and Belinelli for Howard sounds nice for Toronto, but I don’t think Dallas needs anymore guards, I know Kidd will be leaving soon, but I thought Dallas had more big man issues, other than Disco Dirk..and lets face it, the Raptors are not going to be willing to part any of their established big men, sacrificing even more defense.

  • tavoris

    Josh Howard would be a good look backing up Ray-Ray and Pierce in Boston. Pretty sure the Mavs dont’ want ANY of Boston’s spare parts tho.

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    Isnt weed legal in Canada?

  • cool j

    no weed is not legal in Canada.I would never trade Bosh for josh …on the other hand Dirk for Bosh could work for both teams (wink).
    One more Euro in Toronto and native Texan back to Dallas and everyone is happy!!!

  • G

    No disrespect to Howard, but we don’t want him in TO.

  • http://www.behindtheb.blogspot.com Sam Raphael Chadwick

    I think Josh should just stay where he is they just need to be able to finish in the playoffs cos they have a solid 6 – 7 unit in Dallas

  • gnight

    @tavoris: Yup, ‘cuz the Celtics really need another aging, injury-prone forward.

  • matt

    please come to utah

  • Matthew Lopez

    this trade actually makes sense for dallas and philly. dal should agree with philly and send jho & damp 4 iggy and dalembert. Jho for iggy makes sense, but jho is injury prone and iggy is very good. With dalembert, u get a C who is more athletic than damp, basically, damp 4 sam is almost a wash(sam gets slight edge bball wise but his contract is longer, but he is 6 yrs younger than damp). Iggy 4 JHO, philly saves some $, but dal gets a very good swingman. Kidd, Iggy, Matrix, Dirk, Sam.
    Bench: JJ Barea, Jet, Gooden(top 3 from bench).
    Not to mention other players like: Ross, Beaubois, Carrol(only bad player on dal cuz of contract), Singleton, najera, t.thomas. then they could add a player(if needed) using 2.9 mil humphries tpe.

  • http://www.another48minutes.com Gerard Himself

    gnight: aging? He’s 29.

  • tavoris

    thank u Gerard. I’m not a GM…geez

  • Shem

    i really hope he goes to toronto for calderon and turk. Of course dallas would take the trade and you guys are saying thats a stupid trade for toronto but is it really? We can score thats for sure it doesnt matter who’s on the court but defense is the weakness and turk and calderon give up all the points they get soooo i really hope we do some sort of trade with our weaker defenders

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I was just about to say Josh Howard is better than Turkoglu, but when you look at the stats BOTH are underachieving like crazy. I’m not so sure giving up Calderon with Turkoglu would be a good thing. Plus, Josh Howard is really really annoying.

  • jb

    There’s no need to throw Calderon in that deal. If Turkoglu and Howard both aren’t working out with their current teams, a relocation might be what they need.

  • Shem

    Don’t get me wrong Calderon is a GREAT player offensively, very efficient. But he’s not a good fit for toronto because when he’s on the court he needs the ball unlike jack meaning we can give it to turk. Also, his d is awful and we have guys that can score we dont need MORE scoring. Josh howard and turk are both underacheiving but, turk just relocated and has injuries so he has somewhat of an excues but howards been there for 7 yrs. Now, I realize marion is starting over him but he still gets about 25-30 mins.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I’d rather have a healthy Josh Howard than an injured Hedo Turkoglu.
    But healthy, I’d rather have Hedo. Although, Josh used to be really good and I think he still has skills he’s just underachieving like crazy.

  • rikson

    Didnt Turk came to Toronto because of his wife. I know its a business but Turk (or better his girl) will make some trouble, if he gets traded and GMs know this… just sayin

  • bnets

    Antawn Jamison for Josh Howard

  • tavoris

    @rikson-I’m certain that Turk’s wife will condent to any trade that gets her husband out of Canada’s tax nightmare for NBA players.

  • md33

    If they trade Howard for anyone on the raptors I’m shooting myself: they have no one that the Mavs need; why would they want another big man that doesn’t play in the post and can’t play defense, or another point guard that doesn’t? Do disrespect to JKidd, he’s a great offensive point guard still, but his legs just aren’t quick enough anymore defensively.

  • ball4life

    Bring him to L.A!