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Clippers, Mike Dunleavy Sever Ties

by Ryne Nelson

Mark your calendar. March 9, 2010 is now an official Clippers fan holiday. While GM Dunleavy wasn’t nearly as bad as Coach Dunleavy (some say he made smart front office decisions), the Clippers are in need of a fresh start. And that requires completely fresh faces. In the front office, especially.

From the L.A. Times:

The very last part of Mike Dunleavy’s Clippers job description – general manager — vanished Tuesday afternoon.

It came when the team announced it had severed ties with him. And it didn’t come at a hastily arranged news conference. The news arrived, via e-mail, just as the struggling Clippers started the second half of their game at Orlando.

It’s a nice step, but there’s still plenty of room for error. Who will coach the team? Will Neil Olshey remain GM? The Clippers need to do it right and bring in quality personnel to both the front office and to the coaching staff. Let’s see where Donald Sterling goes from here…

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  • Clipperfan


  • markymark

    errrr it’s about time?

  • arthur

    It might be the right decision but the organization (of course) handled the firing horribly. You stay classy, formerly San Diego Clippers.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    I’d love to see that franchise turn things around…I’m sick of the Lakers out here.

  • heartlandG

    Now how can we get Al Davis out of L.A. and he own tha team…hmmmm

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Cheryl

    Can Stern force Serling to sell? Rhetorical question….

  • http://www.edthesportsfan.com Ed The Sports Fan

    Let the LeBron James to LA discussion begin…


  • JD

    Heres an idea move to a new city and change your name and burn every single thing that links u to the clippers so then mayB their luck will improve

  • Bart


  • Stillballin

    Is the clippers the jv team of the lakers..I hope things get better for that francise..

  • Logues

    Ed: good call on the lebron to l.a. discussions

  • http://www.twitter.com/sesa_opas Sesa

    Why does it took this long?

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    Heard Dunleavy found out via the media, and didn’t have any advance warning about this. There were messages left on his machine, and then a friend told him he’d heard he’d been fired. Despite this, Dunleavy apparently called Serling up and thanked him for the opportunity over the last 7 years. Of course, Serling didn’t take the call, and Dunleavy had to leave his message on a machine. That was Dunleavy’s take on the situation. If it’s true, regardless of the job he’s done as GM & coach, Dun did the classy and professional thing, and Serling just proved what a low-rent, bottom-feeding owner he really is.

  • http://twitter.com/PDXGayBBall dma

    Clippers did Dun dirty. But it is the Clippers afterall, and there’s really no such thing as bad publicity.

  • Joey E.

    i’ve been calling Bron to L.A. before any of this started.

  • The Philosopher

    He seemed to already know he was finished there. He’s been around. He knows the game.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    should coach the Pacers… Give lil Dun all the playing time and shots he wants…

  • MikeC.

    Now he can go back to running the Soprano family.