Thursday, March 4th, 2010 at 11:00 am  |  18 responses

Donnie Walsh: Blame Me, Not Mike D’Antoni

Donnie wants angry Knicks fans and the media that covers the team to lay the blame at the GM’s feet, not the embattled coach. The NY Daily News has the quotes: “Donnie Walsh took the heat off Mike D’Antoni Wednesday night by accepting responsibility for the Knicks’ losing record while revealing that he doesn’t have ‘much time’ to turn the franchise around … But when asked if the record is a reflection of the coach, Walsh didn’t hesitate with his answer. ‘Mike’s my coach, all right? I have more responsibility for whatever you guys are writing about than he does,’ Walsh said. ‘So I should be the guy looked at. I’m taking the responsibility for these first two seasons. I did it the first day I got here. I didn’t see how you could improve this franchise by making trades or building through the draft over a long period of time. So I looked and said, ‘We could get under the cap.’ So I tried to do that. And if that doesn’t work right away, I would continue to try to do it. And if I’m not the guy, I’ll leave. I don’t know another way to say it. But I don’t think I put Mike in a situation where I think he should be winning with this team.’”

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  • Sam Z

    first! okay its on u donnie

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    I prefer to continue to blame Isiah and Marbury.

  • Sparty’s Law

    Blame it on the alcohol.

  • JoeMaMa

    New headline……….James Dolan: Blame them, not me.

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    Blame it on the rain…

  • Rob

    I like blaming D’umbtoni

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    This is all T-Mac’s fault.

  • cramzy

    m cho beat me to the sarcastic t-mac’s fault quip..so…um…yeah

  • http://www.realultimatepower.net doyouwantmore

    Remember the disgusting log jam of bloated players and bloated salaries Donnie had to get the Knicks out of? I’d say the man has done a great job. He got a talented coach that players (reportedly) love to play for, and he’s set the Knicks up for the opportunity to succeed. Who else has done that in the last two decades?

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    I agree with some of what doyouwantmore is saying. I’m not a big a fan of D’Antoni these days, but I have to say Donnie has done what he could he can with the mess he was handed. Maybe a genius-level GM willing to gamble more could have made better moves with the limited resources the Knicks had, but really, most other GMs would have done the same thing Walsh has done. The only blatant mistake — not drafting Brandon Jennings. That’s the one that’s gotta hurt.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I’m blaming Dolanshtoni.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Al Harrington, David Lee, Wilson Chandler, Danilo Galinari, and Toney Douglas should all be kept for a while.

  • http://wealwayswin.net Hersey

    Wait til the Knicks get frustratingly good and continually get outcoached in the playoffs before you turn on D’Antoni. He’ll win with some talent and training camp.

  • Punisher

    I’m genuinely worried what will happen to the Knicks if they don’t get any big names this offseason. NY fans will call for blood.


    I bet you if Dolan decides to fire whoever is responsible, Donnie will throw D’antoni’s ass under the bus…lol

  • Jay-G

    doyouwantmore, I gotta disagree. Like I said before, their drafts are so awful. Call me crazy, but I don’t care how much money the Knicks have, I don’t see LBJ playing there. If Wade, Bosh, or Bron move, I believe they will be playing in Chicago. Knick fans enjoy the starting 5 of Shannon Anderson, Joe Johnson, Chandler, Boozer and Lee next year. Second round or bust.

  • Chris Ujma

    Blame it on the boogie

  • chintao

    There’s a difference between not winning and not competing. When I look at the Knicks, I frequently see a team that has no desire to compete. Keeping the competitive fires burning is the coach’s job, not the GM’s. COACHING is also the coach’s job. D’Antoni has lost a few close games all by himself this year. Moreover, he has alienated quite a few players in his brief time with the Knicks. All too often, these players have been among the best on the roster. How can Donnie rightfully take the blame if it was D’Ant’s abrasiveness and lack of direction/clear communication that whittled the roster down to what it is today?