Monday, March 1st, 2010 at 11:00 am  |  12 responses

Everyone in Dallas Unhappy with Scheduling

From the press, to the team’s owner, no one seems particularly thrilled with this brutal little stretch in the Mavs’ schedule: “As usual, you can blame ESPN for all the problems in the world. Or at least with this particular 24-hour stretch of the Mavericks’ schedule. To accommodate the all-powerful Oz of television, the Mavericks had to tip off at 8:30 Sunday night. Actually, it was 8:42 when the ball went up in the air. A hard-fought game didn’t end until after 11 p.m. local time. The Mavericks showered, got dressed and headed to the airport as expeditiously as they could. And they were due to land in Charlotte, N.C., at 3:45 a.m., East Coast time. That means the earliest their heads hit pillows was 4:30 a.m. What does all this mean? It means the Mavericks are set up for a loss today against the Bobcats. All the odds are working against them.”

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  • http://missjia.com meloMan2.0

    like every team doesnt have to do the same thing

  • Ethan

    Pay me a few mill to do it and I won’t b*tch about it.

  • KoBynum716

    get over it mavericks. it’s why u get paid

  • barnabusb

    Yeah, just take a nap or something.

  • mems

    mavericks stop b**ching. the rockets have the most back to back games in the NBA this year and most are one at home the next away or vise versa. we had a strech in december i think it was where we had 5-6 straight back to back games.

  • therighttoremainsalient

    I think your all missing the point that no one likes to have to try and do their job under overly stressful situations. WHat usually happens? Something often goes wrong. AND no. not many other teams this year will be going to bed at 4:30 am.

  • The D Train

    the finest in German engineering needs no sleep!

  • LetsGetIt

    actually the bulls have the most back to back games this year

  • barnabusb

    So, can’t they take a nap or something?

  • matt

    looks like they won anyway

  • LeoneL

    Stop complaining! You’re not the Knicks or the Nets.

  • dmav210

    B-2-B’s happen all the time in the NBA but it usually is two games at home or a short travel. Dallas-Houston. New York-New Jersey. Cleveland-Detroit. But not a late tip-off followed by a plane ride half way across the country… The scheduling was BS