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Will Gilbert Arenas Face Jail Time?

If prosecutors have their way in the Arenas case, Gil could end up behind bars. The WaPo has the details: “If you aren’t completely numb to the entire Gilbert Arenas-Javaris Crittenton gun incident by now — heck, even if you are — then I would advise you read the 61-page sentencing memo that federal prosecutors submitted on Tuesday. The document is a truly fascinating account of what transpired before and after the suspended all-star guard brought guns to the locker room on Dec. 21 in a dispute with Crittenton. Arenas is set to be sentenced on Friday after pleading guilty to a felony gun possession charge. I’ve spoken with a few people about Arenas in recent days and he isn’t doing too well. He has even started to shut out people. One person told me that after he received word that his estranged mother, Mary Francis Robinson, passed away, Arenas sent out a mass text message to those close to him informing them not to reach out to him; that he would call them. I heard that Arenas was starting to feel better before hearing about his mother’s death but he has sunk into a deeper hole. Prosecutors are requesting that Arenas spend at least three months in jail, with three years of probation and 300 hours of community service. After interviewing Wizards teammates, employees and management, lead prosecutor Christopher K. Kavanaugh claims that Arenas was not playing a ‘misguided prank’ on Crittenton — as Arenas has tried to explain many times before — but he actually made a ‘calculated and premeditated’ threat.”

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  • http://www.Twitter/notebooknick NotebookNick

    Of course the prosecutor is going to claim that. Thoughts are with you Gil, even though you messed up, no one deserves to be kicked when they’re down.

  • nick b

    Gilbert Arense is a punk from the valley….send him away for a few months. Should do his time in LA at the twin towers he so hard. FAKE THUG.

  • http://digitalthread.com AlbertBarr

    At this point I think his last three years have been sh!tty enough. Here to you Gil, lets hope you get a second chance.

  • http://www.another48minutes.com Gerard Himself

    I will continue to support Arenas. Always had, always will. He made a mistake, a huge mistake, but some of the NBA fans are taking this personal (nick b?) which is odd to me. Again, the guy made a huge mistake, but in my opinion probation and community service should be enough.

  • Fat Lever

    I wonder if the prosecutor has an election coming up. Just saying…

  • http://www.another48minutes.com Gerard Himself
  • Sparty’s Law

    Is Gilbert a decent guy? No doubt. Is he an idiot? Absolutely. Does he deserved to be punished and held accountable for yes actions? Yes. Will he serve any jail time for this? No way. He will get community service and probation. The Wizard should be allowed to void his contract, though, just based on the common sense principle that any other boss would fired their employee for this. And he technically breached it, so they should be able to.

  • Tommy Patron

    He definitely should and will get jail time.

  • http://4point0show.com Wes

    I love how you can steal billions and nobody demands jail time- but if they can put a face to your name they somehow feel like an acquittal would be solely due to fame. The fact we even care is due to fame. What he did doesn’t result in jail time with any halfway decent lawyer, even though D.C. has tougher gun laws.
    He messed up, no one got hurt. Let him live. If he was anybody else, at any other job, none of this would have made a single news story unless someone died.
    Stop living through the news. People in your local metropolitan area are shot and killed daily and that doesn’t offend people enough to comment, anywhere.

  • Tommy Patron

    @Wes-I think lots of people comment all the time about the people shot and killed in my local metropolitan area. However, this is a basketball site, so you may not see too much of that here. Also, what exactly is “living through the news” and how do you figure that’s not what you’re doing, as well?

  • young C

    I havent finished reading it yet, but I dont think the prosecution has much to stand on. Who cares if Gilbert changed his story slightly in the days after the incident. Gil didnt owe the media or even the NBA any explanation for what happened. All that matters is that when the investigator questioned him, he told the true story, which by all accounts he did. Prior to the feds interrogating him, he could lie to the media all he wants to about what happened in that locker. If he really was lying that badly, he would have also been charged with interfering with an investigation, which he wasnt. its actually a very weak arguement from the prosecution.

  • Ronald

    @Young C: FINALLY! Someone who gets it! He was never required to tell the truth! The argument that he changed his story all the time only shows that he was scared and was afraid of prosecution, a normal human reaction. There are specific precedents stating that such statements made before the arrest cannot be used to solely determine guilt or sentencing. Of course, theres not much mitigating factors that the defence can used during sentencing. I also love how the media say that he can be put away for 5 years. Yeah, sure, the Judge is going to ignore all sentencing tariffs and precedents just to prove a point.

  • http://4point0show.com Wes

    @Tommy people run to whatever the new hot topic is and never focus on any real issues long enough to do anything about them. That’s “the news.” Milk it as long as possible and then on the next one. And even in basketball, people play the role like its WWF in making someone a hero/villain. It wasn’t that long ago, Kobe was the villain.
    I just like to see it be about what happens on the floor.

  • Lebran

    SMH as you continue to protray to the new generation of kids that its okay to take guns into a public place. Lets Take Gil and Crit out of it. Lets say Kid A has a gambling debt with Kid B. Kid B thinks its fine to bring in guns to school, actin hard and tells Kid A to pick a gun. Now lets say Kid A is actually a wannabe gang banger with friends to impress, and NOT an up and coming NBA player with a life of Ferraris and ‘MTV CRIBS’ to look forward too. Now you’ve got one more dead African American kid, one more black youth for the prison system to swallow up, 50 more cops with itchy trigger fingers and 1000 black americans complaining that they are ‘Opressed’ by your govenrment and a grudge to the police in your neighbourhoods. Some of your opinions actually make me feel a little sad that you think an NBA star can bring guns into an arena in a confrontational manner, and for some reason you think he SHOULDNT go to prison, which i cannot for one second understand. I feel for some of your kids and the morals that this kind of thing teaches them. Stop blaming the middle classes for the problematic lower classes. Maybe you need to change your own attitudes, and grow up a little.

  • Lebran

    Maybe you all just need to put the F**KING GUNS DOWN. PERIOD.