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Contest: Win Warriors Tickets!

Two seats to the final game of the season could be yours.

by Ryne NelsonFanRates

The Playoffs may be out of reach this season, but quality entertainment can still be had at Oracle Arena. FanRates will provide two tickets to Warriors’ last home game on April 13 against the Utah Jazz (value: $100 each) to one lucky commenter.

To enter: 1) Post a comment below about your favorite Warriors moment, and 2) Sign up for a FanRates account. It’s that simple. We’ll pick a winner based on the originality, creativity, and likelihood to make a True Warriors Fans shed a nostalgic tear.

Have at it!


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  • hemlock09

    For many people, “We Believe” was just a dorky saying on a t-shirt the Warriors gave their fans in the 07 playoff series with the Dallas Mavericks. But to Warriors fans like myself, it was an anthem for what it means to be a Warrior fan for the last 20 years.

    When people say things like, “haven’t made the playoffs in 13 years”, it’s easy to miss the implications of what that means to a loyal and engaged fanbase. The Warriors play in Oakland, a city of under 400k people with very little (if any) corporate culture. The seats at Warriors games are filled with fans from all over the Bay Area (12m people) who LOVE the game of basketball and endure the horror that is the Warriors in spite of what they put on the floor.

    To Warriors fans, “We Believe” wasn’t a slogan meant to encourage excitement during the Warriors epic series against the Best Team in the NBA (the Mavericks) with the MVP (Dirk). “We Believe” was a unified shout of rebellion against the notion that true love for basketball is reserved only for winners. “We Believe” honors the beauty in Baron’s beard and in Captain Jack’s 10th 3-point attempt. “We Believe” says “f Tim Duncan and the n-fun Spurs. Give me 110 points a night or give me death!” “We Believe” says “take your MVP trophy and your half pint coach and your new dedication to defense; I’ll raise you a washed-up curmudgeonly alcoholic coach straight out of a Bad News Bears movie with a scotch in one hand and a cigar in another, and I’ll dare you to score more than we do. “We Believe” says “take your high tech stadium full of Dallas socialites and the rock star NBA owner to whom money is no object; give me the broken down arena packed with a rabid blue collar fanbase that intimidates the crap out of a visiting team used to playing in front of a wine and cheese crowd and one of the most hated owners in professional sports.

    We Believe that there’s beauty in this game. We Believe that next year can be better than this year. We Believe that young players, horrible at defense but fearless on offense, are a joy to watch.

    We got an anthem in that series in 07. We don’t have those players anymore. We lost the next series. Our owner is selling and our coach is history. But We Still Believe.

  • Double J

    We still believe. Simple and plain the best year Golden State has seen in my existence as a basketball fan. Baron Davis boom-dizzeling on the AK, lil Skinny (aka Stephen Jackson) locking up Dirk in the first round to topple the undoubted number 1 seed, and of course, Don Nelson taking it to Avery Johnson & Mark Cuban. It was a dream come true, and a fantasy in the eyes of someone who loves the sport. I haven’t seen a team with this much fire and tenacity yet, but I’m still drooling that Don Nelson can do it again. No more smokin’ stogies in a truck with players that have walked on you, time to man up, and get this team firing up again!

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  • therighttoremainsalient

    Chris Webber wraps the ball around his back, dunking ON Charles Barkley. Best thing to ever happen in a GSW jersey. Although Jessica Alba sitting court side was a close 2nd.

  • davidR
  • underdog

    Sprewell tryin’ to choke PJ Carlesimo was pretty memorable too.

  • Roy Castillo

    1991 Playoff Game against the Lakers. I just came to U.S. from the Philippines and a big Lakers fan. I was watching the playoff game between the Lakers and Warriors in S.F. with my uncle and cousins and was cheering for the Lakers, of course I did not know the hometown team in S.F. were the Warriors. From that point of my life I became a Warriors fans. Go Warriors!

  • Ball For Life

    My most favourite moment for the Golden State Warriors was in the playoffs of 06-07. The accomplished what many people said they couldn’t do. First of all, they made it in to the playoffs. They were in 8th place and they took out the first place Mavericks in the first round. It was an epic series, because it showed how the underdogs prevailed. It was a fairytale ending. The warriors weren’t my favourite team, but they changed this with their work ethic and determination. Even though they lost against a hard Utah Team, they still showed heart. Great moment in the Warriors’ history.

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  • mitch nitta

    My favorite warrior moment? i have only gone to a few warriors games live, (im not the most blessed financially) however when i remember one specific game when i younger. it was when troy murphy was a rook, (yes troy Murphy) he had just enter the game only a few possessions ago. troy received a double tech for fighting for defensive position with dale davis, then with the blazers. the very next possession on offense troy received the ball at the free throw line, looked dale davis in the eye, drove the ball hard left, and dunked the ball in dale davis’s mug! then starred him down with alittle trash talking. troy then received his second tech for unsportsmenship. the crowd went wild as troy walked off the court within only 5mins of playing time. ever since then troy has been one of my favorite players in the league. and thats my favorite warriors moment!

  • Adam Funk

    When Don Nelson became the all time winingest coach in history!

  • Anton

    My favorite moment as a Warrior fan came in ’94, the Chris Webber’s rookie season. My dad bought us tickets to 8 games that season. They won all of ‘em! unbeaten when my dad and I were in attendance. We couldn’t get tickets to see MJ come into town, but we did catch the Supersonics. My favorite moment was during a game where in the 2nd half we moved down into the floor level seats. I was incredulous as to how huge those guys actually were.

  • Anton

    oh yeah and can’t forget this one….Sleepy Floyd.’87 WCF against the Lakes. 29 points in a quarter. 39 at the half and 51 for the game!! HAHA he used to fall asleep during games@!

  • Michael Scorn

    Simmons is giving away clips-warriors tickets for free on his twitter

  • Jake

    Manute ‘Special Blessing’(Dinka tribe translation) Bol, blessed Warrior fans one last time during a game in November ’94 in which he shot 3 for 3 from downtown, combined with a defensive performance that has not been matched since (in reference to GS Warriors only). Disbelief soon turned to louder and louder cheers. Unbelievable? Yes. Weird looking? Yes. Jessica Alba/Snoop Dog attendance worthy? Yes, but also in a strange sense, no.

    You see, Manute’s game that night was more than a short lived celebrity sighting; it represented everything that the Warriors were and still are, albeit the defense: free-wheeling, spirited, and refreshingly fun to watch.

    For me, Manute is the true meaning of a Warrior, basketball and otherwise.

  • Ashley

    In my opinion the best moment just happened this season and thats when Don Nelson broke the record for most wins ever. Coaching for the NBA wasn’t even a plan for Nelson after his playing career but he came in and made a huge moment in history for the NBA and himself. Even though Golden State isn’t having their best season this year, having a coach who now has 1,331 wins is something to be proud of. And after that 128-117 victory, it was great for Nelson to just have his players right by his side to congratulate him after the game and give him all the support he deserves. Nelsons also thankful for having the talent on the team he does now that helped him achieve the record he did.

  • Ray Ruiz

    I have two, one was when the 8th seeded warriors smashed on the 1st seeded mavericks, and beat them in a 7 game series, the only team to do that in NBA history since the playoffs were changed to 7 games, we also gave Utah a run for there money. But we had a dream team, B-Diddy, Stack Jack, J-Rich, Goose(Andris Biedrins) and Al Harrington, Dallas had the best record in the league and was just in the finals last season, it was David vs Goliath but our run & gun style mopped the floor with Dirk and the top seeded mavericks, my second favorite moment in warriors history has to be the 2009-10 draft were we drafted the Phenom STEPHEN CURRY, the rookie of the year candidate and 3 point shooting contest runner up. this is the best pick the warriors have ever had and im glad we got him, he is going to be special!! so please select me to have these tickets!! PLEASE this team is the world to me and i would love to see them one more time before the long dreaded off season!!

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Congrats to Ray for scoring two tickets to tonight’s game against the Jazz. Big thanks to FanRates for hooking up a great fan!