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Dikembe Mutombo to Work With Hasheem Thabeet

Deke wants to help Thabeet stay in the League and flourish, according to the Commercial Appeal: “Retired center Dikembe Mutombo sat courtside Wednesday night, putting a cap on a day mostly geared toward meshing with Grizzlies rookie Hasheem Thabeet. ‘He’s very interested in Hasheem,’ Griz general manager Chris Wallace said. ‘He wanted to come in and get together with Hasheem.’ Mutombo has served as a global ambassador for the NBA since he retired from the Houston Rockets in 2009. It is not uncommon for the former Defensive Player of the Year to visit different NBA cities throughout the season. It is believed, too, that the Griz might talk to Mutombo about working as a paid consultant in the offseason. Mutombo will spend a lot of time coaching Thabeet in the summer if the Griz have their way. Thabeet had dinner with Mutombo Tuesday night and the two shared their first extended conversation. ‘He was telling me the stuff he used to do when he played,’ Thabeet said. ‘I’ve never had a chance to talk to him like that. It was really good.”’

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  • http://Www.twitter. Darksaber

    Wrong african Ball legend, Hash. Try the one who won championships.

  • JoeMaMa

    @Darksaber: Are you implying that Thabeet could, in this lifetime, do a dreamshake? Let’s not turn apples into oranges here; a career that sniffs Mutombo’s defensive achievements us the goal right now.

  • Randy Brown

    Mutombo’s teachings:
    1) Never admit a foul. Ever
    2) How to finger-wag
    3) How to elbow a face

  • http://twitter.com/smk73 SMK

    4) Proper etiquette for requesting intercourse

  • T-Money

    Um, no. Mutombo is exactly who he needs to be talking to. I’m not giving up on Hasheem, he could play 15 or even 20 years in this league if he learns to protect the paint without fouling and be adequate on simple catch and dunks. He’ll never be someone that you can throw it to down low to get buckets but that’s alright.

  • Lazarus

    bring the noise!

  • LA Huey

    @Randy Brown, you forgot to add “How to appear stunned by any dunk that is remotely nice.”

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    I’m pretty sure Thabeet already knows how to block. He was drafted just because of that.lol

  • Yesse

    As Thabeet’s luck turns. He might become great in defense if Dikembe can help him enough.

  • http://fdjsklf.com Jukai

    Not to be outdone, BJ Mullens is receiving aid from Vlade Divac.

  • riggs

    @niQ: he hasn’t shown it

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/features/overdribbling chiqo


  • barnabusb

    WHO WANTS TO…. ah damn.

  • tbizzle!

    hey somebody put together a youtube vid of Deke’s reactions to every slam dunk competition he’s attended. that would be insta-gold! oh, and throw in his voice “GAAAAAHHHHHHHHH-LEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

  • http://www.realultimatepower.net doyouwantmore

    I think Dkembe is a great mentor for Hasheem and his style of play. Yes, Olajuwon was a greater player, but what does that have to do with the news that Dkembe is working with this defensively talented kid?

  • zop


  • Groves.is@UWA

    Good Move for ‘Sheem and Grizz…. if all goes to plan maybe the Grizz will want to sex hasheem???/

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    Seems i’m the only one who remembers that Hakeem used to be a defensive BEAST along with his more obvious offensive credentials (that was for the Dreamshake comment earlier) As some here have noted, Thabeet came outta college with a rep of being above average on D already. All i meant was, why not talk to Olajuwon 1st, try and glean what you can from one of the best 5′s of all time and maybe even work out with the man. Anyone remember his jumphook; that thing was money. Wanna tell me Thabeet couldn’t use a few pointers on how to score in the post? What’s Deke gonna teach him that ‘Keem couldn’t and then some. Olajuwon was more than just a dreamshake, peeps.

  • Coney Islander

    Thats a good fit.

  • gigolo

    Mutombo would be the right type of center to each him first..olajuwawon could come in later.

  • youngmuggsy

    The ignorance of Slam posters amazes me.

  • The Philosopher

    Shout out @gigolo.

  • The Philosopher

    I, in my humble opinion, believe Thabeet will learn a great deal of wisdom from Mutombo. The things Mutombo can school Thabeet on are bigger than basketball. They have a lot in common. Besides, I’m sure that knowledge from the great John Thompson will be taught through Mutombo to Thabeet. Only if Thabeet listens.

  • The Philosopher

    Shout out to Victor Page.