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Rudy Fernandez is Homesick

It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that Rudy Fernandez won’t be in a Blazers uniform next season, and from the sound of his comments made to the Portland Tribune, he might not even be in the NBA at all: “Fernandez will do his best to help the Blazers achieve success in the playoffs. Then he’ll be gone – perhaps to play professionally in Europe next season, perhaps to another NBA team via an offseason trade. I’ve thought all season that Fernandez – a household name in his home country with the talent to be the starter on half of the teams in the NBA – wouldn’t be satisfied much longer as a backup. Now I’m convinced. The 6-5 shooting guard is mired in a bonafide slump, lonely and looking forward to a return to his native country in the offseason. ‘It’s a tough situation for me,’ Fernandez confided Monday after the Blazers’ practice session. ‘I miss my family and my friends. Yesterday was a hard day. My (25th) birthday, and I was by myself.’ A year ago, Fernandez had countryman Sergio Rodriguez as a teammate. And Rudy’s family visited a couple of times, as did his girlfriend and a coterie of friends. ‘It’s been a tough year for Rudy,’ coach Nate McMillan said. ‘He is without Sergio (now with New York), and his mother was here a little more often (last season). I’m sure that’s tough.”’

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  • Coney Islander

    That has to be rough…o wait, your a million dollar professional athlete! Man uo!

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    This cat is a whiner.
    He basically went into the same situation that Brandon Jennings went into.
    Who handled it better?

  • LA Huey

    @Allenp, not sure that’s a fair comparison. YoungBuck only played one year overseas with the confidence he’d be an NBA lottery pick the next year. Rudy got stuck in the rotation behind an All-Star guard. I think he’s been a good soldier for the Blazers and they should try to ship him out for a late 1st round pick or something comparable.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    LA Huey
    They both are young, they both had to travel outside of their home country to begin their career.
    I think you overestimate how certain it was that Jenning would be a lottery pick. He took a real gamble bucking the NCAA, and given his less than stellar numbers over in Rome, he slipped seriously in the draft. There was no guarantee that Jennings wouldn’t be hurt, or that NBA scouts would see his potential. But, he refused to whine when he wasn’t getting tick, or when the Europe scouts kind of put his game down. I respect that stance.
    Fernandez has complained because he’s not getting tick. He had every opportunity to win that spot, this wasn’t like the situation that Andre Miller faced. Fernandez couldn’t stay in the rotation because he was pretty bad on defense, and he failed to expand his offense beyond shooting long three-pointers.
    I mean, he isn’t stuck behind Brandon Roy, he’s really stuck behind Nicholas Batum and Martell Webster. If he would have outplayed them, he would have gotten more tick. Plus, he’s been injured this season.
    I see it as whining if you quit because things don’t go your way, particularly when you are given a real chance to succeed.

  • The D Train

    Dude threw it down in Dwight’s face in the Olympics but only seems to want to chuck up three’s these days. Not sure if that’s a function of what Nate is asking him to do, or if it is something to do with Rudy, but I haven’t enjoyed the Rudy Era as much as I was hoping I would…although the ladies of the PDX would probably differ with me on that opinion.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Also, everybody on the Blazers team has complained about tick this year. That’s a what you have to deal with when you have a stacked team where the coach is focused on defense.
    There were only two players on that Blazers team who didn’t get a fair shot. Bayless and Miller. Both of them stayed strong, and when their number was finally called, that overproduced and earned real minutes.
    Fernandez didn’t.

  • http://www.twitter.com/L_Playah L_Playah

    It would be nice if the T-Wolves can trade for him this off-season. follow my twitter.

  • LA Huey

    Allenp, Rudy isn’t really big enough to take minutes at the 3-spot so I really see him as competing with Bayless, ‘Dre Miller, and Roy for guard minutes.
    My point with Jennings not being a fair comparison is that YoungBuck was essentially one-and-done across the pond. He needed to stick it out for a year, then he’d be back home (lottery pick or not). However, not to take away from how he handled himself, I commend the kid for handling it as I expect a grown man to do.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    LA Huey
    I understood that point on Jennings, I was just noting that Jennings really didn’t KNOW he’d be one and done.
    He could have gotten shafted in the draft. He could have gotten injured. He could have seen his draft stock really, REALLY plummet after putting up such paltry numbers in the Euro League.
    Fernandez is smallish, but he could play the three if he really worked at it. At the very least, he could force Nate to play a three guard lineup more often. I think the problem has been he’s pouted when he hasn’t been given time, and he hasn’t done that great with his opportunities.
    But, I respect your thoughts.

  • LA Huey

    I don’t like him quitting though. He needs show other teams what they could get by balling out of his mind this summer with Pau and co

  • http://Twitter.com/pdxgaybball Dma

    That’s not a good girlfriend of she didn’t even visit him on his birthday. Poor guy.

  • LA Huey

    Allenp, YoungBuck’s swagger is just a few points short of a hundred-thousand-trillion. I’d bet in he KNEW in his mind, worst case: he’d have to DeJuan/Gil/Monta/Boozer himself to the 29 that passed.
    You have some good points; agree to disagree. I appreciate keeping this civil.

  • http://www.another48minutes.com Gerard Himself

    @Dtrain: it’s because of McMillan. He’s now used as a spot-up shooter, sadly enough.

  • T-Money

    Besides the point but co-sign DMA. The fvuck with the GF situation? What else does she have to do besides being besides her multi-million dollar boyfriend on his birthday?! / Some of these Euros are serious whiners for real. It seems like they all expect to come over and play 30 minutes a game these days. Batum and Webster have outplayed him this year, that’s really all there is to it. Everybody wants burn.

  • Brown14

    Is Batum the only Frenchie with the Blazers? Is he not in pretty much the same sitation as Rudy, except younger and battling back from a much worse injury?

  • http://slamonline.com Adam Fleischer

    I miss Spain, too, Rudy. Dude could help a lot of NBA teams.

  • http://twitter.com/PDXGayBBall dma

    hold up tmoney, the only blazer webster has outplayed this year is travis diener, only because he was a late addition. rudy deserves to start and/or play 30+ minutes. his confidence, as has sergio rodriguez’s, have been ruined by nate mcvillain. their trade values have dropped so much due to insufficient PT and inconsistent rotations. they only got a 2nd rounder back for sergio; i can’t imagine what they’ll end up getting for rudy.

  • http://twitter.com/PDXGayBBall dma

    @brown14 Batum is not in the same situation as Rudy. Batum had to only outplay Outlaw and Webster for his starting spot. Outlaw will never be a starter in the NBA due to his asthma and lack of bball IQ while Webster is still inconsistent on his J. Rudy will never outplay Roy to be a starter on this team.

  • 33hidalgo

    Rudy is not only a 3 point shooter but his coach doesn’t know it. McMillan guilty.

  • underdog

    “My (25th) birthday, and I was by myself.” – wow it must be awsome team chemistry in Portland. I mean it’s strange for me. Didn’t Rudy manage to make friends at all? Anyway, y’all who are saying he shouldn’t miss his family – because he’s earning millions of dollars – should not forget he could be a millionaire at home in Spain too. So, I completely understands him. Money can’t replace your loved ones.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    He’s 25 years old!
    When I was 25, I spent my birthday and Christmas away from my family. I didn’t cry and demand my job trade me.
    Stop it. Y’all are making some ridiculous excuses.
    I mean, dude got drafted to play the 3, he couldn’t hack it on the Blazers team.
    End of story.
    As for Sergio, from what I’ve seen in New York and Sac Town, Nate McMillian made the right decision to keep him ont he bench behind the cats ahead of him.

  • vanillagorrila

    I’m a tried and true blazer fan and I live in Portland but can honestly say that ol’ rudy is overrated by a significant amount. He dribbles with his head down, plays awful defense, a literal non factor from mid and close range and he is fragile. Don’t get me wrong I love rudy’s personality and flair but he isn’t a great player by any means.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Not a fair comparison between Jennings and Fernando, Allenp.
    Jennings was only overseas for one year, while Fernandez has to make his bones for YEARS TO COME in another country, far far away from family, where the language is different and the culture is different. Jennings knew he had one year and that his European tour was only temporary. Now he’s back to his home land. If Fernandez wants to play in the best league, he has to LEAVE his home land.
    I understand Fernandez wouldn’t be complaining if he had been getting proper burn and playing well, but still–the Jennings comparison isn’t totally fair. At all.
    I also respect that you were on your own at 25 years of age, but it IS different being in a different country and trying to get accustomed to a new way of life, especially with a language barrier.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I was trying to address the whole “I didn’t get to see my girlfriend and family for my birthday” issue.
    I wasn’t trying to say that living in a different is the same as living in a different country.
    That said, Jennings was not guaranteed a job in the NBA. He didn’t know how long he would be in Rome, for certain.
    Plus, Rudy knew what was up when he came to the League.
    We all know the problem is he isn’t getting playing time.
    So, he’s quitting because he can’t play. He’s doing the EXACT same thing Darko was talking about doing.
    Fine, it’s his life.
    But, it’s still whining and lame. Why shouldn’t he have to outplay the people in front of him?
    Can anybody argue he DESERVES to start over the people playing ahead of him? If you can make that argument, make the argument so I can hear it.

  • guytoofly

    this guy thinks he should start? over BRANDON ROY?
    is he really that stupid? Roy is easily top three in his position and possibly top ten in the entire league.

  • RedRum

    If I am making 2-3 mil per year playing basketball I do not care if I spend my birthday only with a bag of Doritos and a big bottle of Diet Coke. I freaking make money playing ball!! he is the typical europlayer that simply cannot adjust, I am sure Barca-Real will be very happy to have him next year

  • dj

    grow a pair rudy.
    your 25yrs. old

  • doyouwantmore

    LOL poor Rudy. What I wouldn’t give to play ball every day, travel to new places all the time (even if it meant working my a&& off), and make millions. I’d PAY for solitude away from my mother and wife right now.

  • http://www.slamonline.com melvin ely

    This latest development is making me question the mental toughness of Euro players playing the NBA game in general (couple exceptions though). I mean, look at Toronto; majority of Euro players, talentwise competetive, but you don’t see that fire in them when they play (Hedo, I’m looking at you). Darko, Rudy, Spanoulis, same thing. They come in, expect to be given default starting positions because of their overseas prominence, and just up and quit when it doesn’t work out. I agree with Allenp: you come to the NBA, you got to prove you deserve to stay.

  • http://Www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    Hahahahahahahahaha….excuse me, but, hahahahahahahahHAAAA, what.a.baby! Aww, the dreamy one, the sexsymbol (Girl’s love the scrawny whiner… girls are stoopid sometimes) misses home and might go back? Well, on with it then, Rudé. Always disliked ya and your attitude (come to think of it i have a healthy disdain for most of the spanish national team, notably Garbajosa, Rudy, Mumbru, whiny-Pau and Jimenez). Hey Rudy, see the tall blondr shaggy haired MVP in Dallas? He stuck it out in Dallas and now he’s a superstar baller. You? Not so much. Good riddance.

  • MikeC.

    I agree with the opinions of Rudy being a little off with the birthday sulking. You’re 25. That’s man-aged. Act like a man. You want PT? Take it. I also agree a bit with Rudy thinking it’s time to move on. It’s not like he’s going to beat out Roy for more PT. Bad timing going public with it as the team is making a playoff push. Go to management after the season, tell them you’re unhappy, ask for a trade. Even the fans will understand if you do it in the offseason and say something along the lines of “Brandon Roy is the clear cut starter, I feel I can be a starter in this league and I want a chance to develop and prove it. Please trade me to another team so I can show my stuff.” He has a tradeable contract, and will bring back a solid role player or 1st round future pick. At least it wouldn’t be dickish if it’s done that way. That’s the perfect world where there’s always bunnies and sunshine and the beer fridge is never empty. In the real world, there are egos, agents and attitudes.

  • http://dsfjklf.com Jukai

    Things Allenp is wrong with:
    1) Rudy/Jennings comparison… Jennings had his mother by his side the entire time and KNEW he was coming to the NBA. That “he may have stayed in rome a year or two extra” is BS. This year’s draft has a lot more star power, last year’s had nothing, he was going regardless
    2) Rudy was drafted to be a two. He was traded to Portland for nothing, so Portland took him
    Things Allenp is right about:
    Everything else. Rudy is a whiner. This is the hardest league in the world, you should have known your position wasn’t guaranteed. Play or go home, don’t cry to the media.

  • alfa

    Grow up rudy,hw u earnin all that money and u moanin bout family,u in da nba and u say u miss home,its the nba only the strong survive!

  • The Philosopher

    The Spanish is a proud people. Some of the proudest in the world. Of course he wants to play. I think up until now, a lot of guys come from Spain with the idea they’re going to be Pau Gasol, who was immediatley successful. Besides, I also don’t think that Rudy ever fully recovered from that hard foul that sent him to the hospital. He’s never quite been the same since then.

  • anen

    a lot of this is recycled media the only thing new to me is that he said he was lonely on his birthday

  • anen

    actually in the nba he’s earning a fifth of what he could earn in europe…

  • anen

    @Dma I know right. I don’t think they even together anymore. It’s not a serious relationship if it were she’d be his live-in gf like Pau’s silvia.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Thanks for the second correction. We’ll have to agree to disagree on the first one.
    When Rudy signed up for the draft, he knew that he was taking a pay cut. So the money argument seems a little silly.
    If he didn’t want to take a pay cut, why not just stay in Spain? Hundreds of Americans do that instead of taking a pay cut to play in the NBA.
    Bottom line, he’s had chances to play and has been thwarted by injuries, a lack of defense and a reliance on three pointers.
    That’s it.

  • DIO

    these Euros and their luck of social skills…

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