Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 at 11:31 am  |  12 responses

Bulls Accelerate Efforts to Interview Thibodeau

Chicago is hoping to formally interview the Celtics defensive mastermind during the break between the Eastern Conference finals and NBA Finals, if the Celtics advance past the Magic. Thibodeau is reportedly scheduled for a second interview with the Hornets, who may hire a new head coach as soon as next week. “While Maurice Cheeks and Lawrence Frank remain the front runners, Boston’s playoff run has boosted the candidacy of Tom Thibodeau, the team’s highly-regarded defensive coordinator. The Bulls are expected to wait until Thibodeau is available for a formal interview, which may not be possible until the NBA Finals are over. He’s also been mentioned as a candidate for vacancies in New Orleans and New Jersey.”

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  • http://albayanos.com LeoneL

    Hope he joins the Hornets….

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2010/03/paul-pierce-and-the-celtics-hearing-boos/ L

    Heres hoping for him to the Horntes

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    He’s my #1 pick for the Bulls. They’re already a pretty decent defensive team. They’d be absolute beasts on D with him. Someone besides Rose still has to score every night though….Bron?….. Bron?

  • LA Huey

    This has got to suck for him. Having to balance the duties of a being in a championship run and trying to get a job with another team.

  • BostonBaller

    Why isn’t this tampering????? Leave our coach alone!!! lol. I hope he stays w/ us but good luck to him if he coaches elsewhere unless they play us. hahaha. Some assistants, especially defensive assistants don’t make great head coaches. (please read that last part GM’s and leave our coach alone!!!! tampering

  • BostonBaller

    I wonder if the Bulls are thinking that if they get a coach that devised a plan to slow LBJ up LBJ might want to play for him. hhhhmmm plus dude has a championship rock on his finger and a chance to get another. Food for thought.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Yo BostonBaller, we’ll trade you VDN for Thibodeau, straight up. Come on, he’s a Boston guy. Lol. Too bad coaches couldn’t be traded like that, I’d take that in a heartbeat if we still had VDN under contract.

  • vivek

    rivers is gone at the end of the season that’s why the celtics won’t let him interview yet

  • Scottie Pimpin

    how about Thibodeau at no 2, and Hubie Brown as head coach….hell yeah

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    I think it would be a mistake if the Bulls signed him. If they want a big name free agent, they should put effort into getting a well respected coach with a system that has been proven. Thibodeau is too much of a wild card; he could be the next Phil Jackson or he could be the next Sam Vincent. You dont know until you know, and they shouldnt expirement if they are trying to win now.

  • BostonBaller

    @Enigmatic, that’s straight up grand theft….lol. You can have both Van Gundy’s AND Mark Jackson if you’d like.

  • vtrobot

    C’s should keep Tom as head coach after Doc leaves. He’s probably been about 50% responsible for their success over the last couple years. I’m shocked that he’s not a head coach yet. All the better for the C’s.