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Bulls Get Defensive About Loyalty

D-Wade criticized the organization’s loyalty to its own people, and that set them off (even people who no longer work for the Bulls, and say they have no desire to return): “While refusing to get into a war of words with Dwyane Wade, Bulls general manager Gar Forman defended his organization’s loyalty after the Heat’s All-Star guard questioned it to the Tribune’s Fred Mitchell on Wednesday. ‘Anyone who would question loyalty of our organization is misinformed,’ Forman said in a phone interview. ‘That absolutely ignores our record, which speaks for itself. We have a number of ex-players employed in a variety of capacities, from the front office to the coaching staff to our business office as part of our broadcasting teams. We take pride not only in how we treat our current players but how we treat our former players.’ John Paxson, Bill Cartwright, B.J. Armstrong, Randy Brown, Pete Myers, Bill Wennington, Stacey King and Sidney Green are just a partial list of ex-Bulls who have been employed by the organization in some capacity. ‘What’s more important in regards to this summer is that winning is the most important thing,’ Forman said. ‘I’d reiterate that with our talented young core and flexibility we’ve created, we’re set up to have great success here for many years.”‘

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  • The Philosopher

    When one is on the outside looking in, a distorted view of things can take hold of a situation. Wade may have a distorted view of the ways of the Bulls, for when he was a child, he saw the Bulls break up, public disagreements within the organization, etc… a lot of things aren’t always what they seem, though. Different sides to different stories.

  • http://minusthebars.blogspot.com don

    Wade made a vague statement and really didn’t come out and explain himself.

    I believe Wade referred to the fact that MJ has no position with Chicago (nor does Scottie Pippen). The two key components in the Bulls championship glory.

  • DS44

    Something is wrong if Stacy King and Bill Wennington get more love from the organization than Jordan and Pippen.

  • The Philosopher

    The thing is, some former players may desire more power and control. Some former players accept what is given to them. Jordan or Pippen don’t seem like guys who would take a job like an assistant, or a job in that kind of ballpark. At least that’s my opinion, anyway.

  • http://www.hypebball.com Sam Raphael Chadwick

    I think good for the Bulls they do respect all ex-players especially Jordan and Pippen the only thing is Jordan wanted his own team and the Bulls owners didnt wanna sell which is understandable. I think Rose may be a coach of the Bulls when he career is over.

  • T-Money

    I don’t know about Pip so he may have legit beef. Jordan, on the other hand, wanted to run sh!t and/or own a share. He wasn’t interested in some player development/PR kinda job. Can’t get mad at Jerry for that.

  • Cannibal Hannibal

    scratch Chicago off the Wade list

  • dlouis

    Wade is obviously trying to torpedo the Bulls. He knows that they have more to offer FAs, and they have the players for a S&T. Miami has none of that, besides Zo in some bullshit community relations job.

    I love Wade, but he couldn’t be more wrong. The Bulls gave bankrupt Randy Brown a job with little experience, have stubbornly stuck with the Pax/Gar two headed monster, Pete Myers has been on like 4 different staffs, and they have had the same on court security guy for at least the last 15 years. He’s an ugly blonde guy with a bad mustache. That’s loyality right there.

  • Diesel

    I second T-money and Philospher – MJ wanted ownership in the team. That’s why he’s not with the organization. Scottie did have a player development role for a while but I think it got old. He’s still around the team though. Here in Chicago they’re runing an article where Jay Williams talks about the bulls paying for all of his medical bills, keeping him insured, and paying out his contract even though he violated it by riding a motorcycle. They even had Bob Love talking from a hospital bed saying that the Bulls are covering his medical bills as he speaks. DWade just made a general statement to try and get some FA love. He’s already come out and said he was misquoted. His agent is now denying a meeting between all the FA’s because they can all be fined for tampering.

  • Cizzo

    Who cares???????

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    I think the statement was read in the wrong context. He said “I don’t know about Chicago” or something like that (I’m sure it’s probably in one of the links, just don’t feel like looking). I think he was genuinely saying he didn’t know about Chicago’s loyalty — not that Chicago wasn’t loyal.

  • texaspete

    I imagine Stan Van Gundy will have something to say about Miami’s loyalty.

  • http://kamndestiny@yahoo.com swisha sweet

    they need to send m.j. a check every month for the rest of his life and they need to do something special for phil jackson besides offer him a job

  • Trout

    Co-sign Cizzo

  • Fat Lever

    Is Gabby’s divaness rubbing off on D-Wade? The organizations don’t owe these guys anything. It’s a cutthroat business, emphasis on BUSINESS. There is no loyalty in that world. Yea, the Bulls owe MJ and Scottie after they paid those guys tens and hundreds of millions of dollars to play for and represent them(sarcasm emphasized). Are the Rockets not loyal for offering Hakeem anything after he retired? What about the Sixers and Chuck? Get over it Wade.

  • clos1881

    @fat lever scottie made nowhere near a hundred mill, and I think Wade was talking about the way the organization ruined a dynasty. Not giving ex journey man players coaching jobs. Thats like coach K giving all his ex players assistants jobs after college because he doesn’t get you ready for the NBA.

  • Tristan

    I think Stan Van Gundy would have something to say about anything. He probably has an opinion on Justin Bieber that he has not yet expressed. (if you didnt get my point….dude talks alot)

  • Fat Lever

    Clos, the tens of millions was for Scottie, the hundreds of millions was for MJ, should have clarified that. But in the grand scheme, does it matter? It’s still more money than what 99% of the people make out there. And the Bulls gave Bill Cartwright a head coaching opportunity I believe. Paxson is the GM. Maybe Pippen didn’t cut it in any of those roles. Again, you cannot expect loyalty in this business. It is more a luxury than a requirement.