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Phil Jackson Addresses His Murky Future

Jackson, as per usual, had fun with the media when asked all the rumors and speculation about what his plans for next season are. The Press-Enterprise reports: “Reporters asked if he would say, right then, that he’d either be back coaching the Lakers next season or not coaching at all. ‘I’ll leave it open, as of now, I have not made up my mind about coaching or not coaching next year,’ Jackson said. ‘That’s all I can say truthfully.’ The Bulls and the Nets are two teams believed to have a serious chance of signing LeBron James next season. And the Nets are owned by billionaire Russian Mikhail Prokhorov. ‘I’d like to have a vodka with him,’ Jackson said to hearty laughs. ‘He seems like an interesting young man.’ A reporter then said to Jackson that he can all the talk by saying that he’d either be with the Lakers or out basketball next year. ‘I’ve always had problems committing,’ Jackson said.”

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    he Gone

  • zop

    in Soviet Russia, vodka drinks you!

  • Morgan

    I’m surprised nobody has started the “PJ to coach for Jordan” (Bobcats) rumor yet. We all know he won’t give a direct answer but the media keeps on asking anyway. The man has more rings than a pimp, he can basically do whatever the hell he wants next season short of putting on a game jersey, why can’t we just wait and see what the man chooses to do.