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Stan Van Gundy on Pat Riley’s Coaching Future

The man Riles famously stole a coaching gig from in Miami doesn’t like the words coming from his old boss’s mouth, and the position they’ve now put Erik Spoelstra in: “Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy says he feels bad for Heat coach Erik Spoelstra over Riley’s comments. Van Gundy says Riley’s comments will lead to ‘an offseason of speculation on whether or not Pat’s going to coach.’ With the Heat preparing to try to keep Dwyane Wade and lure other All-Star free agents, Riley wouldn’t completely rule out a return to the sideline. Spoelstra was an assistant under Van Gundy in Miami, and the two remain friends. Van Gundy resigned 21 games into the 2005-06 season, citing personal and family reasons. Riley took over, leading the Heat a championship.”

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  • Yesse

    Ron Jeremy, please shut up already.

  • MikeC.

    @Yesse – Actually, Mr. Jeremy’s comments are pretty slick. He comes across as just caring about his old co-worker, but the effects of his comments are further-reaching than that. He paints Riley as being the creator of dysfunction in his own franchise. People will believe Stan because Riley put him in the exact same position as Spoelstra is now in. The promoted assistant guides the team through the rebuilding phase, then, when it’s time to really reload and go for a long run/contend for a championship, greasy ol’ Riles will come slithering down from the front office to coach the last leg and take all the credit. This has played out before. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I bet Riley stays as GM only if he’s not able to re-sign Wade and get another major FA to enable a championship run. If the Heat get another major piece, Riley will be greasing up the head coach’s seat once again. What a turd.

  • guytoofly

    stan is actually kinda right though, pat took over as soon as he realized that the team would be good. when he saw everyone leave and had a feeling the team would do bad, he left for an office job. im gonna lose a lot of respect for him if he does that again.

  • ENDS

    SVG IS completely right on this one.

  • ENDS

    Pat Riely Stole that Ring Away from Stan. Y’all shut the hell up, y’all the real stans around here letting yourselves be influenced by whatever anyone else thinks. HEy Shaq Said SVG is a punk so he must be…I would hate to see some of y’all when you where in middle school, you Followers

  • David

    I don’t think it’s very courteous to do such a thing to Spoelstra, but I do understand how it might entice bigger-name free agents to sign up for a legendary championship-winning coach like Riley. When Riley did it last time they had a bunch of vets sign on for the ride – Zo, Payton, Williams, Walker, etc. Didn’t Penny sign on for the preseason?

  • BigRon

    Stan Van Gundy has to face the fact that the Heat would not have won the championship if he was the coach. It just wouldn’t have happened. He didn’t command the same respect at that point in his career. Unfortunately Spolstra is in the same situation, the guy is a good coach, but Riley is doing what is best for the team. He’d much rather stay in the front office, but if those free agents want him to be the coach, then it is in best interest of the team for him to be the coach. I feel bad for Spolstra, but this is a business, and the first priority is winning. Riley would be not be doing his job if he didn’t position the team for the most success.

  • Justin

    @ENDS: “Shaq said SVG is a punk so he must be”. And you’re calling other people followers?