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Steve Nash, Jared Dudley: See You in Game 7

Though most of the Suns were understandably stunned following last night’s events, Nash and Dudley put on brave faces and predicted a return to L.A. for all the marbles. From the Times: “Nash’s team is near elimination, trailing 3-2 in the best-of-seven series, but that didn’t stop him from making a bold statement. ‘We lost and they held home court,’ Nash said. ‘We’ll go back home and do the same and we’ll come back here for Game 7.’ Maybe Nash felt that way because the Suns overcame an 18-point third-quarter deficit and tied the score, 101-101, on a Jason Richardson three-pointer with 3.5 seconds left. Maybe Nash felt that way because he started to have his way against the Lakers, scoring 29 points — his high in the series — on 12-for-20 shooting. He also had 11 assists and just two turnovers in 35 minutes. He had nine points in the fourth period, missing just one of his five shots. ‘I was just determined to try to win,’ Nash said. ‘I kept getting opportunities and just concentrated and tried to do what I could to win the game.”‘

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    I think the Suns showed the Lakers aren’t that much better than them after 5 games….I think if the Suns shoot well again at home, they will be back in LA for Game 7. If Phil keeps trying that stupid Gasol on Nash too, the Lakers may be sitting dumbfounded watching the Suns celebrate on their home floor. Kobe was great at times last night and his numbers looked good, but his shot selection was horrid at the end of the fourth quarter….fortunately his last second force was rescued by Ron-Ron….Ron-Ron the Rescue Dog.

  • ray ray

    anyone hear about delonte west and lebron’s mom? just saying.

  • http://twitter.com/shinkaide André

    It’s been the little things that add up late in the game that have been killing the Suns lately. Not boxing out, holding the ball too long, the little mental mistakes. The Lakers are too good a team for anyone not to bring their A game for a full 48 minutes.

  • Fat Lever

    After how the OKC series ended, I’m surprised Gentry didn’t make it a point for his guys to box out on the shot. The first half was ugly to watch if you are a Suns fan. Too much Amar’e trying to decide what to do. Suns can beat LA, they’ve just go to play their game. It’s obvious Gasol cannot handle Amar’e one on one. I would be beating that matchup like a MPC.

  • Aaron

    Did anybody hear Kobe’s quote right after the game? I’m pretty sure he blatantly told Craig Sager, “we’ll win 4-2.” Now that’s a quote.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    you’ve been on mars lately ray ray?

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    oh and game 7? book it!

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    What else are the Suns meant/expected to say?
    “Well, it was cool to play 6 games vs. the Lakers in the Conference Finals, but we don’t really feel like a 7th game?”

  • AMG

    Damn I hate when scrubs like Dudley makes statements like they have any say in who’s going to win. I understand if its Nash or Amare saying that but Dudley??? Just know your level man..

  • namik

    If Lakers other than Kobe, Fish and (maybe) Pau can withstand the home court surge from the Suns in game 6 and not get completely thrown off their games like games 3 and 4 ( I’m looking at you Lamar), then the Lakers will not lose. But if its all on Kobe, Pau and Fish, then we’re coming back for sure. The Suns excel at letting Kobe get his and clamping down on others. Switching on pick n rolls with Pau is STUPID. Nash killed Kwame back in the day, now he’s killing Pau. Cmon Phil…

  • Keith

    AMG you cant be talking smack against my Dudles!!! He may not be the “star” of the Suns, but he has just as much of an impact of that team as they do.

  • http://www.hypebball.com Sam Raphael Chadwick

    Glad to see the Suns showing some balls,they really are sticking up to these showboating Lakers.

  • Jackie Moon

    Good win for the Lakers. Everything going as planned. Up 3-2, heading to the desert, let’s see what both teams are made of.

  • Cizzo

    This series is over in game 6 the Suns hsd the’re chance!!!

  • benoit

    In Phoenix the Suns get at least double the amount of free throws, in LA just 1.5. They should then win game 6 and maybe game 7? Isn’t that the plan Stern?

  • Jackie Moon

    Kobe is so smug and arrogant proclaiming that they’re going to win the next game … oh, what, Steve Nash said that? Oh, OK, that’s cool, then.

  • AMG

    Did Keith really say Dudley has as much impact on the Suns as Nash and Amare??
    Its amazing that someone who is able to get on a computer and log on to a website and type can actually be that stupid..