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Kendrick Perkins: (Definitely) Out for Game 7

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

The ’09-10 NBA season comes down to one final battle in Los Angeles on Thursday night, and one of the key participants may not be able to play.

Kendrick Perkins injured his right knee midway through the first quarter last night (and did not return), and even though he claimed that he’d try to give it a shot in Game 7, all indications at the moment seem to point to the Celtics playing without their defensive anchor in the do-or-die game.

ESPN reports:

Perkins was hopeful, saying: “I’m going to try to give it a go [on Thursday].” But a team source told ESPN.com’s Chris Sheridan: “He’s done.”

Perkins underwent X-rays during the Lakers’ 89-67 win that tied the series at 3. He suffered sprains to both his medial collateral ligament and posterior cruciate ligament, sources said. The team said that Perkins will be re-evaluated on Wednesday, which likely means an MRI to ascertain the extent of the damage.

Boston players also didn’t sound very optimistic, bracing for Game 7 without Perkins. But they refused to use his potential absence as an excuse for not closing out this series.”Perk brings rebounding and defense to the game, and toughness,” said Celtics captain Paul Pierce. “We lose that, but that’s not an excuse. We’re a mentally tough team. We’ve had injuries all year that we’ve dealt with. We know how to win when guys go down, so that’s no excuse for us.”

Celtics coach Doc Rivers didn’t disclose the severity of the injury or what he had been told, but didn’t sound optimistic, either. “I don’t know,” said Rivers. “It doesn’t look great, but I don’t know.”

UPDATE: The Boston Globe reports that Perkins out with torn ACL, PCL. Nasty…

Without Perkins, the Celtics would obviously be at a serious disadvantage inside. They struggled mightily in Game 6 (losing the battle on the boards 52 – 39), and watched Pau Gasol and company dominate the paint all game long.

Winning a Game 7 on the road is an extremely difficult thing to do; doing it without such a key component makes the task that much harder for the Celtics.

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  • al


  • al

    sign PJ brown!

  • al

    or dennis rodman..

  • http://aspov.blogspot.com Cheryl

    Well, Bynum didn’t look so good either. If he misses game 7 or is ineffective, it’s a wash. May the best team win. This has been an awesome series.

  • Robb

    The Celtics are gonna lose anyway…

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  • martey

    This has been such an underwhelming series. Both teams have been up and down and each team, who have at least 4 or 5 players who can light it up, have been plagued with inconsistent play. Imagine if players on both teams were firing on all cylinders. This series would have been epic, rather than what we’re seeing here.

  • vuk

    martey: not inconsistent play but very good defence from both sides

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Its fair that Perkins be out, we didn’t have Bynum in 2008 and the Celtics killed us inside. So Perkins being out and Big Baby and Wallce playing more is a plus for the Lakers.

  • silverselectjd

    i think this series has been awesome. Kobe,through bad shot selection, has still been the most consistent player. Would the league be so bold to award the Finals MVP to a player on a losing team again?

  • Elias

    I hope they don’t start making excuses for the Celtics out of this, we didn’t have Bynum in 08 and he hasn’t been 100% this year. I think it’s only fair that if he doesn’t play, and we’re gonna win anyway, no matter who plays for the Cs.

  • TyMo

    News flash: Bynum sucked in 08

  • The Philosopher

    Shout out @Cheryl.

  • Javy

    They call it Karma: Perk is one of the diriest players in the league and now this…it is kind of not fair to beat them without this guy but at the same time, like you guys say, Bynum is my Hero….
    He should get co-mvp because his knee is messed up.
    That’s it for the C’s. I’m glad the big 3 got a ring in 08 but that’s it. I would say start looking to next season but I would say start re-building or get prepared for a lack of championships for the next 10 years.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Th3_R3al_Chris Th3_R3al_Chris

    Doc: “I told Shelden Williams when he came here to be patient with sporadic playing time and, if he was, that he would win us a playoff game.”

  • bill breedley

    Given how the celts pulledoff the wheelchair drama in 08, I won’t be shocked perk does a poor Willis reed imitation.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    @silverselect. If Lakers lose, which I don’t see, Kobe will be second player in history to be named Finals MVP on losing team. Cetlics have not had a consistent player over the last six games. Closes is PP, but he has bad more games than good. Hopefully my LAKE SHOW will redeem their failed attempt in 2008 and dismantled this dirty team.

  • Vikturus


    Perk one of the dirtiest? No you.

  • Kap

    He should of just gotten a technical foul in game 5 and none of this would of happened.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com Seth

    I’m not about to say the loss of Perk would be just as bad as losing, say, Rondo… but losing Perk for game 7 would be bad. He’s got no offense, but the Cs really need his defense.

  • LD

    It’s gotta suck being Shelden Williams and missing dunks in a game considering who his wife is.

  • Jay Cutler

    Typical of all the Kobe nuthuggers to take a break from their slobberfest to say it’s “fair” that Kendrick blows out his knee in these finals because it happened to Bynum earlier. Real classy, guys.

  • cheeks21

    I like the karma comment. Its tru, perk is a very dirty player. And having no offensive skilss, he relies on defense which he’s good at. Not better thank his complaining on every damn call. He needs to sit. And he will. That knee buckled like a bridge on an earthquake

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    Losing Perk is huge but the Celts can’t use it as an excuse. They had Perk for games 1 and 3 and lost so to claim that a game 7 loss is due to his absence doesn’t make since. The 2008 series has nothing whatsoever to do with this one so I’m not sure what the point of mentioning it now is. Other players have been added and deleted to/from each team since the 08 series so it really has no relevance now. I’m just looking forward to game 7 to see who shows up. Will Pau be aggressive or tentative, will Ray shoot the lights out from 3-land or go 0-13, will Rondo have a trip-dub type game or 4 pt 3 ast? What I haven’t liked about this seires is that it has been so sloppy by one team or the other, I’m hoping that at least for one game both teams play as well as they are capable of.

  • http://www.slamonline.com JL

    injuries happen, part of the game. time for big baby to step up. sheed will get into foul trouble cuz he doesn’t jump anymore and just hacks and pulls out the chair is his other move, so it’ll be up to big baby and shelden williams (ouch). wish perkins didn’t get injured, so it would be a more evenly matched game. if bynum can play half a game, the lakers will win this easy.

  • martey

    I disagree Vujk. the defense let Ray Allen take 18 threes. the inconsistency let him miss them all.

  • http://twitter.com/pdxgaybball dma

    It is karma. He should have sat a game against the Magic, but David Stern is not more powerful than God.

  • The Philosopher

    Mr. Stern is more than human, less than God. Lol.

  • peter

    They could put Shaq out there and it wouldn’t matter…

  • Jer Boi

    actually they dont know how to when when guys are down. hence why they sucked in the regular season.

  • http://brimartin13@gmail.com Brion

    How is Perk one of the dirtiest players? I dont remember any cheapshots compared to say a Derick Fisher….

  • http://www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com Tarzan Cooper

    Lafans makn shit up, what has perk don thats dirty?

  • Brian

    The only thing Sheed seems to be hacking is the ball.

  • badluck

    perkins out of game 7 against the lakers.
    how could anyone call that anything but bad luck.
    i knew the lakers would worm their way into winning it.

  • Kap

    I’m a Lakers fan but I feel bad for Perk. God Bless you and hope you return to bball soon as hell.

  • Javy

    @Brian: Perk has changed his ways for this series because of the 7th technical. I actually feel bad for him now but hopefully he changes his attitude when playing. There’s a line when playing hard and playing dirty and trust me, I’ve watched enough Celtic’s games to know he’s dirty.
    This confirms my way of living: “What goes around comes around” and I really feel bad for him because honestly I was wishing for him to get into a fight so that he got suspended. It didn’t happen.
    @Kap: Did you just mention God and Hell in the same sentence???

  • Javy

    sorry my previous comment was directed towards Brion.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Perk isn’t dirty, he’s just a tough early 90′s style center. He’s one of the only centers in the league like that. He’s just a mean, scary, hard working dude. He’s not dirty though. I really like his game.

  • badluck

    to all you laker fans..
    if the lakers win tomorrow, the series will be 11-3 if iam correct.
    it will be many years before you catch up, if ever. live with it

  • http://www.twitter.com/Th3_R3al_Chris Th3_R3al_Chris

    If Rasheed can avoid being a foul-a-minute guy then the Celtics may be better off for this one game. I don’t think either team deserves to win the trophy this year, though.

  • topo

    to badluck and boston fans..
    after this season its gonna be tough for you guys to make it to the finals again…face it your best players gettin’ old, (except rondo) while L.A. is basically guaranteed in the finals for 2 more years (our core is signed) kobe still got enough in him for a couple more elite years, so come to terms with another threepeat!

  • logues

    ^ celtics got one more legitimate yr left in them for a title after this yr, hopefully their draft picks can help them out with some fresh legs

  • http://www.dimemag.com Royal

    To my fellow L.A fans acting as if the Lakers have already won tommorows game ,CALM YALL ASSES DOWN. We still have a long way to go and Boston is not giving anything to us.

  • http://www.slamonline.com JL

    perk is a great defender. hard nosed guy who uses all his effort and team defensive knowledge to play great defense. he’s not talented (compared to elite nba level), but he’s a guy anyone wants on their team. he’s a huge part of the celtics team, as much as doc wants to underplay it.

  • http://Badnewzb8ller Badnewzballer

    @badluck, is that really your best comeback for a laker victory tomorrow. The series is going to be 1-1. All those battles between the lakers and celtics Back in the day mean nothing.

  • Yesse

    As a Lakers fan, i still gotta say i wish Perk would have played. This might just be too easy for LA.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    This has been a great series, definitely one to remember. May the best team win.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Because, when you get to this point, really, both teams deserve the championship.

  • Ronald

    lovely, it’s a mcl/pcl tear, not an acl/pcl

  • http://www.twitter.com/gerardhimself Gerard Himself

    yeah, a tear. I read that if an injury like this would happen in December, you’re out for the season. Perkins will have one, lousy summer.

  • Ronald

    Yeah, there’s always a chance that the MCL heals by itself, but that’s at least 1 month healing + 2 month rehab. The PCL is more complicated and probably won’t be surgically repaired but it does require a 6 month healing/rehab. Guy is unlucky. Usually, non-contact like injuries like him would at most torn the ACL.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    i really hate injuries especially at this point. @seed: how did it became fair? cause you didn’t have Bynum in 08? wow idiot.

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  • Lantern2814.5

    Before the series started everybody kept bringing up how the Lakers didn’t have Bynum in ’08… or how Artest wasn’t part of the team yet. The Celtics are different this year in comparison too…older, more inconsistent (Rondo got better though), no House, no Leon Powe (remember what he did in ’08), some guy in a Wallace jersey shouting at the refs, and now no Perkins. Win or lose, the Celtics took the Lakers to 7 games, when at the begining people didn’t even expect them to get past Cleveland, then Orlando, much less get to the Finals altogether… now Phil, Kobe, Fisher, for all their titles, will have their first game 7.

  • Lantern2814.5

    Should the Celtics lose, its coz they old, they didn’t have Perkins… if the Lakers lose its coz Bynum has a bum knee, Lamar is a Kardashian, Artest disappeared… the common excuse fans of whichever team loses though is the officiating… and the only sure thing is not who wins but that Kobe is the MVP.

  • bashmo

    Wowww…so it looks like Perk is gone. This means that the Celtics will HAVE to start Rasheed, since he is a taller body than Baby, plus he has sum weight on him…but honestly, this isnt looking too good for C’s. Coming off a 22 point loss, having to play a game 7 in L.A, and without their starting center, who is their toughest, hard working on the glass player, this really looks one sided right about now, HOWEVER, i cant speak so soon, the Celtics can win still, players jus gotta step up, plain and simple.

  • http://twitter.com/pdxgaybball dma

    I hope Doc starts Sheldon Williams for shizz and giggles

  • LD

    Doc still can’t decide who to start at center by game time. So he just throws in the towel.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    ^ i think your wrong. rick kamla (as i remember) said it after the interview.. they want to keep L.A. guessing so they cannot prepare a plan for it. and would you really think Doc don’t know what to do up until now?

  • http://www.springbored.net letsmotor

    this really sucks, and i’m not just saying that because I’m a Celtics fan. it sucks because this one game is a culmination of these teams’ entire seasons, and a key guy who’s worked hard all year is going to be missing. and it sucks about Bynum too. would’ve been nice to see both of these teams at full strength throughout the series.

  • e

    after game 7 you might want to check out real basketball if your in nyc head down to west 4th st, pro city at hunter college, tri state classic on 145th new york basketball at its finest

  • badluck

    to badnewzballer
    oh. we should throw out everything that happens in the past?
    how do you think tradition grows??
    would this mean as much if this was the first time they were playing in the finals???

  • badluck

    and to all you laker fans
    this series is not over until its over.

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