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NBA Finals: Game 5 Live Blog

The Celtics win to take a 3-2 series lead over the Lakers.

by Ben Osborne / @bosborne17

10:49 PM CELTICS WIN, 92-86!

Gritty, gangsta, whatever you want to say. They played harder than the Lakers, they played smarter than the Lakers, and now they are one win away from the title. The Lakers certainly have the talent to win two straight, but they need to straighten Artest out (or sit him down), and hope that Lamar Odom is healthy and brings something real to Game 6.

Time to get some soundbites and then retire to media hospitality. Thank you all for reading (and commenting, if you did so).

We’ll be back at it Thursday from LA, with Marcel Mutoni holding down the liveblog of Game 6.

10:47 PM KG hits 1/2 FTs. 92-86, Celtics, with 8.9 seconds left.

10:45 PM Ray Allen hits 2 FTs to ice things. 91-84, Celtics. Gasol scores underneath, but it is too little, too late.

10:43 PM *Johnny Most voice* Pierce, underneath to Rondo! 89-82, Celtics. Great hustle. I don’t think there’s any question the Celtics have played harder than the Lakers tonight.

10:40 PM Sheed misses a dumb 3. KG scraps for rebound and forces jumpball. Artest ends up with and draws a shooting foul: miss/miss. Ron is 1-4 from the free-throw line. Awful last minute of basketball.

10:37 PM Pau Gasol crept up to 10 points so there are finally two Lakers in double figures.

10:34 PM The opportunity to get 3 points without any time running off easily the best way to lose/win a game. Kobe draws a foul on a three-pointer and promptly makes all 3 FTs. Just like that, it’s down to 87-82, Celtics, with 1:30 left.

Also, shit is apparently being thrown on the court. Let’s not be Massholes, people.

10:30 PM So many fouls these last few minutes…But it’s not changing who is in control. Kendrick Perkins, who has smartly avoided Techs, misses two free throws. Celtics up 87-79. As Ben Collins, ably running the show for us @slamonline, just put it: “this game is losable, not winnable.”

10:27 PM If things don’t change, Kobe and Ron’s shower tonight is going to be just as awkward as the one here in ’08.

10:22 PM Awful sequence for the Lakers. Artest misses a really dumb 3, then Kobe picks up his 3rd foul of the quarter and 5th for the game. Remember when I wrote no one was in foul trouble? That was before the refs decided they hadn’t been a big enough part of the game.

10:21 PM Rondo with outrageous putback. 87-75, Celtics.

10:18 PM Vintage KG. Then Rondo with breakaway. Once again, Celtics up 10.

10:17 PM The homestretch—for the players, the Tweeters, the livebloggers…Celts ball, 6-point lead. Buckle up.

10:15 PM Lamar with a follow-up. Celtics call timeout with 6:01 left. They are up 81-75, but as our man Myles Brown just tweeted, it’s not over…

10:14 PM Back and forth with the off-the-ball fouls. I thought we got over this when the series came to Boston?

10:11 PM Kobe over Pierce and Allen. But then Nate finds Ray Allen underneath basket for layup. 81-71, Celtics.

10:10 PM Pierce makes 1-2 FTs out of timeout. 79-69, Celtics.

10:09 PM Tzvi rightfully gloating about the fact that the Celtics are “56 minutes from an NBA Finals.” Must admit I thought their season was done around March 5th.

10:05 PM Kobe and Nate Rob trade makes off of drives. 78-69, Celtics.

10:03 PM Sheeeeed for thrreeeeeeeeeee. 76-67, Celtics.

10:02 PM Pau, the latest Laker to respond well to my critiques. Jumper cuts Boston lead to 73-67.

10:01 PM And Metallica rings in the 4th quarter…

9:57 PM Pau shows signs of life. Putback just before 3rd quarter ends cuts lead to 73-65. One quarter left. I’m sure Kobe is frustrated to be shooting so well (7-of-9 from the floor for 19 points in the quarter) and be losing by 8, but by same token, Celts have been on fire with their shooting and have not put game away. 13 turnovers by the Celtics have been their biggest flaw.

9:56 PM Pierce with ridic elbow fadeaway. 24 points for PDouble. Vujacic answers. 73-63, Celtics.

9:55 PM Not sure if they’d showed this on TV, but DWade is at game sitting behind Nets’ braintrust of Prokhorov and new coach Avery Johnson.

9:53 PM Lengthy timeout filled with bad rock songs. Lakers come out of TO and Pau goes to rim for basket (via Big Baby basket interference) and makes free throw. Giving him all of 5 points on the game. Celtics lead, 71-61.

9:49 PM Derek Fisher is Lakers’ second-leading scorer. With 9 points. Meanwhile, a bastardized big 3 of Pierce (24 points), KG (15) and Rondo (12) are doing work for Boston. Celts still shooting a remarkable 67 percent from the floor.

9:47 PM Re. an earlier note about ratings, apparently there is absolutely a baseball game tonight. And it’s a double no-hitter!

9:45 PM Kobe on the line as fans launch ill-conceived “Kobe sucks” chant. He makes both. He’s scored Lakers’ last 23 points. But Celtics keep making shots and/or getting off rebounds when they miss. Ray goes glass to push Celtic lead back to 11, 69-58.

9:42 PM Artest hit with fourth foul. No other player on either team in any sort of foul trouble.

9:41 PM Kobe with a three from I-90. But Lakers still down 8, 64-56.

9:40 PM Kobe hits outrageous one-handed shot off alley-oop. 62-53, Celtics.

9:39 PM Techs on Fisher and Allen.

9:38 PM Kobe again. 60-51, Celtics.

9:34 PM Paul Pierce (7 second-half points) is almost as hot as Kobe (10-point second-half points)! Meanwhile, Ray Allen has missed 18 straight three pointers. Celtics can live with that if the rest of them keep shooting well. (69 percent for the game).

9:31 PM And even if Kobe was shooting too much, at this rate he should keep it up. Lakers need to get stops though. Celtics lead, 56-46.

9:30 PM Kobe answers with MJ-esque fadeaway. 50-41, Celtics.

9:28 PM Celts start second half with Rondo layup and then Pierce 3. 50-39, Celtics.

9:25 PM Pierce obviously had better half than Kobe, but I’m not in the camp that says Kobe has stopped passing.

9:05 PM Celtics again hold for last shot of a quarter. Rondo gets a good look but misses runner. Celtics up, 45-39. Snack time.

9:02 PM *Kobe Bryant*

9:01 PM 2:42 left in half. Most intense first half of the series? I think so. Lucky to be here.

8:58 PM Pierce answers with 3 of his own. Then Gasol with an own goal. TO, Lakers. 41-37, Celtics lead.

8:57 PM Artest for 3 again. Then bad Cs turnover followed by Kobe runner. Just like that, Lakers up 37-36. 15-6 run for Lakers.

8:55 PM Hard foul by Artest, followed by a shove from Rondo.

8:54 PM Lakers clearly survived the Celtics run from before. If Kobe would warm up they could take lead by the half.

8:51 PM Teddy Brewski (how it should be spelled) at the game. And Bill Belichick.

8:49 PM Artest shuts me up with the 3. I should diss the Lakers more often: Bynum and Artest have made big plays within seconds of me typing negative thoughts about them.

8:47 PM Rondo with the sick wrong-handed reverse. 32-26, Celtics. Artest back in the game.

8:45 PM The Machine for 3.  30-25, Celtics.

8:41 PM Ron “0-for-4″ Artest heads to bench. He should maybe stay there for the rest of the half. Tony Allen layup. 30-22, Celtics, with Phil forced to call a TO to quell momentum. Loudest moment of the night so far.

8:38 PM Rasheed could—and should—give clinics on low-post defense in the offseason/when he retires. The jumper is wet too. Lamar answers with a putback. 26-22, Celtics.

8:37 PM Tony Allen with a Paul Pierce-style elbow jumper. 24-20, Celtics.

8:32 PM Only thing making Lamar sick now is Joey Crawford. Celtics hold for last shot, a reasonable 3 from Nate that misses. Celtics up 22-20 after first quarter.

8:29 PM The extremely fired-up Paul Pierce hits from top of the key. Celtics, 20-18.

8:24 PM Kobe just ripped ball out of Tony Allen’s hands like the game hinged on it. Then a kicked ball and timeout. Cs still up 18-15.

8:23 PM Kobe picks up his first foul, Ray Allen gets on the board with a bucket. Then Rondon gets out for a layup. Celtics lead, 18-15.

8:20 PM First timeout wraps and Fish heads to line for three rainbow FTs: make/make/make. Lakers up 15-14.

8:17 PM Er, Stafford would also be the ref that just infuriated Paul Pierce with that foul call.

8:15 PM Sorry I didn’t say this earlier, but officials for tonight’s game are: Joe Crawford, Mike Callahan and Derrick Stafford (who called that dubious jump ball instead of walk on Bynum a minute ago.)

8:13 PM DJ Mbenga not dressed so that AmMo could be. Fisher makes outrageous leaner when he was trying to draw foul. Resilient Lake Show up 10-8.

8:11 PM Lamar Odom suffering from flu-like symptoms. Adam Morrison dressed. Uh-oh, said a bunch of Laker fans. This obviously puts LO’s role as “key to the game” in jeopardy. Bynum with the dunk from Kobe. 8-6, Lakers.

8:09 PM Rondo scores inside. Artest brick. Pardon me, Bynum. Gets the put-back and-1. Misses FT. Celtics lead, 6-2.

8:07 PM KG and Pierce score for Celts around a Fisher miss. Bynum looks immobile, to say the least.

8:06 PM Any NY Jets fans out there? I’m not one, but I do recall when they adopted Shrek as a theme. Now it’s Big Baby.

8:05 PM Let’s start before KG concusses himself on the basket stanchion.

8:02 PM A fan waving a Glen Davis jersey on big screen. Doubt that was a common sight before tonight.

7:57 PM Loud as hell, of course. As Tzvi just pointed out, this game should get outrageous TV ratings. No MLB game, World Cup has been advertising it for three days. Game 5. Etc, etc.

7:55 PM Never expected my first time hearing the Boston Pops to be before an NBA Game. Alas…

7:30 PM Ahh, the Finals.

I’m very happy and proud to be on the scene of a postseason game for the first time since Game 5 of last year’s Finals in Orlando, with this game excitingly being the first Game 5 of a series tied 2-2 since ’06.

Lang, Marcel, Tzvi and Ben Collins have done an awesome job covering the Finals thus far on SLAMonline and Twitter. I don’t necessarily plan on doing anything better than they have; moreso give them a rest and shake off any writing cobwebs I’ve developed in my largely-behind-the-scenes role as Editor-in-Chief.

Even if my train from New York was an hour late, at least I still got here in ample time to get this thing going before tip-off, which is more than can be said for my last game in Boston: Game 2 of the ’08 Finals, which was the day of the infamous “gas cap” incident, as humorously retold by Lang in his Finals-memories column from a week and a half ago.

Hopefully you’ve already read Ben’s little Game 5 preview. So, what am I expecting from tonight’s crucial game 5? A hell of an effing game, for one thing. The fans are riled up already and will only get louder, fueled by a day off from work that surely allowed for pregaming and the fact that this is their last chance to see their beloved Celtics in person this season (save for a parade, they hope). I presume they may save the loudest cheers for Ray Allen, the game 2 savior who may be playing his last game in the green and white.

Being in Boston and with the Celtics coming off an impressive win in game 4 is what had me “leading” with the Celtics, but they could hardly be facing a more battle-tested team than the defending champion Lakers.

It is my belief that, when both teams are healthy and nothing fluky happens, the Lakers are the better team. But it’s close enough that things like Andrew Bynum being limited by knee soreness, Lamar Odom being limited by Lamar Odomness and Boston getting huge contributions from two players (Glen Davis and Nate Robinson) who were basically NBA laughingstocks as recently as January have helped the Celtics to two wins in four games. The Lakers don’t really need weird things to win: they need their guys to stay out of foul trouble, match the Celtic energy and execute down the stretch.

I think the Lakers gut out a win tonight and win the series in 6 or 7. But you know what I thought about the Finals in April? Cavs over Lakers.

So whatever. The above is all just noise.

It’s game time. Enjoy the show…and comment below.

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Ben Collins


    Is there a game tonight or something?

  • http://slamonline.com Matt Lawyue

    Did you get there in time for the media spread? Food was always decent or better when I was there.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    @Matt: No food. Bad travel to Boston and in Boston. I remember a sort of “free snack bar” up here in the media level from ’08 but apparently they don’t have those anymore. Oh well. I’ll get a snack at halftime.

  • backboard

    I really have a problem with the charge calls the refs call…………. on both sides, the defender is slding in in the very last milisecond to take the charge, lotta times after the attacker is about to jump. That, imo, is just too late and should be a blocking foul! I dont like it…..


  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    I think the team that outscores the other team in the next 2 of 3 games has a great chance of winning the series.

  • backboard

    like, that charge on lamar should have been a foul on pierce…

  • JoeMaMa

    I just realized that Game 5, a pivotal game for both teams….is being played on the court of the team that doesn’t have home court advantage. Does this seem wrong?

  • JoeMaMa

    And Boston’s shooting 30% better and has only three more points. That bodes well for the Lakers.

  • backboard

    van gundy is amazing: say QB now Ron!!

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Seems like JVG is having a good game. Doesn’t have same resonance in closed captioning.

  • backboard

    @joemama: yes , very wrong

  • http://slamonline.com Adam Fleischer

    Sounds loud on TV. What’s the atmosphere like over there?

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    Bennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (prolonged N for emphasis) sup.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    I dunno about this upside down back to front way of writing these blogs. Not hating, just saying. Its like, where do I start?

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    Im interested in knowing what snack you got.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    Micheal i am going to agree. Their really isnt much life in these live blogs. Ooooooh look at the pun.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Agree on Sheed’s low post D. Tony Allen got an A+ on ‘How to defend elite right handed perimeter scorers’ but got a F for “Making Layups’ and ‘Completing a simple pass’.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    still no update after 13 minutes. This must be a very consuming snack.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Fut.

    Can Artest be known as the Queensbridge Queen for that flop on the T? Too much influence from Fisher.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    Ben the second half has started! Where you at?

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    This is going to be a blowout.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    Ill take over the live blog from here i guess.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    Kobe Bean Bryant with the jumper. harde har har. Perkins with the answer.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    Kobe time about to start? Sure looks like it.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    Ray Allen hasnt made a three in 20 years.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com/ BETCATS

    oh now everything you wrote is showing up. Sorry if my live blogging upstaged yours. It happens.

  • JoeMaMa

    boston is at 70% from the field. What is this, Villanova vs. Georgetown?!?

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    @BETCATS: always a pleasure. I had some trail mix, some of those cheese-and-peanut butter cracker sandwiches, and warm coke (no ice). Also loaded up on water. And yes, liveblog is cooking again. Like Kobe.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Kobe’s trying to make a mockery of my blowout prediction.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    Kobe reference? -rolls eyes-
    That kG basket was nasty.

  • JoeMaMa

    I’m following this game from the Congo on SLAMonline. In looking at the boxscores, someone tell me: where is PAU and ODOM???

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    @JoeMaMa: Lamar is supposedly sick. He’s been invisible. Pau isn’t getting ball and is getting bullied by KG like its 2008. Very weird.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    JoeMaMa: go on NBA.com for that. This is a live blog not your personal stat checking service by whoever feels like saying stuff. (pau has 2 points and odom has 2 points lol!)

  • JoeMaMa

    @Ben: thanks, much appreciated.

  • hangtime Hec

    Pau Gasol has just be spade and neutered by Tony Allen. Get that man a ice pack.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Huge last putback by Gasol. Gives LA momentum and gets them that little bit closer for a 4th quarter run.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    @BETCATS: Joe HAS been watching boxscore. He wanted some analysis…

  • JoeMaMa

    @BETCATS: I’m on cnnsi.com for the stats. I was asking about them because those dudes were ghost on the sheet and I needed to know why. Besides, with the connect I have over here, nba.com is not accessible. Throw a dog a bone!

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    oh i wasnt paying attention. Joe, go on JustinTv. They have the game up somewhere.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    They let a leprechaun on the floor to do a lay-up? That’s just rubbing it in.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    BETCATS a little angry today…

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    The image of Mikhail Pokhorov sitting around is more exciting than soccer.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Lakers: imploding.

  • backboard

    Ron Artest should get banned from shooting in the last 6 minutes…. or ever

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    2nd time Ray Allen has fouled Kobe while shooting a three in clutch time this series. You would think somebody who shoots so many would know when to back off someone else who is doing the same.

  • JoeMaMa

    Kobe better have 8 straight 3rd quarters for them to win this series.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Royal

    Good game celtics fans but it ain’t over till it’s over……..

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  • Le Prince de Nsam


  • dfortruth

    Ron Artest is a joke, you think he would have fouled Rondo, at the end of that game.

    There is a problem with the Lakers, I notice Odom never wants to pass the ball to Kobe. If they don’t fix this it over for the Lakers.

    They are mad that Kobe have the ball all the time.Even if Kobe pass the ball they drop it or lose it. Bring back Trevor…

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Ron Artest was truly bad.

  • bill breedley

    Pau needs to step up

  • ripslam

    Jeff Van Gundy: “Whenever Fisher goes up he acts like there’s sniper fire in the building.” HAHA, so true. Also, what the hell is up with Ron “Queensbridge” Artest falling on the floor 3 seconds after Rondo barely touches his arm? Pathetic.

  • http://dfsjklf.com Jukai

    Man, Rick Kamla is a D!CK! Did anyone see that on NBA TV?
    Kamla: Hey Rondo, everyone mispronounces your name! THey say Raaa-jon, or RA-jon, but it’s ra-JON, am I correct?
    Rondo: Nah, it’s RA-jon
    Kamla: See, I told you guys, it’s ra-JON!
    Rondo: *meekly* uh, RA-jon…
    Kamla: Thanks for clearing that up Rondo, I told these guys but they didn’t believe me
    Rondo: *looking confused and a bit PO’d* uh, yeah, later

  • boston baller

    Celtics still in 6, Kobe lovers sorry there won’t be any revenge just daggers from Pierce!!! Phil should make another offense for Kobe and call 69. All Kobe does is receive and shoot!!!!LMFAO at the officials for makin it a close game for the fakers. Phil Hobe is not MJ, not even close! Write another book or sumtin, how Boston Shook LA like an earthquake! Or how about Kobe Bryant saving the day and only to find out he’s not a hero but a mere sidekick!!! Oh Phil, please stop making the Fakers looking like the 90′s Chicago Bulls, aint gonna happen. Do you really believe RON is your next RODMAN, ODOM is your Pippen and Kobe for who????

  • http://www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com Tarzan Cooper

    Celtics! Paul getting his second finals mvp in la will be fun. How many does mr bean have?

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    I think the real story here is how NO-ONE other than Kobe showed up for LA.

  • slamboyant

    Lil’ Jon was sick tonight. That reverse layup over Bynum was straight from the streets.

  • http://dfsjklf.com Jukai

    Did Kobe show up? He had an AWESOME third quarter. He was 2-6 in the fourth, and hit like, four shots in the first half? Not exactly showing up, as ludicrous as his third quarter was.

  • Sean B

    @ Jukai if you wouldn’t classify kobe’s game as “showing up”, i dont know what would fit the mold. among the myriad of things that the lakers had issues with tonight, that was pretty low on the list.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    He scored 38 on 27 shots. He showed up. But you can’t beat Boston and its hardcore D by yourself.

  • http://Www.ljz.cn Darksaber

    I see Twitter has upstaged the slamonline liveblogs, response is way down but was fun to see good ol BET back in the house, entertaunting all :-) I’ll make a point to visit for Gm 6, when team green seals the deal.

  • http://www.freerice.com OMG

    i 100% agree with backboard.
    ron artest cannot make a f***ing shot
    whenever he gets the ball im like “Aw s***”

  • knock knock

    The ref’s given the game to the lakers? LoL like ray allen’s shot that hit ‘just backboard?? Like Pierce falling down when Kobe barely touched him? Jesus, i know Fisher has been flopping, but the ref’s haven’t been giving it to him.

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  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Apparently its easier to write in barely legible 140 character sentences than, you know, write columns or put forth detailed analysis that require some basic grammar knowledge. In short, Twitter has not been good for forums or comment sections.

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    Can you imagine if Artest, with the intensity and ability he has, had somehow made the decision Rodman made to completely ignore his offensive game for the remainder of his career and focus on defense and rebounding? Okay Rodman made the occasional “WTF” shot, but his single-minded focus made him the best. I wonder if Artest would help his game and his team more if he just completely gave up his offensive game, maybe only taking wide open jumpers or something. You can win big with the lottery, but maybe the money spent buying those tickets could be better spent elsewhere.

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    It’s not like Ron is being selfish in any way. I think he honestly means well when he does his stream-of-consciousness offense thing, the early in the clock threes included. He’s had his most well-behaved season as a pro yet, and the experiment in LA is without a doubt a success. Yet his well-meaning offensive forays are hurting his team when they can’t afford it.

  • http://www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com Tarzan Cooper

    Its not like fish pau or lamar were hittn timely shots either.

  • Ronald

    As bad as the Lakers supporting cast played, Kobe had some costly turnovers. So, he wasn’t totally without fault this game. Still, he was playing out of his mind. Honestly, I really do think this is the best playoffs Kobe has had. Ever.

  • backboard

    look man, i really like artest, but not in the offense. Like OMG said, when ron got the ball, i just closed my eyes and said “oh dear”! I am so not kidding, i did that! He looks so uncomfortable out there! If the Lakers had a small forward that is a sure-fire three point shooter this series would be over by now! i am 1000 % sure of that…..

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    is that the real bostonballer? Lol! i never heard him like that..

  • jntraffik

    it’s funny how alot of people said Kobe ran out of Energy and he couldn’t perform like he did in the 3rd. If you know Kobe he did that intentionally, its funny they were actually donw more when he “took over” and his team decided to not play on the other end. And people complain about kobe taking difficult shots. Trust me he can take simple shots, if ou dind’t recognize the straight 19 points that he seem to know he could drop at any time. His team mates are making it difficult for him to even get off a past, hence turnovers. It reminds me of how Detroit back in the day, was trying to stop jordan. It is no longer help defense if the whole team is playing off their man to crash into Kobe, and his team is not even taking advantage of that as they look like deer in headlights.

    Lets stop finding the most incremental thing to criticize about this man, when the whole celtics line up is inconsistent. Ray Allen set two records, one for the most threes, and another for the biggest dissapoint following that game with a 0 for 13 performance. Here’s my favorite, Paul Pierce played a spectacular game. Thats given, but its so much easier to that when u have rested the WHOLE PLAYoffs. It seems as though, the celtics of some space jam formula water that they are asking only can quench the thirst for one player a game, and that seems to be enough to discourage the players of the lakers who seem to just wait on KOBE. Artest really your only defensive assignment is to lock down pierce. Odom, you need to be step your game up because if shannon brown is getting more PT than you, that means you were not contributing. Gasol needs to really pick his battles with KG and use his length against Garnett instead of trying to get position over a dude who is just not gonna let down. Fisher, is the reason why they are still in the series with his recognition of the Celtics just targeting Kobe. And Refs, please stop giving pivotal calls in favor of the celtics and please understand the power of your whistle.

    With all that being, this is one of the most exciting Finals i have ever witness, lets hope that it ends on that same note.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    If I can be on Twitter while writing these notes, you guys can certainly be on Twitter while reading them and commenting….Thanks for the analysis, jntraffik.

  • e

    SMH at anybody condoning kobes actions last night i seen the most selfish player in nba history forget iverson this man neglected his entire team even when being double team he rather shoot almost impossible shots i lost all respect for him as a basketball player he wasnt trying to win he was trying to cement his own personal legacy

  • ripslam

    @jntraffik: Pierce has “rested” the entire playoffs? He’s averaging 38.6 MPG. Kobe cannot beat the Celtics by himself. By the end of that third quarter Boston’s lead had went UP by two. Also, I chuckled at your “refs favoring the Celtics” note. First of all, the majority of the games so far have either been called fairly well (like Game 5) or called horribly, but relatively evenly. The refs HAVE NOT FAVORED EITHER TEAM THIS SERIES. Jesus. Maybe your Lakers should focus on Mr. Ron Artest, who’s shooting 39% from the field this postseason. Think before you post.

  • e

    oh yeah and people saying what gasol needs to do did you watch the same game i did its hard to do something when your best player makes sure you never touch the ball

  • Le Prince de Nsam

    Agree with Joel O about the Artest/Rodman comparison, as a C’s fan, everytime he takes a shot I say “thank God”. Agree with Ronald about Kobe, I really don’t like the dude, but as a true BBall fan 1st, I have 2 admit that he is 1 of the BEST EVER. But luckilly 4 us, inefficient in this series. He can’t beat Boston all by himself.
    Also, agree with jntraffik about the series man, this is 1 of the best I’ve ever seen, reminds me of the Bulls series of 96-98, when u knew MJ was playing his last nba years.
    But the refs really did a poor job this series, I’ve never seen s’mthg like this in such a high stage.
    Boston in 6.

  • slawson

    Lots to celebrate from Game 5. Pierce was back with his old game, when many said Ron was in his head, and he was all done. Now Ron looked like he was busy chasing the back of his jersey! Ray was still kinda cold, but KG was so strong on D, and he was making his shots inside and out. Rondo made so many shots off the glass, they simply have no way to stop him, without leaving other guys open. Celtics making great passes (and some stupid ones) and they were just much faster than LA. I’m glad neither Sheed nor Perk got T’d up… but Perk PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! DO NOT TRY TO GO COAST TO COAST EVER AGAIN, okay? That was just dumb. You could hear the crowd start to “perk up” and get into it… until they realized he wasn’t going to pass the rock. Charles Barkley he ain’t!

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Celtics got all the calls? Didn’t they shoot like 10 free throws for the WHOLE game? Between two or three guys? Please. Go away Paper Champions….just go away.

  • riggs

    i thought it was a slamonline inside joke but damn some of yall are serious with these comments? smfh

  • Fred

    It’s evident that the Lakers are from L.A. They are pretty good actors. Flopping, flopping, flopping. They had no answer to beat the Celtics, so they acting fouls. They play like gays. Kobe and Gasol are very good actors, Fisher even better, but the Oscar goes to Ron Artest after the little push that Rondo give him in the first quarter. Oh Man, he is a pretty good actor or maybe he is just gay.

  • http://Www.lkz.cn Darksaber

    Ben understood that mumbo jumbo Jntraffik wrote? Stopped reading after “PP is rested the whole playoffs”. Faker fans, hilarious.

  • http://Www.lkz.cn Darksaber

    LePrince: so i take it you started watching Nba playoff games after 2006, cause that there was the benchmark for ridiculous refereeing in the Finals. This series is tame in comparison.

  • mick

    kobe 42% (GASOL 51%)

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    LMAO @ bostonballer “69 offense”. Totally stealing that one.

  • rand33p

    gasol has not been getting open or getting to good spots cuz hes being pushed out of spots… needs to establish himself down there.. and artest needs to never shoot again unless its a wide open catch and shoot.. and odom just do something i guess

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    ^Odom is doing “something”, but you don’t want to see it in the light of day.

  • http://www.euroleague.net/competition/all-decade/main-page/i/64902/4259/euroleague-all-decade-selection-theodoros-papaloukas?lang=en&itemid=64902&mid=4259&tabid=1143&itemname=EUROLEAGU PAPALOUKAS (click on my name)

    one of the very few times the last 5 years that i watched an NBA game from beggining to end(no time)….i really enjoyed it. Some random thoughts coming later…

  • http://dfsjklf.com Jukai

    Huh? Kobe had a ridiculous third quarter. He had a horrible first half. His first half was why the Lakers were down to begin with. I’m not putting the blame on Kobe in the slightest, his team failed him, but he’s not infallible: he missed some shots in the beginning of the game. He missed some big freethrows. He made some dumb fouls. He turned the ball over a bit at the end.
    Yeah, if it wasn’t for Kobe, it would have been a thirty point blow out…. but some of you all are acting like he 0 fouls, 0 turnovers, and shot 100% for the game. Damn.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Myles Brown

    LA lost because they couldn’t get a stop, couldn’t male a FT and couldn’t grab a rebound. They couldve won in spite of their woeful offense by doing these things. They didn’t. It’s that simple.

  • http://dfsjklf.com Jukai

    Sorry, let me take back “first half was why the Lakers were down to begin with”
    Did not mean to phrase it like that.
    Meant to say, if Kobe shot over 50%, the Lakers would have been ahead. Kobe is playing magnificently, and honestly, better than I thought he was able to. The team’s ability to spot-up shoot has seemingly disappeared, and so Kobe Bryant is having some trouble this year. He beat the Suns by himself, and Gasol was able to help beat OKC… but Gasol hasn’t shown up and he just can’t beat a team with three HOFers on it. He can’t. Not with Rondo acting like a fourth. He just needs help from at least two other guys.
    I don’t see that help coming in BOTH games. Celtics in seven.

  • http://myspace.com/showbread Bryan

    At this point I don’t see the help coming in either game. I hope I’m wrong but the Lakers have no heart and should be ashamed. Where’s your pride? I’m looking at you Pau , Odom and Artest. They need to take these games personal and I just don’t think they care enough. Kobe is the only one playing for his legacy here.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    It took Shia 100+ games to figure this out. Remarkable.

  • http://fklf.com Jukai

    It is hard for the Lakers: they haven’t played ONE common defensive scheme in any series.
    OKC played the Lakers straight up man-to-man. Utah tried to double and triple Kobe. Phoenix played a zone. The Celtics are playing this strong pressure defense, it’s almost like a quasi double-team… run to the guy with the ball to give a swipe at the ball or steer him to another direction then head back to your man. It’s killing the off-ball movement the Lakers are having. Really, posting up Bynum and Gasol would really help… but Bynum’s hurt and Gasol is having flashback nightmares. Quite the predicament.

  • http://fklf.com Jukai

    Also, I expect Eboy to write a 500 word celebratory article on SKO if the Lakers lose six or seven

  • BostonBaller

    @J, I’m here now, the other 1 splits Boston & baller when I always associate the 2 together. lol. @backboard I 2 have a major problem with the way they call charges these days..not to mention other things concerning the purity of the game. @knock knock at this point none of us should complain too much about the refs. Neither team is getting royally screwed and you may have points on what you mentioned but it goes both ways my friend..fish & Kobe are tossing the ball up and flailing even when the defender is 2 inches away. All players try to gain an edge. @ Joel O’s the Rodman/Ron comparison is cool but Rodman had NO offensive game what so ever so it was easy for him to focus on D & rebounding. Ton actually used to be a scorer and can still shoot, his selection and timing sucks though. For anyone criticizing Kobe for shooting so much in the 3rd should think 1st. no one else stepped up so he went into killer mode for a short period of time and when he stopped their O slowed. If LA had one the game his performance wouldn’t be in question. The OG BostonBaller digresses…..

  • The Philosopher

    Is Kobe still as good or better than Michael?

  • http://fklf.com Jukai


  • BostonBaller

    As far as the Artest “flop” goes, if Rondo would have kept his head we wouldn’t be talking about it. There was no need to even put his hand on ?Artest but I’m sure RR was showing KG he had his back. What the heck was Hands of Stone Hulk (Perk) thinking of on that break? It’s always amazing to me that he can dribble that well while running since he is so robotic on offense. He did his best Shaq impression except Shaq knows when to pull up and dish. Perk will get it down by next season. Rays shooting wasn’t on point but he did so many other things like playing D, being a decoy to free up guys, passing & going to the hole. KG had a monster all around game 18pts, 10rbs (9 on D), 3 assts, 5 stls..yes 5 stls. That old man was playing some ball. The bench played well especially TA’s D on Kobe

  • BostonBaller

    Kobe has a ways to go to be as good as Jordan and a longer way to surpass him but that doesn’t diminish KB’s HOF career that isn’t over yet. The comparisons are pointless right now. I don’t “like” Kobe b/c he isn’t a Celtic but the man is stone cold, flat out (put your own words here) He’s just that great. GREEN for 18

  • The Philosopher

    Your team is on the home stretch, BostonBaller.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    anyway, rondo deserved that tech he got. no matter how artest flop on that, its still an unsportsman like conduct on rondo’s part

  • BostonBaller

    Yeah but I never count the Chips before they are won. I’m now hoping we do it in game 6 even though I love 7 game series. I just think if it goes to 7 too many things can happen..things like Kobe or their bench coming alive. lol. since there can only be 1 Philosopher why can’t there be only 1 BostonBaller. lol

  • http://Www.lkz.cn Darksaber

    Spanny: i’d rather read your thoughts on the Greek finals being decided by the refs after they had to interrupt game 5….. Twice. That.was.just.stupid.behavior.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Jukai, no 500 word essay, this wasn’t (potentially) a surprising result.

  • The Philosopher

    @BostonBaller: You know you have a following up here on these threads, man. You are internationally known and respected. Classy and tactful.

  • BostonBaller

    I agree w/ you J, no touchy no techy, it’s as simple as that. @ boston baller if you are going to rep the City with your name you have to come correct young blood. No disrespect but kobe has more than earned his stripes and on the flip side so has PDouble. I’m not comparing their careers I’m simply saying PDouble doesn’t get his due from fans outside of Boston and sometimes not even from the home fans. Fans need to recognize The Black Mamba (Kobe) before they get bit and realize The Truth (Pierce) b/c it will be told. lol I’m outta here, gotta go earn some GREEN.

  • http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:Xai88DrYsAhqiM:http://a.espncdn.com/media/apphoto/b8ad869b-bb74-4ba0-89b5-857787be7ba6.jpg Jackie Moon

    Forget the series count. The Lakers have to win two at home, the Celtics have to win one on the road. Winner gets to be the champion.

  • http://www.springbored.net letsmotor

    Rondo did deserve the tech. I don’t like that he got it (never want to give away a point, especially not in a tight finals), but I like knowing that he’d stick up for KG and not back down from Ron. as for Kobe’s performance this game, he was absolutely incredible, and it’s not at all his fault that they lost. still, I think when he starts to go off, that doesn’t bode well for his team, for the simple fact that they start kobe watching. there were a couple times where he drove to the basket and instead of cutting and being ready for the pass when he got double or tripled, guys stood around watching and wondering what amazing move he was going to pull of to finish. as a result, he’s forced into bad passes, which explains all the turnovers. as much as I’ve always said that Kobe must be a terrible teammate, last night, all the other Lakers were terrible teammates because they started to sit back and watch Kobe instead of figuring out how they could help.

  • http://www.springbored.net letsmotor

    i also wanted to say that I liked that thing about Derek Fisher and his daughter at halftime. he annoys me on the court for a few reasons, one of them being that he always comes up big at the right times, sometimes to the demise of my team(s), but it’s really clear to me that off the court, he must be a great guy. you can just tell by his demeanor and the way he speaks about his daughter.

  • Ronald

    Bah, if you are truly a C fan, then you would be GLAD that RonRon “flopped.” The Artest of old would have swung and broken Rondo’s head in half. The worst part is that knowing the C’s ability to have brain farts at the most inopportune moments their whole bench would run onto the court and subsequently get suspended for Game 6. The refs were bad, but not THAT bad. I know all the C’s fans were crying foul on the 3pt attempt that Kobe got, but watch the replay, there should have been a foul on the curl when Ray grabbed Kobe. It wasn’t really a phantom call unlike most of the calls during Game 1 – 3.

  • Le Prince de Nsam

    And Japan just beat Cameroon (in the real football world cup).
    At least Boston’s gonna beat L.A 2 make it 4 my summer.

  • BostonBaller

    Thanks Philosopher, we’re all on here to have some fun. I agree w/ you letsmotor Fish..he kills me and I don’t like when he’s on but he does seem like a great guy off court as does Ray and his family issues. with that said, they both want to win so much that they are going at each other almost to the point of blows. lol. The NBA..where nice guys fight happens. As far as Kobe goes, he usually goes off a shoots a lot when his team is just standing around doing nothing then they start standing around watching him work. Either way their just standing around being unproductive which sparks him to do the one on one thing. imo.

  • http://fklf.com Jukai

    Ronald: Then it’s a blocking foul and Kobe takes the ball out. Bad 3pt attempt foul.

  • riggs

    yeah just like he did to ben wallace when he was with the pacers right? oh wait…

  • T-Money

    This is not about pride or caring enough. Gasol and Odom can’t match the agressiveness of Boston’s front line. They just are not wired that way, it’s not about will. Gasol is who he is: a finesse guy when the Lakers win and a softie when they lose.

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    As clutch as Kobe was during the regular season, he has made a turnover leading to a Rondo break-away lay-up effectively icing the result for two games straight. Not exactly Michaelesque. Just saying.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Read all the papers on train back to NY this morning. The basketball analysis was straight forward: Pierce was awesome, KG and Rondo big plays, Kobe needs help, etc…
    What was interesting to me was the gossip pages from the Herald, which showed that there were a LOT more celebs at the game then I realized. Check out this lengthy recap if you care:

  • http://www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com Tarzan Cooper

    Funny how all of a sudden its, kobe needs help, kobes needs his teammates to step up. Havent we seen this movie before? Correct me if im wrong, but pau cant pass to himself

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I don’t understand why the Lakers had so much trouble getting Kobe the ball when he set up in the post. I saw two many times where they couldn’t make a simple entry pass. That’s a problem. Same thing with Pau. What the hell is wrong with them/

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Artest’s confidence is shot, that’s the main problem. Plus, he’s a little too heavy. I remember Ron in Sacramento and early in Houston just destroying cats on offense at times, and I honestly don’t think he can do that anymore. But, he could still be dangerous if he wasn’t questioning himself and getting swept away by the moment.

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    Agree Allenp, another problem of the Lakers is that all though they have incredible length, most of their team is a little ‘heavy’. Apart from Kobe (Odom & Gasol to some point)Brown and Farmer (who are both prone to mistakes) they really don’t have players that move well. Bynum (especially with a bum knee), Artest, Fisher and Gasol don’t move all that fluid. Even an old Boston team can destroy them with fast breaks, hustle plays, swarming them etc. In that department they really miss Ariza. Boston are way more athletic and energetic, which leads to easy baskets, big momentum giving/breaking stops and the like.

  • http://aspov.blogspot.com Cheryl

    Will Jackson come back (w/pay cut) if they lose? What personnel adjustments will they make this offseason? What happened to the Laker’s collective soul?

  • T-Money

    People were killing me when I was saying this for Bron but no one man can beat Boston. It looks like they’re going to beat the 4 best players in the NBA on their way to the ‘ship.

  • http://www.euroleague.net/competition/all-decade/main-page/i/64902/4259/euroleague-all-decade-selection-theodoros-papaloukas?lang=en&itemid=64902&mid=4259&tabid=1143&itemname=EUROLEAGU PAPALOUKAS (click on my name)

    …..I have said many times the past 3 years that Kobe is the best in the world and it’s not even close, i still believe this but if he was taking the shots he took last night under any big name european coach he wouldn’t have made it past the 10th minute. The fact that he continued to do this thing till the end of the game (and yes he made some crazy ones in the third,one of the most amazing 7 minute individual performances i’ve seen in a while ) is enough proof that NBA and international basketball are COMPLETELY different….Paul Pierce at the same time is terribly similar to Siskauskas (Siskas a better shooter Pierce slightly better athlete now)…at the begging of the game it took me a few moments to get used to the speed level. The difference in the athletisism between Europe and NBA is not big, it is chaotic….back at Kobe and, i hate to say it, but his shoot selection is hurting his team anyway you see it….overall there is a clear difference in strenght/power between the two teams when Bynum is not ok. This was the the most crusial problem for the Lakers, the difference between the two teams that gave the Celtics almost all the big rebounds in the end. That and the inabillity of anybody to make a basket (Gasol will be back, he is the best big man in the world and he will prove it once again in the next 2 games) that led Kobe to take all those crazy/stupid shots. I admit that i love amazing/circus shots and high flying dunks but my personal preferences ain’t making me so blind to believe that this panic offence style is compared to the methodical offence that most of the times the Celtics use….,it seems strange to me the fact that Kobe seems unable to create space for himself and that he almost always is shooting with people literally on him.He is supposed to be a better ball handler than M.J but Jordan rarelly took that kind of stupid shots. I don’t believe that it has anything to do with todays players’ athletisism, pierce was able to make room for himself most of the time exactly like an old M.J used to do, Kobe moved around and in the end he was still shooting while crashing on bodies, maybe it was the fact that the Celtics saw that he was the only real threat but it still doesn’t make sence. By the way: Kobe might be easily better than lebron but comparing him to M.J justs proves once again how quickly people forget (as sir Charles once said on the subject)….i excpect the Lakers to bounce back and propably win it all if Gasol plays the way i excpect him to play. At the same time this might be the Lakers fun in me that is speaking…in any case this was one of the most entairtaining basketball games i’ve seen in a while. I really loved it.The strategy and execution is not at the same level as the big international games but the speed and the breathtaking plays more than balances the equation (at least for me).
    @Dark…..:i can write a book on what a game between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos means. Not a basketball game, even a water polo game has the same tension. Remember we are talking about two of the top-50 sports clubs in the world with top-level teams in almost all sports, not just bball clubs like the NBA ones or football clubs like the premier league ones. Just remember that 3 months ago i warned nick Gibson on the possible implications when he told me that he was thinking to visit greece in order to see the finals. The difference in the tension in the atmosphere between the greek finals and the NBA ones is like the one between opera and a hard rock concert. I prefer 100% the NBA finals atmosphere but at the same time i think that it would have been interesting for everybody to live at least once in his life the other style(not what happened in the final game, i am talking about the usual crazy/hostile atmosphere).And on a WORLD CUP note: thanks USA for taking a point from those English malakes that are all talk and no result. LANDON DONOVAN!!!! LANDON DONOVAN!!!!LANDON DONOVAN!!!! LANDON DONOVAN!!!!

  • The Philosopher

    Shout out @PAPALOUKAS, The Leader.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    @Ben – my twitter comment wasn’t aimed at you or this blog in particular. I just meant ‘in general’. The finals liveblogs etc are appreciated. And after saying that, this turned into a very interesting comments section. So there, me.

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    @BostonBaller: I read Rodman’s biography, I think it was “Bad As I Wanna Be”, and he wrote that early in his career Dennis missed a key shot, and that cost his Pistons the game. He then completely gave up on his offensive game and focused on rebounding. I’m not sure at what exact year he did this, but if you look at his numbers, Rodman was a double-double guy his first 4 or 5 years, even putting up 16 and 12 per-36 his second year. And suddenly 5 years in offense takes a dive, but there begins the first of 7 seasons of rebounding excellence. I never saw Rodman play as a youngster, but I think he gave up becoming a serviceable offensive big to become the best rebounder ever. Ron is a scorer, he’s fast and huge and has range, but there’s no one on the Lakers who will put up 20 points in a more inefficient way than he does. I’m thinking that if he stops doing those things where he dribbles the ball around looking to create – which KILLS the offense – and just moves the ball instead – if he catches and shoots it when he’s open it’s a really high percentage shot. And Ron to an extent knows this; remember his Ariza comments about being a “role player”? He knows his challenge is to turn himself into an ultimate role player, but he’s struggled with it.

  • http://Www.lkz.cn Darksaber

    Spanny: eloquent, concise, remarkable comment. When Iverson or Starbury are not involved, you astonish with your analysis, Greek brotha.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    LA betta win the next game

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I think Kobe takes so many more shots with people all over him because he is taking jumpers off the dribble late in his career.
    At the same point athletically in his career, MJ was taking most of his jumpers in the post, not trying to iso and create shots. That’s what he did when he was younger, and was a much greater threat to get to the rim. But, I will say this, late in his career JOrdan took a LOT of contested jumpshots. Which is why if you look at his shooting percentages, they were down to around 45 or 46 percent towards the end of his run in Chicago instead of up over 50 percent like they were early. Plus, I think Kobe is so supremely confident in his ability to hit jumpshots, plus he has that insane habit of using multiple pump fakes, that he doesn’t really see those contested jumpshots as a bad shot. In his mind, unless you can actually block his shot, you aren’t really a real threat when he raises up. It’s all about him and his mechanics. That’s what I think.