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Report: LeBron James Supports Hiring of Tom Izzo

According to the Plain Dealer‘s sources, LBJ wouldn’t object to Izzo coaching the Cavs next season. Whether he’ll play for him, of course, remains up in the air: “LeBron James may not be ready to commit to what he’s doing in free agency, but he may be willing to make his opinion known on the Cavaliers’ coaching search. According to a high-level source, James would endorse the Cavs’ hiring Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert said last week that James is not involved in the search for a replacement for Mike Brown, but sources have indicated James approves of the highly-respected Izzo. James also said in an interview with Larry King that he doesn’t want to be heavily involved with selecting his next coach. But James ’100 percent’ would endorse Izzo’s hiring, the source said. Izzo, meanwhile, is still pondering the Cavs job. On Sunday, Izzo told several Michigan-based reporters via text messages that he was “still gathering” in regards to the Cavs’ offer. Gathering facts and opinions, it is assumed. Perhaps even attempting to gather information from James’ himself. Lansing (Mich.) television station WLNS reported on Sunday that Izzo is waiting to speak directly with James, which the station reported had not happened as of Sunday night.”

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  • zop

    Izzo should stay with Michigan state or else he’ll be condemned to being blamed for losing on lebrons team.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    Report: LeBron James Supports Making Love to A Cutout Of Himself on a Pile of Money Listening to Jay-Z

  • Emily

    Memo to editor: In the second to last sentence it’s wrong to have an apostrophe after James. Also the quotation mark at the end of this story is unwarranted.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    again its either izzo or scott for me. and hopefully the news about adding lawrence frank as an assistant is true.

  • Fat Lever

    Wait! But what does Lebron think of Obama’s reaction to the BP oil spill? I have to know this! What are his thoughts on the Greek economic collapse?!? Wait, I already know the answer to that one: Check My $tats.

  • ripslam

    What a douche. If you’re gonna get him to sign, then at least play for him.

  • The Philosopher

    Long… live… THE KING.

  • T-Money

    He’s a douche because a “high-level source” claims that he’d have no problem playing for Izzo? Not sure I get it. And not sure I get why this is news.

  • LD

    What if they both left their teams? LeBron has a friend that wants the MSU coaching job.

  • Pat Riot

    @Fat Lever- Someone who is known as “The King” seems like they would be very interested in political matters right? They always b!tched about Jordan not being political enough. Why not the same for LeBron?

  • RedRum

    Of course James endorses 100% Izzo, as he will not be there to have him as a coach… as an ex-Cav he would be really interested to see what Izzo can do with a bunch of young guys and picks Cavs would get from his sign-n-trade. Really now… does anyone in their right mind believe Lebron would rest his hopes for a ring on a rookie ex-college coach? Cavs should go for Scott or Larry Brown