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Reports: Rasheed Wallace to Retire

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

According to multiple published reports, we have seen the last of Rasheed Wallace on an NBA hardwood.

His coach thinks he’s done, and Wallace’s agent believes the same.

NBA.com‘s David Aldridge broke the not-too-shocking news last night:

The Boston Celtics’ expected rebuilding began Thursday when veteran forward Rasheed Wallace officially decided to retire after 15 NBA seasons, a league source said. Wallace’s retirement had been expected after the Celtics’ seven-game loss to the Lakers in the Finals, but Boston had held out some hope that the 35-year-old would change his mind with a few days’ contemplation.

Wallace signed a three-year, $18.9 million contract with Boston last summer, turning down offers from Orlando and San Antonio after the Celtics made a team-wide push to recruit him, sending Coach Doc Rivers, GM Danny Ainge and forwards Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Wallace’s home to ask him to play in Boston. He left more than $12 million on the table by opting to retire.

Game 7 of the NBA Finals appears to have been Rasheed Wallace’s last appearance in the L. He played heroically in place of the injured Kendrick Perkins, and after the Boston Celtics lost to the Lakers (and he fouled out late), Wallace did a very ‘Sheedian thing: went after the refs.

He leaves the game with one championship, three trips to the Finals, and career averages of 14.6 points and 6.7 rebounds per night. He also leaves as one of the most talented and controversial figures in NBA history.

If this is truly the end, then happy trails to you, Rasheed. You will be missed.

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  • http://hoopmixtape.ning.com/ Simon S.Y Lawy


  • TeBron

    He should have had a retirement-deciding free throw. BALL DON’T LIE!!!

  • http://www.pablasso.com pablasso


  • ray ray

    ah gutted! grew up watching rasheed! damn im getting old the last of the players i was watching from 95 – 99 are retiring.

  • Randy Brown

    I’d still love to know what he was going to say to the refs. It’ll be a mystery of Lostian proportions

  • The Philosopher

    Wallace deserves a lot of respect for knowing when ‘it’s time to retire’. Many players have a hard time letting it go. (one can’t blame them) Anyways, he had a good career. Not a Hall of Fame career, but a good career. Had he had the motor required, he could have been one the best PFs ever. And, you know it’s time to call it a career when treatment becomes unbearable.

  • Hussman25

    Sheed, now it’s time to come home… By way of the Media, we hear you wanna coach H.S. Gratz could sure use you… They’re not the same since Mr. Ellerby left (FORCED OUT BY A SILLY DISTRICT RULE). Your school and your city could use you back in it… Not just as a coach, but as a successful African American male, who could do some good by giving some of the youth in your old stomping grounds a role model to look up to. Thanks for the memories on the hardwood my dude…

  • The Wize

    Both teams played hard.

  • AT33

    wait.. what’s the reason for retiring and walking away from $12MM? can anybody explain??

  • j.b

    Love sheed. And indeed, both teams played hard and the ball don’t lie..

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    man, one of my favorite player ever. I just remember how excited I was when Detroit traded for him. Both teams played hard indeed…

  • T-Money

    Not to be a party pooper, but won’t he also be remembered as one of the biggest underachievers of all-time? TD/KG-level skillset and all he has to show for is 14 and 7 + 1 ring as a high level role player. Make no mistake, Bills and Rip were eating first on that Pistons team. I’m kinda frustrated by his career because back in the Portland days, Sheed was THAT dude to me.

  • ClydeSays

    I loved Sheed’s skills on the court, but he always seemed like a guy who showed up to play about 1/2 the time. With all of his talent (post shooting, long range shooting, rebounding, defense, shot blocking, etc), that made him hard to watch when he didn’t feel like playing.

    I thought him signing with the C’s was a great idea until he turned up at camp like he had spent the summer at All You Can Eat buffets. He struggled through the regular season.
    He showed up in the playoffs, but it was too little too late.

    He’ll get a buyout, so he will walk away with some of his millions.

    I wish him well. Even if you didn’t like his game, he was always one of the most entertaining players in the League.

  • http://deleted KH10

    A hoops legend on and off court, could do everything KG does, and more but never seemed to want to. will always remember his unstoppable turnaround J.


    he shoulda at least finished out the contract for just one last season…he’s still in great shape, still talented and is a vet with a high bball IQ and could still manage to help the team he plays for…not to mention the fact that he is leaving 12mil behind!!!!…bottomline, he’s earned a ring, (which is something a lot of great players never acheive) and he’s most definitely gonna be a hall of famer, so he can retire with piece of mind and enjoy the rest of life…WE SALUTE SHEED!!!

  • Brian

    Sheed will never be a favorite of the box score worshipers, but it sure seemed like he made the playoffs a lot more than KG if that counts for anything. Both teams player hard my man, good night and God bless!

  • Groves

    miss ya sheed, much respect

  • http://air-tsinelas.blogspot.com Roy

    Much respect to Sheed. You will be missed. :D

  • http://www.shawnkemp.com JACO

    A great player….we all hated to love him and his antics but he was a great player who was could have been something even more special. You always played hard my man. We’ll miss you sheed.

  • al

    you have to come back , just to get thrown out of a game, you gotta retire the way you played..

  • T-Money

    Brian: it’s not even about the boxscore, he has a history of coming up small in big moments and shying away from offensive responsibilites. He NEVER hustled for boards. Basically, he was a lazy player. Never worked out and spent the last few years of his career hoisting deep 3s.

  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/42594-hoops4life Overtime

    He was always on the team I hated, but you still have to respect the guy, he only ever wanted to win, much better he goes out like this then on vthe sinking Piston ship.
    A big figure in our NBA for definite

  • LA Huey

    Best wishes, ‘Sheed.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    I’m looking forward to seeing him as a reporter on NBA TV or TNT. Sheed and Chuck on reporting together would be fun to listen to. I respect a guy who knows when he’s done. It’s hard to leave 12 mil on the table – I guess maybe it’s a pride thing that he realizes he can’t contribute at a certain level anymore to really ‘earn’ it.

  • Big Marv’

    Damn Roscoe, all the best. I’m gettin’ old.

  • Jose

    Even Tho LA Wont the Chip, I Don’t Think He went out on a bad Note. I mean He was a warrior(Like Doc said) in That Game 7 and was proly considered the celt’s best player that game. I wish Sheed the best. You’ve done your job and did it well i say

  • underdog

    One of my all time favs. Sheed, you will be missed.

  • Aaron

    Never was a fan. But I wish him well.

  • http://www.twitter.com/dfrance21 dfrance

    Maybe Sheed is *gasp* not motivated by the money anymore. He’d rather go out on his feet, than embarrass himself for 2 years over 12million. He’s made at least 10x that much over his career hopefully he’s saved some.

    With that being said, if it was me, i’d limp my ass around that court until the very last direct deposit was made.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Overrated, to much gushy stuff for me on these posts. He underachieved, to me he had the biggest upside to me over Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett, but never could keep his temper down to concentrate on leading a team. Imagine if Sheed did put it all together, Detroit wins three rings or maybe Blazers win back to back titles. But coulda woulda shoulda don’t matter, he will not be remember for anything but underachieving. BOOK IT!!!

  • larrylegend

    never a true fan of him (besides that sabonis-sheed combo in portland was sick), but hell of respect for his great fundamentals!!!

  • http://www.springbored.net letsmotor

    I’ll sure miss Sheed, even if he was an underachiever. one of my favorite guys to watch in the post–those bank shots and fade-aways were things of beauty. plus, his mid-range and 3-point shooting really helped spread the floor on all the teams he was on, even if he took too many 3s. in the end, he was a great acquisition for the C’s when it came to the playoffs, mostly because of his great D on Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol. I wonder what he wanted to say to the refs that night. I read some article where they said he didn’t appear at all confrontational. Oh well, guess we’ll never know. Sheed won’t make the HOF, and he shouldn’t, but I wish he would–that’d be one hell of a speech. Enjoy retirement Sheed.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Co-sign T-Money on Sheed. I
    Son never sniffed 10 rebounds a season, despite playing the four his whole career. He was arguably one of the most talented and fundamentally sound players to ever come through the League.
    Yeah, I loved how he handled the media and Stern, but his antics with the refs could be tiring, and I’ll never forget him getting in Sabonis’ face, despite the fact that the old man was killing himself trying to guard Shaq. Something Sheed could never be bothered with, in case y’all forgot.
    And he left ROBERT HORRY to double Manu for no reason known to man.
    So, I like Sheed, he was cool. But, I can’t write one of these sappy posts that the rest of y’all wrote.

  • Jake

    I thought Sheed was going to be a beast when he came out of Carolina. He just never seemed to care enough.

  • Jake

    I thought Sheed was going to be a beast when he came out of Carolina. He just never seemed to care enough.

  • dma

    i will always remember him as a bad tipper at McCormick and Schmick’s, his bald spot and his R.A.W. radio segment here in Portland. And the alley-oop thrown by JR Rider from half-court.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    NEED4SHEED! Rondo needed to get him the ball more in game 7, they could not handle him. There will never be another

  • JD

    We’ll miss you Sheed you always had the courage to tell it how it was and you werent a half bad player either

  • cc413

    sheed was always a good player n had all the potential and skills to be a dominant force in the nba but jus never really could capitalize on it.. he could have easily been a clone of chris webber but he jus lacked the inspiration n was too often passive, inconsistant, and showed to really care less.. he was amusing with his daily technicals n mouth running also.. ultimately sheed will be remembered as what could have been.. congrats on a so-so career sheed

  • JTaylor21

    Sheed to me always had the talent to be one of the best PF ever. He had a killer turnaround J, great post game, great post defender and one of the best bigman shooter of all time. And one of the reasons the celts lost to the lakers apart from the fouls and missed calls was them going away from KG and sheed as the game became close. They were killing the lakers frontline in the first half. Sheed was beasting whoever was guarding him and KG was abusing Pau on the block. Then for no reason at all rivers went away from that and started to force-feed the ball to pierece to make things happen who was been gaurded by an on-fire defender artest. So even though the celts were done in by the bad calls, they still killed themselves by not feeding KG and sheed.

  • topo

    @jaytaylor this article is about sheed , not whining about boston losing

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com CHRIS


  • karen

    i love rasheed, he still have some good years ahead. dont leave, he is my favorite player, since he was in portland. i was with him were ever he went that was my team. LOVE U RASHEED

  • vtrobot

    @ allenp: i was thinking about that towel-throwing incident the other day. i was in portland during those years and i’m pretty sure that the initial incident that led to it was that sabas hit sheed in the face while he was flopping back against shaq. that was a huge turning point in portland, because everyone loved arvydas. sheed is and always will be sheed. for the people who want someone with so much drive that it actually makes them a worse teammate, go root for someone else. sheed was never about numbers. his presence and knowledge of the game helped many teams and even helped one win a championship. yes, his T’s from the bench, during playoffs, also hurt teams. i really wanted to see him get a second ring and watch him celebrating with his kids afterward like he did in ’04. almost did it. thanks for the effort during these playoffs. i can’t wait to see what he does next. somebody please hire him as a commentator. CAN YOU F*CKING IMAGINE THAT? here’s wishing. good luck, rasheed.

  • edward fisher

    Rasheed wallace. Sometimes you let me down by not hustling or getting riduclious T’s at the wrong time but I often failed to realize like others that you were passionate about the game of Basketball. I can accept that because you are no half hearted like a lebron or a joe johnson. You have your Chip and you been 2 three finals. Heck Charles, John, Karl and Patrick would kill to have your career. At the end of the day your my fav pf of all time and you are Tar Heel. Much Love and Respect… Both Teams Played Hard and the ball dont lie… Be Easy