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Tommy Heinsohn Dislikes Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson

Heinsohn, the Celtics’ resident homer, not too shockingly gives both Phil and Kobe 0 Tommy Points. From the Boston Herald: “Heinsohn was very unhappy that the Celtics lost, and displeased, as well, that certain people got to celebrate. ‘Kobe (Bryant) and Phil Jackson, I didn’t want either of those guys to win,’ he said. Why the dislike for Bryant and his coach? ‘Well, first of all, I got tired of listening to Phil Jackson create the atmosphere around the referees to watch this and watch that,’ Heinsohn said. ‘(Celts coach) Doc (Rivers) didn’t do any of that stuff. And Kobe, on every play, if he didn’t score he was bitching about getting hit. OK? The two most protected players in the league don’t need protection – LeBron (James) and Kobe. But Kobe, I don’t know how many times he went up in the air and came down, walked, and then passed the ball, and that never got called. And he was shooting elbows at the defender to get him out of the way. Now you know why I dislike him.”’

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  • http://www.slamonline.com James the Balla

    lol this is the guy who all of my buddies HATE. He is a terrible game announcer!!! One of the most bias announcers ever. It’s hard to listen to this guy!!

    Well if this is the guy I think he is … not too familiar with the Boston guys.

  • The Philosopher

    Tommy Heinsohn and Bob Cousy are the proudest Celtics in the history of their franchise. True Celtics. They bleed green.

  • mike

    Tommy is the man. He bleeds Green.

  • Javy

    I am not being sarcastic, who is this guy?
    To Kobe & Phil: don’t worry, when you’re a winner, people like this will scream and yell left and right.
    It comes with the territory.

  • tomtom

    Yeah your right. He bleeds green. And talks a whole lot of brown…

  • Krisjanis

    who’s winning and who’s bitchi*g now?

  • MP73

    A Celtic homer calling out Kobe for crying about fouls when the Celtcs had Pierce and Sheed on their roster and have Ainge & Mchale on the celing is just wack. Fuck Heinsohn. We know he ain’t complaing about Phil when Red aurbach did all that dirty shit back in the day…no AC and hot water in the visiting locker room etc. Heinsohn is being a typical bitter old Celtic fan all ass hurt his team lost and thus had to talk out his ass to save face. He ain’t Hubie Brown or Jack Ramsey so his words are worth as much as the 2010 Celtics champion tees sent to Haiti.

  • jumpman3224

    Um…Doc Rivers did exactly that to the refs after Ray Allen and Pierce spent games in dire foul trouble. So that is just a factually incorrect statement enhanced by this guy’s extreme bias. As for Kobe going up, landing, walking and passing…trust me if that happened it would have gotten a lot of discussion in the games. Do you know how obvious that sequence would be as a travel. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  • http://www.pablasso.com pablasso

    Kobe b**ching about being hit? I’d like to introduce him to a guy named Pierce

  • T-Money

    Tommy won it all 8 times as a player and 2 more as a coach, he’s a winner alright. I don’t like him at all but he’s a Celtic lifer (from playing, to coaching, to broadcasting), how do you expect him to say something nice about the Lakers? He’s the most biaced announcer in the league.

  • Shugbear

    Who is this guy? Really? Rookie of the year, 6 time All-Star, Hall of Fame, Coach of Year, played on 8 NBA champions, coached 2 NBA Champs.

  • Toddy V

    Did doc rivers not prepare a tape of uncalled fouls and send to david stern himself…..?!? boston sucks…..BE L.A. BE L.A.!

  • ClydeSays

    Even Laker fans have to admit Kobe gets away with a ton of fouls & constantly works the refs (complains, coaxes, etc).

    Has Kobe EVER fouled out of a Playoff game?

    To me Kobe is the greatest scorer in the game over the last decade, but he is also the master at getting away with hacks/traveling/offensive fouls.

  • KaponoE

    I smell a hater in our midst.

    Fo real though all superstars get calls and non-calls. For him to say that Doc didn’t work the refs might be said from a homer stand point. Doh!

  • http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:Xai88DrYsAhqiM:http://a.espncdn.com/media/apphoto/b8ad869b-bb74-4ba0-89b5-857787be7ba6.jpg Jackie Moon

    HAHAHA and the Celtics aren’t the kings of pushing grabbing clutching? … think of that one Tony Allen non-call where he just yanks Kobe’s arm as he’s trying to post up, you think they didn’t do that every play? The Celtics intentionally foul, knowing the refs can’t call every foul … but you get burned by that because when you foul the most, you still get the most foul calls, even if the refs miss a lot of them

  • http://Www.slamonline.com Negetivekreep


  • http://www.slamonline.com James the Balla

    You literally can’t complain in this situation. Having P square on your team cancels every thing out.

    co-sign Jackie… if the refs called hacking/reaching/grabbing. Nash guarding Kobe, Grant Hill guarding Kobe, Tony Allen guarding Kobe, Ray Allen Guarding Kobe, and P square guarding Kobe would have been in foul trouble EVERY game.

  • unrel

    this is what made Chick Hearn so great.. he was a laker fan, of course.. but on the mic.. he was never biased.. he called basketball games first… lakers game second..

  • mgballer3

    lets go tommy!!one of the greatest announcers of the game. he tells it like it is..even when the c’s suck

  • http://www.twitter.com/Th3_R3al_Chris Th3_R3al_Chris

    Was anything he said untrue?

  • Elias

    When somebody strips the ball from you or blocks you, you pretty often yell a little even if it’s not a foul, it just happens to me atleast. Like when I’m playing pick up games and somebody strips the ball from me or blocks me I might yell and the other guy ask’s me if it was a foul and I say no if it wasn’t. This guy is just a sore loser right now, if Kobe and Phil were on the Celtics I bet he would love them.

  • vin

    sore loser!

  • josh

    celtics were lucy to make the finals(OLD TEAM) so he should be happy with that

  • cheeks21

    This guy is so sh*t. He’s the worst announcer in the world of sports! Talking about not complaining when u get hit, look at sheed and pierce and garnett crying. Damn sore loosers. Sorry tommy, better luck next year. And oh yea, go lakers!! I’m hoping celtics make next years championships against la. So tommy can retire after celtics lose again.

  • kobesBESTfriend

    he’s 2 old and 2 stupid 2 know when his team choked…he’ll be gone soon just like the celts chances of ever making a finals appearance again…would all these old leprechans follow Rasheed and just retire already!!!

  • KoBynum716

    tommy heinsohn is a fukin loser

  • http://Www.slamonline.com Negetivekreep

    @th3_r3al_Chris: ” Doc didnt do any of that stuff”. Yep, that was untrue. Dito Kobe being a top 2 “protected” player. That would be Elbow #1 by a looooong shot…and KD #2. Mamba’s about as protected a player as Paul Peirce. Only, he’s not a flopper. (and a far better player, and wheelchair free) So his first 2 issues that I assume, were supposed to validate his argument were, yes, untrue. Kobe shooting elbows?…Ok, but He is aware that KG and Perkins play for the C’s right? B*tching about calls? Ever heard of Rasheed “monkey mouth” Wallace? So from what I gather, he hates Kobe because of a few sneaky ups n’ downs. It sure is easy to B*tch about someone u hate rather than say, give credit were it’s due…

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Haters going to hate
    Ballers going to ball
    We don’t care
    Because we won it all
    Celtics I am glad you lose
    Yes I do, Yes I do
    I glad Kobe & company got you!!

  • larrylegend

    the celtics deserved the chip! best defense i see in years! with perkins in uniform for #7, the celtics would have destroyed the lakers, and celebrate on their floor. too bad…u were lucky, fakers (ballhog).

  • remo williams

    lol @Larry… if the lakers had bynum in 08 they’d have won the title that year. Stop living in maybeville

  • shane

    LOL tommy dumbassssssssssssssss

  • JP

    each day this win against the Celtics looks sweeter and sweeter. Boston fans have no class and no sportsmanship, that’s a shame.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper


  • Jackie Moon

    @Tarzan Stop snoring

  • ripslam

    I love the mature people on here “Who is this guy?” “The Celtics were ‘lucy’ to make the finals(OLD TEAM)” Thanks for showing your intelligence to the community, guys.

  • http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:OzhW3M1GBSKkgM:http://fashionsensei.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/jackie-moon.jpg Jackie Moon

    @ripslam If Tommy Heinsohn does not show respect, he will not get any. I do agree though, the Celtics were not “lucky”, and were a great defensive team.

  • TL

    Chick Hearn was great as the Lakers announcer. He would tell how awful the Lakers were playing when they would suck. Just straight up basketball announcing.

  • topo

    the celtics are going to be weak next season, this guy is going to be pissed when the lakers 3peat

  • Hedo Turkeyglu

    S.O.U.R. G.R.A.P.E.S. = Poor Whine

  • nastierthanu

    Hatin on to the next story

  • Robb

    Losers will be losers.

  • barnabusb

    Someone should remind Tommy that we have the internet now, and you can’t get away with saying stuff like that without backing it up. Just do a Google search for “Doc Rivers 2010 NBA Finals complain” and you’ll find stuff like this:

    “I think it was a ton of moving screens they got away with,” Rivers said the day after the Celtics’ 91-84 loss to the Lakers in Game 3 put the Celtics behind 2-1 in the best-of-se series. “As far as off-the-ball action … you are not allowed to hold, you are not allowed to bump, and you are not allowed to impede progress. I read that this morning, and I’m positive of it. So, you know, when that happens it has to be called.”

  • CelticzBae

    i couldnt agree more wit Tommy! Celtics DESERVED 2 win. Underdogs all year… haters never stopped hatin. I love dem Celtics.

  • http://ijustwantmynametolookbig.com Chukaz

    i wanna hear kobe ask “how is this kid?” n then talk about how his mom didn’t hug him enough as a child

  • Blackie

    Boo Hoo – your team didn’t win – get over it

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    this dude is the most annoying fu(kin announcer there is

  • boston sux

    haha…just goes to show, boston celtics and boston followers are sore losers.
    when we lost in 08, we took it with a grain of salt and just wanted redemption. after the 08 finals loss, we acknowledged the celtics played harder and were the better team. we didn’t have to talk down like the bitter celtics organization and fans this year…oh well, too bad celts probably will never make another finals appearance for another 20+ years.

    suck it up boston…we have the rings for 2010. celtics can only get an honorable mention. HAHAHAHA!!! BOSTON SUX! BOSTON SUX!



  • David

    It’s comments like these that make me wonder how we’re all readers of the same publication. So many angry people with such terrible spelling.

  • harkb8124

    TOMMY= LAMEST AND MOST BIASED ANNOUNCER. When will this dude get fired? Annoying idiot on the mic callin’ C games and surely is proud of wheelchair acts of Paula Pierce, make believe aura and pg taunting machine KG and burnout Rayray.. Douchebags since they lost, everything they say is SOURGRAPING!!!!! Hahaha these Cs are really licking each other’s sissy girl balls

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    his point is valid. hes saying phil was bitching before the series even started. every series, phil was bitching to the refs a couple days before game 1. its normal for coaches to comment on reffing during the series, but phil bitched before to try to get calls his way. durant gets too many calls, steve carries,etc.

  • http://yahoo.com scott

    tommy justworried that the lakers are gonna overtake the celts as the dominant franchise in the nba. Ofcourse in 2008 nobody was complaining cause the were gettin away with basketbrawl. It was time to put up or shut up and I don’t hear thecelts singing we are the champions. It reminds of the days when the lakers brought in some guy with horned rim glasses to do the dirty work and won some championships with him. Funny how history repeats itself.

  • anti-crust

    larrylegengend cries about blubberless celtics cuz Perkins couldn’t roll onto the floor, well, the Lakers have been dealing with an injured center named Bynum for 3 years…versus your 1 game…and in my opinion, the team that is short a player usually pulls it together and wins, because it throws the other teams plans out of whack. Your old celtics just choked because of alzheimer’s they forgot to win the game that they easily could have…how many points did the Lakers score in the first half???? Your green blooded slimers choked, and what is Heinshit known for as a player???? Individually???

  • Laker 4 Life

    Did this dumb*ss not watch any of the games ? Paul Pierce flopped and cried all 7 games not to mention after a flop blatenly tripped Gasol on that fast break when Shannon threw it down!!! And what abot KG? He has turned into the biggest prick in the nba, he’s always clapping in peoples face, talkin sh*t when they are winning and pounding his chest like he is a waorrior F that dude

  • Bill Epps

    Tommy, you have always been a fat, and not very good basketball player. I have heard your comments during NBA telecast of Boston games. You cry about every thing that goes against Boston. So don’t cry now because those creeps lost to the Lakers. And be thankful you played back in the days when there were only a handful of teams, otherwise you could not make it in today’s NBA. So keep your big FAT Mouth Shut.

  • Dan G.

    Rivers wound up crying more than Phil. And did it look for a single second like any player or team was getting special treatment in that series? The answer is obvious. Tommy is just a joke. I can’t get over the fact that the Celtics organization keeps such a ridiculous homer in their announcers booth. That should be embarrassing to every Celtics fan and the organization.

  • http://Yahoo Dwayne Daniels

    Tom is Just like all the rest of the bully Celtics,when they get punch in the mouth,they arent use to it, so they look around for excuses,whaaaa!!!whaaa!!! cry babies!

  • http://Yahoo Dwayne Daniels

    Hey Tommy and all you Celtic fans, Phil is complaining about the refs,,whaaa!! Kobe is complaining,,whaaa!!
    Perkings didnt play game #7,whaaa!!!Hey they gave Kobe the Bill Russell trophey,,whaa!!!THE WINDOW IS CLOSED,GET OVER IT!!!

  • http://kb24.com DreXnaW21