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UPDATE: Michael Jordan’s Older Son Disses Kobe

Marcus Jordan went in first. This time MJ’s older son, Jeffrey, who dishes it on Twitter.

Lmao @kobe hahahahaha anyone really that shocked that he jumped on the table and held up 5? #original

@JazzRobinson3 who are you talking to??? And who r u? Lol everybody can say what the hell they want I aint say he wasn’t good but #stopbitin

@MisSeductive lol I’m sure he is kobe is better than everyone I can think of…except one person hahaha

Enough talking to the kobe lovers… Lol all everyone can say is that he can be #compared, lol and anybody can be compared

# On my way to this workout… Probly not gonna watch tapes of anyone cuz unlike some others #noneed to be like mike lol

@youngwayne00 man everybody coming at me really tryna throw it in my face kobe won a ring… #whocares lol

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  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    While some might hold Kobe’s subpar performance in People are trying to hold Thursday’s Game 7 against him, he still had 15 rebounds and found a way to score 23 points, mainly by hitting 11 of 15 foul shots. Plus, other immortals have struggled in big moments. Magic had so many flubs in the Lakers’ 1984 loss to Boston, including dribbling out the clock at the end of regulation in Game 2, that he was being called “Tragic” Johnson. And Michael shot 6-for-19 and 5-for-19 in two of Chicago’s Finals games against Seattle in 1996. Micheal also missed 20 shots in his FINAL NBA Game against the Utah Jazz, its just everyone just remembers the last shot. What if Micheal passed more, than take bad shots. Kobe is the only guy that can be compared. He will get six rings and then lets hear from MJ himself. BOOK IT

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    Some people are just fu*king stupid.
    Keyboard warriors.

  • RealityCheck

    Let’s be honest here, while Kobe is great, he only deserves credit for the last three rings. Take him off the team of the 2000 and 2001 championship squads and the Lakers still win. Shaq was the main catalyst for those runs. Take MJ off of ANY of the 6 Bulls championship teams and the Bulls barely get out the East. Kobe has at least 3 more rings to go before he can legitimately be compared the MJ. Get off that man’s sacks.

  • Rob t

    Whenever you talk about championship teams you look to see who was the Jordan and who was the Pippen. And for 3 of those championships Kobe was the Pippen. Debate Closed.

  • http://Www.dimemag.com Royal

    Marcus Jordan and Jeff Jordans combined stats: ZERO NBA games played,ZERO NBA championships, ZERO points,assists,rebounds and ONE daddy who will always be more famous than they are.

  • http://www.dimemag.com AMG

    Typical Kobe. The man wins yet another ring and everyone still looks for ways to bring him down..

  • underdog

    I don’t understand all the hate, dude seemed to be such a cool guy in Space Jam…

  • Yesse

    How bad of a father has Michael Jordan been? He is just messing up MJ’s reputation. Should have kept his mouth shut from the beginning.

  • http://Www.slamonline.com Negetivekreep

    Damn, Are Jordans sons really sweating Kobe this hard?

  • Dc

    You take Kobe off any of the teams he won a championship with and they win none of those mafukas. Stop hatin on the mAn damn. MJ’s son is weak as he’ll no room to talk at all. Come on let’s be real here

  • http://slamonline.com tina

    They are just upset that Kobe’s the closest thing to their dad. Kobe might not ever be on the level of Jordan but you can’t say he’s not the closest thing.

  • MP73

    The Jordan boys must hate that Kobe has more MJ in his game then they do and they are his own flesh and blood. They do have MJ’s insecurity as seen in MJ’s HOF speech. I bet those kids wish they could of been on the podium in shiny silver dresses like the Bryant daughters to see daddy get a trophy.

  • Shelton

    If u look @ the thngs this guy have done and people didn’t see name “Kobe” beside it (81 pts, consecutive game with 50+ points, defensive teams, all NBA teams, MVP, 2 finals MVP, record for 3pts in game, etc.) would the hate still be there. No it would not. Lebron dominates the regular season & people begin giving him the GOAT crown. So it’s all hate. The guy is not Jordan bc he is Bryant but skill & determination wise they are damn near equal. Jordan never played a team good as Boston in finals and he had several games where he struggled. The problem us people are emotionally attached to Jordan & despise Kobe but it’s time for yall to stop lying to urselves and accept the inevitable. Kobe is coming for Jordans crown & he will not be stopped.

  • Silverselectjd

    The perception of greatness comes down to the individual and more often than not it comes down to bias. Obviously the Air Juniors are gonna say their dad is the best, hell, id say my dad is better than Kobe. What i don’t understand is the diss of Kobe’s celebration. Does that mean NO ONE is allowed to jump on a table and celebrate because MJ did it? Gotta rule out fist pumps and high fives then too. The Air Juniors need to keep quiet, their basketball achievements wouldn’t even allow them to hand Kobe gatorade on the bench.

  • LD

    I want their thoughts on LeBron.

  • Bruno

    everybody can say what they want in the internet hidin’ behind their monitor … Kobe can beat the hell out of both Jordans sons together with just one hand in the court

  • http://yahoo Casual Observer

    I think we all know that Kobe is an copy of the Man himself, his excuse has always been that he grew up in Italy and Michael’s tapes are all that he had to look at and that he patterned his game that way. That’s fine up until he denied that he acts or plays like Michael. Lets look at the following “just like Mike”: Interviews ( mannerisms) , Fist pumping, sticking the tongue out, jumping in the air or both arms up after a game winning shot, bad shooting performance and then saying that his teammates were there for “him”, the “walk ” or swagger coming off the court, the fade away is an exact copy………it goes on and on, play the tapes side by side and then try denying it. Kobe would be a much loved player if he would be himself admits that Mike is his hero and that he does pattern his game after him.
    Main point : Michael has a loyal following and will continue to have that. They hate to see anyone try to copy him and so if thats what a Kobe hater is then he will always have them, thats the one thing that Michael never had, ” Haters”. The jumping on the table thing is Michael’s , leave it alone, get your own, the showing your teeth thing….lose it , its ugly.
    ADVISE: Kobe, you’re a great player and will be ranked up there with the greatest of all time, do it as Kobe and not as a copy of Michael otherwise you will forever be lost.

  • james

    this is truly embarassing. everyone is entitled but wow the fact that his sons r doing this is really really embarassing. i wonder what mike has to say about this

  • JoeMaMa

    It’s a tough call. Who’s better? Marcus or Jeffrey? Let the debate begin!!

  • james

    jeffrey is a scrub str8 up. i dont wanna sound like a hater but the fact that both jeffrey and marcus will never even have 1/8 of the success that michael has had in college n nba should disturb them more than the fact that ppl compare kobe to their dad

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Pathetic. Hopefully Michael has a talk with them. Like the kind of talks he used to have with Will Perdue during team practices.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    What does this ‘#’ and ‘@’ sh!t mean?

  • deano

    Jordan’s boys still bitter none of them got the good genes lol

  • Larsylad

    @realitycheck. Dude, seriously? Kobe can’t take credit for the first two rings? Explain that to me, please. And do it well. Because i am fully aware that Shaq was top dawg back then, but to say that Kobe did nothing to help the team (aka can’t take any credit) is ignorant. This year, i would say that possibly Adam Morrisson could take no credit for the chip, unfortunately. I have nothing against the man but many players could fill his spot on this years Lakers team. A whole lot more than who could fill Kobes back then.

  • http://Www.msn.com Beezy

    These n*ggas mad cuz Kobe is closer to MJ than they will ever be shit is sad how many fingers he supposed to hold up if he winning his fifth ring d**basses. Kobe’s the most hated future hall of famer ever

  • LD

    how many fingers was kobe supposed to hold up. kobe even said 90% of what he does is from jordan.

  • Clay

    Hey The Seed. No one takes you seriously, seeing how kb24.com is attached to your name. If MJ was so consistently bad in the Finals, why did he shoot 47% on field goals in the Finals to Kobe’s Iverson-like 41%? Kobe is not Jordan and will never be. Every shot Kobe threw at the rim early in the game was trying to imitate Jordan. 11 for 15 on free throws? That’s just over 70%. Not too great.

  • mc15

    well there wont be anything to copy once he gets to 7 and beyond will there?

  • BC33

    I hate when people say Shaq was the main catalyst for them winning three consecutive NBA Titles, if it weren’t for Kobe; Shaq wouldn’t have won any of those titles so I don’t see how people can say Kobe only has three titles because supposedly “Shaq won the other three for him.” Ignorant people, Kobe is the only person that you can compare to MJ and no one else not even LeBron or D-Wade. And for Michael’s son shouldn’t he be worried about his own game instead of the best player in the world??

  • Larsylad

    In many ways, to me, Kobe could be compared to MJ. But why do it? He is a phenomenal player, he is far from flawless, but the NBA is about two things. For teams to win for the fans, and for players to sell tickets and merch for the owners. Kobe does both. So what if MJ did it better or not. Kobe does everything you can ask of him. That really should be enough.

  • uneek726

    I think that people should not take Kobe for granted. 20 yrs from now you’ll regret it. There will never be another Kobe!…

  • Blackphantom

    Jordan sons suck, why the hell are they talkin shit

  • Brickshooting J

    @ Rob t: Word!!

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    Lol, no class, kids.
    MJ > Kobe. Greek guy is right in that Game 6 in 2008 and now this Game 7 DOES matter when you are comparing with the GOAT.
    The greatest of the greats delivers when it matters most. I’ve grown to really appreciate Kobe’s game, but some of you nut-huggers need to cool it. You’re bringing up Mike missing 20 shots in his Game 6 vs the Jazz? OK. It wasn’t his best shooting night, but he still shot at 43% in that game. And guess what else he did? Clutch steal, and clutch game-winner. Yeah, those two things matter. The greatest find a way.
    Bottom line, Kobe is a great great player. I don’t know if we’ll see anyone comparable to KOBE in the next 10 years or so. (LeBron isn’t it; Durant is hard to say. Maybe, but likely not)
    Still, Kobe is worth a mention when discussing the greatest. But only a quick mention.
    Michael is still the greatest of all-time.
    His sons need to shut the f*ck up though.

  • Ben

    This kids use LOL too much.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sesa.opas Sesa

    Meh, Let those junior jordans embarrass themselves

  • logues

    aruging on the internet(esp twitter) is just like the special olympics: even if you win, your still retarded. ooops, sorry that was really mean, but this is exactly why twitter is so dumb.

  • Robb

    It must be hard for you Jordan kids to live your lives through your dad’s accomplishments. How sad it must be not to be able to do something by yourselves. Who are you??? I’m gonna tell you: You are a couple of nobodies who spend your father’s money, who wear your father’s apparel while you watch basketball on TV. You diss a player who has fought hard to get what he has now (unlike you). You’d kill for having 10% of Kobe’s skills and 1% of Kobe’s success. Shut up, stop embarrassing yourselves and do something with your lives.

  • Zach

    MJ is hands down the greatest and always will be the greatest. Try and name a championship team that didn’t have a great big man, u can’t except for all of Jordan’s teams that shows how great he really was

  • The Philosopher

    ^^ Isiah’s Pistons won back to back titles with James Edwards, Chauncey Billups had Ben Wallace. Ben Wallace wasn’t great…

  • http://kb24.com DreXnaW21

    at least Kobe “never retired” Jordan!! :(

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    ^Pistons had Mahorn, Rodman etc,
    Chauncey had Sheed, Wallace (and Okur, but he never played). People forgot how GOOD the Wallace’s were 4 or 5 years ago.

  • The Philosopher

    ^Wallace wasn’t great, Mahorn was never great, Rodman didn’t become great until Isiah got old.

  • rainman10

    Hey Philosopher, B Wallace was a DPOY and all-star. Can’t forget Bill Laimbeer. Rodman’s role changed as he got older, but still a very integral piece to the Pistons champion teams. In ’98 Jordan’s Bulls were starting Luc Longley and Toni Kukoc at the 4 and 5.

  • The Philosopher

    @rainman10: I agree with everything you said, but none of those guys were… great at that time, you know?


    @Casual Observer, Kobe said that 90% of his game came from MJ (whom he said he loves) and that everything he knows, he stole from players before him. I really don’t understand the hate against Kobe when all he does is win.

  • Love The Game

    Is everyone crazy? Some people here are acting like Kobe sat and planned how he would copy MJ when he won. I grew up watching MJ and if KB24 isn’t just as good he’s pretty close. The Jordan boys are just like everyone else, hating the dude because he’s great andd he lets you know it.

  • zop

    gee, let’s see the Jordan Bros. against Kobe at the same time. Do you see Michael complaining? Geez!

  • Reflex

    I bet MJ wish he had Kobe as a son rather than these two b**ches. Haters, keep hatin’, it means nothing. 5 rings, back to back, with the possibility of a 3 peat. Y’all keep hating, Kobe keeps winning.

  • stucktrader

    @reality check,

    NO WAY LAKERS WIN WITH ONLY SHAQ and No KOBE… Did you actually see the games?

    The Lakers always had stiff competition in the west… Kings and Blazers… Kobe AND Shaq were needed…

    In any case… i can only imagine the hate towards Kobe if he gets #6 and even surpasses that. Sure Rob Horry has multiple rings… but not as one of the top dawgs. He does have more than MJ.

  • nastierthanu3

    @reality check. How does kobe only deserve credit for the last 3 rings. Please man, play 82 games then playoffs average over 20 but not deserve credit for the chip. John celestan doesn’t deserve credit for a chip. Penberthy doesn’t deserve credit for a chip but kobe??? Ur hatin @ the philosopher thank u for knocking that big man convo out the park ’cause I waa gonna say the same thing but we all know where u stand on the kobe mike arguement. Now for all this shaq being the catalyst convo. U can have a monster center but if u can’t get the ball past half court than he aint doin nuthin. Someone please be objective with me. If shaq was on the bulls squads back n the day at the peak of his career u are tellin me he wouldve won mvp in a couple of those series. Let’s look at the finals match ups. Shaq against ostertag Shaq against vlade divac and elden campbell shaq vs tom chambers and mark west shaq vs kevin duckworth. Ok with those list of centers during mike 6 years of finals mvp anyone wanna tell me that shaq wouldve won at least 1 finals mvp trophies!!! GREG OSTERTAG and KEVIN DUCKWORTH. Grow up haters

  • Chris

    I hope all of you go to your office tomorrow, sit at your cubicle, and for the rest of eternity get compared to the guy that worked there before you. No matter what you achieve, however hard you work, or what sales you close, I hope someone is there at every twist and turn analysing the percentage of coffee breaks you took and saying ‘good job…but Bob would have done that spreadsheet better than you. Bob was the greatest. You suck.’

  • Ronald

    @Chris: Now imagine you got paid over $20mill a season, get treated like a god, have groupies waiting at your doorstep to fulfill every whim, be one of the most recognizable athletes in the world and get 2-3 months off every year. Being compared doesn’t seem to be that bad then.

  • Chi773

    Kobe is 100 negative than your Airness. Jordan is Chitown!

  • ihoop

    Damn scottie pippen gets no love it like him rodman, grant, armstrong, kerr, and the others didnt even step foot on the court. to put it simply the laker teams for the first three chips were the equivalent to Chicago’s six rings teams, only difference is that shaq was so beast it made it seem like he was doin it all solo, while jordan was so beast it made pippen look like he didnt do as much. The teams as a whole were deep top to bottom they just had great players to put them over the top.Jordan is the man but you cant be on top forever.

  • SMH

    3 words… “Gasols left foot”

  • James

    Kobe and Jordan are not similar. Jordan’s PER is off the charts. Look at Jordan’s field goal percentage in his prime – well over 50% which is unheard of for a guard scoring over 30pts per game. Jordan was steals champion 3 times, besides the 10 scoring titles. Jordan had 200 steals and 100 blocks 2 years in a row (no other player in the history of the game has done that). On top of that Jordan AVERAGED 8 REBOUNDS AND 8 ASSISTS PER GAME one year (not even Lebron can top that) Kobe has not even won the scoring title as much as AI. This year a 21 year old named Durant dominated the regular season, and it could be legitimately said that Lebron is STILL the best player in the league. 2 months ago everyone thought Lebron was the best. When Jordan played he dominated the scoring, the steals, the regular season and the playoffs WITHOUT QUESTION. YOU CANNOT SAY THAT ABOUT KOBE. What Kobe does have is the best frontline in basketball and that is what won the championship. Kobe Bryant is the most inefficient, the most inconsistent, and the most overrated player in the history of sport.

  • James

    Shaq deserves the most credit for the first 3 championships. We’re talking about the most dominant big man since Wilt. Kobe, on the other hand, was not the best in 2000. He was mistake-prone, unpredictable, immature, and streaky. He is streaky today too. Kobe was not even the best scorer. AI was the best scorer. In fact, Kobe is not the best scorer today either. Kevin Durant is. Kobe has an excellent team and an excellent coach. They cover most of his mistakes and make it easy for him to shine.

  • James

    Shaq would have won with AI, Reggie Miller, Gary Payton, a health Grant Hill, and a young Vince Carter. Kobe would not have won with any other big man in the game.

  • James

    Kobe vs. Jordan. This is not a contest!!!!!
    Scoring Titles 10 to 2
    Finals MVP – 6 to 1
    Steals Titles 3 to 0
    Defensive Player of the Year 1 to 0
    Regular Season MVP 5 to 1
    Lifetime Scoring Average 30.1 to 25.4
    Lifetime PER – MJ ranked 1 (27.91) Kobe ranked 18

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Shaq didn’t win titles by himself, people only remember him beasting in the 3 NBA finals. People forget about series before NBA finals. Were Tim Duncan and Divac used to give Shaq fits and put him in foul trouble. Lakers beat Portland, Sacramento, Spurs because of Kobe, then Shaq would beast against LEAST league. Also the NBA Finals against the Pacers, Kobe should have been FINALS MVP, check stats in 4th qtr, and Kobe was unstoppable that series. So like I said. Shaq won first, 50/50 on second and equal on third. Some of yall youngsters didn’t watch those series to understand how Kobe in the 4th was great, because Shaq couldn’t make free throws. Also Shaq said in 2001, Kobe is best player in the league and he was. ALso if Shaq get in shape and let Kobe take over as team leader. Shaq could have took a back seat and got about four titles by now. Kobe is best of his generation and have gotten two titles when Lebron is in his prime. BOOK IT!!!

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    U dummy I am not kb24. You act like MJ is untouchable he had some bad games in big moments too. BUT HIS TEAM STILL WON. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. Give kobe credit for 15 rebounds and getting 10 points in the 4th quarter. Jordan took bad bad shots, go watch type little man of the seattle series and utah series. Kobe can be compare to MJ.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Slam please do a interview in your next magazine about Kobe being compared to him. LETS SEE WHAT MJ HAS TO SAY. then everyone can be quiet on this topic.

  • fan

    I feel for them. They will never get the attention kobe gets being compared to there own dad. Not only on the the court but off it too. It is probably hard on them.

    Kobe will never be mj though.

  • James

    As far as the great shooting guards in league history, Kobe is only somewhat comparable to Jordan. Offensively Kobe is 2/3s the player Jordan was. Kobe is a great offensive talent. However, Kobe’s weakness offensively is Jordan’s strength. Look at Kobe’s field goal percentage in his prime. Ok, now look at MJs. MJs field goal percentage as a guard was unbelievable. Jordan was over 50% accurate for several years running. Even in 96′ Jordan was more accurate than Kobe from 3 point land. Also Jordan faced the toughest defenses in league history including the Bad Boys of Detroit and Pat Riley’s Knicks. That’s the difference offensively and defensively there is no comparison. Jordan was like Wade on steroids as far as blocks and steals. Jordan was steals champion 3 times. Jordan blocked over 100 shots 2 years in a row. Jordan AVERAGED 8 rebounds a game one year. Kobe has never done any of those things defensively. Lastly when Jordan played for the Bulls there was no question who the best player in the league was. It was a slam dunk. Today Kobe may not even be the best shooting guard. Durant won the scoring title this year. Lebron has been regarded as the best in the game today. Moreover, Wade could be considered the best shooting guard in the league when you consider the fact that his lifetime stats are better than Kobe’s. CHECK THEM OUT!!!

  • http://slamonline.com tina

    Does this even make sense?
    James Posted: Jun.20 at 4:48 pm
    Shaq would have won with AI, Reggie Miller, Gary Payton, a health Grant Hill, and a young Vince Carter. Kobe would not have won with any other big man in the game.
    If i’m not mistaken didn’t Kobe just win back to back with Gasol?

  • http://slamonline.com tina

    If you’re talking about back in the days then i’m sure Kobe would’ve done pretty well with Duncan.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Philosopher: Isiah Thomas had Bill Laimbeer, aka the Original Bad Boy… He was a great big man/player. Also, Rasheed Wallace was pretty d@mn good, and B. Wallace was great defensively.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    However, Laimbeer did slow down a bit by the time the Pistons won the back-to-back chips. Still averaged 9-10 boards per game, though. And Bad Boy was more than just scoring, he was intimidation and p!ssing off the other team’s players with cheap shots.
    Anyone ever play Bill Laimbeer’s Combat Basketball? Please tell me how it is, LOL.

  • COLT6

    MJ > Kobe. End of discussion.

  • truthteller

    I’m going to compare Kobe to Jordan until Kobe retires from basketball. I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two when one is still playing. But from what I’ve been seeing and hearing so far, expecially from this site, Kobe could win 10 more ‘chips and average a triple double for the rest of his career and you guys would still say,” you cannot compare Kobe to MJ.” MJ > KObe end of discussion! Pathetic and sad!

  • truthteller

    I’m not going to compare Kobe to Jordan until Kobe retires from basketball. I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two when one is still playing. But from what I’ve been seeing and hearing so far, expecially from this site, Kobe could win 10 more ‘chips and average a triple double for the rest of his career and you guys would still say,” you cannot compare Kobe to MJ.” “MJ > KObe end of discussion!” it’s just Pathetic and sad!

  • The Philosopher

    Teddy-the-Bear: I’m talking about great players. Laimbeer, Rasheed Wallace and Ben Wallace had great moments, but they were not great.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    People forget that Scottie’s back was shot that last series against Utah, and Mike was basically the entire offense.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    Translation; I’m largely irrelevant to the basketball world. Therefore I must be heard in any way I possibly can, even if I do my best to disrespect another male that has nothing to do with anything with/about me.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    And I’m a SUCKER.

  • Richard ESQ
  • gman300

    i think one reporter noted it perfectly, in the post jordan era, everyone thinks kobe needs to play 1 on 5 basketball. thats not basketball. one man will never will his team to a championship, ask iverson. magic had a roster full of hall of famers, look at the jerseys retired from that team, look at the jerseys retired from the celtics team that bird had. also i think a good documentary is the one on the bulls 6th champion ship disk set. give a team credit for winning. stop hating on kobe for the 14th year in a row!

  • rainman10

    Here’s a story: One time, in an NBA finals series, Kobe Bryant averaged 15 points a game. And there was this other time, also in an NBA finals series, that Michael Jordan averaged 41 a game.

  • http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:Xai88DrYsAhqiM:http://a.espncdn.com/media/apphoto/b8ad869b-bb74-4ba0-89b5-857787be7ba6.jpg Jackie Moon

    Here’s a story: One time, Kobe Bryant scored 81 points in a regular season game against the Raptors. And there was this other time, Michael Jordan did not do that in the regular season against any team.

  • ENDS


  • gman300

    lol @ jackie, touche….lebron loses another playoff game….”oh it was because he drank spoiled milk before the game!”

  • JBO

    Jeffrey Jordan needs to shut the f*ck up!
    What has he done?
    Jeffrey wishes he had Kobe’s talent.
    He is just jealous that Kobe is the closets thing to MJ and not him.
    And James posted is an idiot.

  • Noobie

    ok this is the thing peoples you can compare either of the two players Michael Jordon or Kobe Bryant because that is two different era of basketball and i grew up watching Magic Johnson play in the 80′s when i was just a teenager and MJ in the 90′s and he was the best player i had ever seen back then but kobe is his own person and is the best player alive today but Jordon will always be one of best players to have ever played the game and Kobe will always be one of them also so not the hating and give him his props the Black Mamba and Lakers 4 Life 3 Peat next year 2011

  • kg

    wow is the marcus jordan who plays for what college? a suck one and he isnt michael jordan his dad is so no need for him to be attacking kobe smh

  • lol

    THIS IS TOO FUNNY. MJ > Kobe, I don’t think there’s anything Kobe can do to change this, unless he puts up 40 ppg in the next 5 years he has left, and get some finals MVP (Rings don’t count towards legacies, finals MVPs do)

  • Bmosh

    Way to talk smack about someone’s basketball skills when you don’t have any.. Hahaha Michael was great not because of only his skills but how he portrayed him self. Another reason you’ll never be close to Jim nor anyone. You’ll go in the nba only because your daddy.. I wished better for you. To bad your just a punk kid, and already lost fans something. Mike or kobe is smart enough not to do