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Chris Paul, Hornets to Meet on Monday

The frustrated CP3 and his people will listen to New Orleans explain why he should stick around town, aside from the simple fact that he’s contractually obligated to do so. From the Times-Picayune: “Chris Paul may be following the script of good friend LeBron James’ exit strategy in Cleveland. Although Paul has two years remaining on his contract before he can opt out of his deal with the New Orleans Hornets, his new agent, Leon Rose, who also represents James, is gauging interest from various teams that could seek to obtain Paul in a trade, according to league sources. Rose has had preliminary discussions with the Orlando Magic, Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks and New York Knicks about Paul, a three-time All-Star, according to league sources. During the past several weeks, Paul has expressed concern about the Hornets’ ability to acquire the pieces to win an NBA championship. Earlier this month, he urged the Hornets to become active players in free agency, but the re-signing of backup center Aaron Gray last Thursday is the team’s only move. A source close to Paul said the point guard remains frustrated with the team’s direction. ‘No one from our camp has said that Chris demanded a trade,’ a Paul confidante said Thursday. ‘But they (Hornets) have not put themselves in position to win this season. We have the same team as last year, basically. The only thing that matters to Chris is winning.’’’

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  • slamfan4life

    he’s pulling a KOBE!

    watch them get some crazy allstar…….


    Carmelo Anthony should also express (behind closed doors) he’d like to be traded before the season starts, and give the Nuggets a list of teams he prefers to be traded to, with New York obviously at the top of his list. :)

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    ^watch them get Pau Gasol .LOl

  • http://www.slamonline.com J


  • WangChung

    Agree with J on Portland. Don’t go East – we already lost too much talent this summer.

  • thefroh

    CP3 to Portland would be awesome!!!! That team would be a force in the West.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ The Promise

    Orlando would become a beast with him on their team, his penetration would lead to wide-open shooters game after game. His assist numbers would go through the roof. Portland looks good for him. New York would be the best fit IF they can get Melo next summer.

  • LD

    Superstar has been redefined as a talented player signing with a sh!t team because they had enough cap space to give him the max and therefor make him “the man” only for him to b!tch 2 years later that they can’t afford better talent around him and now wants to leave, because once the money became guarenteed, he’s all about winning now.

  • LD

    * I don’t know if CP3 is a max player, but i’m sure he is the highest paid on his team.

  • the downtown brown clown

    Everybody’s glued in Hot 97… they playin’ “Empire State of Mind”. hahahaha!

  • bnets

    In the end it will be CP, Melo & Dwight in Orlando hahah

  • Towelie

    ” Agree with J on Portland. Don’t go East – we already lost too much talent this summer. ”

    WTF are you talking about losing talent?

    If you are referring about Lebron and Bosh, they were already in the East to begin with…


    Anyway think about this:
    Paul + Chandler = highlight reel material
    Paul + Howard = ???
    Paul + Oden = profit

    Nawlins’ should be good without Paul.
    The future looks bright for them because of Marcus Thorton and Darren Collison. They make a formidable backcourt and picked up Paul’s slack when he was sidelined. Hornets just need to get rid of the expensive players like *cough*cough*Peja*cough* and Okafor was a horrible fit for the Hornets.

    That being said David West from Teaneck….sounds like Teabag, NJ hahah

    I’m out.

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